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New state law

there’s a new state law (NJSA 39:4-77.1) that makes it against the law to drive with snow on your car, with fines from $25-$75.


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  1. There is an ad in the Retrospect newspaper of October 30 on page 2 regarding a $10,000 in gift card giveaways in Haddon Township. Is there more information on this giveaway, like who is running this program? It shows a list of participating businesses. There must be a process to follow for a program like this. This half page ad (I presume it is an ad) – who paid for this advertisement?

  2. Talking about snow, the HTAA seems to be in the middle of a “blizzard”!

    7/31/09 Retrospect – an article on the HTAA clubhouse – the two year mark is near for the HTAA clubhouse being built on school district property. Mr. Bob Davy, president of HTAA, said HTAA will likely phase in the opening of the clubhouse, allowing bathrooms to be in use……… . School District Superintendent, Dr. Mark Raivetz states that high school athletic programs stand to benefit from the clubhouse, particularly the restrooms and first aid facilities. Mr. Davy states there are no formal grand opening plans for the clubhouse. (continued)


  3. 7/31/09 Retrospect – an article “Saunders Family Turns over $15K Memorial Check” –this article indicates that 16 garage sized storage units were purchased from this donation. Dr. Raivetz, School district Superintendent, comments that the partnership between HTAA, the township government, and the school district is a “model” for other communities. (continued)


  4. 8/7/09 Retrospecrt – an article “Elevator Snafu Hinders HTAA Clubhouse Progress”
    Mr. Ed Toussaint, construction code official, confirms this week (wk of 8/2/09) that a lift ordered by HTAA has been rejected by the NJ Dept of Community Affairs (DCA) for not meeting buiding code requirements. In total DCA HAS DENIED HTAA THREE TIMES!! The article states that the Haddon Township’s construction office received sritten notice in October 2008. My understanding from this article, HTAA submitted plans SOMETIME after the ground breaking in October 2007 to the State of NJ Dept of Community Affairs. The HTAA had appealed the DCA decision pleading hardship. On July 20, the DCA denied the hardship appeal. HTAA proceeded to file an appeal with the Camden County Board of Appeals. Mr. Toussaint indicates that a temporary certificate of occupancy to allow some use of the clubhouse, particularly the bathrooms, he is not sure that will be practical; to issue a CO the building should be handicap accessible – having a temporary CO would mean the clubhouse was essentially ready for a regular CO. Mr. Toussaint indicates in this article that the handicap accessible issue is one issue, however, he advises “there’s an extensive list of items to be done”. (continued)


  5. 10/30/09 Retrospect – Mayor Teague advises the township has issued a temporary certificate of occupancy (CO) for the first floor of the clubhouse. The hold up on a final CO hinges on the outcome of a legal appeal by HTAA to allow a wheelchair lift to be installed. (continued)


  6. 11/5/09 -reading these articles, it appears that this elevator/wheelchair lift issue has been going on since the beginning of this clubhouse building discussion, which is not clear exactly what year that would have been. This clubhouse is on school district property, the township municipal government is involved on different matters of this location. The State of New Jersey Dept of Community Affairs has replied with THREE DENIALS to the HTAA! HTAA proceeded to file an appeal with the Camden County Board of Appeals. It would seem to me, that there has been an amount of “funds” going towards this legal process from the moneys of the HTAA??

    Were Dr. Mark Raivetz or Mr. Mark Ritter (who has now “retired” from the Haddon Township School district to working under State of NJ Commissioner Lucille Davy, currently a monitor in Pleasantville NJ at $600/day) aware of this situation with the Dept of Community Affairs? Was the Haddon Township School district copied on any correspondence regarding all these issues of the HTAA clubhouse?


    I’m still interested to learn, if and when this issue is “cleared”, who will be in control of this clubhouse with regards to usage, schedules, maintenance, etc., etc, etc??

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