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Commissioner’s Meeting 2/24

The Turkey Trot raised $3,400 for the Cooper Cancer Institute. The presentation was given at the meeting.

Tom Cassel had some very valid points that the Mayor will look into. I will be interested in hearing the explanations.

Mr. Klineburger was not appointed until 1/22/08. How is it that he can bill the town over $1,200 from the period 1/17 – 1/21? According to the caucus meeting on 1/15 proposals were still being reviewed. There was a meeting, however, on 1/21 with two Commissioners and the now solicitor. That was included in the billings.

5 meetings were held in which 2 Commissioners and the solicitor attended. According to the New Jersey Public Open Meetings Act(Sunshine Law) there must be 48 hr public notice, agenda and minutes kept. There was no public notice, no agenda and by the Mayor’s own admission (last meeting) no minutes. This is in direct violation. If these were “private” meetings, public notice is still needed, a resolution must be passed and minutes kept.

The Mayor had previously stated that he couldn’t discuss the subject of these meetings because of “attorney client privilege”. Mr Klineburger is not their private attorney. He is a public contractor who works for the people of Haddon Township. If in fact it was something that would fall under “attorney client privilege”, it was suggested they hire their own attorney and pay for it out of their own pockets.

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50 Responses

  1. what were Tom’s questions?

  2. I changed the wording since I only included one in question form.

  3. This is addressed to “June Banta” from previous post. I was there after the meeting.

  4. Actually, there were 2 questions.

    “Did the commissioners secretly meet to appoint him prior to January 22nd to authorize him to start working for the town?”

    One of the secret meetings on his bill was dated January 21st the day before the meeting. That is a fact. Do you want to explain?”

    Mayor Teague’s response was “We’ll look into it”.

    That is his standard answer when he is put on the hot seat. He needs to learn to be honest and take responsibilities for his actions.

    “The solicitor, Mr. Klineburger, is apparently unwilling or unable to give you correct advice on your requirements under the sunshine law. I’m telling you, you are in continuing violation of the sunshine law. Please look into the requirements of the sunshine law yourselves and get it right. Two of you are lawyers. You are each personally obligated by your oath of office to follow the law, even if the solicitor persists in getting it wrong.”

    That was my response to “We’ll look into it”.

    If anyone wants to see the documents that support these serious charges, please contact me. I will provide them to you.

    Last point. Last night’ meeting lasted a whole 17 minutes. This is totally symptomatic of exactly what is wrong. It is a result of government behind closed doors. We want our government to operate in the open, in the sunshine, honestly. And not with false promises of “Let’s look into it”.

  5. does Klineburger have to fill the job unitll he or some one else is appointed if so does that give him the right to bill for his time ? is it like the mayor i assume fill the job untill you sucessor is named and properly put in to the job i know this is how most places in the world work.

  6. I just love posting this to each topic because it is ri ght on the mark

    Well its back to Castle taking anonymous jabs on the elected officials because he can proceed with his personal attacks as “anonymous”

    Two bitter people come to the meeting(one ex employee who was unnecessary in the tax office and the leader of the pep boys slate who lost the last election)

    The same two bitter people go home and create issues that do not exist and blog back and forth as anonymous with each other in an attempt to think more people believe any of their BS

    The next meeting will come and the same two bitter people will speak of some topic with no truth to it and ’round and ’round they will go back to blogging anonymously to each other hoping to find bitter angry people like themselves

    Good luck

  7. Actually, thank you for making that post once again. There is nothing anonymous about me, unlike you (who really isn’t anonymous, only posting that way). We have serious charges against our solicitor and commissioners backed up with irrefutable evidence. And you blame it on me?

    I am not the one who had secret illegal meetings. I am not the one who made secret appointments behind closed doors. You were obviously there last night. The silence of the commissioners response to my statement last night was deafening.

    I work on my own terms. I do the right thing for the people of this town. I have heard an outpouring of support from many people so far on this topic. Unfortunately for you, you don’t know the difference between legal and illegal, right and wrong. Are you protecting your job?

    We are now at the point where we need all our solicitor and commissioners to resign.

    To Tim – We had a solicitor, Tim Higgins, until Klineburger was appointed. He was solicitor until Klineburger was appointed. He is still available to the town as special counsel. Government is supposed to be an open process. Transparent. Not secret dealings behind closed doors. Our commissioners haven’t figured that out based upon what I have uncovered.

  8. that did not answer my question is he obligated to work untill a new appointment

  9. I was not there but was told that Cassel once having completed the reading of his prepared statement jumped back in his seat from feet away crossing his arms in mid jump anticipating a heated response that never came. Why? No one believed a word he said (except Sawchuk whos outing as a Cassel fanatic is evident).

    Cassel has no idea what the Sunshine Act is about because if he did he would file a Complaint. But he hasn’t and can’t because no violation has taken place.

    “outpouring of support”. I was told not one person backed up Cassel last night. The only
    support that Cassel has is from Dan and Charlie, for who he speaks on behalf of, and who also were part of a losing slate from 2007.

    This isn’t about seeking the truth but simply bad politics.

    Tocaredbecause the elected officials the waht ajsat sadv

    What was deafining was Cassel’s lack of support on a topic that he is absolutely wrong. I was actually embarassed for Cassel. Cassel could not tell you one person ‘s blog

  10. To Tom and Jen, keep up the good work.

    I wanted to attend last night’s meeting but, alas, I must admit that I forgot about it. With the kids’ homework and sports and trying to keep up with everything every day, it simply splipped my mind. So without you, I would not have known that there are these serious integrity issues occuring in our town, what with potentially fraudulent billing and secret meetings being held in direct violation of the Sunshine laws.

    And I too see through “Anonymous”; his constant bashing and trying to make the two of you the issue, instead of addressing the real issues of this town, is transparent. It’s just a shame that this transparency has not extended to our local government.

    I have a question, what ever happened to the 500,000 bond the town supposedly received to build and/or repair the poolhouse? Did the town ever get the bond? If so, where is the money? Is there a plan to repair the poolhouse or build a new one? If so, I’d like to see it…

  11. I was at the Democrat Club meeting on Monday and overheard Charlie, Dan and Cassel preparing the statement that Cassel read last night and has posted today.

    It is very obvious that this is about a few of the disgruntled local democrats bringing up baseless issues.

    If Cassel wanted issues he should have asked Charlie across the table on Monday how he parlayed his Commissioner seat to a Commerce Bank job? or, Charlie what did you do about the environmental problems at Dydee during his 11 years as Comm?

    Or better yet, Dan did you really allow your friends to dump debris at the DPW yard and have the Twp taxpayers incur the disposal costs?

    Come on Cassel, the sunshine act?

  12. For those of you who are copying and pasting the same posts over and over this is to notify you I will be deleting these repeats.

  13. censorship already

  14. “censorship already”

    To anonymous, it’s hardly censorship when the same exact comments are being posted over and over again. Just goes to prove that those who try to bash Jen and Tom with negativity have no actual proof to refute any of the facts these two have posted here, in the interest of an open and honest government.

  15. I do not feel it’s censorship if the post has previously been made. I understand that it might make you think a little to come up with something different and for that I apologize.

    While people continue to bash and criticize us I don’t see much in positive back up for the Commissioners.

    Because someone has not filed a complaint does not mean that the knowledge is lacking. Maybe he is giving them an opportunity to resolve the issue.

    Yes I totally agree with D. Smith, this is a case of bad politics.

  16. To Tim

    I think, not sure, that each appointment is for a year and then they could appoint someone new. Unfortunately, Mr. Klineburger was just reappointed for a year this past month.

  17. so a poster named ‘ed’ claims dan allowed his friends to dump illegally.
    is that poster aware of the photos of the photos of the concrete companies that donated money to teague’ campaign dumping illegally? the photos got emailed around last year just ask and you can get them.
    nice try but the illegal dumping had nothing do to with dan it was teague’s friends and I saw the pictures that prove it.

  18. Who should we ask to get those pictures? I would like to see them and I think that’s something that should be made public, as well as how much those concrete companies contributed to their campaign. I think we all need a wake up call regarding our current commissioners and how they are treating this town and its’ residents.

  19. Where’s Tom? these are questions he is dodging hiding behind anonymous or the newly found feminine side of Tom, now called Lauren.

    Tom, please don’t bring back the dumping issue simply because Dan allowed illegal trash disposals at the DPW at taxpayer expense. You are quite transparent as the Charlie/Dan voice these days. Please tell Dan to go to a public meeting and voice his concerns as an out of town resident.

  20. I am just enjoying the scenery. I don’t really need to contribute much at this point since there are a number of others who know as much as I do, and laying out the facts straight on. I would personally like to thank them for their contributions in outing the truth. Lauren, welcome! You, like Jen and me, have real ID’s on here so that we know you are real person, unlike the people who post with multiple pseudonyms.

    I raised a major issue about the sunshine laws. There is no defense yet people are defending them. I have laid out the facts. I have a prediction as the facts unfold on this issue. There will be smears and lies, especially against me. In the end, however, the lies and cover ups from various officials will be worse than the original acts. I know that the lies are coming. I will make sure to post all the facts on the blog here. These will be supported by documents.

    I have a pretty accurate sense of who is posting here including some township employees who are trying to protect their livelihoods. I cannot blame them, but we need citizens need to know this fact. Several people who are posting are feeding off the township money trough. It is a fact and they have the most to lose. This is a fact. Not a bash.

    Here is one additional observation about last night. Last night’s lasted 17 minutes, including my statement which took 4 of those minutes and the first 5 minutes related to a presentation of a charity check. So our entire monthly commission meeting was completed in 8 minutes. About 5 sentences of discussion were made on the 3 ordinances and 16 resolutions that were passed. That comes to less than 30 seconds per item.

    At a minimum, it would be nice for whatever commissioner is spearheading each ordinance, to explain to the other commissioners and the citizens attending why they are proposing it. Or is that unnecessary because they have already had closed door meetings to discuss it among themselves. Except for redevelopment, I have never ever heard a discussion in advance during any meeting where they discussed and identified an issue and directed the solicitor to draft an ordinance to address the issue. No, the ordinances mysteriously show up on an agenda without notice or prior discussion. Is this government in the sunshine?

    See you tomorrow night.


  21. I would also like to welcome Lauren. No she is not Tom. She, unlike most of you, used her name.

    I only became aware of “town politics” in the last couple of years so I can’t answer “Ed’s” questions. If you could come up with something more current I might be able to answer those.

    The Sunshine Act is a law that was created to stop the “secret” or closed door meetings that has been abused in many towns. To blow off the importance of this law seems to be a common denominator in our town.

    The pool bond was passed ($500,000)in the summer ’08’ but, if I remember correctly, they had said it would be two years before it would actually be put into action. That is only half of what they expect to spend yet they didn’t have a plan then and I haven’t heard about it since. A community center and bubble over the pool have been mentioned to be included. I agree a new pool house and only that is needed but I am sure it doesn’t need to cost us that much.

  22. “Where’s Tom? these are questions he is dodging hiding behind anonymous or the newly found feminine side of Tom, now called Lauren.”

    My name is Lauren Lunt. I have been a resident of Haddon Township for more than 15 years, first as a renter in Haddon Hills, and now as a homeowner. I have 2 children in our public schools and they participate in HTAA sports. My husband’s family has been in Haddon Township since 1977. My husband graduated from Haddon Township. Mayor Park married us in 1994 at Compton’s Restaurant.

    Now that we’ve established that I do exist and I am not the figment of anyone’s imagination, can we get back to the issues? Perhaps Anonymous would like to grow some balls and let us know who he or she is and answer our VERY VALID questions regarding our township. Are you trying to piss off the residents of this town, or do you just not care? Because I can assure you, you have pissed me off and I plan on encouraging all my fellow residents to start attending the town meetings. Perhaps now you’ll start doing what you were elected and/or hired to do — WORK FOR THE RESIDENTS OF HADDON TOWNSHIP!!!

  23. As usual we have the facts. We do not post as “Anonymous” or multiple names.

    The silence on this blog now that facts have been presented is very similar to the silence after Tom presented the facts at the meeting. I do see a pattern.

  24. Lauren:

    Thanks for the post today. It is great to have another open and honest person on the blogs here addressing the issues of the town. Encouraging participation from others is totally welcome. It is especially hard for the working parents to attend due to their children’s needs. That may be why so few attend so don’t be discouraged.

    I just want to give an update on Tuesday’s meeting about the OPMA violations. The mayor said “He would look into it.” on the record. I have not heard from him and he definitely knows how to reach me.

    Lastly, I would like to thank Jen for running a fair and balanced blog. Thank you for deleting the multiple identical posts. I generally like them the first time they make stupid posts, but afterward, it is just annoying. They can say whatever they want, but in the end, it is your blog, you are the moderator and it is up to you. Kudos. This totally differs from Bill Mann’s totally out of control prior blog on the CP where he allowed continuous inane posting of stupidity. This process is supposed to open up the exchange of information and ideas to move the town forward. He never commented. He never removed libelous posts. I guess hosting a blog isn’t his strong point. Jen, your arrival is a breath of fresh air.

  25. The silence is due to Tom’s failure to respond to the blog postings which simply show his continued political bias

  26. Funny, Anonymous, that’s funny. We still have not seen any indication that Tom’s postings are inaccurate or biased in any way. Please, if you have evidence to support your claims, I really would like to know where he is mistaken and/or biased, as I do want to hear both sides of the issues, both good and bad, so that I, as a fellow resident, may make informed decisions on the issues. And yet, there you are, remaining anonymous, doing nothing more than posting more personal attacks upon a resident whose only goal here is to keep his fellow residents informed on issues we should all be concerned about, with no real answers coming from the commissioners except “We’ll look into it.” BTW, I noticed you had nothing to say in response to me. Feeling a little red in the face, perhaps, for trying and, yet again, failing to find any support for your baseless accusations?

  27. There is a trend here.

    Taxpaying citizens ask questions of their elected officials.
    The questions are not answered, and in fact the officials act rude to the citizens at the meetings.
    When a citizen asked too many questions Mayor Teague threatened him with arrest (its on the tapes of the meeting go listen)
    So then the people went and made a blog to communicate the issues since Teague Dougherty Foley want to keep public meetings to less than 30 minutes with no discussion.

    Then anonymous supporter(s) of Teague Dougherty Foley come to the blog to continue to throw insults and attack the taxpaying citizens that dare to ask questions.

    Why do they attack the people who ask questions instead of just providing facts?
    Their response to fair questions is to attack and try to discredit the questioners.

    Finally people are seeing through it and uniting for one good common goal — a clean government without the corruption that has plagued our town and held us back for 30 years. It is like a breath of fresh air.

    To the anonymous person (commisioner?) posting — this has nothing to do with politics. This is about good common decency and civic responsibility.

    Thanks to Cassel and Sawchuk and the others before them for standing up and doing the right thing even in the face of great public criticism and attack. That is the definition of a citizen.

  28. How come Sawchuk and Cassel do not respond to anonymous Township Person as not coming out with a real name? Why? because Cassel is Township Person.

    Please, breath of fresh air? Tom you forgot to read your own post before anonymous Tom posted

    I am directing every supporter of TDF to forget this blog

    That way only Sawchuk, Cassel and Sawchuk’s friend will blog between themselves

    I know it is fun to see Cassel and Sawchuk chasing their tails, but enough is enough. The message at this point is to let the three of them psot between themselves and create anonymous blogs in their own support.

    Over and out Swamp Dog 2314. Go get me Tom!!!

  29. I just want to point everyone back to the Dydee blog where I put up a post about what happened today in Collingswood and its effect on the Haddon Ave corridor.

    I don’t post anonymously. Actually, I think even the commissioners themselves read this. If you want to ignore it and the actual good information that is discussed, just go away.
    We really won’t miss you and you can get your whole group to create a mutual admiration society.

    You just can’t help yourself coming to this blog. Wanna make a bet on that? I am going to name you “Freddy” so I can say “He’s back!”

  30. I just looked at my Retrospect. I have learned to look at the “small print” Legal Notices first.

    News flash (I have heard a lot of rumors about this over the past month) They are posting for the position of Executive Director (ED} of the Haddon Housing Authority (HHA). I ran into “Retired” Police Chief of HT, Current Township Administrator of Winslow, and Current Executive Director of the HHA, Mr. Joe Gallagher, as Drucker’s General Store, er, I meant the WHP Audubon Wawa this morning. I asked him specifically and he told me he was in transition “due to time demands”.

    I have heard a rumor (from about 4 different people but Gallagher’s lips were sealed tight) that Joe Iacovino, the current HT Planning Board Chairman and consultant to the HHA was already appointed as the new ED of the HHA. I was going to ask him on Tuesday night but couldn’t find him after the meeting. I guess the rumor was false, but we will really see when the appointment is made. This ED position is a revolving door generally given out as a patronage position which pays currently $25,000/yr although the ad said, negotiable. And it bolsters your already inflated state pension (especially for long time twp employees). You see, if you don’t get the required certification within 2 years, you are required to resign under federal HUD rules. So first Dennis St. John (a former long term twp employee), next Gallagher, this time Iacovino. Get the pattern? Multiple positions. To Joe’s credit, I understand he has worked there as a construction consultant for the past few years and he is a very experienced real estate executive. As a person, I like him too. But I am concerned that this ad is a sham just like the posting for the solicitor’s position was last year. Our town has a habit of that.

    I hope I am 100% wrong or by writing this, they will do an about face. You can’t really make this stuff up. The facts are the facts.

  31. If you have serious questions and valid concerns I don’t care how you post. This blog is here to discuss issues that involve our town and our residents.

  32. the fence on Haddon Ave is fixed at DyDee but the fence on the Dunkin Doughnut side is wide open and there are piles of debris in that one area. This Dydee site is like a sinking raft and they just keep patching it up with bubble gum

  33. I noticed that yesterday about the Dydee when I drove by. Yes there is a wide open gate to the debris piles that should be closed. There is still trash stewn across the piles. Randy could send out Public Works to clean it up and send Fieldstone the bill because it is their responsibility. Let’s see if it happens.

    Relating to the Housing Authority. The post has little to do with Joe Iacovino and everything to do with how it appears that our town is continuing the back door deals under the mirage of an open public process to hire professionals in Haddon Township, Klineburger’s and Eife’s appointments being the most prominent and obvious patronage positions previously awarded. It is obvious from the lack of any comments from those who criticize me, that I have pointed out one of the elephants in the middle of the room. Everyone knows that this is going on, but only I am willing to go out publicly and say it.

  34. The commissioners have been a disappointment to me. They started postitive but it is now “business as usual”. I hope they can get back on track.

    I hope they arent giving freebie jobs out to the people that helped fieldstone take our property.
    A street full of empty condos that wind up as COAH housing will be the legacy of the planning board and the commissioers.

  35. I found out today that Joe Gallagher is no longer the Executive Director and Joe Iacovino is the acting director. The reason he left is that he has not completed the education requirements of this position which are required to be completed in 2 years. This is the same reason that Dennis St. John left. Two years and out!

    I also found out that the only ad for the job is in the public notices. So they have not yet posted this on any state or governmental job boards. So what are they doing to get the word out?

  36. any one want to grade the twp for the storm i give them a d minus roads were still bad and the had 10 guys shoveling the sidewalk at the pool it does not make any sense collingswood and haddonfield have streets that were dry and the twp has ice covered streets out tax dollars at work !

  37. The roads were very dangerous this morning in the town. pure ice in some parts with no sand/salt. The roads leading up to white horse pike were very bad. (bettlewood section)
    We had very little snow last year and this winter very little snow. I cant imagine we are over budget for snow removal so see no reason why DPW can’t address this given what we pay in taxes here. What are they doing with all of our money?

  38. I called Randy and Paul about how bad the conditions of the roads were. Never got any call back. Come on guys. I pay taxes here. I am not asking for much. Just a simple call back.

  39. you want to talk to raging randy and pouty paul you best buy a ticket to their fundraisers and kiss the ring. otherwise they got not time for you.

  40. I had heard that they are having another fundraiser, but they didn’t invite me. I feel so left out. It will be interesting because if they tap the same previous donors who bought 2 tickets to last fundraiser, the names will be forced to be revealed. Let me explain:

    According to NJ Election laws, you are only required to disclose donations over $300 or cash donations. The first fundraiser was for $140/ticket so when you bought 2 for $280 it was under the disclosure threshold. Everyone should know this because it is so transparent. In fact it is the only transparent activity relating to fundraising they have done. So the guys so far have raised almost $15,000 prior to their enacting the so called “strict” pay to play ordinance. On their disclosure forms only 3 donors were disclosed. Greg Fusco, the township engineer they recently reappointed donated $600. Maggie Downham also must have paid in cash (all cash rather than check donations must be 100% disclosed) and their friends at American Mortgage in Cherry Hill. So there were over $13,000 in donations whose donors have not been disclosed and this is totally legal, but not transparent. The good news for everyone is that once anyone goes over the $300 threshold on a cumulative basis, disclosure is required. So we can expect after the next fundraiser for all their appointees so start showing up in the reports.

    Over the next two years, I will be here on the blogs disclosing campaign contributions and tying them to appointments and contracts since the commissioners refuse to make these disclosures when they make the appointments. I have asked them to be transparent but that is clearly not their desire. So it is all about providing the people of this town with the facts.

    If they don’t like this let them sue me. Oh yeah, they had the solicitor’s law partner already threatened me with that after I outed their improper business disclosures on their previous Elec forms.

    By the way if anyone is interested in getting access to these records, the MS explorer and foxfire browsers do not work with the Elec site. I have found Google Chrome browser to work flawlessly.

  41. You really need to get a life Tom.

  42. I have one. One aspect is laying out the facts of what is really going on “under the covers”. Just think of the irony of “Commissioners who pass anti pay to play ordinance, continue to give jobs to campaign donors.”

  43. Tom you should figure out about American Mortgage. What did they get? do they live in town? what appointment will they get?

  44. Seems that the most important thing Jim McGreevey…oops Tom outed was himself. LOL When you see the former Gov at the next Camden County Democrat function you sen to love, please give him my regards.

  45. It’s amazing that people have to criticize and stoop to low levels. Instead why not give something positive the Commissioners have done? I don’t recall seeing anything good from the bashers but we have given examples of the positive.

    I guess I can understand the frustration. We can back our statements with fact, you have nothing so you resort to name calling. This childish behavior reminds me of the behavior exhibited in the meetings.

  46. I thought we left the stupid comments behind when Park left office. I guess not.

    By the way, being gay is not a Democratic thing. There are gay Republican’s too. The are called Log Cabin Republicans. Are you affiliated? It is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Of more note is the fact that I took my son down bike riding to Newton Lake. Collingswood has done a good job maintaining the playground there on the lake. It seems to be freshly mulched. Had a wonderful day out there enjoying the beautiful day and so did he.

  47. Then move to Collingswood.

  48. Are you gay Tom?—not that matters to me. Peace.




    By the way—Maley is doing one hell of a job

  50. Who cares what you are, but if you are a Log Cabin Republican or whatever, why do I see you at the Haddon Township Democrat fucntions and those sponsored by the Camden County Democrats?

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