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Questions for the Commissioners?

Do you have questions but can’t make it to the meetings? Comments and Feedback welcome also. Post here and I will relay all reasonable requests at the next meeting. After the meeting I will post all comments back on this post and send an email blast.

To join the email blast send an email to me at jonjenja@verizon.net


29 Responses

  1. I would like to know what is happening with the poolhouse? Are we really considering a bubble? Are they putting the Community Center there? The parking is already bad for the apartment residents during the summer.

    • I had also heard that a $500,000 bond was approved for this. How can a bond be approved without any written plan for replacing/repairing the poolhouse? If it was approved, where is the money now? Why, in the 2 years of the TeagueDoughertyFoley regime, has nothing been done about the poolhouse, except to get money for a plan that doesn’t exist? And a “bubble”? What ridiculous consideration is this? How will this benefit the residents of Haddon Township? But, I can’t really say it is a ridcululous idea, because I haven’t been given the opportunity to see any plan for a bubble, much less form an opinion on such a venture. Yet again, it is hard to make an informed decision about so-called improvements to Crystal Lake Pool, when we are provided with little or no real facts about this. Something like this, that affects ALOT of Haddon Township residents, should be brought as a ballot question for passage, or at least allow us the opportunity to see a plan and get on board with it. This is something that EVERYONE should be involved in, and not just 3 commissioners working their own agenda without any regard for the rest of us.

      • I stood up at at least one meeting and told them we expect a financial feasibility study far in advance of committing dollars. It’s a pretty simple thing. The only way to find out is to go to every school system surrounding and asking if they are willing to rent time. You need a dedicated rental stream. None of the systems have any extra money now the last time I checked.

  2. The law says that 3-commissioner forms of government should go to 5 commissioners when the population goes over 12,000 people. We have close to 15,000 people now. Would you (commissioners) support an effort by our citizens to submit a petition to change the form of government to 5 commissioners?

    • Kathy, do we have to have the commissioners’ support for this? Could we submit a petition on our own, as a sort of “grass roots” effort, I suppose, regardless of their position on this issue? If this is the law, can’t the State of New Jersey force them to accept the 5 commissioner government we are entitled to? Any insight you can give on this issue would be greatly appreciated. I had heard mention of this before, so I don’t know much about it, but I would definitely support going to a 5-commissioner form of government in Haddon Township.

  3. Why not rework the plan with Fieldstone so that emminet domain does not need to be used against the Sulocks ? This can be easliy accomplished : in an open discussion between the Commissioners and the Sulocks .
    Are you afraid of Fieldstone ? Or is there something else that is causing the Commissioners not to protect the interests of their own people ?

    • I agree. Rework the Fieldstone plan to exclude the Sulock property; it is not blighted, so I don’t see how it can be taken by eminent domain anyway. And why is the Township on the hook for so much money? Seems to me Fieldstone is getting everything on this, and the residents are getting the shaft.

  4. Why are we in another season, and the Club House is still not built? How can HTAA pretend any longer? Parents pay a lot of money for their children to play. The coaches are great. HTAA is losing money by not having that consession stand open. I for one am tired of not having bathroooms. Tell Dr. Ravitz to get off his a**, along with the school board. Its their property. I don’t think that we as a town should spend one more dollar until HTAA gets their act together. Truely can’t understand their poor judgement.

    • Not sure that this would be for the Commissioners. It was asked at a meeting and they stated that their involvement was only to issue a permit.

    • Cause HTAA is spending the money on personal things. They need to open up the HTAA books to public and then you will see why the clubhouse isn’t done and they charge so much for fees.

    • I don’t think the town itself is paying for the fieldhouse, isn’t that being paid for by the school board? It’s their property. And HTAA’s fees go to paying for your childrens’ uniforms and equipment. It does cost money to buy new and replace torn/outdated uniforms. Perhaps we should limit HTAA sports to Haddon Township residents ONLY, to cut down on the costs. I know it costs at least $200 per cheerleading uniform, and with the influx of out-of-towners, we’ve struggled to have enough uniforms to clothe all of the girls on the different squads.

  5. Question:
    It was stated that police directed to investigate the “missing” monies of approximately 15K that were allegedly placed into an account under the names of Betty Band and Dennis St John from the proceeds of the run for tony.
    It was stated Dennis St. John asked to hand over money to town but refused.
    what came out this?

  6. As far as fees go, if you go to any town around here, there fees are lower . Collingswood Rec Soccer, Oaklyn Rec Soccer and Haddonfield rec soccer 30 bucks T-shirt AND socks. HT soccer, 80 bucks, t-shirt. Rec basketball in these towns 40 bucks, t-shirt HT rec basketball 105 dollars, t-shirt. Baseball in these towns, 85 dollars, uniforms and socks and a concession stand, HT baseball over 100 t-shirt and NO concession stand. Why so much more to play in HT and the soccer field travel played on in the fall sucked.

    • I can’t speak to the fess for anything other than cheerleading, so I won’t comment on fees for soccer, baseball, etc. However, if you have a problem with the fees, why don’t you ask the persons responsible for running each of those sports where the money goes?

  7. (Replying to earlier question from Lauren, about changing to 5 commissioners):

    No, the commisioners don’t have to support the change to 5 commissioners, I just think it would be good to know if they do support it.

    The law says we should have 5 commissioners now. The way the law says it has to be done is for citizens to collect and submit signatures of registered voters on an official petition, in order to have the question put on the ballot at the next general election (November, 2010).

  8. You can go to an HTAA board meeting and speak up. They have monthly meetings.

    Here is the info off their website:

    HTAA Meetings
    Meeting are held each month. Always the second Monday after the first Monday of the month. We meet at Van Sciver starting at 7:30PM. There is NO MEETING in DECEMBER. Meetings for the months of April thru June are at 8:00 PM because of active sports.

  9. As far as I am concerned, after living in this township for 30 years, I will not spend another dollar on government. There is absolutely no need to pay another politician. The cost just to the election, will cause a hike in taxes. Elections cost money. Lots of money. Ms. Hogan, as a former Revenue and Finance Commissioner knows this. We have already fought this issue and the majority of voters “SAID NO”. I say “JUST SAY NO”. Sorry Kathy that Bill gave you a raw deal—no benefits. If you stand for “good government” how can you want to cost us more? Oh, I get it you rent. Pay my 10,000 a year taxes and then I would think that you would work for me.

    • I think paying to have 5-commissioners would be money well spent, if it meant a more open, fair form of local government in Haddon Township, especially given that our current 3-commissioner system has no regard for the residents of this town and very easily uses the two-man advantage to run this town for their own agenda. This sounds amazingly similar to what we suffered under Bill Parks for years, and the TeagueDoughertyFoley is just more of the same.

  10. Saw this today. I posted here so more people would see it.

    Faced with flat state aid of $9.1 million, the Haddon Township school board passed a preliminary $32.1 million budget that cut freshman sports teams while raising the local tax levy to $20.8 million. After parents protested, the board restored the freshman teams as well as remedial summer school. To make up the cost, a preschool program that was always free to parents will now cost $1,000 per pupil.

  11. The “anonymous” post 3 posts up from ’30 year resident’ is factually wrong in almost every part, but …..

    To address the comment about the “cost of commissioners”:

    The “cost of commissioners” is whatever the commissioners say the cost of commissioners is, (they vote on it every year), and it has NOTHING to do with whether there are 3, 5, 7 or 9 commisioners,

    By the way, 30 out of of 37 towns in Camden Camden have at least 5 and as many as 9 commissioners, and 29 of 37 towns have fewer people than Haddon Township.

    If you eliminate Tavistock (population 24), and Pine Valley (population 20), there are only three other towns in Camden County with populations UNDER 12,000. In accord with the law, they each have 3 commissioners.

    There are only TWO towns in Camden County with populations OVER 12,000, and which still have only 3 commissioners, and those towns are Haddon Township and Collingswood.

    The law says that 3-commissioner towns whose populations become greater than 12,000 people should change to having 5 commissioners.

    Our population is now close to 15,000.

    We should go throughy the process to have 5 commissioners.

    There’s nothing to argue about with this, it’s just a plain statement of what the law says and what the facts are.

    The real question is whether Haddon Township will ever get run right.

    • Could you clarify your statement…

      “The law says that 3-commissioner towns whose populations become greater than 12,000 people should change to having 5 commissioners”

      Does “should change” mean the law obligates a change or recommends a change?

      • Here is the exact law. In summary, the law requires it with the word “shall” but then in order to change it, it requires a vote.

        NJSA 40:72-1. Commissioners; number
        The commission shall consist of three members in municipalities having less than twelve thousand inhabitants; and of five members in municipalities having twelve thousand inhabitants or more, subject to the provisions of sections 40:72-1.1 to 40:72-1.3 of this Title.

        NJSA 40:72-1.1. Municipality with board of three commissioners; additional commissioners; petition, ordinance and referendum
        Any municipality, which is governed by a board of three commissioners may provide that two additional commissioners shall be elected at an election to be held on the second Tuesday in May next; provided, that a proposed ordinance increasing the number of commissioners from three to five was first submitted to the board of commissioners by petition signed by electors of the municipality equal in number to 15% of the votes cast at the last general election, held for the election of all the members of the General Assembly, requesting that said ordinance be submitted to the vote of the people.

  12. Clarification of middle paragraph in the post above:

    When I said:

    “If you eliminate Tavistock (population 24), and Pine Valley (population 20), there are only three other towns in Camden County with populations UNDER 12,000.”

    I add what’s in the brackets, as clarification

    “If you eliminate Tavistock (population 24), and Pine Valley (population 20), there are only three other [3-commissioner ] towns in Camden County with populations UNDER 12,000.”

  13. Is it true that elections cost money?

    • Yes. It is also known as the price of freedom. It is absolutely crazy the system here where we have so many “one trick” elections rather than bunching them once a year. For example, why do we have township elections for commission and nothing else is on the ballot. Why not just have them in November when we have other state elections. This would save money. Unfortunately, this change must be made at the state level and no one there is paying these bills, so they haven’t changed the laws to consolidate elections.

  14. The regular municipal election would take place, as always, it’s not a special election, no “extra cost.”

  15. HTAA are nothing but a bunch of good ole boys playing peoples money adn giving each other work.and spending other [

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