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Police Ask for Help in Luring Incident

Haddon Township Police are asking the public for information about an attempted luring incident that reportedly occurred last Sun., Oct. 4.

Police report that on Sunday at about 6:15 p.m., the police received a report of an attempted luring that occurred in the 200 block of Strawbridge Avenue in the Westmont section.
A gray or brown minivan type vehicle, possibly a Honda Odyssey, approached two juvenile females. The van was reportedly occupied by white males in their early twenties. The driver was wearing a green hat, may have had facial stubble, and had brown hair.
The front seat passenger was said to have darker colored hair.
The investigation revealed that the van pulled up near the two juveniles and one of the occupants told them to get in. The van then pulled away, approached a second group of juvenile females further down the block and told them to get in the vehicle.
The van then approached the original pair of females from the opposite direction, opened a door, and one of the occupants said, “I said, get in.”
The van then left the area towards Haddon Avenue and was not seen again.
Anyone having additional information about this incident is requested to contact the Haddon Township Police Department Detective Bureau at 854-1176 ext. 4135.


11 Responses

  1. If this happened Oct 4th why wasn’t an email sent out to all residents that are signed up for the email blast with the twp? We have to wait for it to come out in The Retrospect?

  2. aren’t their traffic cameras around there at a few intersections? they have some at cuthbert and white horse pike, and some similar ones at other intersections.

    shouldn’t be too hard to review cameras in area intersections at that time and get a plate on every such minivan and then go knocking on some doors.

    paul dougherty is commissioner in charge of public safety — perhaps he should consider more prompt notification of the community when there is such an event. I would say this was a serious oversight on dougherty’s part.

  3. http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/press/atlantic/article_7e03f7e2-a857-11de-9a05-001cc4c002e0.html

    THE PRESS of Atlantic City Sept 23, 2009 article:

    The Pleasantville School District’s next state-appointed fiscal monitor spoke with The Press of Atlantic City this morning, after a Tuesday night school board meeting that saw his predecessor announce his appointment and the board vow to challenge it at the state level.
    “It’s a chance to help kids, basically,” said Mark Ritter, when asked why he took the job. The retired Haddon Township administrator said he and the Department of Education showed mutual interest in his becoming the monitor, succeeding John Deserable and James Riehman.
    Ritter is aware of the board’s desire to void his appointment. He said of his relationship with district officials: “I’m hopeful that it’ll be productive.”
    The current Medford resident owns property in Ocean City and might live there during his Pleasantville tenure, he said. Ritter’s appointment runs from Oct. 1 of this year to Oct. 1, 2011.
    Congratulations to Mr. Mark Ritter, retired Haddon Township administrator, and his new position as a monitor for the New Jersey Department of Education.

  4. —– Original Message —–
    From: Det. Kirk Earney
    To: Marie Ely ; sally duva ; Pamela Brown ; bbarbieri@haddon.k12.nj.us ; Tom Priory ; Tim Schieber ; SquazzoPack ; Pat Thieringer ; Melissa Young ; Maggi Downham ; Kate Burns ; John Medes ; Greg Filosa ; Frank Jackson ; Elenor Connell ; Dave Donahue ; D.F CONWAY ; Bob Davy ; Betty Band ; Barbara Prince ; Bud Pusater ; APRIL TOMASKI
    Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 12:24 PM
    Subject: Fw: ATTEMPTED LURING 10-04-2009.doc

    Please read the below information about an attempted luring in town.

    Thank You,

    This was sent on the 7th yet no one from the township notified the residents???

    • Paul Dougherty is the commissioner in charge of Public Safety.

      Parents should have been notified so that they could alert their children. This is standard practice.

      Shame on Paul Dougherty.



    the 2007 report on the Westmont Theatre

    Haddon Township residents may be interested in this report

    Public Notice

    Work session and Regular meeting same night
    Please take note that the Haddon Township Planning/Zoning Board
    meeting for Monday October 19, 2009 will be both Work Session and
    Regular Meeting. The meeting will be the same time 7:30 p.m. in the
    Municipal Building, 135 Haddon Avenue, Haddon Township,N.J. 08108

    Chapter 231, Public law 1975 requires that adequate notice of this
    meeting be provided.

    Bonnie Richards
    Secretary to the
    Planning/Zoning Board

  7. Regarding the HTAA clubhouse in Haddon Township

    Following up regarding the HTAA clubhouse in Haddon Township – has the building become available for the use of the bathrooms for the children (and adults)? I found it interesting that a clubhouse for a sports organization would have an elevator – that this new building was built in such a way that it required an elevator? Will this elevator be able to be used during hours that children are around the complex? Will they be able to get into the elevator and ride the elevator? Who holds the insurance for the HTAA organization and what type of insurance will be carried and by whom for this new HTAA clubhouse? Is Mr. Bob Davy still president of the HTAA organization?

  8. Seeing this information – I find it interesting about the ‘complementary Flying Fish Octoberfish’ – is that BEER? BLUE BEER GARDEN?? Is that a new bar on Haddon Ave?? Does the Business Improvement District taxes pay for this beer? Is there a permit for this beer?
    Haddon Township as a very interesting Farmer’s Market
    The Westmont Farmers Market

    Wed , Oct. 14th , 4-7
    Musical Guest – Sara O’Brien
    Being served in the blue beer garden ( located behind blue in the garden
    area ) Complementary Flying Fish Octoberfish .

    Check out who’s coming to our market.
    Mommas Homemade Apples Sauce
    Pats Pets Pastries
    La Dolce Vita Bakery – hot apple cider
    La Guadalupama Mexican Restaurant
    Butcher Bloc
    Severinos Pasta
    Sara’s Produce
    Formissino Farms
    Fruitwood Farms
    Le Baguette Bakery
    Ace Hardware ( mums , cornstalks )
    Muth Farm Flowers
    Cub Scouts Popcorn Fundraiser

    Our remaining dates .
    Oct. 21 Market sponsor Yogawood night at the market
    Oct. 28 Our final night of the year is Haddon Township Appreciation
    night at the market.
    Citizens / Government / Police / Fire / Public Works /
    Business Owners / Our Teachers all invited to share and celebrate
    everything Haddon.

    Westmont Farmers Market
    WED 4-7:00

  9. Reading an article in THE RETROSPECT of last Friday regarding a ‘Large garage in Twp. Left in limbo’ in Haddon Township, do I understand correctly that the solicitor of the board was there, but only four members of the board “showed up” for this meeting? Does Haddon Township have a combined planning/zoning board in their community? Looking at the Haddon Township board members on their web site there are fourteen members of this board – and only four “showed up” that night? The solicitor had to be paid for being there, but no business could happen because the board members were not there? There appears to be some “communication” problems with Haddon Township board members, or maybe you just don’t have to show up if the issues are “hot” for the meeting. They have another meeting scheduled for Oct 19th. I wonder how many board members will be there?

  10. THE RETROSPECT October16, Haddon Township Neighborhood Watch page 5, there is a report titled “Street Fight”. There is a contractor putting a new sewer system on E. Ormond Ave and someone was fired from the job and it lead to a fight on the street between the employee and the boss of the job? The police took the employee back to the police office to prepare charges of simple assault and harassment against boss of the job? I wonder what the outcome was on this issue and how was this contractor hire to do this job in Haddon Township?

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