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Snowstorm and the roads

This snowstorm was unusual as far as the road clean up went. In the past I have heard the trucks very early and my road is well plowed and salted, however, this time we still had ice all the way down the block. I did see our new trucks in service. There were three sitting while the Maple Ave park sidewalks were cleared and someone mentioned a number were at Crystal Lake Pool.

What was your experience with the clean up in your area?


15 Responses

  1. My street was just “Ok”. The biggest problem was neighbors who our snowplows had to plow around because they parked in the street all night. You would think the township would enforce the overnight parking ban which is totally unenforced. I also noted that the cross streets were extremely icey, especially Conard which is the hill down to Newton Lake. Over the Collingswood border it was clear.

  2. you can get a parking permit you cna not blame people for parking the twp has always done a sub par job they were worried about shoveling around the pool instead of clearing roads

  3. Tom, obviously you have a driveway. Where do you want people to park who don’t have a driveway????????????????

  4. I haven’t seen too many houses in this township that don’t have driveways, so that’s no excuse. My neighbor has plenty of room in her driveway, plus it’s less shoveling if you place two or three in your driveway. The plows always miss the front of my house because of my neighbors car. After speaking to her about this, I decided that I’d just shovel myself out and also the area that the plow missed and pack her car in. Problem solved? Nope.

  5. BTW, the township does a very fine job of plowing.

  6. Every house on my block has a driveway. Many have 3 cars though since grown up children live with parents which fills up the street at night. That’s the fundamental problem. Most of the driveways can handle this but since there is no overnight parking enforcement, people park all night on the street and I cannot blame them for that.

    When I lived in Haddonfield, the enforcement was sporadic, but at least once a month, you would see tickets to remind people that there was an overnight parking ban.

    This really gets to the issue of selective code enforcement. My view is that all codes need to be enforced fairly and unbiased, without regard to whether you are a commissioner’s friend. Perhaps some other bloggers would like to highlight known obvious selective enforcement or nonenforcement issues that they have seen in our town.

  7. First off get off your high horse Cassel.I hope you don’t forget and leave your car on the street one night and get a ticket, because then you would swear you were being targeted. Do you call and report your neighbors cars on the street? We had a problem in our neighborhood, called 3 nights in a row haven’t had a problem since. That was three years ago. Getting back to the plowing, the HT, Colls, Oaklyn border streets were fine, HT streets stunk.

  8. I received a ticket one night for parking on the street. I asked an officer about it and he said that they usually target one street per night. I also asked him where the signs were posted about overnight parking and he told me everywhere you could enter the township. I told him there was a total of two that I saw and one you could not read from more than 15 ft. away. He told me I was wrong and told me about one on Cuthbert. I told him he was wrong that it was for Audubon. He was behind me and when we pulled up along side of me, he rolled down his window, laughed and told me I was right.

  9. I thought the town did a better job this time than in the past. I was happy with the plowing.

    I think comments should be moderated to weed out any non-relevant posts. They undermine the credibility of the site.

  10. Tommy Boy….residents can get permits from the township for parking overnight and I even think they are free. Doesn’t matter if the township enforces it your neighbors can just get permits and park in the street.

    And from a point of view of enforcing all codes? Are you serious? How many officers, officials, and judges would the town need to do that? Not to mention I would rather have them stopping cars for drunk driving on the white horse pike then ticketing cars for parking overnight.

  11. Overnight parking permits are supposed to be only given if there is a valid reason. The police can not patrol every street every night but maybe in a snow situation if the plows are having a problem the police can be contacted.

    It seems that overall the township did a good job in snow removal. I am sure it’s hard when our town is split up in 3 different areas.

  12. Your post makes you sound like you are somehow related to the commissioners.

    Actually it would take one code enforcement officer who was actually qualified to do her job.

    If there is an ordinance on the books that may be obsolete, it should be repealed. Otherwise, it should be enforced.

  13. Tommy Boy…If by related to the commissioners do you mean I live in the same town as them…yes. Other then that I wouldn’t be able to point them out if I saw them in the street.

    Multiple cars in a driveway and cars that don’t fit in a driveway are the reasons that I have my overnight parking permits from the police. I learned my lesson after getting a ticket one night…which if I were to fight it would have cost the town more then the $20 ticket they wrote me.

    Having one code enforcement officer “that knows how to do their job” is not very thought out. I sure wouldn’t want a building code enforcement officer writing my neighbors a ticket for overnight parking. I also would not want a parking official checking up on my licenses to have a parade.

    For every ticket the officers write there is administration work that comes with it. Some in the form of collecting money and some in the form of judges and city time. So while yes codes are there for enforcement I can’t see how a town, city, or state could enforce everything….it would cost way too much money. Just doesn’t add up.

    Just for the record my street was fine. When I used to live in Haddonfield there was sup-par plowing and there continues to be sub-par plowing there unless you live on one of the few main roads.

  14. I had the same issues with snow removal in Haddonfield when I lived there. And Haddonfield was loath to issue overnight parking permits. We applied for one and they had to send out a police officer to assess the situation and they charged an annual fee in addition. If our town issues this for free, it is a good thing. The main reasons explained to me for the ban are twofold. One is so that we can easily deal with abandonned cars and secondly so that the police and identify any unusual automobile activity to reduce crime. Obviously, snow plowing is a third reason.

    Do you know our code enforcement officer? Have you dealt with her? Ever try to get a straight answer out of her? Try calling Dr. Smith who brought the illegal landfill on Ormand to the township’s attention and asking him about her.

  15. seems to me simple solution is to have “snow emergency” policy regarding parking on specific streets. On the rare occasions it snows the “snow emergency” routes should be strictly enforced. End of problem.

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