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Haddon Twp. Assistant Superintendent to Retire

For just the third time in over 40 years Haddon Township schools will look to fill the opening of business administrator.
Assistant superintendent and business administrator Mark Ritter, a product of Haddon Township High School and member of the school athletic hall of fame, recently tendered his retirement request effective September 1.

Ritter leaves the business administrator post after nearly 15 years at the district’s financial helm. In a phone interview, Ritter noted his predecessor, John Gianvito served the district from the mid-1960s until 1994 when he took over.
Ritter said he doesn’t plan to ride off into the sunset just yet. “I’ve got my next gig lined up,” he said. He said he wasn’t ready to comment on that post since the appointment hasn’t officially been made. Prior to joining Haddon Township, Ritter worked in administrative positions in Barrington and Haddon Heights. For the first 15 years of his education career, Ritter was a high school biology teacher at Collingswood High.
Ritter informed his staff and the school board two weeks ago before the board’s reorganization meeting.


7 Responses

  1. Thanks, Jen, for placing the article about Mr. Ritter on the blog. To reiterate, Mr. Ritter informed his staff and the board at the last meeting. How many employees does Ritter have on his staff? What are the responsibilities of the Assistant Supertendent that requires a full time position and staff? Could the Superintendent and his staff handle the job? This would be a prefect opportunity to downsize administration, save the residents of this town a little money and possibly save a program that may be on the chopping block in the future. The school board should consider not filling this position.

  2. He’s also the Business Administrator. I don’t know what his duties are as the Asst. Sup. but the BA part is a job in of itself. I wonder if they’ll have to hire two people or find a BA in another district that will take on the Asst. Sup. title.

  3. it is interesting about taxation money – does anyone know if the cocktail party being advertised by kate burns (who is the director of the business improvement district board of haddon township) is in any way being funded by the taxation money that is collected by the township of haddon to help improve the business district in the westmont area? can taxation money be used for “cocktails” ( I presume that is alcoholic coctails??) who approves the spending of this tax money?

  4. mmm cocktails
    when and where ?

    • Free wine and food at the kitchen place on Haddon Ave. It looks like Severino’s and Cork are catering it from the ad.

  5. Why so many of our town events focused on alcohol with this new administration? We had alcohol ads at the fireworks for all the kids to see and this is more of same.
    Maybe next year Paul and Randy will serve bloody marys at the pancake breakfast?

  6. Anybody else outraged at the article the superintendent wrote in the Town Newsletter?

    Only a $1,000 fee? Only ANOTHER 4% increase? Happy to learn Ritter is going to be spending time in Ocean City while we pay for his pension, new state job, and the tax and fee increases he left us with. I do appreciate his service (it is not an easy job), but then again none of us have it easy….

    If the school board throws Ritter a Party of ANY KIND with our tax dollars, I think we should insist the money be PAID BACK to the PUBLIC…

    DO NOT FILL HIS POSITION…REPEAL THE FEES AND TAXES! And can we send Mark J. Raivetz PACKING!! Hey Mark: Where are the “banners of excellence” hanging in the schools from your rein?

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