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Tom Cassel – court case for open government

Below is Tom’s input from the continuing court case. Hoping that all comments related to the case will go here.


100 Responses

  1. Posted by Tom

    I attended court yesterday in Camden. Overall it was a good day for the case. There was no official hearing… the judge met behind closed doors with my attorney and the town’s attorney for an hour. None of our claims was dismissed by the judge as the township dug in its heels in defending what in my opinion is indefensible.

    The main reason for the meeting was that the judge wanted to narrow down the issues. We have about a half dozen issues on the table. I will discuss one of the issues now and others in future posts.

    The town keeps arguing that the Feb 3 meeting started properly at 6:20 althought they advertised the meeting for 7PM. When I requested the recording in the days following the meeting, they gave me a tape starting at 7PM. About 2 weeks later, they started saying that the public meeting started at 6:20. My opinion is that they changed their view on this to cover up the fact that they discussed items which should have been publicly discussed because I started questioning them. They were caught redhanded violating the Open Public Meetings Act and in their response to the lawsuit, they admitted to “technical violations” of the law. Well boys and girls, there are no such things as technical violations. Either you follow the law or you don’t.

    However, the town is not willing to admit guilt to what is obvious as they dig in their heels spending your tax money on legal fees, defending what is a losing position.

    The township attorney, Bob Baxter, actually yesterday provided a complete tape to me of the Feb 3rd meeting which to me is proving that they violated the Open Public Records Act by not providing the “complete tape” when I OPRAed it. And I stand by my opinion that they are just trying to cover up the fact that they improperly held a closed door meeting prior to the public meeting on February 3rd.

    More to come….

  2. Posted by anonymous

    Don’t back down on any issues with these guys.
    Take every single item to the mat.
    No compromise on anything
    When this lawsuit finished pass your attorney’s name on so others can pursue action as well.

  3. Posted by anonymous

    I hope you and your cronies run for office next time Mr. Cassel. I want to see all the idiots that back you up put their money where their mouth is.

  4. Posted by Tom

    Maybe you would like to say something constructive. You have no defense of the actions of the commissioners.

    Here is part 2 of the court hearing. Apparently the judge didn’t know what to make of the inconsistencies between the solicitor’s paper trail and his sworn statement. His paper trail says that he met with the mayor and a commissioner both in his legal bills and the letter he sent me in response to an Opra request. The mayor stated on the record that he and another commissioner met together during the 2/3 meeting and the mayor stated that the meetings were legal.

    The town’s response to the lawsuit included a sworn statement from the solicitor. Mr. Klineburger states that “there was never a time during which I met with both Mayor Teague and one of the other commissioners during which we discussed Township matters.”

    His bills stated that they met for many hours.

    The judge did not know what to make of the totally inconsistent records. Is Mr. Klineburger saying that his bills are incorrect? Is he saying that the OPRA response letter is incorrect stating that the 3 of them met? Is he saying the Mayor was wrong when he stated on the record that they met?

    It is interesting that the story only changed after a lawsuit was filed.

    Because of these inconsistencies, the judge has requested that Mr. Klineburger testify on July 2nd at 2pm at another court hearing. My lawyer will be cross-examining him.

    More to come. Need to go out and enjoy the evening.

  5. Posted by anonymous

    isnt it obvious that at least klineburgy needs to step down or be fired because either his bills are wrong or his statements are wrong either way he was wrong and it is a big mess now

    see ya klineburgy your campaign donation can only get you so far in this town! maybe they can give you a razor as a going away gift so you can shave before meetings at whatever town you land in next. maybe some new ties too

  6. posted by anonymous

    cassel if you run i’ll donate max amount that is legal this town needs some honest leadership so we can move out of the 1970s. this place is still like when i was a kid and that aint good

  7. Thanks for following through with this, Tom. The whole thing is upsetting on many fronts. All this money, effort and time is sadly being spent in order to get some simple rules of law followed. This could have been avoided but it requires our town to have more than selective integrity. I wish the lawsuit had not been necessary. The sunshine laws were put on the books for good reason. If hard questions are asked in public meetings, they need to be answered and expediently. I hope in the future we can have this kind of communication without the threat of lawsuits to attain it.

  8. I have now had an opportunity to listen to the recording I was given in court from the 2/3 meeting. that started at 6:20 pm for which I was not given the tape when I made my original OPRA request. Here are my observations. BTW, if anyone wants a copy, email me at tomcassel@gmail.com and I will make a copy and we can exchange it before Tuesday’s budget presentation. I would love others to hear it.

    First, I am correcting a prior statement. There was no “after the fact” cover up of the fact that this was a public meeting from the start. You see, if I make a misstatement, when I get more facts, I correct it.

    Actually, it is much worse. It sounds on the tape that this was an intentional and deliberate act to exclude the public from the meeting and completely ignore the Open Public Meetings Act. There are several portions of the meeting which show this.

    They absolutely invited all of the department heads to a meeting where the main agenda item, the budget was being discussed in great detail. The public should have been entitled to hear the entire discussion. The notice of the meeting did not state this was the topic. This is a flagrant violation of the OPMA.

    I will be reviewing in great detail with my lawyer a number of things said during the meeting which we will bring to the court’s attention. The above items are my opinions based upon what I heard.

    This comment is to the commissioners – do us all a favor as taxpayers – stop the closed door games – they are unnecessary. Admit that what you did was wrong because IT WAS WRONG. Other than Dougherty’s comment about thanking Betty Band for all the fees that she is bringing into the courts there was little that shouldn’t have been discussed openly. Also, don’t the seniors deserve to know that you stated that you would be reducing the towncar to 3 days a week? It would actually improve the way that you do government and in fact, the public might have some valuable input to what you are discussing based upon what I heard on the recording. Every time we see you do things like this, it only hurts the positive things you are doing for the town. Stop spending my money defending the indefensible. You guys totally messed up and it resulted in a court case. Admit it, change your ways, and let’s all move on. I don’t like being forced to file a lawsuit when it is so easy to do it right the first time.

    I may post more this weekend.. Need to run and enjoy the day! On my way to a bat mitzvah. To all, have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  9. More than threats of lawsuits

    Mayor Teague once had police sit Cassel down when he tried to read a statement. The same statement was published as letter ot the editor in The Retrospect so it obviously was not anything inappropriate.

    We are the only town in the area where the mayor directs the Chief of Police to start a 5 minute egg timer every time a citizen stands up to speak at the microphone. how classy.

    They have never proven Cassel wrong on any of the issues he has raised.

    They have never answered for their actions or explained any of the alleged bad government (some would allege it to be corruption) that Cassel has found.

    Klineburger’s alleged law partner threatened Cassel with a lawsuit when Cassel wrote a blog about Klineburger and Nussey’s campaign donations. Cassel never backed down and Nussey backed away because Cassel was RIGHT.

    The Courier Post wrote an editorial defending Cassel.

    This administration is clearly a continuation of the same bad politics and bad government that has held our town back for nearly 30 years now.

    They continue to practice the politics of division, harassment of residents that criticize and ask for truth (such as by threatening arrest when a citizen asks to read a letter to the editor during the PUBLIC comment portion of the meeting). The “inside group” is granted protected status while any vocal critics find themselves the unwelcome benefits of increased scrutiny such as fines for unshoveled sidewalks right after a snowstorm when half the town is not yet shoveled, harrassment by township compliance officer over ‘anonymous’ complaints, and even harassment by the police responding to complaints by ‘anonymous’ people.

    They want the critics to be afraid to speak out. That is why they laugh, shout, and harass anyone that has the courage to stand up at the microphone at the meeting. They encourage their supporters to shout out and catcall at critics during the meeting, and never silence them to follow proper meeting procedure. They threaten critics with arrest at the meetings. When that doesn’t work they threaten critics with lawsuits.

    TOO BAD for them that one critic (Cassel) wouldn’t be afraid and wouldn’t back down.

    Keep up the good work Cassel, and you should run for office next time around because you will win. Thank you for your service to the town.

    Their solicitor allegedly bills for more than 24 hours in a day. The alleged excuse is that his billing system is wrong. But yet he is still employed by our town? Maybe all of his clients should be made aware to check their bills carefully.

    This town has had enough.
    These three should have the dignity to do the right thing, apologize, remove their solicitor, and start doing things the LEGAL and ETHICAL way.
    If they can not move past their personal issues with the town’s critics they need to step down so we can have some good leadership.

    For the sake of our town


  11. “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. – Albert Einstein

  12. “Chief! Take him out! He’s out of order!” – Randy Teague
    “We’ll look into it” – Randy Teague
    “We’ll get back to you on that” – Randy Teague

  13. I enjoyed my Memorial Day weekend.

    How was yours?

  14. It is interesting to review the Primary Election Sample Ballot that came in the mail on Saturday. There are seven male and seven female members that are running for County Committee positions on the Democrat Ballot. From the list five men live in Haddon Township and from the women six live in town. Some are former employees, while others are employed by the township or serve on different boards at this time.
    It seems that the same people are involved in every aspect of this town, the party and the county. This is why things never change and will continue to stay the same. It is business as usual.

    • I think what’s business as usual is people complaining about “business as usual” and not stepping up to change things

    • Dear Anonymous, I dont usually respond to these ill informed politically motivated blogs submitted by the few disgruntled democrats in Haddon twp. However, each and every committee person lives in Haddon Twp. and were certified for their party affiliation and residence. Many of our committee members serve on township boards because they are community activists. In the past years many of our commissioners have served on various township boards including the Haddon twp school board. It seems, anonymous, that if you are involved in community affairs you are chastised. And if you’re not involved your equally targeted. I personally have been involved in Haddon Twp. and County government for the past 30 years as a commissioner and department head at the camden county parks. This political involvement has enabled us to join with camden county in building a Haddon twp library and acquiring the MacArthur park property in addition to countless other projects. Not to mention the william rohrer foundation which was also instrumental in the development of such projects. I believe government is about getting involved and serving the community. I am proud of what we have accomplished as a town over past years. I intend to spend the rest of my life being involved, not writing blogs, but reaching goals for our town.

      Former Haddon Twp. Commissioner
      Former Democratic Chair

    • And how did you come to the conclusion that one or more of the members of the county committe live out of town. Id like to know who you think they might be and the proof you have to support your claim. Otherwise it sounds like someone just wants to make noise and get attention.

  15. St. Eve – nice to see you are back. I missed you in court. Remember you said you would be there?

    Relating to your last comment, even when people do go and complain about “business as usual”, the town just ignores them as pests. The latest is that I heard that Joe Iacovino was appointed the Executive Director at the Housing Authority just as I said he would be, another example of the inbreeding within Haddon Township since he is also Chairman of the Planning Board. Why did they ever bother even advertising for the position?

    This happened after Randy appointed one of his employees, Jimmy Stevenson, the head of the Water Department and member of the planning board, to the Housing Authority as well. Nothing like a boss appointing his employee to a board where he wants specific votes and appointments.

    This was done after Randy out and out lied to several senior citizens who live there over who would be their representative on the housing authority. The residents I have spoken to there are fed up. They want to see change.

    Everyone in the town can see that nothing has changed in making political appointments to the $25,000/year extremely part time job at the housing authority. It is now the full “circle of life” where the board places a advertisement for a position (only to comply with the law), with an anointed appointment (by our devine mayor), the people stand up to protest, and the appointment gets made anyway because the mayor has stacked the board.

    In the end, the sad part is that the seniors get hurt because the town doesn’t get the best talent available to run the housing authority.

  16. St. Evelyn, you state that people complain, but do not step up to change things. What have you done lately to change things, or are you happy with the status quo? In Haddon Township it is very hard to step up to change things since those in office truly believe they are omnipotent. Just like Cassel wrote above, if a citizen complains about anything, they are considered pests and are labeled troublemakers.

    • I’m happy…You’re not happy? Then do something. There’s nothing and nobody stopping you and Mr. Cassel is the best example I can offer.

  17. Gadfly

  18. Many of the people who live in Haddon Township chose to live here. They love it here and are very happy here, but that doesn’t mean they should tolerate the nonsense that goes on in this town, this county, or this state. There is no need to put up with politicians who cater to their cronies while the rest are sucked dry. Stop being a gadfly, St.Evelyn.

  19. gadfly: (n) a person who stimulates or annoys especially by persistent criticism

    You complain about a sample ballot because the names are people who are involved and therefore it’s business as usual. I point out that if YOU don’t like, do something.

    Your snappy retort?… “what have you done lately?”

    I’m not complaining, you are.

    Your next snappy reparte? “Stop being a gadfly”

    Go get a dictionary and some cheese to go with your wine

  20. Anonymous, I think that you are misinformed. I also recieved my primary ballot and know that all canidates live in town. Who are you questioning? Funny that you seem to know more. I would love to know who your talking about. Lets see if you respond. I know that I checked my ballot. I am one resident tired of the lies. Let see if you respond or just lie.

  21. One question. I don’t care who responds. Let be the Mayor, Commissioners, Mr. Cassel, or any one else on this blog. How much is Mr. Cassel with this law suit costing me,as a tax payer? That is the million dollar question. Mr. Cassel seems intelligent. The only people who make money are the attorneys. I for one, would like to see Haddon Twp. work together and avoid more law suits. Mr. Cassel, it costs ALL TAX PAYERS. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT YOU WANT BETTER GOVERNMENT AND COST ME MORE? Maybe you can use your talents in a more constructive way that won’t cost me!
    A Volunteer, Concerned Citizen and more importantly a Tax Payer. I want to know how much and who is going to pay the bill! Lets see if you respond.

  22. While the lawsuit may cost money in the long run it will save the town money. No more sneaky meetings. If we don’t have open government how do we really know what our money is being spent on?

  23. I heard they had the salaries on the agenda. Is that a 3.5% increase like the contracted employess? In this economy when people are losing their jobs, being furloughed(sp?) and many companies imposing wage freezes how can they justify this increase? They pat themselves on the back for a small decrease in taxes (which is countered by the many fee increases) but could have done more.

  24. The commissioners or their anonymous supporter blogging again

    The lawsuit happened because they basically sat there and gave the middle finger to the citizens for 2 straight years.
    If the lawsuit finds the commissioners broke the law then it is THE FAULT OF THE COMMISSIONERS.

    Two of them brag they are lawyers, and together with their expensive solicitor they should know the law.

    Blaming Cassel for the lawsuit is like blaming the person who pulls the fire alarm because the firetrucks cost money. Cassel didn’t start the fire — three arrogant and allegedly corrupt politicians did.

    Randy Teague Paul Dougherty and John Foley are destroying the town and continuing to practice the Park Politics of division. This town deserves better.

    Cassel’s lawsuit wont cost nearly as much as their campaign-donating lawyer who BILLED YOU THE TAXPAYER more than 24 hours in one day and yet STILL HAS A JOB!!!!! Why hasn’t he been fired yet for this outrage? If Randy and Paul are found to have broken the law they should pay the town’s fees in the lawsuit and step down as disgraced corrupt politicians and move to another town that can tolerate their stench

    St Evelyn your lack of education represents the commissioners well. The more you attack Cassel and any other critic the more we realize you are just a shill for the corrupt administration of this town. You must be worried about losing your gravy-train political-donor job — which one did they give you? You should move out of town too with the other crooks when we have an election and a forensic audit to sort out this crooked mess.

    Some info on gadfly straight from the BBC : (http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A2334197&clip=1)

    “The term ‘gadfly’ is usually pejorative and is often bestowed by organizations or persons who are on the receiving end of the gadfly’s attentions. It implies that the gadfly is an intellectual lightweight whose only intent is to annoy, thereby gaining attention for himself. The gadfly, however, looks upon himself as a social critic, bringing to light certain unpleasant facts and, with luck, improving the human condition.

    Being a gadfly is generally a thankless task. People with something to hide will go to almost any length to discredit one who brings their behaviour to light. Indeed, the gadfly has much in common with the whistleblower, who publicises corporate or governmental wrongdoing, and who occasionally finds his life in danger because he runs afoul of some powerful individuals. Even those who aren’t being criticised can tire of the constant stream of complaints and sometimes wish that the gadfly would just accept life as it is and get on with it. The one thing that keeps the gadfly on task is the knowledge that he is right and that the world would be a much better place if everyone else realised it.

    In fact, he performs a useful function. Like the horsefly and others that plague livestock, the human gadfly pricks and stings the conscience of a society. If he keeps at it, society will react in some fashion. It may just swish its tail to drive off the gadfly, but every once in a while, it may shift itself and so correct something that it hadn’t even realised was wrong.”

    Socrates called himself a gadfly. Sounds like Cassel is in good company. From the same website:

    “Famous Gadflies

    History is full of examples of gadflies, many of whom came to a bad end.

    Socrates declared himself to be one before drinking his hemlock, proud of his role as a critic of the political leaders of Athens. He went so far as to refuse the assistance of friends who were prepared to help him escape from prison, choosing instead to accept his death sentence. This marked the beginning, and nearly the end, of civil disobedience.

    Civil disobedience was an effective tool for Mohandas Gandhi, through whose efforts India achieved nationhood. His philosophy of non-violent protest inspired other political leaders, among them Martin Luther King Jr, who helped lead the campaign for racial equality in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s.

    Joan of Arc antagonised officials of the Roman Catholic Church with her insistence that the voices she heard came from God. Nowadays such people are hospitalised and treated with psychotropic drugs, but back then they just burned them at the stake. Later on the Church thought better of its actions and declared Joan a saint.

    Oscar Wilde was something of a gadfly, in that he had an apt comment for just about everything. Many writers and other artists are viewed as such by their societies, their works banned and themselves imprisoned. One example is Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who wrote The Gulag Archipelago, a history and memoir of the Soviet Union’s prison camp system. A more-recent example is British writer Salman Rushdie, whose 1999 book The Satanic Verses so enraged Islamic clerics that the former Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini condemned him to death.

    You wouldn’t think anyone could find music objectionable, but composers such as Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitri Shostakovich found their works officially disapproved of or even banned by the Communist authorities. Shostakovich was forced to work as a hack, producing music that celebrated properly heroic subjects, but even so he got something of his own back. One such composition is The Gadfly, which celebrates the feats of an early-19th-Century freedom fighter whose activities ‘stung’ the authorities1

    There are numerous examples of gadflies in literature. Two such are Don Quixote, from the work of the same name by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, and Ignatius J Reilly, the hero of A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. While many today see the Don as a someone who was fed up with the modern world, in Cervantes’ original text he was in fact a crazed old loon who thought that he had been transported into the past and the age of chivalry. Nonetheless, from Don Quixote we get the word ‘quixotic’ and the phrase ’tilting at windmills’, both of which fit the gadfly to a T.”

    Thats the end of todays lesson for you St. Evelyn. Perhaps you should call Randy and Paul and ask what they want you to post next?
    Tomorrow I’ll do a lesson on famous corrupt politicians both national and local. Rumor has it there may soon be 3 more local ones to talk about.

    • Anonymous… You’re bipolar or drunk. Find you medicine or sober up.

      In one post you tell me to stop being a gadfly. In the next you nearly elevate gadflies to sainthood. Which is it?

      The lawsuit happened because someone filed a lawsuit. Does the suit have merit? I really can’t tell from the evidence. It might warrant a question, but from all I’ve seen, and all I’ve seen is on this website, it looks, at worst, the equivalent of driving 26 in a 25 mph zone. Illegal but not worth all this hub bub.

      “…allegedly corrupt politicians” If you have evidence of corruption, you don’t, but if you did, take it to the US Attorney. Really, put up or shut up. You can’t because you cling desperately to the hope they did something, anything wrong

      “…campaign donating lawyer…” That’s redundent. there is nothing illegal, immoral or fattening about a NJ lawyer donating money to a campaign. Get over it.

      “…BILLED YOU THE TAXPAYER more than 24 hours in one day”… A bookkeeping error is not a felony and I’ve not seen any evidence it’s more than a bookkeeping error. If he works 2.5 hours a day on a matter and he records it in his pocket calendar and he does that 10 times in one month and at the end of the month, he posts the entries in his billing software and the software records 25 hours in one day, he didn’t do anything wrong other than to enter the info wrong. Did it happen that way? I have no idea, but you don’t like him so you’ll pick at any little scab until you get a hemmorage.

      “…The more you attack Cassel and any other critic…” I didn’t attack anyone. You said you got a ballot and complained about the selection. I said, do something.

      “You must be worried about losing your gravy-train political-donor job — which one did they give you?” I’m a saleman. I work on commission. I don’t do business with Haddon Township or it’s commissioners or it’s department heads or the police department or the fire department. That statement, on it’s own is the best evidence you’ve offered, that you couldn’t buy a clue, let alone have one.

      “you should call Randy and Paul and ask what they want you to post next?” Next time you see them, ask them, with a straight face, “when was the last time you spoke to St. Evelyn?” I only wish I could be there to hear the answer… but you won’t ask… you lack the testicular fortitude.

      Goodnight teacher

  25. To the person asking how much am I costing you in legal fees. Do yourself a favor. Call up the Mayor and ask him why it is okay to have a “technical violation” of the Open Public Meetings Act. That is what they said in their response to my complaint. I am the only citizen in town who has heard what happened at the first half of the 2/3/09 meeting prior to 7PM. I got this recording only because I went to court to get it. You see, they only gave me half the meeting when I OPRA’ed it.

    During that meeting, they had a totally open candid meeting department by department of the budget. Now let’s couterpoint that to last night’s meeting. They put a powerpoint handout on the table. They introduced the public hearing WITHOUT A SINGLE WORD TO DISCUSS THE BUDGET.

  26. Oops. Hit the return to fast. I stood up and asked if they were going to discuss the budget and commissioner Foley then read the first paragraph.

    My first item was questioning the powerpoint which stated that the tax rate was being decreased by 11 cents. You see, I remembered that it was a 1 cent decrease. They made a typo by a decimal place. Oops.

    Then I proceeeded to review the township debt situation of the town. I noticed that total township debt is approximately $23.5 million. Last year we increased our debt about $9.8 million. So by the time I was done, the math proved out that we the taxpayers have increased the town debt by over 70%. The biggest cause $6.5 million or 48% of the 70% related to the neglected Bettlewood sewer situation. But even without that they increased the debt by 22%. As a town we are spending way more, using capital debt, than we are retiring. In other words, while they reduce the tax rate, they are mounting on the debt. Our current 2009 budget will increase our township debt by $1.5 million . When you look at the problems in neighboring Collingswood, many of their issues relate to the debt that they have piled on. I don’t want to see the same thing happen here. It is a long term recipe for financials problems. But it is the way that they are reducing taxes, on the back of the future. The numbers are the numbers.

    • looks like your dodging the question of how much your lawsuit is going to cost the taxpayer just like the mayors do.

      • How would he know how much it will cost the taxpayers? We have lawyers who bill our town for more then 24 hours in a day, so it would be somewhat tricky to estimate the costs. Furthermore, his lawsuit isn’t costing the taxpayers money, it’s the people who are in public office and refuse to follow the rules are costing the taxpayers. Without the illegal acts, there would be no need for a lawsuit!

  27. ummm not every anon poster the same person st e

    from what i heard kilneburgerers bills werent just a bunch of stuff entered on one day at end of the month.
    and thats not how lawyers bill…
    just my 2 cents
    someone should post his bills so we can see the facts

    • Not every anon poster the same? Maybe, maybe not… we don’t know because they’re ANON

      That’s not how lawyers bill? How do they bill?

      I didn’t say he billed that way, I used it as an illustration of a bookkeeping error.

  28. Gadfly……

  29. Angry anon Tom is back. Was Tom alone AGAIN last night?

  30. I have no idea how much it is going to cost the taxpayers. Quite frankly, it would have cost the taxpayers nothing if they followed OPMA and OPRA properly. Perhaps you should ask the commissioners what it is going to cost the town, not me, because I am just an average citizen paying attention to what is going on in our town with a simple goal… clean, open and transparent government.

    You forget that when I asked them about the secret meetings, the mayor stated at the public meeting that they in fact did meet and that it wasn’t a violation of the law. I told them that it was (based upon what he said) and that I would explore all of my legal options. At that point they had an opportunity to acknowledge that they had done wrong and try to fix the situation by being open and honest about what had occurred. They could have told everyone what happened at the secret meetings but used the lame excuse of attorney client privilege. So through their actions, they brought the lawsuit upon themselves. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior from our elected officials. Ask them, not me. I didn’t cause the lawsuit; I just filed it after being stonewalled.

    The fact is that the commissioners are digging in their heels in defense of a lawsuit that they created through their actions. I have no control over this. Hold them accountable for their actions.

    To the last poster, there is nothing angry about me. I don’t post anonymously. I have nothing to hide.

    One last point, the fact is that they held a 40 minute meeting that was never advertised to discuss in depth the details of each department budget which no citizens were able to attend (because we didn’t know about it). Then I have to go to court to get the tape because they conveniently excluded this part of the meeting when I OPRA’ed the recording. Then they introduce a budget with absolutely NO presentation to the town shows how much citizen knowledge that they want in the process. NONE.

    “Sunshine is the best disinfectant” Supreme Court Justice Lewis Brandeis.

    • “The fact is that the commissioners are digging in their heels in defense of a lawsuit that they created through their actions.”

      Are you suggesting they should rollover and not defend themselves?

  31. They should not spend our money defending the indefensible

    IF found guilty they need to correct their ways or step aside

    From news I heard Klineburger billing was overbudget and the bills had errors. At the least it merits some scrutiny due to our econonmic woes.

    St Evelyn are you saying that we shouldn’t ask to make sure professionals are billing us accurately when a quick glance at the bill finds numerous errors?

    Randy Teague was also called on his untruths by a number of senior citizens the other month at the meeting. This character has a habit of talking out both sides of his mouth. Last thing we need his him and Pauly meeting in secret in violation of the law they do enough damage when they meet in open.

    • “…defending the indefensible” It’s your opinion it’s indefensible, it’s not a fact. If Mr. Cassel has a right to sue, they have a right to a defense.

      If they’re found guilty, they have to make corrections.

      “From the news I heard…” Who’s your source for news? If it’s people who post here, I’m sorry, but I need more substance than word of mouth gossip. If K made an error, it deserves examanation and explanation, but reading the posts here, he commited a felony and I don’t believe there is evidence of a felony. If there is, show it.

      The mayor lied? Your only evidence is someone said so? After they didn’t get what they wanted? Of course! Case closed.

  32. Isn’t it something, in today’s America (and Haddon Township) when you are an interested/concerned citizen, asking questions of the elected officials, trying to understand where exactly does all the taxation money go and what really is the process of governing from those elected positions, individuals are called “gadflies”. I thought the term for individuals of this nature was “concerned American citizen”. Oh, the “power of the powers” today! You have to make being a citizen a “hobby”. Mr. Cassel, there really is no need to “feed” into the comments of individuals and their attacks. Disregard them and continue on your path as a “concerned citizen”. It’s just too bad that other individuals are too fearful to be involved. Just put the facts out there; it’s up to the people to see what exactly is going on – you will never be able to make them understand – just post the facts and the truth. That’s what I believe the people need to read!

  33. Well said KMF
    Anyone who has been to the meetings knows what these people talking about. St Evelyn either doesn’t go to the meetings or is too biased to “get it.”

    When those seniors stood up at the meeting and voiced their concerns they sounded very convincing. I believe them over Randy Teague given his history of doublespeak.

    If Cassel’s lawsuit was bogus or just a ‘technicality’ I doubt the judge would be spending court time to hold another hearing AND compel the solicitor to appear to testify. There is some smoke on this issue and where there is smoke there so very often is fire in this town.

    IF the facts are found by the judge to support Cassel’s allegations I hope St Evelyn is just as vocal then in calling for the commisioners to give a full accounting of their actions.

  34. “Was Tom alone again last night?”

    Alone about what? Asking questions about the budget? Well there were about 10 people in the room. One other person got up as well. It was a public hearing and I got up to ask questions. Alone is irrelevant to my rights to participate in the process.

    I also want to state that the numbers about the debt were all based upon last night’s meeting. Once I have the audits, I will go back and double check what the town stated during the meeting to verify its accuracy. I just want to know the facts.

    Regarding Randy lying to me and the seniors, it is true. At last month’s Commission meeting he acknowledged that he had had a meeting or regarding Housing Authority issues with the seniors during the week prior to the caucus meeting. At the caucus meeting the week before, he lied to me when he said he wasn’t knowledgable about why the 2 member resigned. It had been discussed a few days before with the seniors. You can’t deny something one week, and have someone remind you of a meeting that occurred prior to the date that you denied any knowledge. That is a lie in my book.

  35. So let me understand this…Tom has lied, the senior citizens have lied, I have been told I lied, and some posters on the blog have lied BUT the Mayor, Commissioners and Klineberger are telling the truth???

  36. As I have stated before repeat comments will be deleted.

  37. Nick – Thanks for your post buried above. http://tinyurl.com/qo4jhq

    I agree that it is in fact about being involved. I am involved in my way. You in yours. We all make a difference in advancing our town. Quite frankly,from my perspective this is not about political motivation, it is about clean and open government.

    It is nice to see a real face on here other than the select few. You have done a lot to advance this town and as we can all see the results of your long term service.

  38. Tom you are soley motivated by the fact YOU lost the last election. Peace has been made between the candidates but not with you. I wonder why?

  39. It would be nice for people to post with one alias. Posting with multiple names (trying to make readers think it’s a number of people vs one) is really getting old.

    Of course, using real names is preferrable but understand that isn’t going to happen.

  40. That is hilarious, Cybil. I am only motivated by the fact that I believe that our commissioners are blatantly ignoring the laws of the State of New Jersey, act like if they say what the law is it must be so irrespective of the actual law, refuse to acknowledge and apologize to the people of the town for these acts and continue to thumb their noses at transparency and open government.

    What is wrong with informing the people of this town about what is really going on by posting in this blog? The commissioners themselves are more than welcome to communicate similarly and openly. That would be refreshing.

  41. I just ran across something very interesting. Check out this link.


    This is from the Gannett Data Universe. It shows that crime increased 40% and traffic tickets increased a whopping 68% in Haddon Township. Well, the results of these traffic tickets came through on our budget with a huge increase in revenues. And the commissioners applauded themselves with these revenue increases. Just remember this when they find an excuse to pull you over in your neighborhood and take you to court and you are $150 or $200 out of pocket. Remember they didn’t increase your taxes.

    But the crime increases? Look at the neighboring towns of Collingwood and Haddonfield. No changes. Only Heights had similar increases. The question is what is causing this.

    My view – enforcement. The proud commissioners emphasized this in their budget. Just like when they threatened to take me out of the meeting with the police, they are using the police powers more and more, especially on traffic. It is a way of extracting even more money out of the taxpayers without increasing taxes. The joke is that 90% of the cases probably pleaded out and our main focus is receiving court costs and fines not giving points. I would love to see those stats. Dougherty – why don’t you publish them? What percentage of the tickets actually pleaded to lower counts?

    And crime increasing 40%? Is this because crime actually did increase this much or is it the attitude of a new Director of Public Safety (i.e. Police Czar) who comes from the background of a municipal prosecutor pulling the trigger on arrests much quicker. It just took him a year, and a new police chief to increase police enforcement. I don’t know if this is better or worse, only that to me, it is a way of governing. Do we want to live in a “small town” with an emphasis on police enforcement with a goal of collecting as much as possible from fines? Or do we want the police to work with the people as partners to improve our way of life? These are clearly not mutually exclusive but it important to get the right balance, but not with a goal of balancing the budget.

    By the way, the crime stats do not include the 6 OPMA violations I filed a lawsuit about or the OPRA violations.

  42. Now let me see, if two commissioners speak to each other out of earshot, you allege an OPMA violation, drag them to court and force them to spend township money to defend themselves and that’s OK, but if someone speeds down a residential street endangering children, they should be cut a break because the police should have empathy and we all have to live together.

    Did I get that right?

    The premise of your screed is that families in Haddon Township bear the burden of the 4,166 traffic tickets issued during the eight months ending February, 2009 and in so doing, they are paying a form of tax.

    As of the 2000 Census, there were 3,891 families in HT. Applying your premise, every family got one ticket and some got 2 and they would be issued at a rate of 17 tickets a day. I think if that were true you and I would have to wait on line to post on this blog.

    Now you’re gonna say “I didn’t say every family bears the burden” and you didn’t… not directly. But who would care if people from other towns/states were paying fines to HT for breaking laws in HT? Let me repeat that in case you didn’t hear me clearly… I said BREAKING THE LAW!!

    Now excuse me a moment Mr. Cassel while I speak to our dear readers….

    Dear readers, Mr. Cassel wants you to read the statistics along with him, but only far enough that you get incensed and feel as if your pocket is being targeted. He throws in a little retoric (ie “Police Czar”, “the commissioners applauded themselves”) for good measure.

    He doesn’t want you to read too far and understand the deeper significance of the statistics because that doesn’t fit his agenda.

    What’s his agenda? He wants to bash the commissioners at every single opportunity he can find even if, as in this case, he has to make it up.

    It’s sad, isn’t it?

    Now back to Mr. Cassel….

    You keep diggin and diggin and if you find anything else, I’ll be real happy to explain it to you.

    Oh, and by the way, about those OPMA/OPRA violations… yeah, um… only convictions get counted and uh, fantasy crimes, they’re never counted

  43. 1. The OPRA/OPMA laws are not fantasies in any way. They are the law. You yourself know it. And there are good reasons for these laws.

    2. In the end, the role of the police is public safety, not profits.

    3. You haven’t explained anything to me.

    4. I would like to know if there is a rational explanation of the increases? Are you suggesting that because arrests have gone up, our town has gotten less safe? Are the parking tickets on Haddon Ave considered traffic violations for example and skewing the results? I will call Chief myself next week and ask him. Or maybe you can.

    5. I just want clean open government, that is all. Say what you may, but when the commissioners lie to you and other citizens on the public record during meetings, ignoring the laws, they deserve to be called on it. Just ask the seniors at Rohrer Towers who are very unhappy at what has occurred. .

    6. I never said that someone who endangers children shouldn’t be ticketed. Do not put words in my mouth. That seems to be a habit of yours. I am the first one to stop when someone wants to cross a street, etc because it is the right and polite thing to do and most drivers don’t understand that bikes and pedestrians have rights too.

    Off to baseball, the gym, the pool. If you happen to go to see Toy Story at Rechino tonight, be certain to come up to me and introduce yourself. As of now, my 7 year old wants to do that, but things may change later.

    • ” I just want clean open government, that is all.”

      No you don’t. You want politics of personal destruction. You want to demean and defame the commsioners any way you can any time you can. The facts be damned.

      You wrote, “tickets increased a whopping 68%” and “these traffic tickets came through on our budget with a huge increase in revenues”

      Oh really? Tickets contributed to a huge increase? Well lets take a closer look at that.

      Total General Revenues (GR) per page 20 of the budget shows the following…
      ’09 anticipated $13,364,444
      ’08 Anticipated $13,182,797
      ’08 Realized $13,877,754

      Municipal Court Revenues per page 10 of the budget shows the following
      ’09 anticipated $230,000 (1.72% of GR)
      ’08 Anticipated $215,000 (1.63% of GR)
      ’08 Realized $234,676 (1.69% of GR)

      Where’s the huge increase? They collected $19,676 more than they budgeted. The difference amounts to a little more than 1/8th of 1% of Total General Reveunes Realized. That’s not huge, that’s immaterial.

      So to summarize the increase in tickets DID NOT result in a huge increase in revenues.

      What else isn’t true…

      Your wrote “Just remember this when they find an excuse to pull you over in your neighborhood and take you to court and you are $150 or $200 out of pocket.”

      You’re trying to smear the commissioners by intimating the have a secret plan (no doubt done in violation of OPMA) to raise revenue from HT residents by dragging them to court on trumped up traffic violations. How is that any less of lie than anything you’ve accused the commissioners of?

      In your effort to smear the commissioners you use inflated language. For example:

      “the commissioners applauded themselves with these revenue increases”
      “The proud commissioners”
      They “are using the police powers more and more, especially on traffic”
      this “is a way of extracting even more money out of the taxpayers”
      “the attitude of a new Director of Public Safety (i.e. Police Czar)”

      You use all of these comments to defame commissioners,

      NONE of what you wrote was to intended to help create a “clean open government”. It’s only your spin and anyone with half a brain see right through your crap.

      Honeslly, I expected better from you

  44. People drive way too fast on the residential streets and run the lights too often on haddon ave, esp. the intersection with cuthbert.

  45. I think it has slowed down considerably since they did the bumpouts in the streetscapes. The intersection of Haddon and Cuthbert is in Collingswood.

  46. Are you sure about that Tom? It seems that HT police do the traffic safety thing on one side during repairs. You sure it’s not split?

  47. sorry you haven’t come over to say hi at movie night, st e. the kids are having a great time. I don’t have all the facts yet. I will find them all out. the more I do look at it for an outsider to see crime increasing so much is not a good thing for our town.

    • “I don’t have all the facts yet”

      It would have been nice if you had gathered the facts before you attempted to defame three commissioners and the police department

  48. Movie night was lots of fun. Commissioners Foley and Dougherty were there. It was a great for the kids. My son had a blast and came home exhausted. Hooray! They had Primo’s water ice and free popcorn and a food truck there. Several hundred people showed up.

    Defame? Isn’t that a little strong? Question what is going on and give my opinions? Yes. I do have some facts, like the ones from the Courier. In an earlier post I said I was going to contact the Chief for more info. In the past, the police have published the more detailed stats on the web. Just go to haddontwppolice.com. They haven’t been updated in the last 2 years. I will encourage the town to update this. Again, there should be nothing to hide if they have published it before. Understand the most important thing is to provide us the info as citizens to understand what is going on with the ultimate goal of improving.

  49. Fees and Permits anticipated in 2008 : 90,000
    Fees and Permits realized in 2008: 150,967

    Fines and costs anticipated in 2008: 215000
    Fines and costs realized in 2008: 234, 676

    From newspaper article in The Retrospect Dates May 1, 2009
    “…Foley also noted that non-tax revenue, such as increased water and sewer fees, and other measures, such as increased license fees…”

  50. for tickets and such issued dec 2008, jan 2009, feb 2009 – is that revenue reported in the 2008 budget you talking bout st evelyn? If not you may not have the final data on 3 of the 8 months you are referencing.

    i am concerned about the rising crime rate it is quite a jump and way more than other towns. can we find out what kind of crimes and what is the plan to get this under control?

  51. Is the long anticipated real estate revaluation coming?

    Another 4PM meeting. They have been silent on this until it just appeared on the website. It hasn’t even appeared in the public notices yet but I do appreciate it being put on the website even though the document link on the home page does not work. Hopefully they will fix it tomorrow.

    June 4, 2009; 4:00pm
    Special Meeting of the Board of Commissioners
    Presentation by Professional Property Appraisers, Inc. of their Property Revaluation Proposal.
    Award or Rejection of Proposal for Property Revaluation Services
    Introduction of a Special Emergency Ordinance – pending the award of a contract for Property Revaluation Services

    I assume that this will be an item on the next month’s agenda.

    I guess the county didn’t give the town an extension but they didn’t discuss this at the budget hearing or at any other point on Tuesday night. I have requested more information because this is a topic that effects every property owner in the town.

    • I heard from Commissioner Foley that it unlikely that we will be given an extension to 2011. The reval will occur in 2010 and cost $500,000. So far we will have only 1 bid for these services.

      • The cost is still an estimate. The Thursday meeting should provide additional information.

  52. question. My neighbors got a certified letter from the township. Something about the planning board and parking lots (their houses back up to the PATCO parking lot but this letter was from the town. Does anyone know what the planning board is up to?

  53. last I heard the planning board was helping the township and fieldstone sieze private citizen’s property to give to a developer.

    St Evelyn since you are so knowledgable maybe you can tell us:

    Did Fieldstone give/donate money or in-kind donations to any of the events where the money goes to the PRIVATE 501c of the commissioners? (i.e. Run for Tony, Turkey Trot)
    I have heard rumors but want the facts — is it true or not?

    I suspect that letter is bad news but don’t want to speculate without further information — townships and planning boards dont normally sent happy news by certified mail and if your property backs up onto PATCO territory… Hope your neighbor is treated better than our fellow citizen Sulock.

  54. M

  55. i think fieldstone wsa one of the supporters of one of the runs they had the other year. so what

  56. I believe their certified letter pertains to this. Not 100% but I do remember reading about parking lots
    (found this on the planning board agenda on the twnp. website. I’m not sure what it means and am confused since we are on the speedline side of Haddon Ave.

    Application Number – 09-0010, Town Center at Haddon Urban Renewal, L.L.C. Applicant has applied for Preliminary Major Site Plan review and Subdivision approval to construct two parking lots. The Subject property consists of 12 lots, which the applicant will consolidate and then subdivide into proposed lots. The one lot(4.01) will be 23,804 square feet and contain 38 parking spaces. The other lot(5.01) will be 147,669 square feet and contain 311 parking spaces. The applicant also seeks variance relief Access points for the parking lots required to be at least 40 feet from the property line; one lot(4.01) will be 33.54 feet other lot (5.01) 39.78 feet. Frontage required is 100 feet. Lot 4.01 proposed and existing 73.16 feet. Lot Width 100 feet required, Lot 4.01 proposed and existing condition 73.16 feet. Front yard set back 25 feet required, Lot 4.01 existing and proposed 4.58 feet. The applicant also requests for waivers, variances, exceptions or other relief as may be deemed necessary for approval.

  57. Sounds like they want to build something that put the parking lots too close to the other lots for code and they want a variance? thats rough for the people that live there now if true.
    Surely the town will stick up for the individual property owners and not let some outside developer put a parking lot too close to their property, right?????

  58. Two Words- forensic audit.
    That will settle these questions for good

  59. Fieldstone is an ill-conceived and inappropriate development project for HT. The project is way too super sized, way too expensive for this location, and in this economy, and is still mired in litigation, six years on.

    Fieldstone, municipal leadership, and complacent citizens continue to pretend it is “too late” to rethink the project for its commercial and general impracticability, even though nothing has been formally presented, approved, or built yet.

    In the end, as usual, taxpayer protection and common sense appropriate planning are dead last on the list of considerations.

  60. Did anyone see this article?


  61. I wonder where St. Evelyn went. He/she seemed to have some good inputs and I would like to know what he/she thinks of this emient domain and the questions swirling the relationship between Fieldstone, the commissioners, and their private 501c fund that is associated with ‘township’ events.



    • Dear anonymous…I’m right here… I’m answering as soon as I read your post.

      I think eminent domain is an anathema. Private property is private property and the government, at any level, should offer an OVERWHELMING reason to pursue emeinent domain and greater ratables is not an acceptable reason.

      Having said that, I’ve asked for evidence in previous postings for someone, anyone to demonstrate if the current administration is pursuing eminent domain of their own volition or out of a contractual obligation established by predecessor administrations.

      Did I get an answer? No. I got abba dabba do, which is a real mystery since the population of this blog is well versed in the minutia of the Open Public Records Act. That is, they can’t seem to apply it when it comes to the original Fieldstone contract

      As to your 501c crap of an argument… put up or shut up. You can’t because all you got is a deep seated desire to destoy people without evidence.

      Now go suck your thumb and go to sleep

  62. why so angry st e?

    anonymous just asked if anyone ‘in the know’ could confirm if fieldstone did or did not contribute to events that directed money to the private 501c of the commissioners. a simple question for information. how is that an argument, crap or otherwise? why so angry?

    someone (another anonymous) posted a news article from last election in which dougherty himself stated he did not believe there was a contractual obligation for eminent domain.

    anonymous just wanted your opinion st. e. since dougherty was quoted by paper saying contractual obligation not there for emient domain wondering what others thought.

    why so defensive st e?

    did fieldstone support any of the fundraisers that funneled money to private 501c? simple question does anyone know? if not anyone know how to find out?

    • There’s no anger

      And there was no question. Anonymous asked and answere his own question which makes it a comment and a poorly conceived one at that.

  63. Governments cannot be “forced” to engage in lawsuits that pursue eminent domain abuse objectives.

    • No, they can’t be forced.

      But if prior administrations created contractual obligations, they have to pay consequences or defend themselves for not fulfilling those obligations

  64. Anonymous is amused by St. Evelyn’s.

    A prior blogger posted news article that indicated that Paul Dougherty during election campaign may have stated his belief that eminent domain not necessarily a contractual obligation with respect to this issue.

    For St. Evelyn to state contractual obligation as a fact is erroneus, and is the same intellectual error St. Evelyn rails against on this blog.

    As anonymous understands the following is alleged-
    There may exist (or may have existed) a 501c allegedly created by the commissioners in part out of the events that involved the charity run commonly called “run for tony”, or “tony’s run”. That 501c allegedly receives proceeds of certain ‘charity’ events, but allegedly remains under the control of the commissioners and is not public information, in the sense that disbursement of funds and other such activities are evidently not part of town budget or vote. This 501c was created in part due to alleged issue of disagreement regarding appropriation of funds from prior “run for tony” events.

    So, there allegedly may be a 501c fund controlled by citizens serving as commissiones. Proceeds from some events may allegedly go to this fund. Multiple businesses allegedly donate money to support events. It is alleged that Fieldstone may have supported at least one such event. If this 501c fund remains under ‘private’ control of the commissioners but receives monies raised from local businesses through events subsidized (in cash or in-kind) with taxpayer money, this fund represents a significant potential conflict of interest.

    For instance, if as alleged by some, Fieldstone supported an event which resulted in net proceeds to this 501c, it is a conflict of interest if anyone involved in that 501c was involved in the eminent domain issue.

    Is there any way to confirm if Fieldstone supported any of these events to clear up this issue? This allegation has not been verified, but given the eminent domain issues at hand it merits investigation.

    It is potentially serious and should be resolved.
    Similarly, any votes/bids for work involving businesses that have supported (directly or indirectly) this 501c may have similar issues now or in the future.

  65. Doing the right thing now beats sticking with past mistakes every time. Obligations based on intentional misrepresentations and self-dealing do not deserve to be honored.

  66. I only wish Hogan didn’t sign the agreement which has left the township in its current situation. Pretty ironic that she says we should line up the township for another lawsuit as a result of her actions and inactions. Also ironic she does not have to contribute to the lawsuit burdens.

    • I love how you blame everything on Kathy despite the fact that she spoke out vociferously against the actions of Mayor Park. She voted against the financial plan for Fieldstone which, if Park and Broderick had, it would have stopped much of the project. So she tried and was outvoted. This was her last major vote relating to Fieldstone. I was there. I still contend that her vote was correct and there is no feasibility analysis that the town has been presented justifying its spending of the $5 million required under the financial agreement.

      By the way, as a government official, you are indemnified against “lawsuit burdens”. Otherwise, no one would ever run for public office. Your comments are plain silly, as is the bogus name that you posted under. Rather than create a real sounding name, why not just post under “Hogan hater” and be honest with everyone.

  67. It was Teague Dougherty Foley that reopened the Township Master Plan.

    It was Teague Dougherty Foley that basically asked planning board for their recommendation regarding redevelopment.

    Foley sits on planning board and votes.

    Planning board vote sent back to Teague Dougherty Foley, and they ‘accepted’ that vote. Then passed the necessary things to make it easier for Fieldstone to take Sulock’s property.

    If you think Teague Dougherty Foley did not help Fieldstone’s legal case against Sulock you are a fool.

  68. Just like you would expect from Cassel. Try to bring up a truth and you are not a person. Cassel simply dodged the points made. Facts are facts. Hogan voted for Fielstone, she is asking the current administration to take on an exhuastive and expensive lawsuit to undoe what she voted for and she does not pay taxes in her rent controlled dwelling. Remember just the facts Cassel you fraud.

    • I certainly don’t see your “name” in any property ownership. Facts are facts and you need to get them straight.

  69. Facts:

    1. Reread her post Hogan didn’t ask anyone to take on a lawsuit.

    2. undoe is spelled undo

    3. Dougherty stated during election eminent domain not obligation of contract with fieldstone. Read this article from the past : http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=18263640&BRD=1695&PAG=461&dept_id=44219&rfi=6
    Quote from article: “All candidates expressed – in varying degrees – reluctance to enforce eminent domain.
    “It would not be a breach of contract,” said Dougherty.
    Dougherty’s running mate Randy Teague and Foley both expressed desire to avoid eminent domain, but handle property acquisition in a “sensitive” manner.”

    Are St. Evelyn and J. Hensel now going to blame Dougherty’s quote on Hogan? Please

    4. Who cares what Hogan did or did not do – it’s a red herring argument raised by the silly shills of teaguedoughertyfoley. They flap their wings and scream Hogan Hogan at any criticism. Hogan didn’t reopen the master plan. Hogan didn’t refer new issues to planning board. Hogan didn’t make FOLEY cast his vote that helps Fieldstone against Sulock. Hogan didn’t then take planning board vote and then move to HELP Fieldstone take Sulocks property. Teague Dougherty Foley in office now and are taking actions that HELP eminent domain. They pledged to be against it when asking for our votes. Now they are for it? Please

    Now that it has been 2 years is it too much to ask Randy Teague Paul Dougherty and John Foley to take responsibility for their actions? Or will they and their supporters keep on blaming everything on Hogan? All of this is about what has been voted on and passed since TeaugeDoughetyFoley took ofice.

    J. Hensel you are a fool at best, and a handpuppet for TeagueDougheryFoley at worst.

    The fraud is *drumroll* the campaign of Victory 2007 aka TeagueDoughertyFoley and their lone suporter J. Hensel/St.Evelyn.

  70. What was that anon Cassel?

  71. No it wasn’t me. I just woke up. I don’t post anonymously. And what is your real name?

    BTW, when there is a post which is 100% spot on, your response is”was that anon Cassel?” Is that because I also post with 100% spot on accuracy? I take that as a complement. Thanks.

  72. The passage of the original redevelopment ordinance (adopted before I came to office) was based on numerous public misrepresentations and assurances that eminent domain would never be used for redevelopment in Haddon Township.

    Shortly after coming to office, I became aware of the duplicity, and fought against it for the rest of the time I served, during which time I was routinely outvoted 2 to 1.

    Whatever the history, the principle remains: Haddon Township should not participate in lawsuits to impose eminent domain abuse.

    I do not suggest that HT engage in a lawsuit FOR eminent domain abuse, as it now is doing, just the opposite. I suggest that HT NOT participate in such a law suit, and withdraw from it.

    People can always come up with excuses about why they can’t bring themselves to do the right thing, but such excuses are without honor or defense.

  73. St. Evelyn and its other names posts attacking Cassel and Sawchuk and Hogan.

    But the facts have been shown. Even a newspaper article posted shows how full of it TeagueDoughertFoley are.

    Care to explain St. Evelyn? Better ask Randy how to get out of these facts. Let me guess. You’ll post something mean about Hogan as your answer to the newspaper article.

    You’re a fool and I hope you’re not in bed with those guys too deep when the forensic audit happens. South Jersey is changing. Welcome to 2009.

  74. crickets

  75. Good morning all. Redevelopment is the main issue in this town. We are finally getting the info on the Fieldstone because they presented at the planning board.

    I find it very interesting that on the Fieldstone website, they don’t have the current plan. I actually liked a lot of what I saw at the meeting, but I question whether they want to be transparent and open to it.


    At we get at this point in the process, they have made their public presentation, but public comment is Thursday July 2nd before the July 4th weekend at 730 PM. So we should be able to see the plan in their website at a minimum. It is 2009, you know. It would take a day to make the changes. I personally spoke to Art Corsini and the meeting and told him it was important to put this up on the website and link to the township website. He said they would. There is nothing to hold back if it is a good project. But to date, nothing has shown up. I am hoping by speaking up, the people of this town will get the opportunity to see what I saw. I also told him to put up the video they showed on their website. That is a cinch through Youtube. We will see what they do. Maybe they already are working on it and it will be up any day.

    But if they don’t, I will stand up to request a postponement on public comment and action on July 2nd until they put it all up on the web. You see, I am around because that is also the day, the judge hears my case against the town for OPMA and OPRA violations.

  76. Interested to hear how your court case goes

    Any update on Sulock situation?

  77. I haven’t heard anything further on Sulock.

    There was a phone conference last Thursday with the judge, the town’s lawyer and my attorney. The town continues to look into things without any resolution of any issues. The judge really wants to whittle down the issues prior to trial. It appears that there may be another conference prior to July 2nd. When I know more, I will report.

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