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Selective Code Enforcement

Code enforcement in our town has lacked uniformity. Our town has seen several instances of lack of code enforcement on many counts. One example recently discussed on the blog is the lack of enforcement of the Overnight Parking Ban causing difficulty in plowing certain streets. Equally troublesome are situations where individuals have been singled out unfairly with code enforcement when it is a widespread issue or something that has never been previously enforced. What experiences have you seen where our town has not enforced the codes consistently or fairly?


22 Responses

  1. Code enforcement is simple – call the town if you have a complaint and their enforcement officer will look into it and take care of it. You can’t expect enforcement officer to patrol all day and night. Selective enforcement probably means most people never file a complaint. If you have a complaint call Betty and she’ll take care of it.

  2. Ok. Can someone please explain to me and this town what qualifications Betty Band has to be our code enforcement officer?

  3. If you have a compliant you can also talk to your neighbor about it…then call it in to the township if neighbors can’t agree.

    “Haddon Township Where Community Thrives” …we should act like it.

  4. Unfortuantely people have issued complaints about a variety of things and nothing is done. It took over a year for my complaint in reference to the noise ordinance to be taken care of. That was finally handled by Mayor Teague.

    I also know of someone who made numerous calls with no return calls and actually went in to the office in reference to yard maintenance and nothing was done.

    I wish it was as simple as the first poster says it is but it’s not.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more, Jen. When you go through the normal channels and nothing happens, you actually have to wonder whether it is one of two things or both. It is an incompetant code enforcement officer? Is it commissioners interceding not to do something? Or is it both?

    No one responded to my question above because there is no excuse. She only got the job because Park needed to park her in another position when one of her jobs evaporated in the previous administration. She has absolutely no background or training in code enforcement. Heck, she couldn’t even do personnel properly in my opinion.

    In the Zizak situation, it was obvious that she was only following the orders of the commissioners who allowed the illegal landfill to stay there. So that indicates that the Commissioners didn’t do the right thing either. By the way, I have heard from multiple people that Betty Band will not do any enforcement without commissioner approval. I don’t have a way to verify this, but based upon what I have seen, I tend to believe it… unless it is a sidewalk crack on a home that is being sold.

    My final opinion…. it is both Betty Band’s incompetance and the Commissioners’ actions that are causing the problems. Perhaps they can show us something different through their behaviors and actions.

  6. I don’t even want to go into “Human Resources” except that any questions I had, the answer was “I’ll get back to you” then it went thru either Denise or one of the Commissioners.

  7. Wait a second, Jen. So you get the eternal “I’ll get back to you” response. I thought the response was “I’ll look into it.” I have heard that from the Mayor at virtually every commission meeting when he is asked a tough question. Did they every get back to you? Because they usually don’t look into it for me.

  8. I knew it…T and Jenn are responding from the same computer, are the same person, or are on the same cosmic wave length. Repsonding only minutes apart. That is amazing. Like you are having your own conversation.

  9. Actually, when you post with your own name, there is an option on blogger to receive all responses to the blog as emails. So when she responded, I got an automatic email. If you didn’t post anonymously, you would have this option. Let’s just say “Membership has its privileges.” You see, unlike you who actively monitors the blog and spend all day looking , Jen and I just casually monitor our emails. Technology is a great thing.

  10. Here we go with the change in time again for the Caucus meeting. I guess they don’t have a response prepared yet for Tom’s questions.

  11. Great…thanks T and J…now we can all look forward to receiving additional citations in the future 🙂

    Like we don’t have enough bills to pay.

    Leave Betty alone…I have no idea who she is but its pretty low to talk about her in a forum like this since she is not an elected official like the rest of the commisioners. It would also not be proper for her to defend herself in a forum like this either.

  12. Sawchuk

    I am sure those guys do not give a sh** what you and Cassel have to say. That may frustrate you and Cassel but to think they do not have a response yet is pretty funny! Do they respond to Cassel?
    I think it is more funny that you and him banter back and forth and believe you have any impact—yeah yeah Cassel you will give a list of things you believe they changed because of you—-ZERO!

    Do either of you bozzos bring this stuff up at meetings–please tell me the Commissioners have been questioned about this stuff in a public forum—–if they have not been shame on you two——–I am sure they can handle it!


  13. Tom and Jen please let me know where the two of you work. You post by name and are so transparent I bet your listeners want your employers to know about the time you waste on this blog.

  14. Many of these issues have been brought up at the meetings and have rec’d the standard “I’ll look into it” usually without a follow up response. So as far as being able to handle it, LOL LOL LOL, it doesn’t look like they can.

    As far as what they have changed, unfortunately for our town, not much.

  15. I heard they changed the time for the meeting so Dougherty wouldn’t miss any St Patty Day celebration

  16. was sawchuck the one that used to work at the twp and was on her cell phone all day and smoking in the parking lot?? then she got mad when they made her part-time because she still wanted to suck benefits from the town.

  17. Sawchuk

    You are a scam. Why not tell the people of your lost bar (Cherry Hill) and bankrupty(s). You are a great example of smoking away your dreams

  18. What is “many” Jen? This is about you being fired as a hoagie eating, smoking, angry ex-employee. Now really who is a big laugh…LOL…LOL

  19. I don’t post anon. I don’t think Jen does either. Whoever posted anon wasn’t so far off the mark.

    I heard a rumor from a nonpolitical reliable source that the reason that they changed the meeting time was that it is St. Patrick’s Day and the BID is sponsoring a trolley to take revelers in a loop to all the bars. The Commissioners didn’t want this event to get in the way of the Caucus meeting. I am just stating what I heard.

    Well, if this is true, it is one of the lamest excuses that I have ever heard.

    Jen – the truth must be getting to these people because of all the smears and personal attacks that have absolutely no relevance to the issues being discussed. This is the old Park trick to divert the attention from the real issues. Obviously they have an awful lot to hide or lose which is why they are posting anonymously.

  20. Wow I must have upset someone when all they can do is make up things.

    Yes I deleted the post about my son. You can say and make up all the things you want about me but you will not talk about my family on my blog.

    While people may not post, we have many that read this blog and the feedback has been positive. Now that is a fact(for the anonymous posters, that means the truth)

  21. I would really like some clarification on a bar I was supposed to have and the bankruptcies I have supposedly filed.

    As far as my smoking habits I would suggest you get a life since you seem so obsessed with mine.

    Yes I was upset with part time I think anyone would be.

    I really don’t like hoagies and am not an angry ex-employee. I’m actually thankful I have found a job where you don’t have to worry about who is going to stab you in the back.

    Just a suggestion to be careful about the lies you post.

  22. I find that Jen and Tom are really very much for the township. They are trying to keep the politics clean. I’m not sure they can. If the commissioners really care about the town they should take Tom on their side and find ways to keep things above board. He’s about keeping it all fair. Don’t be threatened by him, bring him on board. He is probably someone who can help make this town as good as it can be. Instead of trying to payback frineds who are overcharging or looking to make money on the back of the taxpayers let’s start to do the right thing. I am so disgusted that everyone is looking to make money but no one want to be accountable. This is the demise of our town and our country. I don’t know Tom or Jen, but I think they go to alot of work to try to make people accountable. Commissioners I ask you to Take a different approach. They want you to live up to your slogan of “clean government”.
    Thanks for all the hard work you do. Alot of us really appreciate it.

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