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After the record breaking snow

During and right after our snow storms I felt the Twp had done a great job of clearing the streets but now things have been left undone.

Who does the Twp pay a fine to if they haven’t plowed sidewalks? It would also be nice to clean up some of the side streets that are frequently used.

My street for instance is the parking lot for the Westmont Diner(which shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place). The corner of Maple and Elm has a huge pile which requires a car to go out and around to get onto Maple. Workers and patrons park on the street which make it almost impossible to get thru. I understand there will be complaints from the snow possibly going into the driveways again but the driving is actually hazardous.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to go thru now that things have calmed down and clean up the areas that are still a mess. Oh and also clear the walkways that I am sure if I hadn’t done I would be fined.


7 Responses

  1. I made this exact point last night at the commissioners meeting after they decided to pat themselves on the back for a job well done. It is called self aggrandisement. The issue is mostly that people have left cars on the street not allowing the plows to fully plow the streets. My street, Belmont, in the first block off of Cuthbert is particularly bad and at times virtually impossible to navigate because people park all over the place and the snow goes into the street. Randy gave his stock “We’ll look into it” response which is the same response he gives when he has no intention of doing anything. Quite frankly, public works did its job, and we the taxpayers will pay them a lot of overtime under their union contract. We don’t need to do any proclamations etc. We expect this kind of work from the town.

    One thing I did hear though is, in the past, the water employees did a less than full job in snow removal because of territory wars between the water dept and the remaining public works employees. Water didn’t want to use their equipment in snow removal. Now that Stevenson leads both sides, the water dept employees figured out pretty quickly that this past behavior was no longer acceptable. The troubling part of this is that if the water department was the reason the December snow removal was so bad, why did Stevenson get the job as department head when his people undermined the effort. Just food for thought.

  2. Spell check…….aggrandisement

  3. Dang. I forget an “s” vs. a “z”. Looks like Brett’s article in the Retrospect backs up my second paragraph.

  4. Blame it on Brett………….aggrandizement. Use simple English. If you feel compeled to admonish our township leaders, please use your format to praise their accomplishments.

    HT Resident

  5. Ok, here is praise. They did well for the town in firing Klineburger from the role of solicitor and hiring an experienced attorney in municipal law. They finally saw my way on this after 2 years of complaints by me.

  6. but betty band still remains.

  7. Betty Band still remains because she knows all the secrets, maybe someone should look at the skeletons in her closet.

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