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Snow Removal in Haddon Twp

I’m starting this new topic so people can state their opinions on this weekend’s cleanup.

I thought it was much better than last storm! The roads are very clear from the few I have heard about. (I haven’t been out yet).

I did hear that one person was shoveling their driveway when the plow came past and pushed it back in. The driver stated he would be back up and clear it out. He ended up plowing more into the driveway.

I know they don’t have any place to put the snow and things will happen but this seemed a little out of line.

All in all I thought it to be much better and hope they have ideas where to put all the snow when the next one comes Tues. night.


30 Responses

  1. That happened to me too exacerbated by the fact that my neighbor’s car was in the street making it much worse.

    But no doubt, it was much better this snowstorn than last.

    Thank your DPW and their union.


  2. A lot of the time, when people complain about plowing, they have no idea what they are talking about. Unless you have operated a plow or loader, which I have, you probably don’t understand the process. yes, a few times it’s been a horrible job but it’s usually a number of factors, such as the number of passes and the times they must go around vehicles parked in the street. That is probably the biggest problem. My neighbor used to do that and they would miss a large portion of the front of my house because of this. Neighbor now parks in their driveway.

    I had to take my daughter to work today, only to have to pick her back up 1/2 hour later, so I drove throughout the town and other towns. Maybe practice makes perfect but Haddon Twp. looked great. The guy who did my street did an unbelievable job.

    As far as them pushing the snow back into your driveway, you have got to be kidding me. The blade rolls to the right, do you expect them to change the angle or lift at every driveway? It ain’t gonna happen.

    • No I didn’t say they should do any of those things. I’m stating what the driver said and then what was done.

  3. Yeah, but will they enforce the overnight ordinance for the people who think that it is okay to park in the street during snow storms?

    Here is the ordinance:

    Conditions of all overnight parking exceptions.
    (a) An overnight parking permit or the temporary overnight parking permission does not allow any vehicle to be parked in violation of any state laws or other Township ordinance.
    (b) The Chief may revoke these permits on a permanent or temporary basis when:
    5 [1] The needs of the Township require that vehicles not be parked on a particular street for street cleaning, leaf removal, snow removal, road construction or repair, utility work, a public event or other appropriate government purpose.

    Interestingly, we also do have a specific snow emergency law, but there are no streets in town where it is applicable. So it has absolutely no teeth to get people to move their vehicles in order to clear the streets to get them clean and open. But the commissioners did have the foresight to put in fee based overnight ordinance to increase revenues under the excuse of being able to plow better and easier. I sat and opposed the fees. Now I know, that it was just a ridiculous excuse to raise fees (another name for taxes) to the people who actually need street parking but dont have it. For those who have the offstreet parking (and on your block Sean, a number of people really do), they should be required to park their vehicles in their driveways or get ticketed (after the police go to them nicely and tell them to remove their vehicles from the street). It is just common sense.

  4. yeah what is the plow supposed to do. Oh yeah they should have went back to the shop and got a crane to pick up the snow and literally remove it, or better yet get a snow heater and melt all the snow on the person’s driveway, maybe then they wouldn’t complain.,
    They did a great job. It was the 2nd largest storm in the area, relax people

    • I say AGAIN, I’m stating what the driver said then what was done was the complaint not how the job was done.

  5. While the street that my front door faces is plowed wonderfully, the complex I live in, is not.
    I understand that there are only so many maintenance workers here BUT knowing there was a storm coming perhaps the office could have hired some outside help.

    When they do shovel they do the perimeter & barely do the steps or walkways. The workers throw salt in clumps & not spread it around. Of course this could be b/c they don’t actually get off the ride around lawn mower/plow they are on to walk up the walk ways.

    Overall the township does a great job, it’s the complex I live in that drops the ball.

  6. How can you state what the driver said when you heard it second hand? Sorry, I don’t believe it. I’m sure the driver plowed snow back into the apron, stopped his truck and said he’d be back. Whoever was ticked because they got snow thrown back into their driveway apron and complained about it either just moved from sunbelt and never experienced snow or is just trying to stir it up for now reason.

  7. How can you state what the driver said when you heard it second hand? Sorry, I don’t believe it. I’m sure the driver plowed snow back into the apron, stopped his truck and said he’d be back. Whoever was ticked because they got snow thrown back into their driveway apron and complained about it either just moved from sunbelt and never experienced snow or is just trying to stir it up for no reason.

    • No I am sorry that is not the case Sean. Well I do believe it as this person has no reason to lie. Don’t know why you are so fixated on the one negative vs all the positive that has been said. Unfortunately you are actually making more of the situation than my small little observation.

      On a more positive note, our street is actually melting and you can see the road. The job the crew did was very good

      • Actually, I think you read a bit more into it at first, and I’m calling it as I see it. To each his or her own.

  8. Tom, I have to agree with you on the snow removal emergencies. If you remember a few years ago, parking permits were issued to residents around the high school so they could park their cars in the streets during the day and keep students cars parked on McArthur. One of the reasons for the parking stickers was snow emergencies and in case there was a fire, emergency vehicles would be able to move up the street. The only people who now receive tickets on clear days are residents, students still park without any worry. Today, students are parked on the snow filled street, making it impossible for traffic to flow.

    • This is mind-boggling.
      When they passed the ordinance about overnight parking, Teague made specific reference in discussion to the need to keep streets clear for such situations.

      Now the situation is here. Teague and Dougherty could enforce the ordinance to clear the streets and it would be an example that would vindicate their ordinane.

      Their reluctance to act on the exact situation for which they passed the ordinance about overnight parking makes one wonder — why did they pass the ordinance?

      Maybe the commissioner that oversees public safety (Paul C. Dougherty) could comment on the hazard these cars are now causing in the emergency.

  9. The only problem I have had during the past few days is people that have left their cars on the street. The plows can only do so much. Some cars have yet to be moved and where they have, there is snow left in the road. The police need to have these cars tickeded.

  10. I spoke to Chief Cavallo today who acknowledged that the cars parked on the street has been an issue but our snow emergency ordinance only deals with the white and black horse pikes. I do agree that any car that was still covered in snow should be ticketed if the car does not have an overnight permit. But if not, there is no law disallowing it that I could find. Here is the languagei I did find:

    Continuing parking prohibited. The provisions of this section notwithstanding, no motor vehicle shall be permitted to be parked on any public street for more that 24 continuous hours, except where said motor vehicle displays a valid parking permit and is parked in front of and to the driveway cut of the residence of the person to whom said permit is issued.

    One last thing. I my neighborhood, tomorrow is trash day. Many of my neighbors put trash cans and other trash out in the street because there is no place to put the trash with the large snowbanks. I sent an email to the Mayor tonight as well as Jimmy Stevenson and the Chief to make them aware of this potential for disaster of trash all over the place, trash pushed into snowbanks, 45 mph winds, etc. We will see how they handle this. It would be nice to have a plan for this situation like a blast email out to all residents not to put out their trash, etc.. putting notice on the home page, etc. Maybe they are picking up the trash, but my gut says they are not. I hope that they have a plan.

  11. Good news. My neighbor who parked in the street last weekend and messed up the snowplowing, and who almost did it again tonight by parking in the street in front of my house moved his car into my driveway to get him out of the street for this storm. I am not going anywhere for now anyway.

  12. Received the WHAT’S ON and saw the add for the St. Patty’s Day Bar Crawl. The Business District will provide free transportation to the bar crawlers. Can the BID, members of the BID or the township be sued if anyone is hurt while particpating? This was done last year, but unsure of the outcome.

  13. I think it turned out to be a very good event. I don’t remember hearing any incidents

  14. The pub crawl was not published in the “What’s On”! I don’t know what paper you read. It isn’t published. Please let us know what paper you read? I went on the pub crawl last year, and had a great time. No one was allowed to bring any alcohol on the bus. It was very well run. At least, Jen tells the truth.

  15. A pub crawl via bus transportation sounds like a fun event – like having a bachelor party. It is interesting if tax payers money is involved with this event. Who sponsors the event? Who pays for the bus? If it is under Haddon Township municipal government does the insurance of the Township cover any “incidents” that would happen? Haddon Township seems to like “alcohol beverage events”. I believe their farmers’ market had a “beer garden”?? Such good examples for the youth of the community.

  16. http://www.markc.haynie.com/

    Westmont (Haddon Township) is on the “beer” map.

    Interesting web site.

  17. There are not an unusual amout of “alcohol beverage events”. Any town that is allowed to sell liquor has, at times, served alcohol at their events. The pub crawl, I feel, is a safe way to enjoy St Patty’s day. I’m not sure who runs it but I would think “liability” would only involve a bus incident. Technically, the town is only supplying a bus for transportation. At least that’s my understanding of the event.

  18. The St. Patty’s day bar crawl was published in the What’s On in Collingswood and Haddon Township on page ten that I received on 2/9/10. I don’t know what paper YOU read.

  19. Will the police department be at participating bars to administer breathalyzer tests? Will someone be available to take away keys from those who are unfit to drive home? Will the Business District arrange for those people to get home after the crawl? Are you sure that the town, the BID and BID members not liable if someone gets hurt or hurts someone else? Glad everything went will last year, however there is always a first time.

  20. Will the police administer sobriety tests in a bar? If I owned the bar, I would not allow it and if I were a patron, I would not accept it.
    Taking a drink in a bar is still legal isn’t it?

  21. I never felt I would defend the twp but once a person gets off the bus the liability ends(as I understand it). I never said I was sure again I said as I understood it. Would a cab co be liable if they dropped you at a bar and when you walked home you got hurt? No. Would the police normally be at these bars? No Would someone take the keys? Hopefully, you have a friend who cares.

    These bars would be serving the same people and it’s up to the bartenders to flag someone not the person providing transportation.

  22. What happened Sawchuk did you get your job back?
    Nothin these guys do is a good thing!

  23. No and that’s not the case. While I don’t agree with most of what is happening in our town I will give credit where I feel credit is due.

  24. Who pays for the transportation? Where does the money come from? How many bars are they going to? If they are only the bars on Haddon Ave in Haddon Township, why can’t it be a “pub walk”? Park your car in the municipal bld lot and walk! What is the need for a bus anyway? What a way to use the taxpayers money! What bus are they using? Who is driving the bus?

  25. I don’t think it’s on just Haddon Ave since there are a couple of bars off Haddon Ave. Not nearly enough space in Municipal parking lot.

    The last input I will have on this subject…if it keeps our residents safe, brings in revenue to our town, and people can enjoy themselves…why not? Many places have this with huge success.

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