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Commissioners hold 2009 budget meeting without proper public notice – keep public in the dark

I was asked by Tom Cassel to create a new post with the latest info.

Our Commissioners advertised for a special public meeting on February 3, 2009. The public notice stated:Closed Executive Session to discuss personnel issues and employment contract negotiations to commence at 6:00 PM.Regular Session to convene at 7:00 PM to address Appointments of Various Municipal Officials, Employees and Professional Service Providers. I arrived at this meeting at 7PM in time for the public portion of the meeting. I saw Jim Stevenson as I was leaving the 6:00 meeting and I asked him what was discussed and he told me that they had discussed several budget items.

It turns out that the 6:00 “Closed Executive Session” meeting was NOT a “Closed Executive Session” meeting, and was, in fact, held as an open public meeting where important matters of public concern about the budget were discussed without bothering to give the public proper notice about it. Denise Adams, our township Clerk and CFO, verified this to me today and wrongly stated that they were allowed to do this because it was a published open meeting. That’s not obvious in any way from the public notice.

The minutes from the meeting stated:
” Rich Klineburger, Greg Fusco, P.E., Chief Cavallo, James Stevenson, Tom Cella, Barbara Prince, Betty Band, Mary Twisler, Jennifer DellaValle, Ed Toussaint, Kate Burns, Pat Thieringer and Denise P. Adams were also present. [These are all the department heads]

Mayor Teague discussed the 2009 Municipal Budget process and indicated that it was anticipated that it would be a very difficult year in the current state of the economy and with the expected loss of State Aid. He stressed the need to keep spending in check in an effort to produce a budget with the least tax impact on the community. At the request of the Commissioners, the Department Heads reviewed their 2009 budget proposals. The Clerk discussed pending legislation relative to funding the Police and Fire Retirement System and Public Employee Retirement System and explained that the budget calendar had been extended by the State, awaiting the outcome of the legislation and the Governor’s State Aid figures.”


So why was the public not notified about this meeting? Why is there no detail about the individual department heads’ reports and suggestions? This is flagrant violation of the Open Public Meeting Act (OPMA). Why don’t they want the public to know what is going on in the budget? Are they afraid we are going to blog about it and tell everyone what is going on?

Ironically, during the second portion of the meeting, the Mayor and I had an exchange specifically where I identified meetings that occurred between the Solicitor, Mayor Teague and Commissioner Dougherty. If more then one commissioner meets, those meeting are subject to the public meeting requirements of OPMA. These meetings were specifically identified on legal bills from our township attorney Mr. Klineburger which he also attended. The exchange went as follows:

Mr. Cassel: If more than one commissioner meets with the attorney, isn’t that a public, doesn’t that come under the Sunshine Laws and rules within the State of New Jersey?

Mr. Teague: I don’t think so because…

Mr. Cassel: Because you have a quorum of the commissioners of our town?

Mr. Teague: We were not discussing something that we were going to be voting on at a meeting so no it wouldn’t.

Mr. Klineburger: [unintelligible]

Mr. Teague: Rich [Klineburger], We got it.

Mr. Cassel: If it relates to litigation it should be done in a formal closed door meeting. Now the question is, were minutes kept of these meetings?

Mr. Teague: No.

Mr. Cassel: So we had a meeting of more than one commissioner where no minutes were kept?

Mr. Teague: That’s correct.

This is totally ironic. At the meeting where the mayor stated on the public record that they had met without proper notice, they flagrantly had another meeting which was in violation of the same laws. Then after I bring up OPMA issues, there is the appearance that they tried to cover up this meeting by making the minutes public and pretending like they had properly published this.

But the facts are the facts. Do these commissioners who are lawyers think that they are above the law in order to keep the public in the dark? Shouldn’t we have open budget discussions in light of all the budget issues every public entity has? This speaks to the heart of the Open Public Meetings Act.

I encourage everyone in this town to show up and speak up. As Justice Brandies stated, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant”. —

If anyone would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at tomcassel@gmail.com


59 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this Jen. There is no defense of this action but I am sure Randy “will look into this”.

  2. Here is a link to today’s article in the Courier Post.


  3. i am wating to see cassel sawchuck ticket for the election and to see thier loss do us a favor and mov and bother another town there are some things in twp business that should not be out there

  4. Interesting – Jenn doing favors for Tomchuck. This is getting to be like the movie The Fight Club.

    Since Jenn is now taking requests, I would like to discuss the HTAA club house and why it’s still not built. Jenn – CREATE THAT POST. LOL!

  5. That is a good question since they stated it would be done by the baseball season.

    That could be a topic for a post in the near future.

  6. No attacks? No bashing? It seems like the vocal backers of the Commissioners have gone silent.

    Not much to say when it’s in black and white and then an article in the Courier Post also comes out questioning the “secret” meetings

  7. You only can feel threatened if you are trying to cover stuff up.
    I would love to see someone like Tom Cassel or Jen run for the commissioner position. We don’t have enough people who stand up for the right thing.
    I’m proud of you both.

  8. Public officials who routinely hold monthly public meetings that are ten minutes long run the risk that the public will eventually catch on that they must be holding the “real discussions” about running the town in secret and behind closed doors. Do ya think?

    Good, open government practices at the local level in NJ is kind of like the unicorn. It’s such a wonderful, magical idea, and we want to believe it exists, but no one has actually ever seen one.

  9. “No attacks? No bashing? It seems like the vocal backers of the Commissioners have gone silent.
    Not much to say when it’s in black and white and then an article in the Courier Post also comes out questioning the “secret” meetings”

    Jenn..your not catching on to why they bash you and Tommy Boy. They do it cause of the way you guys come accross on the blogs, posts, chats…whatever you want to call it. People don’t bash you because they are in favor of the comissioners. Get a clue! Heck in the post about Tom questioning the commisioners he even has himself cutting them off mid sentence.
    I wouldn’t deal with you or take you seriosly if you cut off an elected offical like that.

    I would say the majority of the folks on this board are anti Jenn and Tom not anti HT commish’s. Maybe you guys would have a better chance of getting good attention rather then bad attention by cleaning up your image as well.

  10. It takes a lot of courage to do what Jen and Tom do. I have nothing but respect for them. We are not here to bash anyone. Most of us just want to see our tax money used for a purpose that benefits the town. Not to fatten someones wallet who is owed a favor.
    These people who do all this research and questioning are for all of us in town who are afraid of retaliation if we dare speak up from the “code enforcer” or “tax office”. Most of us are hardworking people who appreciate others doing the legwork and sticking up for all of us. COURAGE is what Tom and Jen have. I admire both of them. I’m not bashing the commissioners, just be for the people and forget about those who you owe. If you have to pay them back for getting you elected they are not really your friends. There’s alot of people who do their job 150% just because that’s how they were raised.

  11. they may have COURAGE but they lack TACT.

  12. did ya see where the township is now moving the meeting on the 17th from 7 pm to 4 pm so that they can attend the pub crawl? it shows that the township’s governing body is endorsing drinking from 4 pm to 12 midnight on a school night? tax payer’s $$$? Is Ted driving the bus? Since they cut back on his hours devoted to the Senior Trips, will the Township now pay his salary that makes up for what he will not get paid by the County (is it $25K or $50K, need I say more…)

    Isn’t it great that the Township of Haddon officials and their employees would rather go drink than to perform their duties to their residents at the convenient time for all residents to attend.

    Or, maybe this was is what was discussed at the ‘private’ meeting. ya think??!!

  13. Good job to Cassel and Sawchuk.
    Looks like everything Tom has been saying all along was on target. The truth always comes out in the end.
    Perhaps the entire administration should be carefully examined — so far it appears all 3 commisioners are involved, as well as their solicitor.
    How about the other professionals — engineer, accounting, auditors, special lawyers — who else knew about this and was involved?

  14. I heard Sawchuck had a few dirnks when she was working for the Twp–during working hours … just like the old Lena days … remember the good old days Jen, before the bankruptcy???

    did the twp ever give you those benefits you were so angry about???

  15. Wow what scum!!!! anons=Tom and Sawchuk

    How many times to the two of you post anon and then deny it

    Please go to the next meeting and show yourself as you anons that must post anon and not be Tom or Sawchuk

    Sawchuk never says one word at the meetings Sawchuk please ask these questions at a meeting and then be called out as the hoagie eating on company time loser you are. Now throw that bud down while you respond.

    And Tom, pleased tell me there is something more than this. Your ass will be handed once more to you at the next meeeting. Do you have anything of subtance to say?

  16. Jen, I think the commissioners are also looking into your register being a couple hundred dollars short when you were collecting our tax money … did you forget??? i know with the bankruptcy things were tough …

  17. Hey, Sawchuck are your reporting all of your income to the IRS? Are you sure??? you know that you have to report income when you sell things to others. It is against the law not to report income. Right, Tom??

  18. I didn’t know swwchuck was fired. Well, now I understand why she is so negative. She just refers to herself as an ex-employee. Now it makes sense.

  19. Looks like Tom and Jen are on the money judging by the crazies attacking them.
    Multiple reporters and news agencies have verified that Tom was right.
    Tom and Jen post good information to help clean up the corruption in the town. And you just attack them? That is low. You must either be one of the commisioners, one of their relatives, or someone involved with their schemes. You are attacking them to try to scare others from standing up. That is pathetic.

  20. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

    I just want to point out something in the Courier Post article that shouldn’t go unnoticed. The solicitor said he only met with them individually but the mayor acknowledged that the meetings were held. Who is telling the truth? One of them has to be lying. I don’t think the Mayor is.

    I also want to point out that the bills said “Meeting with Mayor and Township Commissioner”, not “Meetings”. So the solicitor statement does not match his bill.

    And yes, I am direct and to the point. I have learned that in dealing with situations where there is clearly wrong activity, it is the only way. In our town, we have the proverbial elephant in the middle of the room. Everyone knows it and nobody speaks up. Our town deserves better. We are a great little town with so much potential. Our politicians have not understood that it is actually easier to do it right, keep it open, and make the processes for appointments based upon getting the best available talent.

  21. You have 45 days to make a complaint with the Camden County Special Prosecutor. If deemed a violation of the Open Public Meeting Act, the prosecutor can force the Township to “redo” the meeting in an open forum.

  22. I do agree with one poster I have gotten off the main reason for this blog. I will not trade insults although I know who you are.

    Yes I again deleted about my family.

    This blog is open to all discussion in reference to the town. Ideas for new posts are welcome.

    You may not like us but that is ok. You don’t have to like us to be concerned about the town you live in. The idea is to have open discussion relative to the issues pertaining to the town.

    Once again I do not post as anonymous.

  23. Thanks Susan for the info. I have looked at the law and am considering my alternatives. I will not discuss them on this blog, in fact for the same reason that the commissioners won’t actually disclose the contents of their secret meetings. I will say that you have pointed out only one of my alternatives.

    Jen, it is your blog and your maturity in managing the contents does not go unnoticed by 95% of us. And why would we bother posting anonymously. In my case, I go to the Courier and get them to print the truth.

    I know it is hard for certain people in our town to believe that change is coming for the better. They come from the “Park” mold. Our blog. Our activism, will in fact encourage positive change.

    In fact the truth is all I seek. I have one true goal here. I want to attend any public meeting of our town and actually watch open government, none of which is occurring behind closed doors. I want to know what is going on. The laws of the State of New Jersey entitle me to that. I want transparency. I want to know that if the public has question or suggestion, the town will consider that when making its decisions. I want the commissioners to start acting like it isn’t their town. I want them to act like its our (including the commissioners) town.

    One last small off topic item. I saw on the township website last night that the town is having a “Green” day and is bringing in a shredding machine and having several other events at the Westmont Theatre. These are the kinds of things that are good to know. I will say, I found this on the website with no prior discussion in the commission meeting about this. These are the kinds of positive moves forward that we like to see. Now if we can only get them to realize that by doing it right, they will actually get credit and things will run smoothly.

  24. First time posting to this blog but have been reading it for the past two weeks. All I can say is respect or lack of it on this blog. Personal attacks by and towards bloggers are just plain wrong and show a lack of intelligent thought. Jen, I understand that censorship may not be your thing but there should be a civility rule when posting, in my humble opinion.

    As far as the commissioners rescheduling 7pm meeting for 4pm so they can attend a town wide event, fantastic. I trust that our commissioners have enough sense to have a beer or two, show support for area businesses and call it a night. Leave it at that.

  25. Cassel The couirier post writing a true fact story ha that paper is so wrong if i see this in the inquirer or the daily news south jersey section then i believe it the courier post is like fox news wrong
    as for meeting times i agree with sam if they are moving it to support the buisiness in town with an event good for them the ecnomy is tanking these business need help any way they can
    so where will you run so people can point out when you have a secrete meeting or hire you friends cause you can not say it would not happen do you have goverment experience ??? DID NOT THINK SO do you run a copany Did not think so

  26. 1. I have several years of government experience doing bailout style contract work.
    2. I have 15 years of experience running businesses.

    I know how to type and spell and have an Ivy League education. Obviously, you don’t know how to type or spell, and based upon what you wrote… oh yeah, no disparaging remarks.

    I think you will be eating crow soon.

    Relating to the meeting, they need to balance the needs of the resident citizens of the town to know what is going on before they focus on a night drinking unless of course they plan to pay from their $15,000 campaign fund for our drinks. I would be happy to drink their money if that is the case. Randy/Paul/John – are you buying after the 4PM meeting? If so, where should we all show up? Now that would be a stimulus package.


  27. I agree that participation in town events is a valid reason for a change in times. The problem being the history of many time changes without any explanation or sufficient notice gives a negative appearance.

    As far as censorship I try to let everyone express their opinions no matter how mean spirited or low they may stoop.

    I created this blog to have open communication within the town. At times it has gone off course but in general there has been a lot of good information that has been discussed.

  28. Tom, what is “bailout style contract work”? What government did you work for? What Ivy league school did you graduate from?

  29. All these meetings have to be recorded (including closed sessions). Since this one was actually “open” you can OPRA request the audio tape (unless they use video). By law they have to supply you with a copy within 7 bussiness days of your OPRA request. If it’s audeo tape I think they can only charge $2 per tape.

  30. tom, thinks he is better than us in ht because he went to a fancy ivy league school. sorry my parents couldn’t afford to send me to your fancy school. sounds like he also worked for some foreign government too.

  31. If you would like to know more about me, email me. I will be happy to share with you if you are that interested. By the way, I want to point out that none of our commissioners had ever run anything other than a small professional services firm. Remember, they are the issue, not me.

    Susan – thank you for your post. I have outed this issues specifically because of OPRA requests of the documents and tapes. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions or if you would like to talk. My email address is tomcassel@gmail.com. I will fill you in on what I have already done but prefer not to do that on the blog which the mayor and commissioners read. By the way, in our town they charge $5 which may in fact violate the OPRA laws. I do want them to see and know that because now they are on notice.

    Unfortunately for us, they have a solicitor who has no prior experience in the intricacies municipal law. Go to his website. Klineburger’s superattorney webpage says:

    Practice areas: Criminal Defense (80%), Family Law (10%), General Litigation (10%)

    Where is municipal law? Did they hire him in anticipation of needing criminal defense help? Or was the reason he was hired just because he and his partner are campaign contributors? Just my opinion.

  32. Tom, you are the one that brought up the ivy league school and the government contract bailout work, whatever that means. Now you want to discuss it in a closed e-mail.

    I don’t think you ever worked for the government and I don’t think you graduated from an ivy league school.

  33. I have been researching the solicitor myself. Guess who his mortgage company is—American Mortgage.

  34. To the several mature adults using this blog:

    I think it’s a good idea to ignore all personal smears and attacks, particularly those directed at private citizens.

    All they do is bring the conversation down, and distract from talking about the real issues of public interest.

    Jen is providing us with a good vehicle to read about and comment on public issues.

    This town desperately needs to have many more people who are well informed about and involved in local government.

    That’s a key characteristic of robust, healthy communities and well run towns.

    I hope we can get there some day.

  35. Tom

    post that bio

    No one cares

    Please run in 2011 to a botttom eleven type of humiliation



    Is is true you shot your neighbor’s CAT?

  36. To the lone anonymous poster supporting the possible illegal activities of the – now proven and verified by multiple independent new organizations – corrupt TeagueDoughertyFoley administration:

    The meeting are not open government because the times are suffled around like a 3 card monte game, the mayor and his 2 comrades shout down questioners while the police time them to 5 minutes, and when anyone manages to blurt out a question during this circus Randy sits there smirks and refuses to answer. If you really go to the meetings you know this already.

    Keep on attacking the honest tax-paying citizens who dare to ask questions. Keep on throwing mud at the people that try to get answers. Fact are Facts. Multiple news organizations have independenty verified that our towns government is way out of line. The more you attack the honest citizens the more people realize how bad it is here.

    i wonder how the commissioners will look in orange jumpsuits if there is ever a trial and conviction.

  37. I really would hate to change this blog to one where you have to sign in. I will be starting to delete certain posts.

    Censorship? Maybe but I can choose to do that. The lies and attacks are becoming old and I’m sure the over 500 readers that have viewed our blog in the last 2 days really aren’t interested.

  38. If you have proof that I shot my neighbor’s cat, go to your friend Dougherty and get him to send the Cavallo over and arrest me. If he could, he would do so in a Haddon second. I am praying that he will do that so that I can file the huge slander, false arrest, and RICO suit against these guys. These silly allegations go back over 2 years to the campaign where these commissioners’ supporters and insiders were posting the same ludicrous charges. At least this time, unlike when Bill Mann (one of their supporters) let the slanderous comments remain on his blog, Jen has the good and common sense to moderate the debate.

    When are they going to realize that when they got elected, it was with the promise of change. The fact that they and their supporters continue to outright lie doesn’t show any change at all. In fact, their lying to the public in this situation, the mayor saying one thing and the solicitor saying the opposite shows that their administration enables lying by not doing anything about it. The fact that they put this 6:20 meeting in the minutes to cover up this secret meeting, shows that they are lying because it was never published in a public meeting.

    If you go the meeting, and Randy says, “I will look into it”, read between the lies.

    Nothing in this town has changed from Park except the faces. Nothing at all.

  39. There should be a blog about how the Democrats are killing this state with taxes. Maybe Tom, as a self professd Log Cabin something or other can, lead the bashing. He seems to have a taste for it.

  40. I agree that NJ is taxing itself out of this universe. So go create that blog. Post a link to it here. I would be happy to read it.

    But This blog is about Haddon Township and let’s keep focused on what our current commissioners are doing.

  41. We are not going to allow attacks on private citizens. What KH has going on in her private life is of no concern. I would not allow your private life to be posted either.

    If all you can do is bash or attack I suggest you find a new blog because it will not be tolerated as it was in the past.

    Anyone can email me and request a post be removed if they feel it’s a personal attack and not related to the blog subject.

  42. True we don’t need to discuss NJ issues when we have so many of our own in town. I am amazed that the School Board granted themselves a raise when there is a chance teachers may be laid off in our school system. We have people being laid off everyday in the United States and our town, and the school board administrators are receiving raises!
    I didn’t vote for this administration but I wished them luck, but as far as I can see I rather see Bill Parks and Kathy Hogan back in power. At least their were some accomplishments in the town

  43. I just started reading these posts. They are very unproductive. I don’t want Tom to attack me, but I am seeing some positive changes in our town.

    Are we allowed to discuss school related topics? Like our super high school taxes. It looks like they want another huge increase. I can’t afford it anymore. Are they increasing our municipal taxes too?

  44. Joan,
    If it involves our town we can certainly discuss it. That may be one of our topics in the future. Someone earlier brought up the clubhouse at the baseball field. I would like to have some positive subjects also to post.

  45. NEWS FLASH – The Haddon Township Girls Varisty Basketball Team won the South Jersey Group II Championship…on Wednesday night. 24 hours later, not even a mention on this non-political “Haddon Township Blog.” I think that says enough about the Blog leaders (and Mr. Cassell) agenda.

    Congrats Girls!

    Now everyone can feel free to jump on the bandwagon and give their hallow praise and congrats.

    Mr. Cassell…you have the keyboard.

  46. I do think that is a great accomplishment. This is something that needs to be acknowledged. I am not up on the activities of the high school but am glad someone posted the information. Is there a link that I can send out on my email blast?

  47. Most Americans are oblivious to the existence of Open Government laws, and the power it gives ordinary citizens. Like myself until recently, I equated my influence on democracy basically with the ability to vote. What most people are not aware of however, is the existence of the Open Public Records Act, and the Open Public Meetings Act ,and how they work. With these two laws, any ordinary citizen like myself and you, have the right to demand accountability on the way our elected officials are governing and spending our tax money on any level of the government including local.
    I am a Haddon Twp. resident, but last spring my husband and 7 other Haddon Heights employees were laid off . Troubled by the new Haddon Hts Mayor’s motive for the layoffs,and the questionable financial reasons, I requested via the Open Public Meeting Act., but was denied the estimates relating to my husband’s and the 7 other layoffs. All I was l seeking was for the Borough to show me that by sacrificing my husband’s job and the 7 others, they would save the money they claimed, but they flat out refused. Thankfully, our government officials do not have the power to just do as they please without being accountable to the public, and thankfully, with the knowledge of my rights being violated, I have the right to and pursue this in a court of law.
    The bottom line is …..our democracy is designed in a way that we can demand accountability,and expose/prevent corruption, we just have to know how to do it, and follow through. So, for you “anonymous posters” who don’t like the fact that our resident’s in Haddon Twp. are publicly forcing the Township to simply follow the law and “govern openly”, I bet your the first to complain about all our government faults, but the last to do anything about it.
    Susan O’Neill

  48. great post susan
    teaguedoughertyfoley and their lone anonymous supporter (or maybe it is one of the????) just do not get it.
    When Mayor Park was in charge we didn’t have anything nearly this bad.

  49. Joan – I have no reason to attack you. How about sharing the positive changes you see? I agree that the school tax related issues are an important and should be discussed.

    Susan – Thank you for laying out so eloquently the importance of democracy and open government. I fully understand the uphill battle you are facing. Your focus on accountability is straight on. We need accountable government officials and employees.

    Anonychris – Thank you for sharing the win of the Girls Basketball team. Congrats. I found this article from the Inquirer to share with everyone.


  50. is the 1st annual haddon pub crawl with free trolly transportation to seven bars being paid for with taxpayers money? is this a haddon township community event? when and who planned this type of event? it seems some events just “come out of the air” and then you see flyers. pub crawl – what does that sound like to you? where did the money come from for the trolly and what else is involved? what insurance covers an event like this?

  51. haddon township residents when you go to the official haddon township web site click on the business improvement district – some interesting reading about places and events – what does the business improvement taxation money collected pay for?

  52. Hi Kathy – you raise some good points. In the end, you have real estate tax money being collected from many businesses (all the BID taxed properties) being used solely to benefit 7 bars. Noone else will benefit. Historically, it would be for those 7 businesses to pay for this, not everyone. Additionally, we are spending taxpayer money to promote excessive alcohol use, the proverbial “Pub Crawl”.

    Does this send a good message to the teenagers of our town? Where is the “Drink Responsibly” message? It ought to be on every T-Shirt. If you leave your car at the Westmont Station, get a drink at every pub and get dropped back at the Station, how do you get home without driving dRuNk?

    Hey Chief, are you going to breathalize everyone as they leave the bus and offer them police rides home. That would be responsible. If someone gets into a crash or injures someone, what responsibility does the town have?

    Honestly, to promote St. Pat’s day and our restaurants, is terrific. To use a township sponsored and paid vehicle which then puts potential liability on the town, does not appear to be prudent to me. Actually, it appears to be a waste of important BID money which should promote ALL THE BUSINESSES, to promote very select businesses. In the end I want to see each and every business in this town thrive because it adds to our vibrancy. How tax money is spent should take that into account.

  53. Did anyone hear the helicopter hovering this morning at 3:30AM on the Westmont or Haddonfield side of town?

  54. Yes, I heard and saw the helicopter, it was large possibly a military type. It seemed to hover mostly around Edison woods, and the railroad tracts at that end for at least 15 minutes…..kind of creepy. Does anyone know why it was there?

  55. Last time I was aware of something like that it was a police chase that ended in a crash near the Armory.

  56. there was police activity on toledo ave last night the details can not be told yet they were looking in the woods

  57. First time reading this. The town has not changed since the last mayor was kicked out. I should pay more attention to what these guys are doing because from what I read in the CP it seems like lack of knowledge of the law with these guys.
    I think I read they are lawyers. They should know what is right and wrong.
    Why are they holding meetings the wrong way? And why are they always changing the meeting times?

  58. I am happy to see that there are others that are concerned with the Pub Crawl on the 17th. First may I comment to Sam about the ‘town wide’ event. This is a drinking event being sponsored by the Township of Haddon, not the Westmont Biz district. The 2 flyers related to these activities are posted on the website, and were emailed to an ‘anon mailing list’ by Kate Burns and cc’d to Randy/Paul/John, who all promote these types of activities.

    You are trusting that they can have a beer or two. First mistake is trust, second is beer or two. Do you see where we are going here?

    So if someone falls off the trolley and/or gets a dui, after going to the 7 or so bars, from the opportunity of 4 pm-12 am, which is a very strong possibility, the police will be there at the speed line to give tickets and make money for the town. Is that what is all about? There will be underage drinking, does the Township want to be liable for this as well. Can my kid come on the trolley, after all there is not age limit!

    Also, there was a pub crawl last weekend in Gloucester, ‘sponsored by the bars’, which meant they paid for it, that is what you do. In speaking to a Gloucester tavern owner, they said “what are they crazy sponsoring this type of event?” And it was a success.

    Are we looking at the big picture here — that the Township of Haddon’s Governing Body and employees will do anything possible to make money and not be intelligent, smart and safe. Again, a sad situation but nothing surprises us.

  59. They could have honored St. Patrick with a Church Crawl… that would have been more appropriate.

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