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Caucus Meeting

Surprise! Surprise!

Caucus Meeting has been changed to 4:00


24 Responses

  1. No Surprise.
    They don’t want to have to answer questions from the pesky taxpayers about what they are doing.
    Vote em out.

  2. What question? Like how are our taxes going down while other towns are running high deficits and laying off presonal? Vote them out? You’re a dope.

  3. Last time around was a RECORD tax increase
    this time there is a TINY decrease but an INCREASE in all fees such as water, inspections, permits. NEW fees like sidewalk.

    AND the property tax reassessment has yet to be done.

    SO if I take 20 bucks from you and then give you back 1 Dollar you gonna say I’m generous

    whos the dope again?

    vote em out we need honest government and less lawsuits

  4. The budget hearing is going to be at the regular meeting, not at the Caucus meeting anyway. So far this year, this will be the 3rd out of 5 meetings that they have changed the time on. Clearly, it is not to make the public better informed.

    Maybe if they used the video cameras that the township already owns, used the township employees who attend the meetings already to video the meetings, and then posted the videos real time on Channel 19, their public access TV station, we would be better informed. But NO. They have absolutely refused to do that.

    Maybe they could just put the tapes up on the website to let anyone interested listen to the meetings. But NO. They have absolutely refused that also.

  5. So they change most of the meeting times now at last minute to hide from public?
    Guess they are embarassed for the public to see how they conduct their business.
    Above poster right. We’ve had layoffs in our town too but nobody knows because these guys hiding everything in secret meetings.

    Did their lawyer submit his bills yet?
    DId he bill for more than 24 hours in a day again?

    Audubon had the right idea when they voted out Tassi’s crew.

    Hey Ho Hey Ho
    Teague and Dougherty gots to go

  6. Randy use your spellchecker
    It is “personal” not “presonal”
    Ask Chris what its like to be a citizen again with the little people when a town throws you out after a bad term.

  7. Why would the commissioners give any forum to Cassel to be rude, degrading and confrontational for all to see? The meeting is open to all whether at 4 or 7. I think it says something when Cassel is alone meeting after meeting after meeting.

    • How is it a public meeting when most of us are still at work at 4pm, or have to pick kids up from school, take them to activities, etc? You really think TeagueDoughertyFoley don’t know that fewer people will show up at 4pm than would show up at 7pm?

      • It’s pretty simple. When I went to the 4PM meeting, I was one of about 5 people there. I guess they didn’t want to interfere with American Idol tonight.

  8. You are too funny. Me rude? I just want to know the truth about what is going on in the town. Is that too much to ask?

    I really loved when the mayor sat there last month saying he knew nothing about the housing authority resignations. Then the next meeting the rohrer residents come the next meeting showing that he was flat out lying because he had met with them to discuss this very subject. I guess you think it is okay for them to lie.

    BTW, please stop posting under various names. Just be honest to everyone on the blog and post under a consistent name. Maybe try Chris Simmons.

    I can’t wait until next week.

  9. So True Cassel So True
    J Ladik either doesnt go to meetings or is lying because last time an entire group of seniors stood up at the microphone and called Randy on his untruths. Randy couldn’t even look them in the eye
    Randy when will you explain to them why you didnt keep the promise they said you made?
    You can change meeting times but not the facts boys.

  10. Who has been laid off?

    We know more time changes are coming since it’s baseball season and Coach Teague has to be there. I guess it’s easier to have an empty room meeting vs one that has residents challenging lies and promises.

    Has Klineburger submitted a monthly bill yet?

  11. Record tax increase? I don’t know where you live but I received a modest increase last year and a small decrease this year. Considering the tough economic times we are in with towns struggling to close budget gaps I would consider that a win. Of course I like to be a positive optimist as oppose to most of the bitter and resentful poster on this massage board.

  12. Yes. It was a record increase for the TOWN last year over 12%.


    It was offset by a county decrease and a very modest school increase.

    Look at the increases in water, sewer and other fees in the town this year. This is where they nickel and dime you to death. I saw that over the past 2 years my sewer bills have increased from $120 to $160, a 33% increase but they don’t want you do know that. I am on Collingswood water so I don’t see those bills for HT. I know that they have raised those rates significantly as well.

    Regarding layoffs, they have been quietly terminating people piecemeal and/or not hiring replacements as people left. Larry Orcott is one example. The question is whether this is reducing the level of services. I would love to know more if people are having problems getting inspections etc. In the end, they have services to provide that are essential and with the cuts, if you need an electrical or plumbing inspection while work is being done at your house and they can’t be arranged for several days or weeks, you will not be a happy camper if you are trying to finish a renovation job and the town is holding you up.

  13. I recently had to get some things inspected (plumbing, building). While we now share an inspector with other towns I believe I didn’t have a problem at all.

  14. The Retrospect had the article about Mr. Ritter retiring as of September. Mr. Ritter informed both his staff and school board of his retirement. How many staff members does he have? What are the responsibilities of the Assistant Superintendent that requires a position and staff? Could the Superintendent and his staff handle the job? It could save the residents of this town a little money if the school board does not fill the position.

  15. Did Klineberger submit his bill yet? It was state on the record he would submit one monthly.

    For those new here — Klinberger and his alleged law partner Nussey were campaign donors to TeagueDoughertyFoley. Klineberger appointed solicitor. Allegedly started billing before appointment announced but they say no secret communications. Allegedly billed for more then 24 hours in one day. When caught red-handed Foley defended him and he still has his job. Klineberger’s partner threatened to sue a haddon twp citizen for exposing alleged violations of campaign finance donation reporting. The Courier Post ran an editorial supporting the haddon twp resident.

    Why does Klineberger still take our tax dollars like this? Another example of TeagueDoughertyFoley wasting our money to pad the pockes of a campagn donor.


  17. How can they just change these meetings like they change a sandwich order? This is not why the boys fought so hard at Chancellorsville, San Juan hill, the Somme, Iwo Jima, etc.

  18. If they are going to change over half the meeting times maybe they should just officially change the time for good?
    That way everyone could just plan on 4pm meetings and arrange schedule accordingly.
    Repeated Last minute time changes make it appear they dont want public there.

  19. Actually, you have it all wrong. The commissioners know when the meetings are. If they want clean and open government, they should hold the meetings at a time when the most people can attend which is the evening. Maybe they should take their responsibilities seriously enough not to schedule anything during these times. There is NO excuse for this. Or they should reschedule the meetings for another evening. Not during the day. If they wanted to do this, they would. We all know that actions speak louder than words.

  20. Agree. My point is if they are going to keep changing make it the official time. Then they can explain why they want meeting at 4pm. Right now they claim meetings at 7 but have them at 4. They have the right to have meeting at 4 if they want but then public will see their true colors

  21. When I asked the Mayor in the past why they changed the time, he told me it was that it was more convenient for the township employees to do it during regular working hours. As I thought about it, I asked myself “Do the residents work for the township, or do the township employees work for the residents?”

  22. Tom,
    I am going to move the court info and comments after to a post of it’s own. Comments have not been deleted . Just making it easier to find

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