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Towne Center plan set for Haddon Twp. review

from Courier Post

Haddon Township’s joint zoning and planning board is expected to review the final site plan for the Towne Center at Haddon project next month.

The application for a transit village development with more than 200 residential units and retail space was on the agenda for Thursday night’s meeting, but the hearing was postponed until February because the developer did not have all the application materials.

“We just didn’t get it done in time,” said Arthur Corsini of Fieldstone Associates, the redeveloper for the eight-acre Haddon Avenue site.

The project is considered a transit village because of its proximity to mass transit, including PATCO’s Westmont station.

Transit villages are high-density, mixed-use developments built near mass-transit stations in hopes of attracting residents who want urban conveniences in a small-town setting and increasing ridership.

The redevelopment proposal ran into opposition from several property owners when it was first proposed in 2002 because, under New Jersey law, municipalities can use eminent domain to acquire properties in a redevelopment zone.

The site that will house the new development sits in a redevelopment zone that included the defunct Dy-Dee diaper laundry.

Over the years, many of the opponents agreed to sell, eliminating the need to use eminent domain and clearing the biggest hurdle for a redevelopment that is expected to revitalize the Westmont shopping district.

Corsini said the state Department of Environmental Protection informed Fieldstone on Friday that it had approved plans to clean up contaminants from the site.

If the project proceeds with no further delays, construction could begin in six to nine months, he added


3 Responses

  1. Very interesting article. We ask the commissioners at the public meetings about this. They don’t say that this is coming up for a vote. Don’t you think that if the town planning board were going to have a meeting about the biggest development in the town, the town would actually be notified about this?

    Last Thursday they had a public meeting to make planning board appointments at 4PM. The only place I saw it was on the township website which does not meet the law’s public notice requirements. They never published that notice in the Courier Post. It was posted the day after in the Retrospect. So from what I can see, they violated the Open Public Meetings Act once again.

    They never put the agenda of last Thursday’s planning board meeting on the web. It is obvious now why they tried to sneak these appointments through.

    Something stinks in all of this. This just proves to me how slimy our commissioners are in the pursuit of hidden government. This isn’t political guys. It is slimy government once again.

  2. http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-01-14/swiss-private-banks-call-for-clarity-on-sharing-client-data.html


    Interesting information – Acting Governor Stephen Sweeney expects to serve as governor until Corzine returns from a Swiss vacation this weekend.

    Possibly, the Governor is checking on his “funds”? It’s interesting he would take a vacation now. But then, again, he will be leaving the position of New Jersey Governor shortly.

    Anyone on vacation in Switzerland from Haddon Township?

    • Switzerland is a pretty common winter destination for people that have the kind of money the Governor has.

      He is very likely skiing and whatnot.

      In terms of bank accounts, people in that club would just send someone with a limited power of attorney to handle their affairs and would not announce it.

      I’m no fan of the governor, but your insinuations are a little irresponsible in this case.

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