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2-Alarm Fire Destroys Haddon Township Home



Firefighters rushed to the scene of a two-alarm house fire in Camden County Sunday night. Firefighters rushed to the scene of a two-alarm house fire in Camden County Sunday night.

The fire was reported at 205 Emerald Avenue in Haddon Township at about 7 p.m. The family was able to flee from the home, as the firefighters worked to control the blaze.

The blaze reportedly started on the second floor of the home, and the residents told police they had no idea how it happened.

The fire was put under control quickly and now authorities are trying to determine the cause.


48 Responses

  1. If anyone has info to help these families please post or send and email to jonjenja@verizon.net and I will try to get the word out to others.

  2. Our close friends on Emerald Avenue had a horrible fire at their house tonight. They will be displaced from their home for several months with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They have 3 dogs and a cat so finding places to stay is not easy.

    Anyone who knows someone in Haddon Township that may have a house rental, please contact me as they have a 16 year old who attends Haddon Township High School and it would be great for them to stay in town while they rebuild.

    Anyone wishing to make a contribution on their behalf can do so by contacting me. No amount is too small everything counts.

    Thanks for any help you can provide. They have been great friends to us and I would like to help them as much as possible.


  3. Has the investigation of this fire been completed? Was it determined what caused the fire?

  4. Reading the RETROSPECT of July 24 the neighborhood watch section shows there was an underage party on Emerald Ave on 6/13 in the 200 block.

  5. you can ask the county fire marshal about the cause but i do believe it is none of your business and there are over 25 houses in the 200 block of emerald so why make that statement how about the great job by the fire dept and the fack that no one was injured

  6. This was sent by Twp

    Dear Neighbor,

    On Sunday, July 19, 2009, a fire destroyed the twin home of two Haddon Township families. While everyone escaped and no serious injuries were reported, both families are now displaced from their homes with nothing other than the clothes on their backs. One of these families has a student attending Haddon Township High School. The other has a recent graduate of our high school.

    We are asking your assistance in easing this transition for these families. The family has already received considerable donations of used clothes. We are asking for donations of gift certificates to purchase additional clothing, household items, restaurant food or groceries. In the near future, we will have more information about a fundraiser that neighbors are presently planning to help these families with the more long-term challenges.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please drop off any donations to the Community Activities Office, Haddon Township Annex building located 10 Reeve Ave, Haddon Township between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM daily. If you have any questions, please contact Pat Thieringer at 856-854-0926 or pthieringer@haddon.k12.nj.us. Thank you for your anticipated help.

    • I am a cousin of one of the familes displaced.
      I want to say Thank You for all the help and support
      their neighbors and friends have given them in this
      time of need.

  7. There is no connection between the 2 that I’m aware of. It doesn’t really matter if there was. I’m just glad no one was hurt and heard our fire dept. did a fantastic job.

  8. It doesn’t surprise me that there are NO comments from St Evelyn or the anons that constantly bicker back and forth. Why not some suggestions for the families? Why not postive feedback for the fire dept.? How about something positive for a change?

    Well, the Commissioner’s Meeting is tomorrow night so I guess you will then have something to talk about.

  9. OK, you asked for it… Buy Renters Insurance.

    $20,000 of apartment insurance could have been had for $96 a year. That’s $8 a month. It’s less than the cost of Cable TV.

    In addition to paying for the things they lost (new, not used), it would have provided money for them to live elsewhere.

    I’m sorry for their loss and firemen are worth more than any praise I can offer.

    • I don’t think I saw they were tenants. I must have missed that

      • Are you saying they were squatters? If you’re saying they were squatters, I could understand why they didn’t buy insurance…. because buying insurance to protect your financial well being was the point of my post. The point of my post was not to determine their status of homeowner, tenant or condo owner… but I think you knew that.

        • Certainly not suggesting anything of the sort. A common habit of yours, putting words into mouths. I was stating that I had understood they were both homeowners and therefore would not have renters insurance.

          The point of my post was just to verify the facts.

          • I didn’t put any words in your mouth. You quibble over something meaningless without addressing the issue… they should have had insurance.

            • You know they did not have any insurance??? I don’t remember reading that either. You mention Renters insurance I’m fairly sure they are Homeowners.

              While again you manage to divert attention from the original post with your lack of facts.

              Point being many people are helping these two families and it would be nice to have positive postings for a change.

              • You invited my comments… You don’t like my peaches, don’t shake my tree.

                If they had insurance, you would not need a clothes drive

  10. Well I verify my facts and the families have insurance. Where did you get your “facts”

    • God forbid (and I mean that) you ever experienced a fire the put you out of your home. Would you want to replace your clothes with someone else’s used clothes or would you expect new clothes because that’s what your insurance promised. All the generosity is wonderful, but reconcile for me why it’s necessary if they have the insurance.

  11. I personally would feel grateful that at this traumatic time(walking out with nothing) to any assistance offered.

    I’m glad to see our town come together again to help others in need.

  12. If you want to pontificate, fine. It’s you blog.

    If, on the other hand, you want to have a discussion, you have answer the question you were asked, not the question you wish you were asked.

    I’ll give you one more chance… Would you want to replace your clothes with someone else’s used clothes or would you expect new clothes because that’s what your insurance promised?

  13. ST. Evelyn, your Home Owners Insurance will not cover the cost to rebuild a home plus your valuables. Call up your Agent and ask the limits. You’ll see. Then ask how much it would cost you to change your limits so it would cover all those costs, you’ll be amazed what they want to charge.
    And the prices of Renter’s insurance does not correlate with Home Owners Insurance. You can’t compare apples to apples with that.

    • If the Homeowner policy is written correctly on an HO-3 Form, Coverage A will pay the cost to rebuild a home with like kind and quality material up to the limit of insurance. Many insurance companies will pay beyond the limit if you pay for an endorsement extending the coverage. Coverage B of the homeowner policy, HO-3 Form will pay 70% (if Replacement Cost coverage was purchased) of the Coverage A amount for personal property like clothes and appliance. Sublimits apply to the policy for valuables such as jewelery, silverware etc but additional limits can be purchased usually at about 16 cents per hundred dollars of value.

      Whatever the cost, it has to be cheaper than not having insurance in the event of fire.

      I didn’t compare an HO-3 (homeowner form) to an HO-4 (Renters Form)

  14. If I had the option of wearing used clothes or nothing except what I walked out the door in while the insurance company takes their time in sending a check……….

    What a ridiculous question! I now realize how the anons get diverted from the original subject.

    The point of my post was that no one including yourself had anything positive to say and you continue to prove my point. I will not waste my time continuing but I’m sure will have something for you to disagree about after tonight’s meeting.

    Our town continues to pull together for those in need which is a wonderful thing.

    • You wrote, “It doesn’t surprise me that there are NO comments from St Evelyn…”

      I made my silent prayer thanking God nobody was hurt.

      You on the other hand have beat your breasts, wring your hands and cry nobody cares as much as you do.

      B*** S***!

      You don’t like my peaches? Don’t shake my tree.

  15. Wow! Where in all this discussion did that come from? You love to twist things to suit your version.

    Yes that was my quote and the end said “How about something positive for a change?” which you could not bring yourself to do.

    • The only twisting is you evading the conversation YOU STARTED! You HAD to say I didn’t offer a positive remark… those are YOUR words, not mine. Like it or not, you challenged me and now that I come back at you, you want to hide behind your bombs. Shame on you.

      My response went directly to personal responsibility… get insurance and you’re protected. Period.

      If they had it, fine. But what I read suggests they didn’t: they need someplace to live – covered by insurance; they need clothes – covered by insurance; they need help – covered by insurance. I didn’t think they had insurance. You said they did. Fine. I said reconcile why they need the community support for things ordinarily covered by insurance. Your answer? Bombs.

      No response is good enough for you though. You want to argue if they are tenants or homeowners. You want to argue that used underwear is noble and you’d wear it with pride if your community came together… shame on me for not getting in line. You still haven’t answered my question: why do they need so much community support if they have insurance?

      No one should have to go through the devestation they went through…insurance or not but that’s no excuse for you pointing your finger of contempt at anyone who offers a differing opinion.

      You want to stop this conversation? Be my guest., but if you point your finger at me I’ll come right back.

      Bring it on!

  16. Oy vey! Jen… nice to see you at the meeting tonight.

  17. I have to agree with the Anon post from before, St. Eve was called out, and is simply giving her take on the subject or incident if you will. You can’t demonize her for stating how she sees fit, especially if you brought asked her to comment on the subject. It may come off as cold and indifferent, but there is no law stating that she has to be rightious and caring.

  18. Oh. I forgot to report that my case’s court date was rescheduled to Mid September. So far the town has agreed to all of my OPRA issues in my favor. The issues still at hand are the illegal public meetings issues.

  19. Nice to hear that the town has agreed that you were RIGHT.
    Will we hear a public apology from Mayor Teague or Klineburger since they were wrong and you were right?

    If you win the public meetings issues then its a grand slam. You should run the bases, wave to the people, and someone should ask Klineburger to step down and go back to school for some more lessons.

    Will Klineburger return his billing fees for any legal opinions he offered the town that were incorrect? Could there be a legal malpractice issue here?

    Good job Cassel.

    So we now have (according to your post) what amounts to the town admitting they practiced BAD GOVERNMENT with respect to your OPRA issues.
    That is after 2 years of you begging them to do the right thing.

    Randy Teague should be ashamed of himself.

  20. Tomcat is talking out of school again——if it is BS Cassel is behind it—literally.

  21. The fact that they have acceded to all of my OPRA points so far on the litigation basically shows the ignorance of the last post. No BS, only the truth. Obviously, they have no clue whatsoever about the truth. That is why this is in court. IT IS ABOUT THE TRUTH.

    I will continue to press our town forward on open government. I did find it kind of interesting their reaction at the last meeting when I asked again (for the 3rd time) why we don’t video tape our meetings and post them on the township website so that everyone can see them on demand if they want. Then I pointed out that Audubon is posting videos on their website. They looked at me like I had a 3rd eye in the middle of my head. Oh well!

    I also asked why they don’t comply with the state laws requiring that minutes to meetings be available 48 hours in advance ofthe following meetings which, based upon current court cases, is the judicial standard. They don’t provide them until 2 meetings later. If they put the video or audios of the meeting on the web within a day or two, this would not be an issue. But they won’t. Also, I wouldn’t feel to compelled to attend if I could watch the meeting from the comfort of my family room (now that is incentive enough).

    I also asked about why they continue to overcharge for copies on OPRA requests despite recent court cases. These are all indicative of either (1) the lack of desire to make government more open to the public or (2) total ignorance of the laws. They said they would look into it, but it has been 2 months now that they are looking into it. I will continue to ask about this at every single meeting. Perhaps the next time I file an OPRA request, they will think about the 45 day statute limit relating to improper OPRA requests.

    By the way, the reason for the postponement on my case was that the judge was in the middle of a trial which conflicted with our case. I forgot to mention that in my last post. At this point, the next (and hopefully final) court date will include listening to the tape of 2/3/09 meeting so that the judge can hear about what the Mayor says on the record about the meetings with the solicitor.

  22. BTW, Jen – Congrats on the 20,000 visitors mark!!!!!

  23. I am amazed that Klineburger still has a job.
    Did he give money to their campaign or something?

  24. what money will pay to have the meetings taped our taxes are crazy already and will only go up and hurt the people of this town or will you tape ant post the meetings for them for free cassel ??

  25. It won’t cost the town a single extra dime to tape the meetings. We have all the equipment and the commissioners have acknowledged this. There are at least 6 or 7 township employees at every meeting, one of whom could set up the video. We could post it on YOUTUBE for free and embed the image in the website. Cost to taxpayers – ZERO.

    You know that if the meetings were available on the website now, you could watch this exact discourse when I had it with the commissioners and you would have had the proper information to make an intelligent post. The only reason not to record and put the tape on the website is because you don’t believe in open and transparent government.

  26. I ask again
    why does klineburger still hold a job?
    did he give money to their campaign or something?

  27. better question why do we pay 6 or 7 twp employees to be at the meeting.

  28. I know that all Dept. heads are supposed to be present and I think it is so if a resident has a question there is someone available to answer. The only people that don’t seem to be required is Betty Band and someone from the courts.

  29. To answer the questions above – the employees who attend the meetings are salaried. There is no additional cost to attending. But there is also no reason one of them couldn’t also be responsible for videotaping the meetings.

    Yes, Klineburger and his law partner both donated money to the commissioners.

    Last, there is a special commission meeting today to discuss Sulock and my case with Bob Baxter who is the township special counsel in these cases. It is open to the public initially and then they will go into closed session.

    • Did anyone go to the meeting?
      So the town had to hire a special lawyer to defend their actions? When Klineburger testified was Bobby Baxter his lawyer?
      Great so now we are paying a lawyer to defend the actions that involved the campaign-donating lawyer that was hired and got us into this mess.

      Why does Klineburger still work for our town?
      Can anyone offer a good explanation?

  30. crickets

  31. Although I didn’t attend the meeting, I heard about it. They voted and signed a settlement agreement relating to Sulock although none of the terms have been made public yet.

    And yes, Baxter is the lawyer for the town in both the Sulock matter and mine. Yes, Klineburger’s actions (improperly responding to an OPRA request by not properly redacting information or providing all the reasons for the redactions) had to be defended by another attorney.

  32. BTW, the “crickets” comment is a direct result of our commissioners holding a township meeting during the day, rather than in the evening when it is easier for residents to attend.

    • I don’t agree.

      I think the proximate cause of the “crickets” comment is Anonymous and his Klineburger harangue are boring.

  33. Actually, the Klineburger “harangue” is quite accurate in my opinion, although the tone could be a little more subdued and equally get the point across. We can agree to disagree, respectfully.

  34. I’m sorry but had to delete your comment. As much as I understand you’re frustration with the comments I will delete any profanity (sp?).

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