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Haddon Twp Phillies Night


Watch the World Series on the Recchino Turf Field!

Share this memorable Phillies event with hundreds of your neighbors and friends!!

Large 30 foot Screen
Free Admission
Refreshments available

Wednesday, October 28
Pre-Game Festivities begin at 7:00 PM
Bring Blankets and Lawn Chairs

Sponsored by
Mayor Randy Teague
Commissioner Paul Dougherty
Commissioner John C. Foley


8 Responses

  1. It’s amazing that the twp can send this out in a mass email but nothing gets sent about the luring incident!

  2. Mr. Douglas Kelly who runs the Haddon Township Farmer’s market as one of the directors of the Board of Directors of the Business Improvement District in Haddon Township and the taxation money collected from business property owners, advertises “complementary beer” from the blue beer garden for the Farmer’s Markets on October 28th (I think blue is Mr. Douglas Kelly’ business – still not clear who pays for the beer); will there be “COMPLEMENTARY beer” for the adults at this event and “COMPLIMENTARY root beer” for the children?
    e-mail distributed by Mr. Douglas Kelly:

    The Westmont Farmers Market
    Tonight Oct. 7 , 4-7
    Tonight is market sponsors Yogawood and blue night at the market ,
    Please show them you support them supporting us !

    Check out who’s coming to market.
    Mommas Homemade Apples Sauce
    Pats Pets Pastries
    La Dolce Vita Bakery
    Butcher Bloc
    Severinos Pasta
    Sara’s Produce
    Formissino Farms
    Fruitwood Farms
    Le Baguette Bakery
    Ace Hardware ( mums , cornstalks )
    Muth Farm Flowers
    Cub Scouts Popcorn Fundraiser

    *******Next week is our last market of the season *********
    Oct. 28 Our final night of the year is Haddon Township Appreciation night at the market.
    Citizens / Government / Police / Fire / Public Works / Business Owners / Our Teachers all invited to share and celebrate everything Haddon.
    musical guest Sara O’Brien and complementary beer in the blue beer garden !!!! Also project porch light will be handing out Free compact florescent
    light bulbs .

    Douglas Kelly
    43 Haddon Ave.
    Haddon Township , NJ 08108
    H 856.854.7774
    W 856.854.3016

  3. I guess they still have not caught the lurers? Yes, they have.

    • I’m guessing from the article in The Retrospect that they indeed did catch the people responsible. Good work to the police dept. However, I do it agree with above that if you can use the email blast for movie night why not something as important to protect the children in this town?????? Not all children go thru the Haddon Twp schools!!!

  4. Seeing that Haddon Group Real Estate is moving from their location on Crystal Lake Ave in Haddon Township to a location on Haddon Ave, will they now pay the additional taxation that the businesses on Haddon Ave pay towards the Haddon Township Business Improvement District taxation system? I believe their location on Crystal Lake Ave did not have to pay this additional tax. Is it possible that the other businesses on Haddon Ave will have to continue to pay this additional tax, however, Haddon Group may not have to pay this tax?? Possibly, Ms. Kate Burns would have the answer to this question

  5. According to the Retrospect nobody was charged with luring. Maybe the police did not send the blast right away because they were investigating whether the report was accurate before scaring all of us with young children. .

    • While I would like to believe that was the case, a note was sent to all parents within the school system. What about babysitters, or grandparents watching children from outside the school district? Again, children that do not go to the schools in town?

      If it was sent to all parents thru the schools it should have also been sent in a blast and not have us heard from a newspaper a week later ESPECIALLY if they haven’t charged anyone.

  6. free beer?
    will dougherty be there?

    Paul this buds fo you!

    Go Phillies!

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