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Dydee Site Clean Up?

These are recent pics taken of the Dydee Site from a resident

I would have entered these as comments but it doesn’t accept pictures. (At least from what I tried)

Even though this is a “construction site” shouldn’t the area be maintained to some degree? This is just an open invitation to all kinds of critters.
The second picture shows gaps in the fencing which is a safety concern. I’m not sure how long these gaps have been there but this is not the first time a resident has had to point out problems with the fencing.
Third picture is from the clean up of demolition. My concern is that this was not completed and what that tells us about the attention to detail in the upcoming project.


68 Responses

  1. Yes, I thought they were going to clean this site up. I drove by this over the weekend and I noticed how bad it looks. I also noticed that the entire site had not been fenced. It is a mess. When are the commissioners going to force Fieldstone to clean it up and maintain it and fence the entire site? And yes, thanks Jen for putting these pictures up on the blog.

    Why hasn’t Fieldstone starting selling? They have been at this for how many years? Oh yeah, where is the site plan? Where is the financing?

    And they tore down the buildings on Center Street, but left the trees? When they take those down, are they going to ask the Shade Tree Commission for permission since the trees are on Township land? But they tore down Bessie the 218 year old Sycamore without Shade Tree Commission approval. Wasn’t this the Shade Tree ordinance that they created? And are keeping in them dark (or just ignoring them). At least their actions are consistently keeping everyone in the dark. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    And when they tore down the 100 year old Firehouse, what did the save? The Mayor stated at a public meeting that he didn’t see anything historic in it (as Mayor that makes him a historic architect, right?), nothing was saved despite the fact that the Mayor had said that they would. And the town has a report from a renowned historic architect recommending saving artifacts for the future.

    I want to see the development happen but come on guys and get SOMETHING done right. Please?

  2. yes, let’s get that cardboard box cleaned up ASAP! Hope no one steps on it.
    The fence was fine, the winds we just had blew it apart.

  3. I noticed no mention of the demolition clean up.

    It would be a shame if a person had to actually take pictures of all the trash that is around that sight to have it cleaned up.

    The wind knocked down a fence? That doesn’t sound very secure.

  4. The wind blew apart the fence?

    As far as the trash goes it shouldn’t matter the amount. It still should be maintained to some degree. After all it is on our main street in town.

  5. yes the 40-50mph wind we had last week blew apart the fence. Notice the sign bent down as well.
    Now let’s get back to talking about cleaning up the cardboard box and a tree

  6. Wait. Are you suggesting that the sign wasn’t secured? What if it had blown into the street and a moving car? That’s okay? Yes, the sign was blown over. That is dangerous with a sign that size. Way more dangerous than the chance that the Westmont marquee falling down. How are they going to secure the sign? Do they plan to do this?

    The site needs to be completely razed and cleared with the exception of any “Trees”. A full fence should be put around it. It needs to be maintained. Trash needs to be picked up at a minimum weekly. Cars should not be permitted to park on the site. This is the gateway to our town and the town’s actions are making the area blighted. Ironic, isn’t it?

    And the Shade Tree Commission must be consulted in advance of removing any trees in accordance with township ordinances.

  7. “What if it had blown into the street and hit a moving car?”

    I think you’ve watched the movie Twister one too many times. Do you know how powerful of winds we need for that to actually happen?

    What if that cardboard box was lifted off the ground, hurled into the air then came down with a gust of wind and smashed into the electrical pole, knocking the pole down over haddon ave, stopping traffic for miles.
    Let’s get this cardboard box taken care of ASAP.

  8. Then how did the sign get from the middle of the site to where it ended up when it fell over? And yes flying projectiles are also very dangerous.

    The more important question is whether this will ever get built and how much the taxpayers will end up paying as a result. Care to address the unit absorption issues here? Can you provide any insight on how long it will take to sell 200 units without any amenities whatsoever? And who will lease the commercial space there? And who will provide financing for this?

    But in the meantime, we need to secure the site, remove the blight, and make it safe.

  9. The housing market will rebound by the time these things are built but let’s say it doesn’t;

    What would you like to see happen to that Dydee site?
    I’m not attacking, I am curious to your thoughts.

  10. I personally think it is mostly a retail or office site. Some residential on Highland in the back may be appropriate. It could be a good place for a new borough hall or community center.

    The main problem is that we went into this with a flawed plan, putting taxpayers at risk. The current administration inherited “Park’s Folly”.

    In the end, it is all about what is truly feasible, what make economic sense.

    Unfortunately, I think the product type is flawed here. Even when the housing market rebounds, the condo market is extremely shallow in SNJ as demonstrated by Collingswood and the Racetrack Site. We are a middle class town and as such, pricing is very sensitive. If someone comes up with a plan that can present great value to buyers, not premium pricing, then there might be a chance of success. Collingswood’s development is very well done and even they can’t get much in sales. Maybe one per month. Period.

  11. A new municipal building would make sense. The old one is an energy burner with old windows that don’t shut tight. The handicap access is terrible. Not enough parking even for employees let alone for visitors. Storage is at a minimum. Maybe we could actually get the people in the Community Activities out of the mold trap.

  12. the appearance of that site is a disgrace
    why can’t they park a dumpster and have a bulldozer scrape up that junk into the dumpster and haul it away?
    demolition should not have been allowed if they weren’t going to pick up the pieces.

  13. Looks like the town has a new dump

  14. c’mon, you guys would be all over the Commish’s if they built a new municipal building.

  15. I think Sawchak put the box there and had Tom take a picture. Who provided the pictures?

    One good article and Tom and Sawchak have to respond with negatives. So transparent (Tom can explain that to you Sawchak).

  16. I see cigarette butts in these pictures. Did you leave them Sawchuk?

    Like you left them at the Municipal building every ten minutes before you were fired.

    or on the streets where you just throw them? or at the block party where you blow smoke at everyone and discard your butts next to the kiddie rides?

    That does not seem right. Does it Sawchuk? Even your wonder twin Tom should agree to that.

    I am contacting the municipal building beacause there must be an ordinance you have violated when throwing yout butts everywhere? Real good example you are.

  17. I took the pictures and sent them to Jen. My initial post infers that as I said I had gone to the site. I appreciate Jen putting these pictures up on the blog.

    When I drove by the site was a disgrace so I grabbed my camera. Nothing is staged. I am just taking pictures of what is there. My son was with me and wanted to go climb on the piles of rubble just like any 7 year old would. This is not how to maintain this site in any way. There is nothing transparent about this.

    Maybe these pictures and discussion will result in the town getting serious about cleaning up this site and making it safe for the neighborhood. In the end, that is my goal for these pictures. I have had numerous discussions in the past with the Mayor about this and temporary fixes are made and it reverts back to the sad state it is currently in. So I voice my views on the blog and the First Amendment allows. It is about achieving positive results cleaning up this mess.

    Ok, keep slamming Jen and me instead of focusing on the issues of our town. People believe us because we use our names and don’t hide behind false names and anonymous posts. Everyone can see right through you.

  18. Tom you need some parenting lessons. You do not bring a seven year old to a Dydee site with active environmental hazards. Have you checked with the police regarding any reports of kids playing there? It appears only Jen, you and now your seven year old wish to play on the piles.

    Do you agree with Jen littering? Would you allow your seven year old to be in Jen’s company when she is smoking and throwing butts?

    Jen’s post said the pictures were from a resident. She should have been honest but wanted the three or four bloggers to believe a fourth individual actually came to her blog. She should have just said my partner Tom, my co-hater Tom, my soul mate Tom. Just be honest.

    Tom, how do you see right through an unknown?

  19. My son and I walked on the sidewalk. I am a resident. I am not the issue. I haven’t seen Jen since the last meeting. Your lies will come back and bite you.

    Do we have to wait for something bad to happen when good development practices (and construction ordinances) require securing of a site? Not in Haddon Twp.

    And why do you keep posting either anonymously or with different names? I didn’t see any denial of that. Are you denying it?

  20. Tom answer the question do you agree with Jen littering and smoking in front of children?

  21. So after all that has happened over the past 2 dirty years the best the supporters of randy john and paul can offer us is that one of they may have allegedly seen Jen smoking outdoors at the block party.

    You’re right. stop the presses. Forget about the lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, eminent domain, fieldstone, paytoplay, klineburger, and all of that. I want to know does Jen smoke ?

  22. Well its back to Castle taking anonymous jabs on the elected officials because he can proceed with his personal attacks as “anonymous”

    Two bitter people come to the meeting(one ex employee who was unnecessary in the tax office and the leader of the pep boys slate who lost the last election)

    The same two bitter people go home and create issues that do not exist and blog back and forth as anonymous with each other in an attempt to think more people believe any of their BS

    The next meeting will come and the same two bitter people will speak of some topic with no truth to it and ’round and ’round they will go back to blogging anonymously to each other hoping to find bitter angry people like themselves

    Good luck

  23. I only post with my name. Sorry. I also didn’t see any anonymous “jabs”. Do you mind expounding on this?

  24. i watched a tractor trailer make a u turn in the lot the other day and knock that sign down and most likely push the fence down

  25. Wow. What day was that? Did you file a police report or even call the police. Did you get the license plate? Or maybe you are going to say that you saw me driving the truck so that I could then take the picture. And if you saw it, how “most likely” could it have pushed the fence down. Either it happened or it didn’t as a result of your silly story. The lies get more bizarre every day.

    Come on guys. Let’s just get this mess cleaned up. That is the goal here.

  26. We need much more civic mindedness and public participation.

    We have a poor public culture in HT, where the very few who make an effort to participate in local government affairs are personally trashed and discouraged from speaking up.

    Public participation is somehow associated with being a negative or suspicious thing, and that’s not right.

    In healthy, vibrant communities with a lot of public participation, there is a true partnership and cooperation between the community and its officials;

    and differences of opinion, and questions, are dealt with respectfully, instead of being viewed as threats or fights.

    I haven’t seen much indication that HT is even beginning to move in a healthy direction, and it won’t, as long as the public remains complacent and uninvolved.

    We don’t need all 15,000 of our residents to be involved, but we’d have a whole new day in HT if even a dozen people would step up to making a commitment to sustained effort at being involved in local government.

  27. I agree Kathy. As an example, I have attached a link from neighboring Haddonfield where various parents presented to the school board about class sizes in K, 1, and 2. They nailed the facts and made a presentation to the school board. Our town needs to take a lesson from them.


    Quite frankly, if our public officials embraced public involvement, and good government practices, 90% of the issues I bring up, wouldn’t need to be brought up because they would be discussed in open public sessions the way that the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act intends.

  28. Testing!!!

  29. Since I have not been able to get on the computer for the last couple of days I see I have missed some comments from the same people who choose to ignore the main issue.

    I choose not to reveal identities on my posts or emails. If the person that gave it to me wishes to do that it is their choice.

    I was not fired. I gave my notice after being cut to part time. I did not use the ground.

    As far as the block party I certainly don’t remember that far back. In a public area I usually put it out and then pocket it or use the trash can. How is it you remember what I did that far back? You really must have no life.

    I think money would be spent well for the new municipal building. It would be energy efficient thus saving money which is the bottom line. Handicapped and elderly would not have to wait at the front entrance for someone to walk by and either help them up the stairs or use the antique ever so slow lift.

    Back to the safety concern of the site. During these colder months it may not be as much of an issue but as it gets warmer it will be. A construction site and equipment just calls a child to investigate. I’m not talking 6 or 7 yrs old I’m speaking more for children old even to play unsupervised.

    As I drove back to the hospital I went on the back road trying to avoid different street repairs and did notice there is a large gap in the back fence also. I don’t think the sign managed to get that part.

    On a more positive note…Coming home at night I have had a chance to notice again the lit trees on Haddon Ave. This is a very nice touch. I am wondering if that can be continued down the street. It stops near the Dydee Site yet our town continues for another 3 or 4 blocks.

  30. I haven’t seen Tom at any school board meetings ever. If so he would have realized the parents do get involved in a larger scale and present joint presentations.

    Unfortunately Tom your focus remains on constant negative complaints against the Mayor and Commssioners for the sole purpose of your politcal agenda that has been defeated. I am coming to the Meeting on Tuesday to see your ONE act play.

  31. Tommie = poser. Never misses an opportunity to take a principled stand on any issue that gets him attention. I hope you run so that the public will have the opportunity to see through you. Municipal building?…the dumbest thing ever suggested.

  32. June – I don’t know you and have never seen you at any commissioenr meetings either. I have been to one school board presentation and quite frankly was impressed with the budget presentation made. Our commissioners should take a lesson on budget presentation from the school board.

    But you missed my point which was that public involvement should be encouraged as was reported in today’s Retrospect about the Haddonfield School board which I used solely as an example of embracing public involvement, not to compare them to our school board.

    Your comments about my political motives parrot what the mayor says. My motives are simple — Let’s fix this town. The pictures speak for themselves. The sign was still overturned last night.

    You may try to justify all their actions, however, as Supreme Court Justice Brandeis stated “Sunshine is the best disinfectant”. I just want open and honest government. As long as our commissioners govern that way, I am happy. If they don’t, then I will question them. Remember, criticize does not equal question except when they are doing things that clearly are not right. In fact, as a result of my questions, they have acted well in a number of ways and I am not afraid to say so. There have been plenty of meetings, none of which you have attended, where during the public session, I asked questions, they gave answers, nothing critical was said, and the town ended up having more open information.

    Just like many of the names that people use here, I can find no records of anyone with the last name Banta in our town. June, please be sure to introduce yourself to me at the meeting that you attend. Then I will know that you are a real person and not just another anonymous poster hiding behind the cloak of secrecy in the political wings of our commissioners. I will report back next week if I do in fact meet you.

  33. Actually building 200 condos on the site is even dumber since they won’t sell and the town will be left holding the bag on the infrastrcture bonds without revenue. When are your bois gonna fence the site and run it right?

    Everytime I post with my name and then get called a name is totally awesome. I guess the truth hurts.

  34. Tom it is fun to see you go after the cheese. I still cannot believe I got you to go out to that little playground last Friday. I am still laughing.

  35. It is even funnier that you post with multiple names and sometimes anonymously. We have your number.

  36. I guess I do not live in town either. Anyone who challenges Tom must be a fake. Well Tom I have lived in town for fifteen years. And yes it pleases me to know you went out in the cold last Friday to look at a playground to verify that I was right.

  37. I could not find any records in my search either for any of these “names”. They are not homeowners, must not have any land line phones and couldn’t find the names in some other records.

    Municipal building dumb? It would be a much better place to work and more accessible to the handicapped. Or maybe it’s dumb because you didn’t think of it first.

    I have not been to any board meetings but I do know that our schools are top in the area which is the main reason we have stayed in this town.

  38. Who said you didn’t live in town? I only said I think you post under several names (none of which are real) and anonymously too. You didn’t deny it because you know I am correct.

    Why are you afraid to post with your real name and have intelligent discussions about the issues?

  39. Wow! If you question Tom or Sawchuk you are investigated by the two of them. Phone line? Did you check out 411.com. I have been unlisted for fifteen years. But I still can vote and own a home without you two finding me. I guess you will ask for my address next. I could care less where you two live.

    Issues? Condoms? Tom’s new play hill? A new Municipal Building?

    We should give away prime tax ratables for a new Municipal Building. How long would it take to recoup the eneregy efficiency savings to build a new Municipal Building?

    My name is Tom Schubert and I live in Haddon Township.

  40. Actually you can’t own a home and pay taxes without being found and if you were unlisted it would still say found.

    But now I have gotten off the issues.

    The clean up of this area is half done. What does that tell us about the project as a whole? The safety is of major concern since many children walk by this area on a regular basis.

    I am not against the idea of what is being proposed. I am against the scale of the project, the lack of communication and the use of emminent domain to get this done.

    The Russell Stone site looks very promising and hopefully they can come to a mutual agreement about the traffic concerns by the local residents. They are willing to work with the residents.

    I would think the energy savings would show up very quickly in a new building. This used to be an old schoolhouse as I understand it. Better handicapped and senior citizen access is definitely needed. There were many times I had to assist someone up or down the stairs.

    While you continue to attack us (which is really quite entertaining) you also have not given any positive examples of what has been done. We on the other hand have given positives which you chosse to ignore.

  41. what about eminent domain, fieldstone, time limits, corrupt pay to play, theater, poolhouse, shady charity slush funds? lets discuss issues and ignore the commissioner or their one bud posting to distract.

  42. Thank you for the newsletter. People are reading it. Keep up the good work. Commissioners are a disappointment to many of us that voted for them.

  43. And there are alot of people who supported Rohrer and Charles team that are happy with the way things are going. Speaking os issues, whatever happened to Hogan vs Bill Park? What appeal are we now on? How much is KH bilking the taxpayers? It would have been easier and less expensive to HT if Park just gave her the health benefits and pay increase he promised. Thanks Bill.

  44. Whenever the questions get tough randy and paul’s supporters attack hogan.

    Still no answers (after 2 years) on the issues raised. Bill Park blame hogan. Guess Randy is trying that trick now. please now they are getting desparate.

  45. How about those pep boys guys Tom?

  46. Hogan question is ligit! Why, after losing in court once, should she be able to file appeal after appeal with no thought of concern with what the taxpayers will ultimately pay? Of course living in a rent controlled building she doesn’t feel the pain of ANY tax increases.

    Seems that when Ligit questions are asked of anyone opposed to the commissioners, it’s an attack. When it’s reversed, it’s a question about good and open government. Our crack elected county officials always use the same slogan – good and open government in the CP.

  47. I really can’t answer since I don’t follow personal lawsuits against the town. There is not only one, that I do know.

    Tenants do feel the pain in the form of a rent increase every time the taxes go up. It may not be as direct but it certainly touchs all when taxes are increased.

  48. You may talk about Kathy who has faded into obscurity. I want to talk about Dydee which will end up costing us taxpayers millions. It’s a free country. It’s coming up for a vote next month. There are a lot of questions surrounding this still. The fence was still broken. The sign toppled. What is going on there?

  49. here’s the point-
    K Hogan is private citizen now. Attacking here on blogs no better than throwing dirt at commissioner’s wives, betty band’s son, and so forth.

    If you’re holding a public office and taking taxpayer dollars then it is fair for the people to ask legitimate questions.

    To throw dirt around that is just personal attacks is just low class.
    From what I’ve read hear people post legitimate concerns and questions.

    Randy, John, Paul would do well to remember that they hold public office and represent the public. It is a shame that they feel the need to talk down and harrass good people that ask good questions.

  50. LOL…see…it’s an attack!? No, the point is that she is involved in a lawsuit that began years ago while a commissioner. I agree that she, or anyone commissioner, should have tax dollars to defend her, but how long can she drag out a personal vendetta against BP? She lost once and is now appealing. How long is she entitled to appeal on the taxpayers dime? Is she able to take this all the way to New Jersey supreme court?

    It’s not an attack…just a question.

  51. I encourage everyone to read Kathy Fallstocks letter to the editor in today’s CP.


    We don’t need a march on the municipal building. We just need the people to show up to the meetings and ask questions. I encourage everyone to show up. Come tonight! Speak up if you want. At least get a little more educated on how your money is being spent and how they conduct government.

    We need the commissioners to stop moving the caucus meetings to 4PM when the vast majority of our town’s residents are working. The excuse I hear is “It is more convenient for the employees”. Well the last time I checked, I thought the residents paid the taxes to pay for the town. They should make it most convenient for the residents. Is that such a hard concept or are they just trying to avoid being open to the public. I could understand once in a very blue moon but 7 out of 14 of the caucus meetings in the past 14 months have been moved to 4PM. This is just bad government.

  52. maybe most of the town doesn’t have a problem with it

  53. I would say the town is divided into 3 groups – 1) a small group of supporters 2)a small group of dissenters 3)a large uninvolved group

    the goal should be to involve more people, regardless of their beliefs.

    and then the goal should also be to facilitate those that DO care to attend THEIR public meetings.

    switching times around for meetings at last minute just keeps those who WANT to attend from being able to. How is that good for the taxpaying public — don’t they have a reasonable expectation to attending if they so desire?

    your snide remarks that “maybe most of the town doesn’t care” sounds a lot like two of the current commissioners and it is a shame.

  54. “your snide remarks that “maybe most of the town doesn’t care” sounds a lot…”


    didn’t you say “I would say the town is divided into 3 groups – 1) a small group of supporters 2)a small group of dissenters 3)a large uninvolved group”

    isn’t a “large uninvolved group” the same as “most of the town doesn’t care”

    Please stop posting. That was so stupid I can’t even accuse Tom of posting that anonymous blog. There is only a few good men who could post that, either the pep boys or the ex DPW guy.

  55. Thank you for not accusing me of something I NEVER do. I do not post anonymously. I have no reason to.

    But why do you continue to post with multiple names and sometimes anonymously. It is obvious from your writing. I don’t care if you post, in fact, every time you do, it becomes more obvious to everyone what the truth is. Just grab a name and post. You have more personalities than Cybil. Why do you need to play these games? Let’s guess. See you at the meeting.

  56. that anonymous poster hit the nail on the head. the commissioners think ‘nobody cares’ so they can do whatever they want.


    kudos to Cassel for mopping the floor tonight at the meeting.

    It appears Randy and Paul think they can run this town like a secret clubhouse while they jack up our taxes and hand out jobs to their campaign-donating buds.

    Out of curiousity, how much is Dougherty’s gold-lined benefits package costing our town for Dougherty, the part-time employee??

    And what is the story with this Klineburger fellow??? I hear that he was submitting legal bills for time before he was even hired? And Foley vouched for his billing practices last month? Why would Foley vouch for what appears to be inaccurate (or maybe even fradulent?? (don’t know but sure sounds like possible fraud) billing— is Foley protecting his campaign donors? how can klineburger bill for time before he is hired?

    Hello????? Those crickets you hear chirping are the silence of the doughertyteaguefoley camp because yes indeed it turns out the emperor aint wearing any clothes folks

    You can’t make this stuff up. Two attorneys get elected, hire an attorney campaign-donor to be solicitor, and then under their watch he bills for time before he was hired, and is WAY WAY over budget.
    Then when a citizen critcizes these characters the mayor has the police sit him down under threat of possible arrest. His comments were so reasonable that the statement was published in full by the newspaper unedited by their publisher/editor but Randy was so scared of the truth coming out he screamed for the police to stop him from reading the statement.

    Go read the Courier Post editorial slamming TeagueDoughertyFoley for their actions at that time. It’s all true folks. Little Ol’ Randy let his office get to his head and its the talk of the town.

  57. Tom obviously you ran home to blog about only the facts you are aware of

    8:18–that gave you enough time to pick up your daughter in Cherry Hill—boot up—–write some baseless blog of Tom self pity BS!

    Anybody back you you up tonight? how about Charlie or Dan or Bob?
    Keep being their soundless voice it is truly entertaining

    I would have said hello but you ran out tonight

  58. Sounds like 2 1/2 men (Dan, Bob & Charlie) attended the meeting last night? I am surprised that Charlie is still around. Mayor Park ran him out of office, he lost BIG in an election he thought he won… and he's back. His ego must be ginormous.

  59. The 8:18 post is Cassel. So Cassel obviously posts both ways.

    Why Tom?

    If anyone other than you posted that attacking blog, it would have put a real name on it. Or that person would have been at the meeting to ask questions regarding the lies raised.

    Keep them coming Tom.

  60. To Anonymous and “June Banta”,

    “The 8:18 post is Cassel. So Cassel obviously posts both ways.” – Anonymous

    Can you prove that it was Tom that posted this? If so, may we see that proof? Or is this just another way for certain people to try and discredit two residents who believe, as I do, that it is our right to know what is going on in our town?

    “Tom obviously you ran home to blog about only the facts you are aware of” – June Banta

    “8:18–that gave you enough time to pick up your daughter in Cherry Hill—boot up—–write some baseless blog of Tom self pity BS!” – June Banta

    I’d like to see your proof also, June Banta, that Tom posted at 8:18anonymously. And if he did, and blogged about only the facts of which he is aware, then I urge you to please post those facts that you feel he is not aware of, or will not write about. I would like to hear both sides of the issues here, but we seem to never get any facts in response, only continued bashing and negativity against two residents trying to make our town’s government transparent, even if those in power don’t want it to be so.

    I’d like to see the proof to back up your claims because, at this point, Tom and Jen’s postings only have MORE credibility when the facts they publish are bashed, especially when there is NEVER any proof to refute those facts they publish, only more negativity.

  61. I agree. It is quite clear that Randy Teague, Paul Dougherty, and John Foley have made a total mess out of this town. Cassel and others pointed out for 2 years straight they were doing bad government. They arrogantly refused to listen, and now have gotten so arrogant they think the laws dont apply and they can run the town like a secret club.
    Wake up TeagueDoghertyFoley – you work FOR the taxpayers. Start to show them some respect and stop acting like jerks at the meetings. If a taxpayer asks a question during the meeting you shold have the decency to respond because it is your job and you work for us.

  62. twpperson = I am not anonymous Cassel

  63. Wow;I was recently turned onto this site by a friend who encouraged me to become involved because this is my town: the town that I have lived in for years and paid taxs to for years.
    I am seeing alot of ugliess being written here on this blog. Yet, I know lots of caring people live here in town. Like me perhaps they are loath to get involved because they have overheard the ugly comments made. Lets stop that kind of behavior .We can’t have a good community with this type of nonsense.
    The bottom line is I am a tax payer: what is the benefit of having this tract being devleoped in the proposed way.What is the payoff to me the tax payer ? Will it reduce my taxs and when ?In the meantime: I see my taxs being affected by all the law suites that are either direct out growths or indirect outgrowths. Are our elected officials acting in the taxpayer best interests here. It does not appear that way. You don’t take properties away from tax paying people and then say it’s in their best interests. This is a really poor Business model.I question whether these these Fieldstone built townhomes will really sell.I think Fieldstone sold them a bill of goods : and we will all suffer as a result. My fear is after all the hoopla ( and lawsuits) we the taxpayer will have to foot the bill for this boondoogle of a decision .
    Let’s not be naive: we have very high taxs in this town; sooner or later our high taxs will make this community a less desirable place to buy a home. All because of these very stupid behavior.
    As a homeowner or Business owner: does it make sense to you for your elected officials to force you to sell your home or busines so that an outside firm can develope this track of land with a very questionable business plan for selling thes units.

    I think not ! Thanks for the opportunity to voice my thoughts.

  64. Thanks for the last comment. I really lays out many of the issues.

    My main reason for this post is to say thank you to whoever started the clean up. The sign is back up. There appears to have been fence work. I couldn’t see whatever other clean up but at least we are moving in the right direction.

  65. I appreciate you voicing your concerns and hope you will be a continuing contributor.

    While there may be ugliness on this blog it’s only to distract from the issues that have been stated. It’s amusing to me to see the feeble attempts used to try and divert attention from the facts that are presented.

    However, it is sad to see that they can not come up with positives to counter the negatives and instead choose to criticize and attack.

  66. Thank you for your comments about my blog .

  67. I would like to make everyone aware of a posting on the website of Collingswood.


    They have totally postponed indefinitely any process to develop the Collingswood Speedline. Basically, the Mayor contacted all the developers himself to delay the proposal stage. The next step is a June developer meeting with the 6 companies. This is very smart in my opinion.

    What does this mean for the Haddon Ave corridor? It means that with all the Dydee delays, their project may be delayed until 2011 or 12 which is the earliest Dydee could be coming out of the ground in my opinion. The corridor cannot support both projects concurrently in my opinion. With the current economic climate, Fieldstone needs to get transparent so that we know that they are for real. Projects are getting cancelled and delayed everywhere. We continue to spend more and more money on this project. I am waiting for Fieldstone to come back to the town for another financial concession or threaten to walk. I have no knowledge if this is happening but based on the marketplace and economy, this project is becoming less and less feasible daily.

    The fundamental problem? Large numbers of condos are not selling anywhere. The Lumberyard has sold very very slowly. Just go to the Retrospect articles about the $1.5 million township loan. It’s pretty simple.

    Come on commissioners. Let’s see a firm financing commitment from Fieldstone to prove that they can perform. The next commission meeting will be interesting. I hope Fieldstone will be ready to answer specific questions about their project during the public session of the ordinance to approve the redevelopment district next month.

    Like in the past, when they specifically responded to my questions, here are the current questions.

    What is your current pricing on the condos and expected absorption?

    What effect will it have on the previously agreed Pilot payments?

    If they decline, how will that effect the infrastructure requirement in the financial agreement so that the town nets the same amount of money?

    I am sure I will come up with more, but our town needs to get a dose of the reality of the current economic environment as we attempt to advance this project.

    Come on bashers, give me all you got!

  68. Tom,

    Thank you for your continued diligence and dedication to informing the residents of Haddon Township. I, for one, do truly appreciate it. You bring up some good points about the Dydee project. Next month’s meeting should be interesting.

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