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Conflicting lessons?

I received this from a resident and decided to post this as a new subject. What are your feelings on this?
Attached is a photograph of one of the RMS hallway bulletin boards…It appears that the Six Pillars of Character espoused by the Haddon Township School District are at odds with the principles of the RMS Hawk’s Heart Club. I find it troubling as a parent to have Lohan’s picture prominently displayed throughout the Rohrer Middle School (and noted in the school announcements). That a picture of here being displayed, which also features other young ladies dressed in a provacative manner, is beyond belief considering her reputation, character, and past issues, including a felony arrest for possession of narcotics and driving under the influence.

We removed a poster of this less than desirable “star” from the wall of our home as soon as her moral values became apparent. Now, the school has seen fit to endorse her character and value as well as her “style” of dress. I am somewhat puzzled by the fact that such style and manner of dress appears to be in violation of the RMS dress code. Since elementary school, it has been ingrained in the children of this school district to keep first and foremost the Six Pillars of Character in all that they do, both in and out of school.

These children are most impressionable, and it is simply not responsible to permit even the possibility of holding out someone like Lohan as a role model. Though the staff will likely say that that is not their intention, one must look at it from the eyes of a 13 year old girl. What is placed upon the bulletin boards by school staff is essentially the voice of the school district. What children are told by the staff and school district will be validated in their mind without consideration simply because it comes from the school – whether right or wrong.

Going forward, perhaps the staff should give more weight to the student’s point of view, so as not to undue all of the good that the school district has provided to their students over the last few years. With so many movies available that contain good values and a positive message, I hope the next feature is something more appropriate.

You have done a wonderful job with getting information to interested parties, notwithstanding the mischaracterization and resistance to your work. Please feel free to use this information as you see fit.
It is a pleasure reading your emails – they are very informative!

Yours truly,

A Very Concerned Parent
Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again
By Ray McDonald Washington24 July 2007
Handout photo of Lindsay Lohan, provided by Santa Monica Police Department, 24 Jul 2007Lindsay Lohan was arrested early July 24 on suspicion of driving under the influence in Santa Monica, CA. The arrest comes one week after the 21-year-old actress checked out of an alcohol treatment center.
Santa Monica Police Sgt. Robert Hernandez says Lohan was driving a vehicle, and pulled over just after 2:00 a.m. She was reportedly chasing another car when she was pulled over.
Officers arrested her for drunken driving and driving with a suspended license.During booking, cocaine was found in her pants pocket.
Lohan reportedly refused to take a Breathalyzer test at the scene but failed a sobriety test. After taking a Breathalyzer test at the Santa Monica police station, she registered a .12 blood alcohol level. The legal limit in California is 0.08.
Lohan was released on $25,000 bail. Police say she will be arraigned on August 23.
The actress recently spent a month at Malibu’s Promises treatment center, and is already facing a drunken driving charge in Beverly Hills.
While Lohan was wearing an alcohol-detecting anklet at the time of her arrest, it is unclear whether it played a role in her arrest.


5 Responses

  1. I agree but there may be more to this story. The sign says they will be having a discussion about the movie. Could they possibly be talking about what is wrong with the movie? Also it says you need permission slips?
    What is the school’s argument about this? just trying to understand both sides

  2. Character education is as important as all other parts of education and I am extremely happy that it is emphasized so greatly in the schools. Here is the link to the township school program’s website.


    As a divorced dad with a son in first grade in Cherry Hill schools, I have been extremely happy with the character education my son is getting. His school got an honorable mention again this year in its efforts towards this.

    I also read the sign. Hopefully others will have more to add regarding this. Hopefully it is an opportunity to further educate our children about the right choices in life.

  3. I do not agree at all. I don’t think the school is endorsing Lindsey Lohan. What I do think is going on, is a viewing of a movie with a discussion to follow. If you don’t want your child to see the movie, then don’t sign the permission slip. When i was in highschool, we read “Go Ask Alice” which was about a confused teen who started taking drugs. Never did I think the school was endorsing the use of drugs. Books, movies, TV shows, the internet…it is all apart of our kid’s world. It is great to give them an outlet where they can discuss what they are hearing, seeing and reading in their lives. Do I think “Mean Girls” is an Oscar worthy movie? No. But I think it is important to have open discussions about many different topics. Of course, your child is your child. No one should interfer with how you want to raise her/him. That is why I would imagine there is a permission slip.

  4. “If you don’t want your child to see the movie, then don’t sign the permission slip.”

    Great line. This is the problem in today’s society. The mom who has no intention of signing a permission slip is the one who has the biggest problem with it. It’s not your problem if you don’t sign the permission slip. This isn’t a forced thing.
    Well said Laura, kudos!

  5. It appears that “Concerned Parent” is missing the whole point of the image that was posted. The discussion advertised is for a movie depicting mean-spirited and nasty girls, and ostensibly the students will benefit from an open discussion of what constitutes mean-ness and bad behavior. While there is great irony in the fact that Ms. Lohan is apparently shown as bearing the brunt of others’ bad behavior in the movie (whereas in real life, she herself is guilty of some quite bad behavior related to drug use, DUI, etc.), the discussion using the movie as its basis may actually yield some positive issues for the students. I don’t at all see this as being a case where Ms. Lohan is being shown or used as a “role model.”

    Frankly, we could easily attack any public figure at all for bad behavior. I for one really dislike holding up sports figures as “heroes” in our culture – why not professional classical musicians and opera stars, or great scholars, instead of sports figures or movie stars? But the fact – for better or worse – is that movie stars have for 100 years now held great sway in our culture, and we as parents need to learn to manage that sway and influence with our kids. If the discussion above were in fact to delve into Ms. Lohan’s personal life, I wouldn’t mind at all: I would like my daughter to know that being popular and being a star has its downsides, and that with “image” and power also come responsibility, and that Hollywood too often allow their stars to ignore this.

    Bottom line is that I think Concerned Parent needs to have open and complete dialogue with his or her own kids about issues that face those kids every day. Our culture is simply way beyond cocoons. Not to recognize and deal with that reality is a serious disservice to our children. I’m not sure that I care to have other parents dictate to me the kinds of discussions I want my kids to be having.

    -Another Concerned Parent

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