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Experience with Haddon Twp Water Dept.

What has your experience been with Haddon Twp employees? Please comment good or bad!

This was a letter found on meghansmindlessmuttering.blogspot.com

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Open Letter to the Public Works Department of Haddon Twp

Dear Public Works of Haddon Township

I would just like to thank you for the crass way I was talked to this morning when I called your office. I dealt with the administrative assistant or whoever answers the phone. I told her my plight.

What is my plight you ask? Well on Sunday, in the beautiful 61 degree weather, I took my 10 yr & 2 yr old boys across the street to the playground. You know the one, the pink one that is next to the community pool. It’s cute. It’s a jungle gym with 2 slides & a tube & some other rough & tumbly things attached to it. We had a great time. The other family with their 2 yr old boy had a fun time.

What was not so fun was upon leaving with my children & dh I looked onto the ground & what did I see not 4 feet from 2 yr old’s scooter but a used condom. Yes. A condom. Used none the less. Ew!

So I called today because being a resident with children I want to take part in the beautiful equipment you provide. Imagine my surprise when the woman I spoke to acted as if I was bothering her & that it was a pain in the ass to get someone to come out & clean it up. Obviously she doesn’t want to enjoy the lovely playground equipment.

I do not think, that at 10 & 2 yrs old, I as a parent should have to explain what a condom is. Nor should I have to disinfect my 2 yr old’s hands when he goes to grab the flat balloon on the ground.

So Public Works perhaps you could be up on things & when you have them cutting the grass perhaps they could pick up the disgusting trash laying on the ground. Just a suggestion.

As for Miss Pissy Pants who answered the phone, perhaps you should call a dr he may be able to help you with that nasty condition of yours.



23 Responses

  1. Wow. Isn’t that special!

    I would call Mayor Teague on his cell phone and report what happened since Public Works reports to him.

    I would also write a letter or email to the township and put this in writing to them. Make sure to copy Denise Adams and put it on the public record. You may call Shirley Johnson, the Mayor’s secretary, who keeps complaint logs of calls and makes sure that these items are well handled. This kind of behavior is clearly unacceptable.

    Lastly I encourage you to show up on Tuesday and speak up at the Commission meeting during the public portion. Bring you kids.

  2. typical haddon township
    randy teague and paul dougherty sit at the meetings and giggle and sneer at the common people. their employees just adopting the same attitude they see from their bosses.

    what do you expect when you elect people like dougherty to run the town. whiskey tango

  3. The picture on Meghan’s blog is not Haddon Twp’s play set—maybe she spoke to Haddonfield?

    But if the story is real I would support Tom’s request to show up so Tom and the ex bitter employee would not be alone

  4. It does look like the playground next to the soccer field to me. I bet it is real. Why would anyone lie about this? In fact, there are 2 problems here.

    (1) Noone is regularly policing the grounds of the playgrounds.
    (2) An employee with a bad attitude.

    Lastly, Jen is doing you a great service in hosting this blog. Perhaps you should thank her rather than call her an “ex bitter employee”. She does more to disseminate information to the people of this town than our commissioners who have a sign up on the website and have yet to send email number 1. In fact, I find it offensive that they waste my money sending me a self promoting quarterly newsletter that could as easily be sent via email which we then have to pay to throw away in our trash bills. Honestly, the paper is great for lining a hamster cage. If given the choice, I would opt out of junk mail and be happy with an email. You obviously receive her emails and have not asked to be taken off her list since that is why you are at this blog in the first place.

    That being said, we do enjoy this as a forum for people to share their opinions.

  5. I believe that is between the two soccer fields at Crystal Lake Pool and across from the Haddon Hills Apts.

  6. that picture is not the picture of the playground near the pool.

  7. It’s unbelievable that there is a disagreement over the picture vs how this resident was treated.

    If I can get over there this weekend I will take a picture and if I can post the picture I will.

    To “Tom Schubert”
    Someone makes a negative comment and right away you put them in a category. It’s almost like Betty Band advising not to say negative things about the township or ????

  8. Jen – you know what they do. You state the facts and then they attempt to make you the issue, so that the real issue gets blurred. It is an old trick that we don’t fall for. We just keep stating our facts and our opinions on the facts. They have been doing this forever. Thankfully, everyone else sees right through.

  9. Everyone sees right through the two of you Tom and Sawchuk. That’s why it is only the three of us posting.

    That is not the playground next to the pool. I think she called someone else altogether

  10. maybe instead of hating on tom and jen the town officials could just answer their questions so we can all move on here?
    some of their points and questions seem valid…

    so that lady called some town, the employee answered phone as haddon township, but wasn’t haddon township? sure…. ok…

  11. As I said I will clear this up with my own picture. There are two playgrounds one is INSIDE the fencing of the pool. Of course, this is not the one since it’s closed during the winter.

    The other small fenced in play area is behind the parking lot between the two soccer/hockey fields across from the apts.

    Tell me what this has to do with the fact that a Haddon Twp resident called a number that answered Haddon Twp Public Works and was treated with total disrespect.

    I asked for good or bad experiences and I have to think that since you are arguing about a picture you can’t think of any good experiences.

    I have to say that most employees are professional when they speak with the residents but it’s the couple of bad eggs that get noticed.

  12. I drove by the playground on the way home. The picture must be a “stock picture” that she found on the internet. So what.

    Now let’s determine the facts. Here is what was written on her blog when describing the playground: “You know the one, the pink one that is next to the community pool.” I just looked at it. It is pink. It is in Haddon Township. Actually a faded worn out kind of pink. So the Blog author implicitly dismisses the picture herself. Great detective work.

    Again there are 2 simple issues here to address. Let the commissioners address them.

    I spoke to one township employee today myself and she was extremely helpful and informative.

  13. ok i’ll bite and comment on haddon township employees. it can be summed up with 2 words.
    everyone in the town knows what those two words mean.

  14. Ok mystery solved. It’s a “stock photo” now can we move on to the issue.

  15. When I wrote the entry on my blog it was really for me to vent.

    I used a stock photo because I didn't have one of the actual playground & to be honest, I didn't feel like walking over there to take it.

    I did, indeed, call Haddon Twp. I am a resident. A life long resident & graduate of Haddon Twp HS.

    So for anyone that believes I called Haddonfield, that is not the case.

    I didn't realize using a stock photo for my personal blog would ensue so much negativity. As for the pissy pant employee, she workes for the Public Works dept. I have the name of the gentleman who I wanted to speak to at work.
    If it would make everyone feel better when I get to work on Monday I can post who it was.

    As for my opinion on Betty Band, well I could right a book. I used to work at one of the supermarkets in town & she was a frequent customer as well as a parent of someone my sister went to school with. My opinion of her is not flattering but that is all I will say.

    If anyone has any questions concerning my blog, email me & leave poor Jen alone. She's writing a blog for information not to start bickering.

  16. Meghan

    Your experience is exactly what we want to hear about. We welcome anyone who wants to improve our town. Unfortunately, when anyone in this town speaks up, especially me, you become the problem. It is an old game of “deflect”. They will ignore the real problem and criticize you for speaking up as if you are creating the problem because you are bringing it up.

    How are you dealing with reporting this employee? Have you considered contacting Mayor Teague and putting a complaint in writing? We need more people like you to speak up with the goal of fixing the problems, not being criticized.

    Sounds like you are on the Betty Bandwagon too.

  17. I love it.
    The boys and their whiskey tango buds post on here attacking Jen and claim the picture and story is a sham.
    Then the person that has the story posts confirming it WAS true and WAS Haddon Township.

    I guess the commissioners and their few anonymous buds aren’t talking now because their mouths are full of HUMBLE PIE.

    Now the question for Randy is — did someone from Public Works ever respond to the issue at the park or is the rubbery treat still there? I bet we know the answer to that. Maybe if people were leaving rubbers outside randy and paul’s houses they would take it seriously. what’s next crack vials on the see-saw and dirty needles on the slides?

    this down is going down the tubes with doggery and teague at the wheel.

    2 more years.
    save up all the questions they refuse to answer to ask them at the traditional “meet the candidates” function they will have prior to next election cycle.
    These quesions will be answered. Just gonna take time.

  18. Ugh … Betty Band, can you tell me how this slum lord get’s C.O’s on her rental properties. Now here’s someone who has taken her paid H.T. position and used it for personal gain.

  19. the supervisor of the water dept always talks down to people ,i guess he thinks he is above water he should replace that flag that has been frayed since may 2012 also fill the potholes in the police dept parking area the last 2 years this town has went down look around haddon dydee,the roads this supervisor just keeps buying all these new toys but never uses them i e the pot machine oops no knows how to use
    since bob ott retired the state prision gate has been broken since jun at the entrance of the dpw all the area has been unsecure since jun
    the time keeper box at the entrance gate another toy has not been use due to the gate beeing broke call so call randy/mayor several times it seems his email is broke does not return calls but your taxes are still going up to pay for little jimmy’s toys

  20. pothole machine oops!

    • How about the condition of the curbs, roads, street signs they have brand new trucks with alot of miles on them. but the doors must not open much ,it is not just water dept it is the whole operation since 2010 .

  21. i wake up to this each day, flag frayed and busted up curbs this town was vote #4, but i guess they really did not look far enough on the side streets just haddon ave.water dept great.appearance of the twp not so good .

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