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No more separating for recycling

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and cut collection costs, Haddon Township will go to “single stream” with ZERO SORT® RECYCLING beginning September 1st, 2009.

What is “single stream” recycling?
Single stream recycling is the collection of mixed paper and commingle recyclables in one container. A “single stream” program integrates the separation and collection components of recycling; all recyclable materials, except for organics, are collected in one “stream.”

How does “single stream” recycling reduce our town’s carbon footprint and save money?
Because single stream allows for the collection of recyclables in one vehicle, instead of two, less fossil fuels are utilized for collection. Less fossil fuels, less vehicles, and less manpower needed for the recycling collection significantly reduces the cost of collection. Additionally, “single-stream” recycling will save valuable tax dollars on “cost avoidance.” Studies have found that “single –stream” recycling increases participation rates an average of 15% to 17%; therefore, more material recycled means less money “avoided” on landfill fees.

How does single stream affect how I put out my recycling?
Single stream allows residents to put all their recyclables into one container. Haddon Township residents may place all of their recycling into the large red container for pickup.

What if I still sort my recycling into two containers?
Residents who choose to continue to sort recyclables, will still have their recyclables picked up at the curb. Single stream recycling refers only to the process by which recyclable materials are collected.

What is Zero-Sort® recycling?
Zero-Sort® recycling is only the fancy name given to the “single stream” process by Casella, the company which handles our recyclable material!

Learn more
For more information about the “single stream” process go to www.casella.com or view “Recycling Gets Easy” below by clicking on the arrow.


3 Responses

  1. There seems to be a lot of confusion concerning the new directives for recycling. Perhaps the town should consider issuing a flyer to each household advising of every resident of the rules and regulations. Not everyone receives “The Retrospect” or has access to channel 19. Honestly there seems to be no communications with the residents except for the Courier Post and The Retrospect. The quarterly update is not sent out often enough.

  2. Whats on and the Courier Post publish free papers to every house. That would be a good avenue to provide this info.

    I don’t agree that they should send more quarterly updates. In fact, I find them to be a total waste of money. We would be better off doing what Haddonfield does. They use What’s On as an avenue to send weekly/biweekly updates to their citizens. They have a dedicated “Municipal Matters” page that summarizes what the town is up to. It is very informative. They pay for that privilege. In my opinion, that is a frequent and free to the recipient way to “spread the word”.

  3. Tom, I will agree with you on this one.
    I just think we need more of an focused monthly update.

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