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Some new(old) subjects to debate

I took the liberty of taking from Citizen Kane’s post.

1) What happened to inital missing (approx 10,000) money from “Tony’s Run” event

2) Status of 501c allegedly created called “friends of Haddon Townsihp” by Randy/Paul/Commissioner Foley.

3) Financial explanation of who pays for cost of events that fund this private fund of Randy/Paul/Commisioner Foley

4) Resolution of alleged billing issues with Klineberger. Did he use same mysterious system for his private clients?

5) Detailed review of Housing Authority appointments and one important issue: review records of sales of property by seniors who then moved into senior housing. It is alleged that a person involved in the process of senior housing also may have been purchaser/seller of senior’s homes : if so, was this conflict of interest managed appropriately?

6) Status of eminent domain abuse issue.

7) Review of appointments made by current administration and review of potential conflicts of interest/personal relationships

Update of status regarding investigation into the alleged improper relay of information from OPRA requests to attorney representing Klineberger’s alleged law partner in alleged initmidation lawsuit. article here :

9) Update on Fieldstone situation

10) Update on Theater

11) Investigation of potential conflicts of interest and how they are managed regarding change orders submitted later for projects that are initially awarded contracts promising to do work for a low price, then price jacked up later — what is process for approving this? Is there any oversight to review for and manage any potential conflicts of interest between township engineer and those firms?

12) Analysis of cost of living changes in township after they jacked up fees on a great many things.



79 Responses

  1. Someone needs to look into the incredible amount of money that has been wasted for the club house at Recchino Field. The second floor of the building is unusable due to the arrogance of those that thought they did not have to follow the laws. There are 10’s of thousands of tax payer dollars that have been wasted. Look into this and get the information out and this town will be amazed at the mis-management of this project. Someone needs to be held accountable.

    • Maybe someone should investigate just who runs the HTAA. The same people have been in charge too long and have created an old boys club. I personally think the powers that be in the HTAA have many skeletons in their respective closets concerning the funds they have receieved through registration. Are these books open to the public? I think the HTAA is a great program at the volunteer level. Both of my kids played in just about every sport offered and the unsung heroes are the vounteer coaches, not the higher ups that play with the money

  2. This was from the Retrospect today

    Shortly before presstime, The Retrospect learned of financial problems clouding the completion of the Haddon Township Athletic Association’s long-awaited clubhouse.

    According to a fax from DesignBuild Affiliates, general contractor and architect for the clubhouse, sent to a subcontractor the project went “severely over budget.”
    Penned by DesignBuild principal Mike DiFazio and dated Nov. 17, the fax states that the company is “no longer in business” and has no money to pay subcontractors for completed work.
    Haddon Township Mayor Randy Teague, reached before presstime, learned of the situation when asked to help the subcontractor, TriState Fire, get payment. Teague informed TriState that the project is funded and run by HTAA, not the township.
    “Most people perceive this as a township municipality project,” Teague said, “but we have nothing to do with it.”
    Teague said he has been in contact with HTAA officials including vice president Bill Mellet and treasurer Merri Griese. Teague said he was assured HTAA has plenty of funds to complete the clubhouse. How that will happen remains unclear.
    Teague said he was unable to confirm a rumor that DesignBuild or DiFazio was filing for bankruptcy on Friday.
    According to DiFazio’s fax to TriState, HTAA is “currently coming up with a plan to resolve the situation” and “get everyone paid.”
    HTAA president Bob Davy could not be reached for comment

  3. http://www.theretrospect.com/default.asp?sourceid=&smenu=1&twindow=&mad=&sdetail=2110&wpage=1&skeyword=&sidate=&ccat=&ccatm=&restate=&restatus=&reoption=&retype=&repmin=&repmax=&rebed=&rebath=&subname=&pform=&sc=1155&hn=theretrospect&he=.com

    This article in the Retrospect says the planning board of Haddon Township gave approval to the owners of the Westmont Shopping Plaza to demolish 20,000 sq. ft. endcap building to make way for a Wachovia Bank retail location?? Isn’t there already a Wachovia Bank in that block?? How much discussion did the board have on this matter? Maybe there is more to the story, however, wasn’t there talk that the citizens were looking to have, possibly a center of some type in that building? I guess if you demolish the building, that ends that possibility.

    • Maybe they needed more office space and will move the banking location to an area more visible. A town center could have gone up there just as much as a bank can go up there. Whoever come up with the rent can place just about what they want in there, as long as it’s not a flea market.

  4. http://www.theretrospect.com/default.asp?sourceid=&smenu=1&twindow=&mad=&sdetail=2106&wpage=1&skeyword=

    Another article in Retrospect talks about Haddon Township “shop local get lucky” that they are having. Reading this it sounds like a raffle situation – giving prizes. Aren’t there rules and regulations regarding raffles in New Jersey? Which division of Haddon Township municipal government is sponsoring this raffle – does it come under the non-profit of the Haddon Township commissioners? Possibly there is more to this story also.

  5. http://www.tohip.org/index.html

    Township of Haddon Improvement Project Inc

    Going to this site is makes reference to a HTBP Inc – is there still a HTBP Inc in the township of haddon

    • under the regime of Randy, Paul, and commissioner Foley there has been growth of these mysterious groups wth no explanation of who they are or what they do.

      Not to mention the mysterious private charity that Randy and Paul allegedly run on the taxpayer dollar for the expenses of their “Turkey Trot” and “Tony’s Run.”

      I would love to see an OPRA request for vehicle time logs, payroll stubs, overtime paid, and cost for EMS coverage for the events that serve to raise money for Randy’s and Paul’s little fund. Can anyone confirm that none of this cost is shouldered by the taxpayer? Or is the accounting for this little fun similar to the records of Klineburger, and nobody can decipher what the heck is going on?

      What are we paying for with our taxes?
      We should get what we pay for!!!!

      • you can ask about ot for the cops or public works but you fire and ems is a volunteer company why do people forget that

        • “volunteer” as in the ambulances and associated equipement and cost of maintenance are free of charge?

          Somebody pays to buy that ambulance and fill the gasoline tank.

          Of course the volunteer services of our great firemen/women and EMTs is greatly apprecitated, but those vehicles aren’t cheap to purchase/maintain.

          When Randy and Paul have those vehicles at their little boondoggle events to raise funds for their allegedly private charity, even if the labor of the EMTs and firemen/women is an in-kind donation, the capital cost of the equipment is a direct donation.

          Can you hear me Randy and Paul? How bout some explaining to the people that are paying the bills? Are you going to claim you used the same computer program as your campaign-donor-turned-solicitor-with-no-prior-experience Klineburger and we just can’t figure it out?

          How about you give the taxpayers a break and just come clean? Nothing is more disgusting than an elected official that holds his or her own constituents in contempt. Randy Teague you lost my respect when you shouted at the police to remove a private citizen from the public comment portion of a meeting. You are a disgrace to public office, and will be forever remembered as such in Haddon Township.

          • guess you know nothing about the town there is a fire board of fire commissioners elected by the towns people a bord of 5 people read you tax form 250 -300 per house per year for your fire tax that covers all the equipment and maitnance be happy of the town that saves you py not having a paid dept un like cherry hill where is it 1200 per house hold per year the mayor and the town commissioners have nothing to do with your fire dept or its cost you should read the fund drive when it comes out i had you same opinion until i needed to call 911 and there was a fire truck and ambulance at my house before the police and i talked to the chief who explained this to me it was an eye opener so pick on the mayor or the cops or the public works dept but leave the fire dept alone or get you facts straight first

            • have nothing against fire dept.

              Point is only that as you pointed out we pay a fire tax.

              If Randy and Paul are using Fire/Police/EMS services to cover their events to raise money for their allegedly private charity fund they should provide information for if they are covering the cost or if it is the Taxpayer that is covering the costs.

              It’s all about Randy and Paul and their shennanigans. No issues at all with fire/police/ems. Don’t fall for the Randy and Paul politic tricks of turning us against each other while they run off with our tax dollars.

              Keep up the good work.

    • Glad to see you back, Ms. Fallstick (under your new e-mail address). Evidently, no one in Delaware wants to hear how you are their newly appointed watchdog. Just can’t stay away. Maybe no one cares there either. Smart! Stay out of Haddon Twp. You no longer pay taxes and have no say! Maybe you can finally volunteer for a real cause and put your energy towards something positive! You only know how to destory and never be part of the solution. Lucky for Delaware, they have already figured you out!

  6. What is the revenue report for the parking meters that were installed? Have they covered their cost yet?

  7. http://www.haddontwp.com/pdf/HTPressFall08.pdf

    On page #10 of the Haddon Press for Autumn 2008 is written that the new (HTAA) clubhouse building, etc., comprise a capital campaign project undertaken and fully funded by the HTAA organization as their (HTAA) contribution to the Recchino Athletic Complex Improvement Plan. Does anyone have a copy of the Recchino Athletic Complex Improvement Plan?? It continues: to date, over 90% of the projected costs of the clubhouse building have been provided for VIA GENEROUS PRIVATE DONATIONS. Our fundraising efforts, etc. There does not seem to be an actual “web site” for this organization, only sites to register for sports – how much does this organization take in for just registrations? How do you take GENEROUS PRIVATE DONATIONS and start to build this large clubhouse not under the laws of the State of NJ???

  8. Financial problems clouding the completion of the Haddon Township Athletic Association’s long-awaited clubhouse? How did this project ever get this big… it should be a simple clubhouse.

    • I have said this since the beginning. There is no reason for it to be sooo large. I wonder if there is a way to request all financial records to see where this money is coming from and if there is any connection to the taxpayers.

  9. I remember a certain citizen asking questions of the HTAA leadership regarding finances and told that they didn’t answer to anyone. Maybe the time has come for the leadership to open their books for everyone to review.

    • I thought our town had a mayor?

      Interesting that anytime anything comes up Randy just says ‘hey not my problem” and doesn’t engage.

      It’s happening in our town under his watch. You would think he would stand up and take interest.
      How were permits issues? How was construction conducted? How about the town look into it?
      Just because it is not Randy’s “fault” doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen under his watch in his town.

      Maybe if Randy and Paul spent some time actually caring about the town and working to improve it instead of just throwing mud and playing “gotcha” politics we could get something done around here.

      Hey who is the compliance officer… oh yeah.. that shows how much Randy and Paul care about our town.

      • This building is on Board of Education property, what part does the Board of Ed play in this mess? How much money could HTAA have possibly received in private donations? Who is responsible for ordering the lift that is unusable and there is no guarantee of the company applying any of the $20K towards a new one? And if it is true that HTAA does have this much money, the people authorizing these payments need to provide some explanations as to how the money is being spent. Is it true that HTAA and/ or the township paid the (now bankrupt) builder money prior to each phase being completed? As a parent of several children involved in HTAA sports it’s time we got some answers. Does any of the money that we pay towards sports go to this? It’s time for the HTAA board to start answering some questions.

        • I have a suggestion for a project.

          Get a big chalkboard.

          Diagram each little cabal of power in the town and its members. Draw lines connecting the relationships between members of each group, and personal relationships between members and the appointments.

          I suspect you will find a group of about 10-15 people is behind all of this, with the same 5-7 people with their fingers in each pie.

  10. http://www.theretrospect.com/default.asp?sourceid=&smenu=1&twindow=&mad=&sdetail=2122&wpage=1&skeyword=

    article from Retrospect:

    Can the court of appeals and the municipal government of Haddon Township approve this type of change for an elevator in this building or does the HTAA organization have to go back to the state for the approval?

    • isn’t it interesting that randy and paul’s government stuck their nose in some poor guy’s garage and made him tear it down but randy claims that he can’t get involved in the HTAA clubhouse?

      does randy teague think we are all fools?

  11. Hey all you losers, come on up Tuesday night—- the three of them are bored of Cassell and would like to LOL at all of these anons if they made up of more than two living maggots

    • I’m sure they would love for some more of the anonymous critics to stand up and be identified so that they could turn their nasty political mud throwing machine against them.

      Few have the strength of character that Cassel has to withstand such ugly attacks so I don’t blame people for not wanting to be identified.

      I notice that you too (like every single supposed supporter of Randy and Paul) are anonymous

  12. http://www.njslom.com/magart0306_pg58.html

    Have all the members of the Haddon Township planning board been through the requirements to be members under the State of New Jersey?

    Planning/Zoning Board Haddon Township
Bill Wambach 
Charles Pusatere
Christine Hopkins 
Donald Cofsky
Frank L. Monzo 
James Stevenson 
Joe Iacovino
John Foley
Linda Rohrer
Maggie Downham 
Nicholas Mink 
Richard Rotz
Suzanne Discher 
Wayne Chang

  13. Info from the Haddon Township web site:

    Haddon Township
    Business Improvement District Advisory Board http://www.htbid.org

Alan Nastasi 
Bruce Curless
Christine Hopkins
Doug Kelly
Dr. Martin
Edward Loughman
Johanna Ross
Kate Burns
Kenneth Landis
Kevin Meeker
Pete Severino
Peter Papadeas
Stacey Douglas
    The Business Improvement District Advisory Board of the Township of Haddon will conduct their bi-monthly meetings as follows:

January 12, 2009
March 9, 2009
May 11, 2009
July 13, 2009
September 14, 2009
November 9, 2009

All meetings will be held in the Annex Building located at 10 Reeve Avenue, Haddon Township, N.J., and will be convened at 8:30 AM.

    What is the purpose of this advisory board and does it spend money in the Township? Are there copies of minutes to show who actually attends these meetings and if they spend money, what is the process for approving the spending?

  14. So the club house, the size of a Walmart super store, is having some financial issues. Is anybody surpirsed. Give it time…its only been about 2 years. Maybe their going to sell the naming right.

  15. http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/press.aspx?id=4854

    referenced in this is a company in Westmont NJ – that is part of Haddon Township??

  16. Why does Kathy Fallstick (LK45smile) in Delaware still post here?

    • How exactly do you know that LK45smile is Kathy?

      Either way, if she is posting factual information then more power to her. She was another of the few people in town that had the guts to stand up and challenge Randy and Paul’s deeds in public. Guess that means you have to attack her too?

      Same old pattern. Good citizens stand up to speak out against these messes and a few anonymous (or maybe just one?) bullies throw mud and scream at then while Randy and Paul smirk.

      Kathy Fallstick was speaking out about the BID, HTAA, and these little moneypots of trouble 2 years ago and Randy and Paul literally sat up there and laughed at her and never answered her questions. Guess what?? SHE WAS RIGHT, and if they had listened instead of smirked at each other maybe our Mayor could have done something to stop this mess from happending.

      But Randy and Paul would rather just say ‘hey we didn’t build it’ and act like it’s not their problem. It affects OUR town, and Randy is the MAYOR (for now) so it is his problem and he should get his rear and gear and get to the bottom of this mess. How about starting with the people that issued these permits and go from there?

      But that would be too much work. Easier to just attack the honest citizens while a group of 8 people or so snicker, take our tax dollars, and run our town into the ground. Hey at least we have the Turkey Trot and Run for Tony!! oh yeah, they allegedly stopped returning Tony’s phone calls but still take the money for their little charity. Classic!

  17. Well a couple of answers about some topics. Dougherty said tonight that the reason we don’t see Friends of Haddon on the state website is that they haven’t raised the $10,000 to meet the required threshold because of the $450 fee involved.

    Also, the Wildwood case is still in process. Klineburger said that the town replied to Wildwood, asking for certain information, and that the town would settle with them if they provide the information.

    Tonight they approved a new police contract. There was absolutely no disclosure of its terms other than it is a 4 year contract. In fact, I specifically asked about the terms during the public portion and they refused to disclose it. Their excuse… the contract hasn’t been signed yet and they until it is, they don’t want to disclose it. I just don’t get it. They vote to approve a contract but refuse at that time to disclose what they voted on.

    They also got another $100,000 in grants for the Haddon Ave Streetscape.

    One other interesting thing. This month there was no caucus meeting to discuss any of the resolutions passed on tonight’s agenda. Essentially, the Clerk read the resolutions, and they voted on them without one single question. I find that incredible how each commissioner knew the details of each items well enough so that there was absolutely no discussion whatsoever. Just an observation.

    • I wonder. Is the “Friends of Haddon” charity a private charity or part of the township? If it is part of the township, when is it discussed regarding how they spend our tax dollars to host these events that are not profitable?

      If it is a private charity, who is paying for the fire/ems/police services and why is the town blocking off the streets so that randy and paul can jiggle for 5 kilometers twice a year? maybe they should exercise on their own time?

      Interesting that they voted unanimously on the resolutions after no public discussion of the ordinances. I guess randy, paul, and Commisioner Foley just have an uncanny way of shooting from the hip and always knowing what to do with no discussion? How comforting.

      Did Klineburger bill you for answering your question, and was his bill for more than 24 hours in one day again? We have to watch that character. Is it true he was one of the largest single campaign donors to Randy and Paul and then was appointed solicitor with no prior experience and then his bills were such a mess they can’t figure them out but Commissioner Foley vouched that all was OK? It’s like a Seinfeld episode, except nobody is laughing.

  18. Mr. Cassel:
    How much did your lawsuit against the town cost US the taxpayers? Are you asking the township for re-embursement for leagal fees? Inquiring minds want to know. Transparent government? Let’s be transparent now. It can be OPRAed, right?

    • Seems to me that since Cassel asked nicely for two years for them to follow the law and they told him to buzz off, Randy, Paul, and Rich Klineburger should pay the legal fees.

      Are you saying that the Mayor and his gang should not have to follow the laws since it would be too expensive for the average citizen to fight city hall in court?

      Maybe we should rather insist that our elected offical honor their oaths of office and follow the law?

    • Sounds to me like ambulance-chasing bottom-feeding divorce and bankrupty lawyer doesn’t always make for the best commissioner.

      I guess you get what you pay for!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving to All

  20. http://www.haddontwp.com/pdf/redevelopment/FieldstoneProposal.pdf

    Regarding the Westmont Theatre property – is Fieldstone still a possible candidate for this property in Haddon Township??

  21. https://www.edline.net/pages/HaddonTownshipSD/Schools/BOE

    Haddon Township residents can learn about the school district from the minutes of their meetings that are on the web site.

    The names of all the employees (schools, school grounds, bus drivers/aides, etc) are listed – starting with the reorganization meeting of 4/30/09.

  22. Regarding the HTAA clubhouse – there appears to have been discussions and questions regarding this structure in the past with the elected municipal government.
    Minutes from the Board of Commissioners meeting of September 25, 2007 – when and what was presented to the Haddon Township Planning Board as referenced in these minutes????

    http://www.haddontwp.com/pdf/092507.pdf (archive minutes 9/25/07 municipal government minutes site from web)

    http://www.haddontwp.com/township.php?page=minutes_archives (archive minutes of Haddon Township municipal government from web site)

    If you cannot open the first address for the 9/25/07 minutes you should be able to go to the second site and open from that page.

    • Curious.
      Doesn’t one of the commissioners sit on the planning board?

      How long are they going to keep up this act that they don’t know nothing bout what goes on and it’s not their fault?
      Hello Randy! you are the mayor!! how about you step up and show an ounce of leadership?

      They are too busy playing political gotcha and so worried about protecting their political gravy-train jobs that they are afraid to step forward and lead.

      Randy Teague will and his administration will be long remembered as a total disaster for this town.

  23. Article in Retrospect – Haddon Township safties

    Officers of HTAA organization
    The following is information shown on the flyer for the PTA House Tour this year:

    The PTA Proudly Presents
    Haddon Township’s
    14th Annual
    Holiday House Tour
    (All proceeds benefit “Project Graduation”}
    Thursday, December 3, 2009 from 12noon to 9:00pm

    (Make checks payable to Haddon Twp High School PTA)
    Send to: Haddon Twp Holiday House Tour
    406 Memorial Avenue, Westmont, NJ 08108 Attn: HS PTA Mailbox
    For More Information Call:
    Cathleen Aaron 854-9106 Merri Griese 427-9783
    Carole Wright 854-8893

    Reading the article in the RETROSPECT regarding the trip for the safeties (fifth grade students), it states: Strawbridge School PTA member Merri Griese implored the board to look for funds for the trip. She and other parents noted that the trip was a small price to pay for the volunteer work of the safeties.

    VOLUNTEER WORK OF THE SAFETIES??? My understanding from the “old days” was that being a safety in school helped children to learn; not a position of “volunteering” for rewards???

    What I find interesting, do adults who VOLUNTEER for organizations today expect something in return for their VOLUNTEERING??

    Does the Adult School of Haddon Township offer a class for ADULTS in CIVICS??

    • Burmese refugees. I love it. I wonder how many bleeding heart PTA moms are ticked off that their kids can’t go on a trip because the taxpayers have to teach Burmese refugees English as a second language.

      • Why didn’t the Catholic Organization send the burmese children to a Catholic School?

        • I would imagine if they did, taxpayer dollars would still be spent because the Camden County Educational Services Commission would be used to teach them. Very good question though.

  24. Why do they continue to hang banners across Cuthbert Blvd. that get twisted in the wind? It takes them 4 hours to put them up, another few hours to unroll them and another few hours to take them down. I have written Mayor Teague about this in the past but no response. I mentioned this to a few people at the parade last night and everyone there has written the mayor about something but never received a response.

  25. Hi, Sean! Elected officials know most folks don’t have the time, persistence, or stamina to actually get questions answered and problems resolved.

    Many exploit that knowledge, some don’t.

    Any good elected official knows that the bare minimum commitment to public service requires them to return calls, respond to constituents, and resolve problems.

    That’s the bare minimum requirement, but even that level is, unfortunately, all too rare.

    Excellence in public service is even more rare.

    • In all fairness, I emailed Randy Teague this morning about the banner wrapped up on Cuthbert. He got back to me within an hour and explained that they will be erecting it on Haddon Ave. where the wind won’t blow it as much. He also stated that he passed along a previous email of mine, and I believe him, but it would have been nice of him to acknowledge it or even the department head to acknowledge it.

      • You believe Randy?
        My opinion is that he got back to you this morning for some damage control because you had the courage to step up and share your story.

        Randy Teague is a disaster as a mayor. He has been a disaser for Haddon Township, and has held our town back while others move forward.

        • I do believe Randy. He has never given me reason not to. I don’t always agree with him and he knows it, as we’ve had small words in the past but I will and do give him benefit of the doubt on this one.

          • You are entitled to your opinion.
            My opinion is that Rand Teague lacks integrity, is of poor character, and is an absolute disaster for this town.

  26. Elected official sueing each other is much better.

  27. Doesn’t any care that Haddon Twp looks better than ever! We can finally be proud of our town! The Holiday decorations look better than ever. I have no idea who does this, but there has been a definite change! I drive at 6:00 am and I am finally proud of our town. It looks beautiful. Someone up there is doing something right. Go Haddon Twp.! Everyone is saying that Haddon Twp. looks better than the other towns. I am finally proud of our town!

    • They certainly were out in force putting everything up. Looks pretty darn good. The firetruck parade on Friday was very nice. Can’t wait for the trucks to visit the neighborhoods.

    • I think that Kate Burns has been the driving force behind the BID. Yes it looks better than in the past. And hopefully it will look even better in the future.

  28. My comments were a general statement about the duty of elected officials to be responsive to citizen inquiries, and were not directed at our commissioners in particular. I have no idea what their track record is with regard to being responsive.

    • The one thing I will always say about you Kathy, was that you were responsive. Even if we didn’t see eye to eye, you were responsive and respectful, even if I may have crossed that line.

      • Hogan was honest and tried to do the right thing. That is why Bill Park and the Bill-Park sequel named Randy Teague are so incensed by her.
        I have personally heard Randy Teague say very negative things about Hogan. Of course he will deny it, because he is a man that lacks integrity and is of poor character.

  29. Interesting article in today’s Inquirer about Fieldstone.


    • If Mayor Teague and Commssioner Dougherty turn aginst the idea, is it because (as this article implies) they are concerned about “low income” families moving into town?.
      We all know what “low income” is a codeword for.
      I hope that Mayor Teage is above such low-minded thinking. But I am worried.

  30. Camden County taxes at work??



    Wondering if there are individual reports showing how much of the taxpayers money is used for these events/facilities compared to how much money is received (as revenue) from these events/facilities??


    Wondering if Camden County Freeholders (and taxpayers) are still involved in this location in Collingswood??

  31. Thanks to the efforts of Hogan, Cassell and little Charlie, Collingswood and Haddonfield will have to wait for Haddon Township to catch up with redevelopment.

    • Not following you on this one. Can you explain further?

      • sister gb is an anonymous shill for the boys, ignore him or her.
        Other than Hogan (arguably) Cassell is a private citizen, so I love it when the ‘anonymous’ critics slander and libel him.
        Mr. Cassel — you should slap them with a suit, expose their identities (we all know who they are), and laugh all the way to the bank. Sister gb, St. Evelyn and such have repeatedly slandered and libeled you, and you are afforded every protection of a private citizen, just like Klineburger’s law partner when he threatened you with a lawsuit.

        This blog is a publication. Go after them and defend your name and reputation against the damages they are causing.

  32. Great idea, we need another lawsuit in HT.

  33. Ano 2 up, sounds like Germany during the late 30’s. So you like the idea of No Freedom in the press?

    • Freedom of the press is great.
      Just pointing out that the anonymous “people” that appear to represent Randy and Paul have a habit of aggressively smearing anyone that dares to ask for better. The usual victims of their hate are Cassel, Hogan, and at times Sawchuk.

      I think it would be amusing if Cassel exercised his right as a private citizen to defend his name against their smears.

      It is about sticking to the truth, and improving the town. Hopefully along the way that will also include getting this disaster of a mayor out of office.

  34. So you just called the Mayor a disaster under the name of “anonyous”?

  35. I called Randy 3 times and Foley twice about the leaves to be picked up and never got a call back. I never call that other guy, he never gets back to me. They said they picked them up last week. Its been over a month. Either they lie or just have no clue what is going on in town. I have never had such bad service until these guys got in to office. I am sorry I voted for them. (and by the way, the area where all 3 of them live, have pickup every week. You can drive by their houses and see for yourself.)

    • Did you call Tom Cella, the Certified Public Works Manager? I’m guessing he’s the day to day Manger of Public works. I’d start with him first.

      • Randy is in charge of public works. The buck stops with him. No need for Tom Cella to take the fall for Randy’s disasterous leadership.

        • Yes, but Tom Cella is there day to day and is paid to run the show. The buck may stop with Randy but it probably starts with Tom Cella. Tom wouldn’t be taking anyone’s fall, he’s paid to manage the public works department.

          If Randy was in charge of public works, he would be doing day to day scheduling and so on. I would assume that people report to Tom Cella and Tom reports to Randy, when need be.

    • please post their home addresses so that we can drive by and validate claims, as well as monitor those streets for unfair favortism, and monitor how much time they spend at home during working hours.

      the people are watching

  36. Nice to see another unqualified, albeit insider being given the job. I guess an application from someone who lives ouside the town, has decades of governnmental administrative work experience and a relevant Masters degree palls in comparision to the selected candidate. Congrats to the taxpayers on another outstanding professional hire!

  37. If you want to see leaves, try any street round the High School.
    Pyle, Crestwood, Ivy, Brianwood, McArthur, etc. They haven’t been collected since 11-18. Right now most of the streets are a mess.

    • Neighbors from Glenwood, Briarwood, Ivy, Pyle and Crestwood called Public works. Finally had the leaves picked up. As they are being sucked up in the truck you can hear the sounds of Ice Blocks going through the shredder. Poor performance this year from Public Works, where oh where is Danny Arron?

      • Randy Teague allegedly dumped Dan Aaron and then while Randy sat in his office he had the police escort Mr. Aaron from the building.

        Another example of the Randy at work. He is all class.

  38. I have a question. I saw that the Solicitor Klineberger is going through the process for an state appointment doing special investigations and prosecutions for “conflict” and corruption matters. He will be paid $190 per hour for this including travel time throughout the state. Is he allowed to be the Solicitor and a special prosecutor at the same time? What if there needs to be an investigation into Haddon Township, who does it?

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