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Caucus Meeting 4/21

I was not able to attend but Tom C sent me his information.

At tonight’s meeting George Tagmeyer [don’t know spelling], was promoted and sworn in as a  Captain in the police force.  A number of officers and his family and friends attended.  After the swearing in, the room emptied out to about 8 residents.

At the next Commission meeting they will be introducing the Township and BID Budgets. 

The engineer’s report including the receipt of bids for the restoration of the Briarwood Standpipe which was budgeted for approximately $350,000.  The low bid came in at $281,000, as a result of the economy.  There were a plethora of grants that were also discussed which could benefit the town. 

Jim Stevenson said that the annual hydrant flushing would be commencing shortly.

The commissioners passed a resolution to fill the two seats which were vacated when Larry Gasparone and Fran Tedesco resigned from the Housing Authority.  They appointed the head of our water/swer superintentent Jim Stevenson and Fran Russo to the seats. The mayor stated that they need to make the appointments prior to tomorrow night’s board meeting.   When asked during the public portion by me the circumstances surrounding the resignations, the mayor stated he did not know the reason.  I asked him if that was the truth, and he stated “the whole truth”. He clearly was reserving his words.   Commissioner Dougherty verbally attacked me saying that I accused the mayor of lying. 
There will be a number of resolutions at the next meeting including:

Promoting the part time water sewer clerk to full time.
Purchased of new records management software for the police department.
Establishment of the Audubon Park interlocal agreement for police services
Designating the Walters group as the redeveloper of the Russell Cast Stone Site.
Several contractual amendments

There was extensive discussion on the property revaluation process. The town has received only one bid and will be going back to the county for another one year extension on doing the revaluation.  They do not know if the county will allow this.  If it does, the new valuations would not be effective until 2012, after the next municipal election. 

The commissioners went into executive session at the end of the public meeting, even though it was not on the agenda.  They passed the resolution after the public portion of the meeting. 

There was no update on the theatre or the Dydee site.  I brought up the fact that visually, Haddon Avenue at the Dydee site should be better maintained and the mayor said he would look into it. 

This was the longest meeting a quite a while and unlike prior meetings, the commissioners seemed more engaged in openly discussing the issues.  It ended at 7:50.


22 Responses

  1. I am surprised that they are now stating they need another full time person in the water/tax office. A year ago it was waste of taxpayer’s money.

  2. I would like to add a clarification of what happened at the meeting. The resolution relating to going to executive session was NOT on the agenda. They passed the resolution after they had the public portion and did it so quickly it was impossible for anyone to hear what was going on. So I asked the clerk, what the resolution was about after the meeting.

    When I asked that “Commissioner Dougherty screamed at her “Don’t answer his question because we are in litigation”. I didn’t ask her about the litigation, only about something that happened at the meeting which didn’t follow any of the normal procedures of being on an agenda or being passed during the normal time that they conduct business. Quite frankly, this looked really really sneaky in the way that they did it. Why are they being so elusive? I have no idea, so I sent an email to the clerk for clarification that night.

    I didn’t receive any answer so I called her today. She told me that I am not allowed to talk to her on Commissioner Dougherty’s orders since we are in litigation. I only wanted to know if the resolution would be in the next commissioner package. She said no. Again, why so sneaky. I hope this blog post changes their mind.

    Whoa! So if a citizen files a legitimate lawsuit, they no longer can ask the town clerk questions because a commissioner says so? When did I lose those rights? So on May 1, do I have to pay my real estate taxes? I think so. The world does not stop when a lawsuit is filed. I consider Commissioner Dougherty’s behavior on this to be reprehensible.

    For everyone’s information relating to the lawsuit, the town’s response is due today to my complaint and court date is 2 weeks from today. Hopefully, the town will not delay it. I would like it resolved quickly.

  3. Did the township respond?

  4. Yes. We received the response late today. Court will be in 2 weeks.

  5. Tom you need to move to a nice little town where everybody loves you and does not yell at you. Your attitude makes me think you were the kid that got beat up on the playground every day in elementary school.

  6. I do live in a nice little town. I have made a number of nice friends here.

    I was never beat up, sorry.

    What is your problem with my attitude? That I want to hold our elected officials accountable? Am I a threat or something? That I want to know what is going on in our town? The problem isn’t my attitude, it’s yours.


  7. While you were never beat up it sounds like anon would have been the bully to do it.

    I am still trying to understand how a Commissioner can order a Town Clerk to not have communication with a resident. As long as there is no discussion relative to the case I can’t see how that can even be allowed.

    I am also waiting to hear how a year later adding a full time to the tax office isn’t a waste of tax payer money. I guess, again, it depends on who you know and what you do.

  8. Poor little Tommy, always picked last for the kickball team. I do not know anyone special in the township and I never have a problem getting info when I need it. I guess it;s all in the attitude. Yes I do go to as many meetings as I can and you act like a three year old.

  9. I’m glad you go to the meetings because then you are aware of the childish antics that occur from the opposite side of the bench. I don’t always agree with how Tom makes his points but it is evident, at times, he is more like the teacher that has to discipline the three yr olds.

    Just a general question Anon…It’s not childish to forbid an employee of the town (that is responsible for information) to speak to a resident?

  10. sorry I missed that antic, but Ifind that hard to believe. The “Commissioner Dougherty verbally attacked me” line makes Tom seem less credible.

  11. Not hard to believe.
    Dougherty and Teague have verbally attacked Cassel at other meetings as reported in papers.

    sounds like:
    cassel asked for information for 2 years and they refused to give it to him.
    cassel warned them they breaking law in his opinion
    they still refused
    so cassel now asking a judge to resolve issue
    If cassel wins in court these guys have lot of explaining to do.

    Tom has seemed credible so far. Dont recall many times he has been wrong and when wrong he has admitted it. The credibility issue seems more to be with the Mayor and the other two from what i’ve heard.

  12. on a completely different note since this is comment pertains to something positive in our town, I highly recommend the new Mexican place across from Dunking Dougnuts
    La Guadalupana I think it’s called. I got takeout (but you can eat there) twice in the last week. AWESOME!!!!!

  13. Thanks for letting us know what went on at the commissioners meeting, Tom. It’s good to see that maybe they are starting to have more open discussions in public about township matters, I hope they keep it up.

    It’s just silly to tell any resident they can’t get information from the township clerk because there’s litigation, particularly if what they’re asking about has nothing to do with litigation.

    Two steps forward …………

  14. I remember watching these three guys answer questions on campaign. My memory of what they promised not what they doing.

    I found this old haddon herald article at

    it is from when candidates asked questions at the high school back during the campaign of 2007.

    So now dougherty and gang say they have to use eminent domain to take properties.

    CANDIDATE dougherty told the people it would NOT be a breach of contract to not use eminent domain back when he was running.

    Care to explain why you are not saying now what you said then Paul Dougherty? Care to explain why you reopened master plan and planning board (WITH FOLEY AS MEMBER) approved redevelopment designation to help Fieldstone use eminent domain to take sulock property?

    Care to explain or will you just yell at the citizens that you dont have to answer questions of the public you serve.

    Get used to litigation cuz pang, winslow township, cassel just the start of it.

    These guys appear to be crooked politicians

    “Eminent Domain
    Eminent domain was addressed in a two part question: if the Fieldstone agreement moves forward, would eminent domain be used, and if it were not used, would that be a breach of contract?
    All candidates expressed – in varying degrees – reluctance to enforce eminent domain.
    “It would not be a breach of contract,” said Dougherty.
    Dougherty’s running mate Randy Teague and Foley both expressed desire to avoid eminent domain, but handle property acquisition in a “sensitive” manner.”

  15. Hey TruthTeller, do you think those guys care about a anon blogger; at least Cassel has the balls to go to a meeting. So please go TruthTeller and address your meritless accusations.

  16. This blog isn’t about whether the commissioners care or not. It is about getting information out to the people of this town. I didn’t remember what was posted but Dougherty said it according to the paper. Good find, TT. It is very interesting that what they actually did, was different than what they said in the campaign. All I remember was that they kept saying over and over that they had to honor the contracts.

    By the way, I think he meant Wildwood, not Winslow in his post.

  17. I made no accusastions
    I just opinted out what the newspaper reported Dougherty as saying when he was running for office.

    The views reported for teaguedoughertyfoley when they were campaigning do not match what they are saying now.

    how is that a meritless accusation? are you saying the newspaper didn’t get it right? or are you saying that they are not now claiming they are worried about breach of contract claims if they do not facilitate the emient domain seizure of taxpayer property for fieldstone? or are you just a supporter sticking to the script that all people critical of administration are wrong? open your eyes.

  18. i didnt realize they promised opposite of what they doing. thanks for update your doing good job

  19. It was interesting that at last night’s meeting, about 8 residents from Rohrer Towers showed up at the meeting to complain about the “on the fly” appointments of new board members the prior week for the Housing Authority. They verified what I said in the post, which is that the Mayor had full knowledge of the situation at the Housing Authority. He had meetings with them. I guess my instincts were correct. When someone gets defensive, they have something to be defensive about. Commissioner Dougherty…. are you going to apologize to me for your outburst at the Caucus meeting when once again, I was right and the Mayor wasn’t telling the whole truth? Nah…. he would never do that.

    Lastly, after the meeting to told the mayor that I thought it was a good thing that they blast emailed the email list info on the Swine Flu situation they received from the State.

    I also asked him if he was going to be there next Friday for the court date and his response. “No. I wasn’t part of it.” After I thought about it for a couple seconds I said to myself, “Wasn’t he the one who had the secret meetings?”

  20. Thank you for your input on the new restaurant. I will add that to my email blast.

  21. Kudos to Mr. Cassel for once again having the courage to stand up and call Randy Teague on the ‘untruths’ that fall out of his mouth.

    Randy Teague looked Cassel in the eye and said he had no knowledge of the housing authority situation.
    Then the following week a group of residents come and announce that in fact the mayor had a meeting with at least one of them about the appointment process.

    Randy Teague you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Paul Dougherty should be ashamed of himself for shouting at residents that have the courage to expose these things.

    Paul Dougherty owes Tom Cassel an apology, and he should learn to act in a professional fashion and stop embarassing himself and his office at our meetings.

    Next thing — follow the money trail – I suspect this housing authority mess leads right back to the feet of Teague and Dougherty.

    Did Klineberger submit his monthly bill? Is he still billing for more then 24 hours in a day and is John Foley still saying all is OK with this guys billing? Sounds to me like a classic scam.

    We the taxpayers need to get a forensic audit of these characters doings as soon as they are out of office. Something is not right at all.

  22. Did Randy apologize to the people that alleged he lied to them when he broke his promise that he allegedly made to them in the office meeting?

    Randy the campaign is over so you can stop making campaign promises. We the people expect you do do what you say now. Your mouth is costing us taxpayers a lot of money these days.

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