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New Township website


At least now the three musketeers aren’t huge and right there when you go into the site.

I just briefly looked over it and they seem to have done a nice job


One Response

  1. I agree. In fact there is no reason to have their pictures any place other than the government page which is what I had previously recommended to the mayor. One huge improvement is the list of all the boards, members and easy to apply form online.

    One general improvement still needed is that every form online must be printed and filled out by hand. They should convert all these forms to be fill in the blank forms that you can complete on your computer. It is an easy to fix thing that could be done in a day or so and then they would get easier to read forms.

    It would also be nice if they put 2 or 3 years of historical commission meetings back up so that people can read them if they want.

    They also took away the ability to fill out an OPRA request online and that is a step backwards. I would think that they could easily put this back in.

    Lastly, there is no video section. For all the videos that they put on the cable channel, they could easily post them on youtube and create links to the website.

    Overall, it is a clearly a better more organized website. One other thing that I understand is that the town will now be able to make all of the content updates themselves and no longer depend on a third party. This content control alone is the main reason for the new website.

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