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Dy-Dee site cleanup could begin this year

From the Courier Post

The environmental cleanup of the former Dy-Dee site could begin this year, clearing a hurdle for a planned transit village development in the downtown shopping district.

“It’s an area that’s been contaminated for a couple of years,” Mayor Randall Teague said of the former diaper laundry. “It’ll be nice to finally have it cleaned up.”

The township expects to submit a cleanup plan to the state Department of Environmental Protection for approval within a month, Teague said.

DEP officials visited the township two weeks ago as part of the environmental investigation of the site.

“The DEP’s participation will expedite the cleanup,” said Arthur Corsini of Fieldstone Associates, the developer for the 8-acre site.

Fieldstone plans to build a mixed-use development with more than 200 residential units and retail space along Haddon Avenue. The Towne Center at Haddon project is considered a transit village because of its proximity to mass transit, including the local PATCO station.

Because the site was designated a Brownfields Development Area, the township was able to secure $1.4 million in grants to cover the cost of the environmental investigation, which Teague said nearly is completed.

“The township hasn’t incurred any costs for the investigation,” Teague said.

The designation also entitles the township to grants that could cover up to 75 percent of cleanup costs, Teague said. The balance will be paid by the developer, Fieldstone officials said.

The designation also allows the township secure approvals to start the cleanup much faster.

“Hopefully, it’s going to be a couple of months instead of close to a year,” Teague said.

Most of the contamination at the site comes from underground oil storage tanks, Teague said.

Not all of it is beneath the now-demolished diaper laundry. “There are several other properties at the site that were contaminated,” Teague said. “That was an industrial area.”

The redevelopment project, which allows the use of eminent domain to acquire property, encountered opposition from several property owners when it first was proposed several years ago.

The township since has purchased or reached a sales agreement with the owners of all but one of the properties, a Haddon Avenue office building. David Sulock, whose family owns that property, has sued the township in hopes of keeping the building.

Two weeks ago, the township demolished two homes along Center Street, leaving only a handful of structures still standing at the site


8 Responses

  1. Wait a second. “The township hasn’t incurred any costs for the investigation”?

    No they get grants from the state and so we pay for it that way instead. We are all NJ and US taxpayers paying our share of clean up. How about all the hidden costs like our solicitor’s bills? How about our redesignation costs so that they could fix the redevelopment zone to allow them to use eminent domain (after they passed a no eminent domain ordinance that they excluded this property from)?

    And the prior administration provided for a $5 million gift of taxpayer money in the financial agreement for “infrastructure”. Well that is another joke in that we are doing effectively Tax Increment Financing using the credit of the town to totally benefit the developers without any information from them relating to whether this is feasible in the first place. We have a plan to build condos on a site where just down the road in Collingswood, in 7 years, the best housing market ever, with the most experienced redevelopment attorney in the County running their town, they have sold just 40 or so units. They are selling 1 per month. Based on 200 units here, that would take 15 years to sell out. So if it fails, we are the ones with the burden to repay those bonds. We need personal guarantees from the developers to repay those bonds until the units are sold and the PILOT taxes kick in.

    I made a prediction to the Mayor, that no construction would start before the next election. It is 2 years later, two more to go. I hope I am not right.

    That being said, let’s see the first buildings get built NOW. Does the developer have financing? Come on let’s see REAL progress.

  2. when are you going to run cassel so there is a n open goverment you speak of !!!

  3. I would think open government would be easier than all the closed door meetings and then trying to justify it.

  4. When Cassel speaks on these things the commissioners and their buds should listen up.

    He is spot on with the finances on this boondoggle of a plan they have.

    Let’s build CONDOS at a PREMIUM price during the biggest realestate depression in HISTORY when the other towns can’t sell their condos.

    Guess how pays for these CONDOS when they don’t sell — THE TAXPAYERS.

    what’s next — a new slushee stand at the pool and a bubble for the tennis courts and new furniture in the municipal building and closing down the streets for jogs for their PRIVATE FUND and free movies on the ASTROTURF field and overbudget not-to-code athletic house on field and more boondoggle construction projects and an overbudget streetscape that looks notfinished and more thousands of dollars in christmas decorations to replace the missing decorations and new trucks for DPW and new remote control buggies for DPW and new remote control gates for DPW and …. oh wait they already did all of that.

    i wonder what is next i just wonder….
    oh i know let’s cut down the historic old tree in town — oh they did that..

    oh i know let’s seize our citizens property to give to fieldstone to build more CONDOS cuz they sell so well… oh wait they did that…

    oh i know let’s spend tons of money and not fix the flooding and not fix the raw sewage.. oh wait they did that…

    oh i know let’s spend tons of money to send out a color newsleter with their big faces on the cover as a nice ad… oh wait they did that too….

    hey i know!!! let’s give a job to their big lawyer campaign donor and let him bill the town at a pace that appears to exceed budget by more than 100% and with apparent errors in his bills — oh wait they did that….

    what’s next boys????? i know let’s limit public comment to 5 minutes and have the police time everyone when they talk… oh wait they did that….

    what’s next boys????

  5. In their defense, they are fixing the Bettlewood raw sewage project. Hopefully they are getting new presidential stimulus funding for that. Until they publish the list of projects we will not know. It is only a function of having “shovel ready” projects and it has taken them 2 years to get to this point. Thankfully it was a slow process.


    And they weren’t responsible for the clubhouse although the township had shut the work site down.

    In any case, I question the viability of expensive condos in this location. If they aren’t condos, then they need to tear up the financial agreement with Fieldstone because the value as apartments is at most 1/2 of the condo values and they cannot afford the Pilot payments in the financial agreement if they are apartments. So the forecasted new revenues will be much lower.

  6. clubhouse built with taxpayer money via the board of education if i’m not mistaken.
    remember who are the BOE members. remember who is in charge of granting the permits.
    happened under their watch with their people
    so their responsibility i agree with anon

  7. the club house is buit wiht htaa money and a donation from linda roher not tax money

  8. Yes the clubhouse is built with private funds, on public property. I am not sure who is responsible for maintaining it but based upon the deterioration of the prior facility, I hope that it is professionally maintained for the benefit of the kids. In the end, that is what is important, to give the kids a good facility and not to let it deteriorate. Does anyone know if there is a grand opening date yet?

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