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Meeting Time Changes Again

Public Notice:

Please take notice that the Caucus Meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Haddon has been rescheduled from Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 7:00 PM to Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 4:00 PM in the Meeting Room of the Municipal Building, 135 Haddon Avenue, Westmont, NJ 08108.
Chapter 231, Public Law 1975 requires that adequate notice of this meeting be provided.
Denise P. Adams Municipal Clerk
2/13/09 Prt’s fee $8.33

This change is not on their website as of this posting. Last year times were changed at least 5 times, that I can recall, with only one explained. There is no law that I am aware of that requires reasons for change or limits the number of changes but this meeting is for discussion as to what will be passed the next week. How can the public attend these meetings?

I understand they have families and may have conflicting schedules, at times, but the meetings have been part of the system for years. This comes with the job. These 2 meetings take up approx. 90 min. of their time in a month and are scheduled in advance for the year.


7 Responses

  1. Oh boy oh boy. Are they ever going to be honest with us? In the past they would make the changes in advance. Now they secretly make the changes to scheduled meetings which we only find out about in the fine print pages of the public notices.

    Now let’s talk about when they knew this. Well, the deadline for ads at the Retrospect is 11AM Wednesday. In the past 3 days there have been other updates to the website, but not this one.

    On the homepage of the township website, there is a new sign up. I signed up. Do you think that they would even consider using those email addresses to send out this notice.

    Thank you Jen for you diligence in providing information to the people of this town. It is obviously something the people we pay to do this, haven’t figured out yet.

    Interestingly, when I spoke to Denise Adams, the town clerk yesterday and said would see her Tuesday night, she said nothing, and she is the one who is placing the ads. I will call her Monday and ask what is up.

    Oh boy oh boy.

  2. Tom you must realize by now you add nothing to the Twp other than negative and biased rhetoric. It is obvious the Mayor and Commissioners see this as well and rightfully could careless what you have to say or offer.

    I think you and Sawchuk should run for office. Your inflated egos would take an embarrassing hit. I am quite pleased with the direction and leadership in this town.

  3. Apparently they do care what we say or they wouldn’t have spent 1/2 the time at the Special Meeting trying to explain Mr. Klineburger’s bookkeeping skills or trying to correct facts that were stated in the infomation email.

    If you go to the meetings you would find that there are positives recognized but at times the negatives are much larger and demand more attention.

    You say you are happy with the way things are going in this town? Do you own a home or rent? The reason I ask is although taxes do increase rent it is not as much of a burden as if you were to own your home.

    This may be why you choose to ignore the fact that all we are doing is advising residents of some inconsistencies in the current government.

  4. Sawchuk what are you saying? If I own a home I can have more input than a resident living in an apartment?

    So far I read about a condom in a park and changing the meeting time. Wow. Thanks these are great inconsistencies worth reading about.

    Interesting thought. Your condom blog was copied from a renter. You gave her wide berth. But according to you because she is renter she should not have as much to say because she is not affected as much as a homeowner like me. Did you tell her that the condom should not have impacted her because she is only a renter? Please advise her according to the Sawchuk thought process that the condom should only impact homeowners and that she should not have wasted your time. Or are you a renter also?

    This will be my last blog because you obviously do not wish to discuss important issues

  5. Chris Simmons is probably one of the commissioners or their whiskey tango relatives posting.

    the commissioners follow the bill park playbook of divide and conquer.

    sawchuk said nothing bad bout renters. she just pointed out (when ‘chris simmons’ said he likes the current policies) that the current policies are really sticking it to people that pay property tax in the town.

    here are some issues for you ‘chris simmons’

    why do you (err I mean Randy) use the police to silence critics at the meetings during the public comment portion?

    why is free speech public comment periord limited to 5 minutes during a 30 minute meeting?

    why do the commissioners refuse to answer questions posed by the public, even when they are submitted well in advance of meeting?

    why are the commissioners trying everything they can to help Fieldstone seize the land of the citizens?

    why did they cut down bessie the tree without consulting the shade tree commission?

    why is klineburger apparently WAY WAY WAY over budget?

    when are they going to update the public regarding the status of the lawsuits (including the one they created with pang?)

    why do they keep on moving the meetings to time that anyone that works can’t attend? why do they change the meeting times with such short notice?

    As long as teague doggerty and foley continue their tricks we need blogs like sawchuks to get the truth out to the people.

    come back any time chris simmons. bring paul and john with you next time and we’ll make it a party.

  6. I never stated any input was of lesser value be it a renter, homeowner, student or business owner.

    The residents need to know about meeting time changes from because they certainly don’t hear it from the township except a small blurb in the paper.

    The clean up in whatever playground is of main concern since you have small children that don’t know any better that to pick up a balloon.

    As far as input anyone is welcome to post and each one is just as important.

  7. Thanks for your input Chris. Obviously you do not believe that open and transparent government is an important issue. Just look at Obama and what he is saying. Eliminating the opacity of our government and its secret closed door meetings is a major issue in my opinion to advancing this township positively into the future. If you disagree, you are more than welcome to that opinion; however to call it unimportant, is just plain wrong. It is the root of the problems in all government – if no one watches and no one questions while politicians do all the business in secret, then they will likely do things that are self serving rather than the public good.

    I didn’t think Jen said anything negative about renters.

    If I don’t add anything to the town, why did the commissioners agree to change how professional fee billings are reviewed, presented and approved in the town to improve the process after I pointed out problems like billing for 33 hours in one day. Because they are ignoring me? I don’t think so.

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