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Deletions and Blocks

I knew I would get criticism for what I did and don’t have a problem with it. The purpose of this blog is bring up facts for discussion. I have had this blog for many months now and only blocked one person before for constantly doing the “copy and paste”. I’ve allowed insults, lies, accusations and bashing. This got out of hand!!!!

People actually come to this blog for information. Information from both sides! Unfortunately, many times it gets sidetracked and that’s the nature of a blog. Opposing sides viewing what they feel is right.

I will reinstate all that are in “timeout” as one person said. Repetition and profanity will be deleted and if continued that person will be blocked.


6 Responses

  1. Why is tree cutting necessary on a Sat. morning? How much overtime is being paid?

  2. how is overtime relevant we dont get an extra tax bill for it

  3. well, I would think that overtime eats into the budget therefore there would be a shortage in the budget and it has to be made up somewhere.

  4. Overtime is very relevant as is redundant work. I see a new sign went up on Cuthbert Blvd. for the Block Party. The wind will twist the sign, like it always does and they’ll have to send a crew of 3 people out to fix it, like they always do. I have made a few suggestions to the mayor as to how to keep it from happening but never heard back.

    • Randy Teague didn’t return your phone call? I am shocked! Maybe if you learn the secret handshake you can get in on the alleged ‘real’ commissioner meetings where the town is run is alleged secrecy!

  5. To be fair, I emailed him. So far, week one and the new sign hasn’t flipped almost the other day. Yes, I have no life.

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