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Commissioners Meeting 4/28

The budget will have a small tax decrease and will be up for discussion next month.

They hired Darlene Alfonsi from part-time to full-time.

The Wildwood Lawsuit is still in litigation.

In reference to the Audubon agreement there are no definite figures as to what it is going to cost the town. They are looking to hire 4 more officers but that would be coming from a possible grant.

The pool house will be repaired for another year. They are still looking into the possibility of a bubble. No plans have actually been made.

Rohrer Towers 1 was represented by 6-8 people to protest the appointment of Joe Russo. They feel he does not have the residents best interests as priority. The treasurer stated that in a prior meeting in his office the Mayor promised he would not get the job. A letter was sent around(slid under doors) by Joe that have the residents up in arms. I am hoping to get that letter and post that at a later date, along with more information.

One last note of observation. I did not see Klineburger’s bill on the agenda. I had thought he was going to submit a monthly bill.


30 Responses

  1. well i think they need to hire more pd as the have had several people leave like capt morgan, srgt anew so they must have openings in the dept and with audubon park we may need it so the collingswood /woodlynne issues do not happen to us

  2. why is our PD losing senior people that is a big loss
    Capt Morgan was just promoted last year. Why did he leave he was good.

  3. he was there for over 35 years time to retire

  4. It seems like the promises flow free but follow up is not there. Why would the treasurer say the Mayor promised her, in front of everyone at the meeting, if that was not the case?

    They say that the Audubon Park agreement is going to be beneficial as far as the finance side but how do they know if they did not put together any financial details. That’s like saying the pool house is going to cost 1 million but not have any plans. I had heard (and it may be wrong) that Audubon actually was losing money with that deal. .

    I did not remember Dougherty saying it would not be a breach of contract. I’m glad that was brought up. It’s interesting how that whole situation with the Dydee site has turned around since the election.

  5. from that same article on the candidates question forum. interesting given what is going on now with appointments

    “Municipal Positions/Board Stipends
    In Haddon Township, the question of municipal employees holding various positions and certain boards – like the planning board– getting stipends has stired concerns.
    Most agreed that multi-tasking was a logical cost saver – DiPietropolo pointed out that pensions and benefits comprise a large portion of taxpayer dollars – provided favoritism wasn’t a factor.
    John Foley said it was best to keep those who perform the position well in place and not have positions shifted to the whims of commissioners.
    Teague. said, “We would evaluate the positions and the people performing those positions.”
    Planning Board member Roher said the stipends are “certainly not a lot” and Gilligan, an attorney who has worked for municipalities, said multi-tasking in towns “wasn’t at all unusual.”

  6. Thanks for news Jen

    Any update on the Pang lawsuit and Theater situation?
    Any update on Sulock situation?
    Dydee update?
    How are they able to fix poolhouse for another year. The report they had before on the poolhouse made it sound like a lost cause.
    Any update on COAH issues with new housing projects?

  7. Hey everyone.

    I just want to remind anyone who would like to attend, the hearing on the lawsuit where the commissioners and town allegedly violated the New Jersey Sunshine law and the Open Public Records Act will be seen before Judge Orlando in superior court this Friday. It should be interesting.

  8. In Camden at the Camden County Hall of Justice.

  9. What time?

  10. 9 AM it starts.

  11. i heard this afternoon from my lawyer that the judge resused himself due to a conflict with the township’s attorney. It has been reassigned and postponed 2 weeks.

  12. Here is the link to the municipal budget on the web. I had asked the commissioners if they would put it on the web, and in fact, they did.


  13. I’m interested to learn – which attorney involved with Haddon Township is Judge Orlando “in conflict” with? From past history, this lawsuit will probably be moved, moved and moved, just as issues in the past. Also, was there a planning board meeting on Thursday night? Does anyone know what actions the planning board members took that night?

  14. Tom I can wait two more weeks before they are arrested Will that happpen?

  15. If they commissioners are found guilty they should step down and we should have a new election to get some honest and clean government in this town for once.

    The next administration needs to immediately do a forensic audit and refer and findings to prosecutor. That audit needs to include the Park administration.
    There is a reason Park backed Teague and a reason BB still around.

  16. I was just told that the judge had a conflict with Baxter’s firm. I don’t know anything else. Regarding to what happens after, that is up to the judge.

  17. remember every question they refuse to answer now everyone ask at the next meet the candidates forum
    these three can not win election again they are bad for town

  18. the minutes of the 2/3/09 commissioners meeting says Mr. Baxter was currently representing the Township in pending litigation and that Brown & Connery was handling litigation in which Mr. Baxter had conflicts. Seems to be several conflicts, however, sure looks like a lot of attorneys to choose from.

  19. just reading Phila Inquirer about the death shooting of a lindenwold man at crown fried chicken restaurant in camden on mt ephraim ave – is that the one actually in haddon township?

  20. explain to me this
    campaign-donor klineberger hired by teaguedoughertyfoley to be solicitor. he bills at an amazing rate sometimes more than 24 hours in a day.
    for years cassel tells them they not following opra and sunshine laws. klineberger smirks at him and says yes they are.
    so cassel finally throws up his hands and takes it to court.

    now we the taxpayers have to pay for a different lawyer to defend klineberger? why doesnt klineberger just handle this as part his billing since he is such an expert these past 2 years while laughing at the citizens?

    if they lose they all should be removed from office and we need new leadership. first step forensic audit and refer any findings for prosecution.

  21. I have tried to make an appointment with Betty Brand for 3 weeks to look at my concrete walk. Does anyone know if and when this lady is in the office? I have called, left messages and stopped in her actual office and she is never there and not one person ever knows where she is or when she will be back. It is getting to be crunch time for selling my house and I need this inspection done, but I don’t want to cause a big stink, because I really don’t want to be failed! Does anyone know if there is another inspector or if I can have it done by a company?

  22. I would suggest sending an email to the Mayor and Commissioners, Denise (Town Clerk) and Betty Band. See if you get a response. You could also try Lee Palo but I”m not sure if he does sidewalk inspections.

    She never is in the office. “Senior Trips”, “Senior Activities” and “Inspections” take up most of her time.

  23. Welcome to the world of Betty Band. Now that you voiced a complaint she will likely flag your sidewalk as needing total replacement.
    Its just a coincidence that she is buds with MAG and MAG donated to the campaign. Just a coincidence they passed the sidewalk ordinance for sure.

  24. If you are having your sidewalk checked because you are selling your home, contact Bonnie Richards for the paperwork (and to make your payment to the Township) and then it is forwarded to the compliance individual to look at the sidewalk to have the paperwork signed.

  25. Payment for a sidewalk inspection.
    Another new fee brought to you by the Teague Administration.

  26. Yup. That is a true statement.

  27. when selling your home and contacting Bonnie Richards reg the sidewalks you also can arrange for the payment/inspection of the fire/carbon monoxide alarms required for new buyer to have a CO issued

  28. If I’m not mistaken the fees for the fire inspection were also raised by Teague

  29. how many jobs does betty band have now
    her job description is like a game of 3 card monte
    shes always out of the office doing something other then what you are looking for

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