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Audubon Park Police

What do you think about the town covering Audubon Park? I think I read there will be an police station there which certainly helps the Haddon Twp residents on the other side of the Pike. Does anyone know if we are hiring more police?


14 Responses

  1. Police – A growth industry in our town!

    I don’t know much about this because there has been absolutely no public disclosure other than what has been in the newspapers. The mayor muttered this under his breath at the last commission caucus meeting on Tuesday. I had to give the “what town” request from the audience when he made a shared services comment and no one could hear it. His response was simply “Audubon Park”. No disclosure of what services, etc.

    If this is such a good thing for our town (it may be, it may not because there is little available information), why not be open? The fact that Audubon Park would be secretive about this to their citizens makes me suspicious. It isn’t like there are that many alternatives.

    I know by doing this, Audubon officials cannot be happy with our town leaders. This is our neighboring town? Is this how we treat them? Are any opportunities for shared services with them? You can probably throw them out the window. You see shared services is a plural word. The only way to fix government in New Jersey in the long run is share tons and tons of services. If I were the commissioners, I wouldn’t even think of driving 26 MPH on Nicholson Road.

    I hope the Commissioners have a full presentation on Tuesday on this topic. We would like to see their financial analysis of this. How did they arrive at their numbers? Did they engage the auditors to review this?

    At this point, there is very little information because our commissioners have chosen to make it that way. We are committing our town resources for a fee and that is the minimum that we deserve as citizens.

    • “I don’t know much about this…” But it won’t stop you from writing 290 words over 6 paragraphs… Go figure.

      • Please stop partially quoting me. Your comment didn’t even address the issue, only me. That is your entire game. “Go figure”.

  2. I’m very appreciative of the positive potential for this forum for citizens to share their views on township issues.

    I think we’ll do better as a community if we can keep our comments about the issues and not about each other.

    As for new police post, I like the idea that it will also enable better services for our residents on that side of town. Would have been nice to let our residents in on it, and explain how it will bring monetary benefit to us, but maybe they’ll still do that.

  3. i think tom should not try to say any thing towards audubon park and audubon it looks in the paper as audubon did not know but they did this was not a back door deal you do not live in audubon park the residents knew what was being done get off your horse it also has been in the paper for a while that audubon park had met with oaklyn and mt ephram you have a bad attitude towards your elected officals and now when they do something good for another town you want them to watch there back in audubon you should watch yours this is why some parts of govt need to be taken care of by the elected officals and not in the out in the open we elected these people to run the town let them do there job and they do not come and ask you about your job i do not type well so do not attack me for how this is written it is the points given that matter

    • My most important thing is that our commissioners need to be open about it. Tell us what we are getting into. AP’s discussions with other towns don’t concern me, only what the impact will be on HT. They had an opportunity Tuesday and didn’t. They obviously gave the info to the press rather than the public. Just read the Retrospect article which was written after the Caucus meeting. What is so hard about being open during a public meeting once they went to the press anyway?


  4. So let me understand this Tom, Audubon Park contacts HT and right away you don’t trust the deal. Sounds like a win win situation. HT receives a mini police station to handle the other side of HT from Audubon Park, we obtain another revenue source, our officers pass buy AP anyway.

    By the way you didn’t comment on the article in the Retrospect about a possible tax decrease, not much, but at least it’s better than increasing our taxes. How did Ainsworth slip this one past you?

  5. I have no idea if it is a good financial deal or not for our town. I just ask our commissioners to present it to the citizens. On the surface, it looks like a win for those residents on that part of town from a coverage perspective. I never said I didn’t trust the deal. Please do not put words in my mouth. I just said “We need more information”. This is government and they are accountable to the people of this town.

    I would say that even if it breaks even and we get better coverage, that would be a good thing in the Heights and Extension. I just wouldn’t want this to cost our town in excess of the reimbursement.

    Relating to the tax decrease, go re-read my posts from the Caucus Meeting. I personally posted this on Tuesday because I was one of 7 people at the meeting. I subsequently found out that it is not the result of our town wanting to defer pension payments under the new state law. This is a good thing. I hope the Commissioners give a detailed presentation like the school board does.

  6. yet again maby me tom should look to see if audubon park is the ones who put the deal out in the paper arg

  7. I don’t understand what the last message meant. From what I can tell, all 3 towns involved spoke to the press.

  8. Tom do you work or just obsess over the mayor and commissioners every breath and bowel movement? Those two things seem to be the only things they do without your putting them down.

  9. Anytime I click any link on this site it counts me as a new visitor. Currently it says “2281”. But the last 15 counts were me because I just clicked different links and watched it count me each time. Lame. I can sort of figure out who the other 2000 “visitors” are.

  10. I’d be happy to hear when you have that figured out.

    While I really don’t have to explain, it counts the visitors to the pages.

    I do have a question. It seems like a good situation all around but does anyone know how much add’l cost was there to Audubon to service this area?

  11. I am one of those vistors : and yes, the idea of having a stonger presence on the other side of town makes sense. However, no one is laying out the cost…and that is my dime you are using …thank you very much ..

    So , we need to see a buisness plan of how this will work .The commissioneers should post this on the township site as to how this will work ; with the dollars all worked out …for those of us ( citizens ) who will pay for it and hopefully benefit from it …

    A posted Business plan on the Township website would be a concrete action the commissioneers can take to inform their citzens

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