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Haddon Twp Commissioners Meeting 1/27/09

St. Vincent Pallotti http://www.courierpostonline.com/article/20090128/NEWS01/101160002/1006

The Russell Stone Site looks very promising. One of the key points is that it will be a green development. They have mentioned solar panels. They also mentioned an elevator which opens the range of possible residents. A resident that lives on Lindis Farne voiced her concern about the traffic. They stated they would like to have a meeting with the residents to come to a satisfactory solution.

The Mayor was questioned about the COAH requirements and he stated there was a litigation (I think that was the term) and if things went with the township no new affordable housing would be required. I’d like to see the outcome before I would comment further.

A resident from Virginia Ave asked about the letter she received to test for contaminantion in and around her house. The Mayor stated that she should go to the meeting addressed in the letter and have her questions answered at that time. This was required by the DEP.

A special meeting will be held next Tues. on the appointments of various Municipal Officials, Employees and Professional Service Providers.

Raises were approved for contract employees.

On that note Tom Cassel questioned Rich Klineburger about his billing proceedures. One being 18 hrs for 1 day. Mr Klineburger advised that if he entered it into the computer the next day it would register with the next days hours. He also offered to explain his billing practices of course for a fee. Tom also asked why he was contracted at $75,000.00 and within 5 months it is already at $76,000.00. Mr Klineburger stated he did not have his records available for review. The most important question I thought was “How do you bill for 33 hrs in one day” Response “I didn’t bill that” Tom had the records in front of him and confirmed that Mayor Teague signed off on this. Tom suggested we may not want a solicitor that uses this type of billing practice.

As an additional note…during the Walters Group presentation Mr Klineburger appeared to be texting the whole time. Is this what we pay him for? I would think at $140.00/hr he should at least fake he is listening.


15 Responses

  1. If he is contracted for a certain amount how is the township allowed to pay him more?

  2. this klineberger fellow concerns me. he was smug at meeting when questioned on his bill. we pay his bills through our record high taxes. every bill he has submitted should be checked for similar errors.
    thank goodness a citizen took the time to investigate this — who knows how much other money is being similary lost due to billing ‘errors.’

  3. I urge caution to all posters.

    If you recall a haddon township resident posted an article on the Courier Post critical of this Klineburger and his alleged law partner Nussey and the apparent nature of their alleged campaign donations to Teague and Dougherty and Foley

    that resident reportedly received a letter from a lawyer acting on behalf of Klineburger’s alleged law partner Nussey.

    This is in my opinion an apparent trend by the apparent political powers in the town to attempt to silence critics. When you post post anonymously. It is alleged that Nussey (Kleinberer’s alleged partner) has advertised an area of his practice to be pursing ‘internet cases’ of defamation, etc.

    These guys are, in my opinion, real “class” acts, so post anonymously and make sure to be clear that you are discussing your beliefs or what has been alleged or reported to you.
    Don’t give the lawyers more chances to go after you.
    Poor Mr. Sulock is a good example of what these apparently classless attorneys will do to the citizens of the town.

    If the blog administrator is approving posts they should make on the blog their email available and state if anyone feels a post was libelous, etc. they can contact the blog admin for review.

    It is clear that these attorneys who have apparently seized control of the town will apparently use or cause to be used the legal system to silence critics.

    Does anyone recall when the Mayor of the town (attorney Teague) asked the chief of police to silence a citizen who was reading a prepared statement during the puclic comment portion of the meeting?

    Procced with caution folks.

  4. I find it really interesting that when a citizen finds something that is clearly abuse, billing for more than 24 hours in a day, their response is to give their appointee the benefit of the doubt and look into into it. It is like the child’s game of “Do over”. The solicitor certified that that his bill was correct. The mayor also certified that it was correct. Now when I clearly show that it isn’t and couldn’t be, they get a “do over”? Why not change the certification to read “I certify this to be true and correct until a citizen determines what is a obviously a lie and then I have another chance to make something else up that he can’t say is a lie because there is no way to verify it”.

    It is obvious that there was no real review of the bill or even a simple cursery review. I found this overbilling after only 10 minutes of review on a $55 thousand dollar legal bill.

    In my opinion, our town should fire any professional that overbills us for their time, period. The town should report them and prosecute them. If they don’t, they are sending all the others the wrong message, that is okay to overbill. I believe that their lack of action so far shows that they are more interested in defending their cronies and campaign contributors than the citizens and taxpayers of this town. Let’s see what happens Tuesday. They have the opportunity to do the right thing.

  5. they should fire the guy that submitted the silly bill. this town has had enough.
    someone post info on this klinebergers firm so we can spread word to his other clients to check their bills

  6. Sawchuk—you better remove the Haddon Twp logo ASAP from your blog——I KNOW YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE IT

  7. Why would the township officials care what Tom Castle has to say?

  8. I wouldn’t think they would care if there was no truth to what he has to say. It appears to me that is not the case.

  9. so the bullies want to say you cant use the haddontownship logo your taxes pay for.
    what do you expect your taxes also pay for all the other CR*P they do and the jobs they give their buds

  10. “Mr Klineburger appeared to be texting the whole time. Is this what we pay him for? I would think at $140.00/hr he should at least fake he is listening.”

    If I had to listen to Sawchuck and Cassel the whole night I would text everyone in my address book and then bring a portable DVD player for when my cell phone battery gave out….this of course after I took a heavy dose of valum so I could handle walking into the same room as them.

    Maybe he was taking notes on his Blackberry/mobile device? Maybe he was actually doing HT business on his phone during the meeting. Did you ask? Did you actually see him texting friends/family? No you would just rather beat him up in your blog. And you say you having nothing to hide because you put your name in your posts…you are cowards for talking about him behind his back.

  11. How are we talking behind his back? The blog is public and the emails are public. I know the Mayor gets copies of the emails.

    When you type, put down the phone, seconds later look at the phone then type some more for approx. 20 min, yes, I would said he appeared to be texting.

    As far as being a coward, ummm, I’m sorry I didn’t get your name!

  12. Sawchuck….”I would said he appeared to be texting.”

    So you admit you didn’t see what his business was on his mobile device….glad we got that straight. Just because someone creates a blog on the WORLD WIDE WEB (its a little big) doesn’t mean that people take the time to read about themselves, even though I sure in your eyes and in the eyes of your secret lover Mr. Cassel, your blog is always up on the screens of our commisioners blackberry.

    Here is an idea create a mobile version of the blog so Klineberger can read it on his mobile phone during the meetings. I’m sure you would agree the money would be well spent!

    And I have every right to guess that Sawchuck and Cassel are engaging in closed bedroom door meetings just like Sawchuck can guess that Klineberger was not using his mobile device for HT business.

    and my name…Ron Jeremy.

  13. 1. Secret lover? Sawchuk? Anyone who knows me, knows that it isn’t remotely possible.
    2. Texting at a meeting? Here is Klineburger’s dilemma. If he is texting or emailing other commissioners, that is an explicit violation of the Open Meetings Act since all communications must be public, not done in secret unless in a proper closed door session. If he is responding to other clients’ emails while charging the town for his time, he has billing fraud. So maybe you can explain how texting is okay now. Quite frankly, the whole texting issue of any public officials, township professionals or employees during meetings, unless a life threatening emergency (EMS, etc) must stop and not be tolerated so as not to create a possibility of legal violations. In fact, thanks for raising the issue so that we can discuss it intelligently.

  14. If sawchuk thought Klinebiller looked not to be paying attention and to be staring at his blackberry that her opinion.

    who cares bout his texting when he has been shown to be submitting inaccurate bills for the taxpayer to pay.

    keep on attacking the people that dare to ask their elected officials a question during public comment portion of the meeting for a grand total of 5 minutes while the police chief times their free speech period.

  15. I like the blog. Thanks for news. Keep it up. Cya

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