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Full Backpacks for kids

Shannon is a graduate of Haddon Twp and does this every year. Hopefully she will able to reach her goal.

Dear Friends and Family,

It is that time of year again that children are getting ready for their next big school year.  Every year there are children in our area that are unable to start the school year with the proper supplies.  Once again this year my agency, Family Service is running a back pack drive to help these desperate families.  I am able to see first hand the positive effects that new school supplies and a new backpack have on a child’s education.  This year more then ever families do not have the money to pay for the supplies that their children need.  For example, I am working with nine year old Sebastian who lives in a motel with his mother and 15 year old brother.  Sebastian’s mother has put in several applications for work but has not had any luck.  Without the back pack drive Sebastian and his brother would not be prepared for the upcoming school year.  When a mother has a choice between feeding her children for the week or school supplies you can guess that she is going to opt to feed the children.  This might appear to be an extreme case however with the economy the way that it has been cases like this are coming to our agency more and more frequently.

 Last year my friends and family were overwhelmingly supportive.  I am asking for your help once again this year.  I have a goal of 100 filled backpacks between myself, my friend and family.  I am so excited to see the results. I have already purchased 19 backpacks with the help of used printer cartridges.  I am asking all of you to help me out if you are able.

 If you would like to help me meet this goal, there are a variety of ways you can.  The first would be filling a brand-new backpack with school supplies of your choice.  Another option is to purchase school supplies that can be put into already-donated backpacks.  Thirdly, for those of you who really want to help but aren’t sure you’ll have the time to shop, a monetary donation would be just as useful.  (I will be the one purchasing those supplies.)  Lastly, if you or the company you work for have any used printer cartridges, I am able to trade them in for cash to be used to buy supplies as well. I receive $ 3.00 in school supplies for every used printer cartridge.

 I am more than willing to pick any of these things up, or they can be dropped off to me at my apartment.  On a side note, all donations are tax deductible 🙂

Thank you to those of you who have helped tremendously already.

 With appreciation for all of your support,

Shannon Burke



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