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School Board Budget

Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend the meetings. As I understand it in very basic terms: Raises were given, cuts were made involving the students. Since I have not been to the meetings, all I can post are the links I am aware of and hopefully you will post to inform us.

Thank you to St Evelyn for posting how to shorten links

Courier Post Articles

Schools pare budgets    http://tinyurl.com/dyotym

HADDON TWP. SCHOOL BUDGET       http://tinyurl.com/cy9ez4

The Retrospect

Budget Season Spurs Concerns in HT http://tinyurl.com/cxlxeb

Dr. Raivetz  letter 


 Added 3/19/09

From the Retrospect    http://tinyurl.com/cc9bb3

Over 50 concerned residents attended the preliminary budget adoption on Monday night- a meeting that typically garners fewer than 10 attendees each year.
Among the possible cuts:
• Freshman sports
• Summer school
• Independent study at the high school
• Not replacing a retired custodian
• Several coaching positions
• Eliminating one in-school suspension aide
• An as-yet unknown position at the high school
• Leaving vacant a curriculum facilitator position.


14 Responses

  1. After I made my post earlier today, I spoke to a couple of township residents and this is all they wanted to talk about. One questions was “How can they cut freshman sports when many colleges are looking for athletes with 4 years of experience?” I also heard – the parents were mad because no one knew about the meeting. Well it was in the public notices so they properly published it. I don’t know how the district publicizes it. Does anyone care to comment on that?

    Was anyone there on Monday who can add some flavor?

  2. The school district publicizes it on their website, the towns website and at least one paper of record, don’t know what that one is.

    It’s unfortunate that Freshman sports could be cut out. I guess my question would be what middle school sports overlap with the township programs, such as wrestling and maybe basketball? If I had to make that type of tough decision, the ones that are offered at the middle school level ate are also offered by HTAA would be the first to go.

    I read somewhere that people were upset about administrators receiving raises during these tough times. Like teachers, they have a collective bargaining unit and they have a contract that spells out raises.

  3. Wish I could fix my typos

  4. Hey Sean – nice to see you on here.

    The Retro said that these senior administrative raises were negotiated in January. They do have the ability to turn the raises down, though. And if the voters turn the budget down, the commissioners can go back and mandate changes.

    Here is the Retrospect article –


    Noone cares about your typos.

  5. I agree that Middle School Sports (if there has to be a cut) would make more sense. HTAA could be asked to increase to include 6, 7 & 8 graders. At least there would be some sport activity offered. If 9th grade sports are cut what alternative do the children have?

    As far as increases go, I’m sure in these unusual times a contract amendment or similiar can be worked out if it was really pursued. A delay perhaps?

    I suggested to the website that comments should be able to be previewed prior to posting. They are looking into that. Maybe I should suggest spell check be available also.

  6. Cutting the freshman teams actually makes some sense. Most of the teams in the conference are unable to field freshman teams in a lot of sports so our frosh either play against JV squads or don’t paly at all. The freshman still have the right to try out for the JV and Varsity squads. If you cut the Middle School program they would have to pay to play on HTAA teams and you might end up losing a lot of athletes. I find it interesting that no one seems to be upset that we are also losing 1 High School teacher and 2 classroom Aides. These are the people that actually educate your children.

  7. I can’t believe the HT school board can’t deny their raises. They sound like AIG.

  8. I agree. While the children will be the ones to suffer the admisitration increases their paycheck.

    I was not aware that the Summer School program was in the list. Will the kids have to go to another district? What about transportation?

    To cageo
    There is only 1 classroom aide listed and the High School teacher has not been decided. This does make these cuts of less importance but I do think the sports and Summer School will directly impact more children.

  9. I was not at the meeting, but I heard that Freshman sports cuts will save $50,000. At the same time, they are hiring a groundskeeper person for $44,000. I would like to see us not hire that person and keep the sports program. I agree with Mr. Cassell that some colleges would like 4 years of experience. We need to invest in our kids, but in these hard times and we must keep taxes down as much as possible. I do not know what the administrators or teachers earn or what their raises are going to be. Does anyone know this? How can I get this information? I would like to comment when I find out what they are.

  10. Colleges aren’t overly concerned about 4 years of HS playing experience. They are more concerned with what you have done the final two years or at the club level. Sitting the bench your freshman year is not going to kill that scholarship or keep you from getting into school.

    Are they replacing a groundskeeper or creating a new position?

  11. I’m reading The Retrospect now and my first comment is this. What is an in-school suspension aide? Is this a person who babysits a kid that gets suspended? If so, cut the position. If little Johnny gets suspended and mom or dad lose a days pay because they stay home with Johnny, so be it. Maybe next time little Johnny gets his rear end in line after mom and dad explain to him about losing a vacation/sick or unpaid day.

  12. You may want to find out the basis behind in-school suspension before making such a strong criticism of the policy.

    No Tolerance is a very unflexible policy. The school is required to punish certain behaviors whether it be the first or third time. Ex: If a child defends himself it is still considered fighting therefore punishment is issued.

  13. I asked the question here and I am in the process of following up with the school. From what you lead me to believe, it’s a babysitting position. Cut it.

  14. I saw in the Courier Post today that although Collingswood has to cut 10 teaching position the
    Superintendent is giving his raise back.

    With all the cuts on the table for HT that certainly would help with the feelings within the community.

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