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Tax news could get worse

From the Courier Post

Property taxes rose moderately in South Jersey last year, at least by Garden State standards, new figures show. And most tri-county towns ranked well back in the statewide pack in terms of their local increases.

Does this suggest a promising trend as residents prepare to vote on school budgets next month?

Not at all, say local school administrators. They warn conditions have worsened so much, particularly due to the state’s financial problems, that last year’s tax worries seem quaint by comparison.

“This is a year like no other,” says Mark Raivetz, superintendent of schools in Haddon Township, who predicts many cash-strapped districts will ask voters to approve painful tax hikes. And even then, school systems will have to make drastic cuts in classroom spending — so children will pay a price, as well.

“It’s just a bad, sad time,” added Susan Bastnagel, a district spokeswoman in Cherry Hill. Officials there held school taxes steady last year, but now are proposing increases up to the 4 percent cap — as well as slashing the budget by up to $12.2 million and 175 jobs.

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26 Responses

  1. Yeah its gonna get worse once the reassessments are complete

  2. According to Superintendent Raivetz, “even with painful tax hikes school systems will have to make drastic cuts in classroom spending – so the children will pay a price as well.” Maybe he, the administration, and all the fat cats of the NJEA can take pay cuts and do away with all the big salaries, TV and radio ads telling the citizens of NJ how wonderful they are and what a great job they do, so that the children and the teachers might not have to see drastic cuts in the classroom and the tax payers might not have to see the painful tax hikes.

  3. We already pay way too much in property taxes to the school system. I am amazed at how piss poorly it is spent. How much do superintendent make again?

    Maybe if they took a paycut, the students wouldnt need to beg for change in the middle of the road to fund the athletics department

  4. http://www.haddontwp.com/?p=373

    was this posted by haddon township nj?

  5. Not sure what u mean…It was in the Courier Post.

    I have recently heard from a student that Freshman sports are not going to be there next year along with many layoffs. I know we went thru this last year and felt they should eliminate Middle School Sports but keep the HTAA available up to 8th grae for all sports

    • I guess I should of read The Retrospect before commenting…all Middle School Sports are out also…It will be interesting to see if they all get their raises in June after all the layoffs…..

  6. While reading The Retrospect, I couldn’t believe Raivetz defending his decision not to eliminate any administive positions by saying, “As it is, we’re under-administered,” also saying that compared to NJ as a whole Haddon Township has lower than average administratives cost. “We need administrators to manage things,”. If Raivetz cannot manage a school district the size of HT with the administration, the salary and the perks that he gets, he should be shown the door. How many more administrators does Raizetz need to run the school district?

  7. the pub crawl today for St. Patty’s Day under the Township of Haddon, there was something I read regarding a charge ($12) for this transportation? if there is money taken from individuals who ride this bus/trolly where does the money go and can the municipal government Haddon Township charge people or is this in someway connected to the non profit funds of the elected commissioners? It is not clear to me how a pub crawl can be part of the budget of the taxation income of the residents of a community – driving individuals to places to “drink” Irish beer, or whatever they wish to consume.

  8. seeing the advertisement on page 2 of the Retrospect of Friday 3/12 showing an ad for this event pub crawl Haddon Township – The Shortest Distance Between Two Pints – Free non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers -free t-shirts for first 200 shuttle riders – who is watching who is driving after they leave this transportation? Who approves this type of event to happen?

  9. Stop lying Rob2008 you did not read anything about a charge. Despite your lies you are forgiven and are welcome free of charge!

  10. Dear St. Patrick
    For people looking into communities to move into because they have to stay in NJ, your comments of my “lies” was uncalled for. My statement was a question regarding the cost. Do I understand, as the truth, that:
    1) the taxpayers money of Haddon Township paid for the transportation for individuals to drink alcoholic beverages on St. Patrick’s Day
    2) the taxpayers money paid for 200 T-shirts to “give away” during this transportation of individuals to drink alcoholic beverages on St Patrick’s Day
    3) the taxpayers paid for non-alcoholic beverages to give away “free” to who indicated that they would be “designated drivers” for this event
    4) the taxpayers paid the cost to advertise this event of “the shortest distance between two pints” on St. Patrick’s Day
    5) and, apparently, the elected officials and government of this community approve of this spending of the taxpayers money
    Haddon Township seems to be a very interesting community to follow regarding the spending of the taxpayers money, however, I do not believe I would want to live in this community.
    Sincerely, St. Rob2008

  11. Rob2008

    I hoped you enjoyed my day and you are welcomed to visit our town. You certainly did not read anything about a $12 charge so why would you post it. All of your points are false. All was fine fun at no costs to the taxpayers. The bars as part of the business districts paid for it.

  12. I do have to disagree with Rob2008 on this one. Many towns have this event with little or no incident. Unfortunately I was not able to join the festivities but when it falls on a weekend I hope it’s still around

    • I AGREE.

      I look forward to future weekend St Pattys day pub crawl so I can go, get wrecked, and drink some beers to celebrate with the newly elected commissioners and we can all laugh about the “Dark Days of Dougherty”

  13. Can’t keep throwing money at the Nj school systems and expect things to get better. We need to spend wisely. Do we really need to hire teachers to teach digital photography? Is that what our kids need? Do we need full time teacher who teach 2 classes a day? Sports programs are not the problems…it the money on saleries and benefits with no dependency on teacher performance. How much do we spend on subs.

    • How many residents of Haddon Township only pay 5 or 15 dollars for a medical prescription? That’s what our teachers are paying, and does anyone have any idea what they pay for their medical benefits?

  14. I may be wrong but my understanding is the payroll deduction is zero. The township covers the family as many plans do. Since a spose declines their business’s coverag they also prop get a payment from their spouse empolyer. There is no health care crisis in the teaching world…thats left for the taxpayers.

    • good point!
      I invite you to take a look at Commissioner Dougherty’s benefits package!

      If you ever wondered why he has that smug smile on his face every meeting, you should take a look.

      Dougherty and Teague: all the toilet paper in the world can’t clean up the mess they laid on us!

  15. Teague, Dougherty and Foley don’t manage the benefits of the Haddon Township School District. By the way, how many folks are supplied a car by your employer, i.e. our school superintendent.

  16. Mr. Brown and Mr. Mann questioned Dr. Raivetz about not cutting any administrative positions. It would be great if they and other members of the board come to their senses and stand up to Dr. Raivetz and his belief that HT is below state average in terms of administrative costs. There are five principals for seven schools in HT. What is the cost to tax payers for just the administrators and the administrative office? School board elections are next month. It will be interesting to hear if the candidates who are running have taxpayers interest at heart. If they don’t, it may be time to elect new blood to the BOE and be rid of the same old… same old.

  17. I’m all for cutting waste but I do agree with Dr. Raivetz. Compared to other districts, we are not top heavy. I have never looked over a line by line budget for the school district but they really do it on a show string budget. We aren’t Haddonfield and we aren’t a district like Winslow, which is not an Abbott District but does get some of the benefits of the Abbott Districts.

  18. In a school district the size of Haddon Township, you don’t need additional administration. It is “top heavy”. In the Retrospect it states that Palmer and Raivetz refused to divulge the projected raise they budgeted for teachers in the 2010-11 draft budget. Didn’t the members of the board ask for the information? That is public information and it should be made available to everyone. Why is Raivetz and Palmer giving out raises? The state is broke, there is no money to be given away. It is unfair to think that tax payers should foot the bill. Many people have not received raises or bounses and are paying part or all of their health care cost. Why should the teachers and administrators get raises and not pay for health care? What makes them so special? The NJEA is selfish and greedy.

  19. a year or so back the school district elimated department head positions…basically reducing some of the staffs responsibilities….but they kept the same pay. Must be nice to teach two classes a day, call out whenever it suits you. Time to roll back prices in the school district. We can’t affort the keep throwing more money at them for the same product.

  20. Do the school board members even look at the budget?

    No one challenges Raivets because they have family members working for the School Bd. And if they aren’t one of those members they work for the Twp.

    And yet they are still voting for a 4% increase in the budget. Just say no and see if the School Bd members and the Twp Commissioners are Raivetz puppets too!

  21. If the school budget is voted down by the tax payers, what usually happens next is that it goes to the commissioners. They, the BOE, and Raivetz will then change some numbers around, reduce the budget by one hundred thousand dollars and then pass the budget, telling the citizens that the budget was reduced. The truth of the matter is the money that is cut is additional monies used in order to pad the budget for situations just like this. In the mean time Raizetz gets exactly what he wants. J. Simpson is right by saying the board members do not challenge Raivetz and that they really should review the budget line by line. There was a report that came out today that stated New Jersey has the highest taxes in the country and is the worst state regarding business taxes and laws. Let’s begin to make things right for us and let’s begin with our township.

  22. […] Tax news could get worse March 2010 25 comments […]

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