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Commissioners Meeting 3/24

The meeting started with the announcement about Audubon Park shared services. The Mayor and a couple of council members were introduced.

Pool Fees were set. I’m not sure if it was an increase. I didn’t ask because last year’s had been on the Twp website but have since been removed.

A resident of 30 yrs. got up to ask about the Inquirer article. He was concerned about an increase in taxes. He turned and questioned Tom Cassel. Tom advised him to talk to his attorney and he was to be addressing the Commissioners. The Mayor stated he had not seen the lawsuit so he couldn’t really comment until he was able to review it. When asked who would pay for Tom’s legal fees Dougherty stated “Not us”. 

Paramount Enterprises questioned the possible acceptance of Underground Utilities bid for the Bettlewood section. They stated Underground had not fully complied with the bid requirements and therefore should not be awarded the contract.  Paramount stated that in the bid documents it was mandatory for a public works cert. be provided for each sub contractor. Paramount is stating that this was not done allowing for the bid to come in at a lower rate.

A resident wanted to know why the parking ordinance is not enforced, also why the property maintenance ordinance was not enforced. There were several properties that needed maintenance in his neighborhood. He mentioned that the Twp had apparently cut down one of his trees and he had asked that they not remove the wood. Twp took it and he wanted to know why, if a resident requests the wood, wouldn’t they leave it. He also asked what was done with the wood. Mayor Teague mentioned some was recycled for different uses but he would look into it.


5 Responses

  1. Jen did not report on the most significant items last night. They passed a new redevelopment plan for the Dydee site to fix the flawed previous plan. This gives them the right to attempt to use eminent domain against the Sulocks. It also gives them the right to renegotiate the Fieldstone contract and financial agreement. I certainly hope that they follow strictly all OPMA requirements as they go through this process. We need active discussion on this and full justification of all changes to the taxpayers. We have committed over $6 million in infrastructure costs to Fieldstone and want to ensure that the citizens are not left holding the bag.

  2. cool

  3. What infrustructure actually needs to be fixed or built? Sewer lines? Thing like that? I know nothing about construction or how much is involved so I’m just curious.

    • If you go to the website, the mayor just put up a new details of the infrastructure projects that they are working on.

  4. I guess that means the improvements to Highland Ave, since that’s the only street close to the Dy Dee site?

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