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Haddon Twp Housing Authority

I used Tom Cassel’s original comment made on Feb. 28th for the new subject

News flash (I have heard a lot of rumors about this over the past month) They are posting for the position of Executive Director (ED} of the Haddon Housing Authority (HHA). I ran into “Retired” Police Chief of HT, Current Township Administrator of Winslow, and Current Executive Director of the HHA, Mr. Joe Gallagher, as Drucker’s General Store, er, I meant the WHP Audubon Wawa this morning. I asked him specifically and he told me he was in transition “due to time demands”.

I have heard a rumor (from about 4 different people but Gallagher’s lips were sealed tight) that Joe Iacovino, the current HT Planning Board Chairman and consultant to the HHA was already appointed as the new ED of the HHA. I was going to ask him on Tuesday night but couldn’t find him after the meeting. I guess the rumor was false, but we will really see when the appointment is made. This ED position is a revolving door generally given out as a patronage position which pays currently $25,000/yr although the ad said, negotiable. And it bolsters your already inflated state pension (especially for long time twp employees). You see, if you don’t get the required certification within 2 years, you are required to resign under federal HUD rules. So first Dennis St. John (a former long term twp employee), next Gallagher, this time Iacovino. Get the pattern? Multiple positions. To Joe’s credit, I understand he has worked there as a construction consultant for the past few years and he is a very experienced real estate executive. As a person, I like him too. But I am concerned that this ad is a sham just like the posting for the solicitor’s position was last year. Our town has a habit of that.

I hope I am 100% wrong or by writing this, they will do an about face. You can’t really make this stuff up. The facts are the facts.


8 Responses

  1. I also took the liberty to copy and paste his comment to the current subject.

    At 12:57 anonymous wrote:
    “Oh, by the way, Mr. Cassell has applied for a job at Rohrer Towers. I guess he needs to be paid to be make a difference in this town.”

    BTW, has Joe Iacovino agreed to do this for free?

    First. I did apply and this must have turned the board’s and commissioner’s heads because I am exceedingly well qualified to do this job. I have over 25 years in all aspects of commercial real estate development including select HUD experience. I could do the job with little difficulty. This is not a job I need in any way. In fact, I have discussed issues at the HTHA in the past with the Mayor. They shouldn’t have been surprised.

    Now for the latest . I found out that over 25 resumes were received by the town. I hope that my post helped publicize this and create the flood. It is an excellent thing, but only if there is a truly fair selection process. In fact, for the last 2 appointees, no one other than the 2 insiders who received the jobs, were ever considered. This shows some progress.

    I also found out that two board members of the HTHA resigned last week over the issue of “handing” the job to Joe Iacovino. I don’t know any more than that but it appears that maybe there are some people in our town on boards who are not satisfied with the status quo. This is huge. There are people on the board who really wanted to do the right thing and in the end, made their statement by refusing to continue to having insider appointments. It will be interested to see how this develops.

    Last – anon – how did you find out? Either (1) you are a member of the HTHA or (2) you are an insider to the commissioners. Please tell us. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Jen: In the end, it is about getting the “BEST” person in this position so that it isn’t a revolving door going forward. We need to ensure that whoever it is, gets their certifications. And it sure would be nice to take the politics out of this position.

  3. How do you know that there are 25 applications? When you are a applying for the job ? Talk about insider information. I have never applied for a job and have know the number of applicants. How do you know that you are the most qualified? Maybe you know something that we don’t know. But keep on pretending. How many people have you emailed or reached out to, to get the job?

  4. I don’t think that’s insider information. If I apply for a job I always call and find out how many applicants there are. Usually I’m told how many and how long the interviewing process will take. Also, I think, with municipal positions that can be found out with an OPRA request.

    The main point being that these people need to be certified right away so it’s not a new person every two years.

  5. I called to find out how many applicants there are. I have no idea if I am the most qualified. I do know, I am professionally qualified, way more so than the last 2 politically appointed executive directors. I have reached out to no one, just this blog which is exactly why they won’t even consider me, I believe.

  6. Hey, who ended up getting the job? Did they ever actually interview anyone?

  7. According to Ellie, no appointment has been made.

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