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Are potholes a problem in Haddon Twp?

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2 Responses

  1. I had brought this up at Tuesday’s meeting as a good way for citizens to report potholes and for the town to have a system to track the issues. They finally set up our town as an area (although they didn’t get all the borders right).

    I was amazed at all the pothole issues in our town. And the amazing part…. I didn’t report a single one myself. It seems that people in our town really want to use technology as a tool. Let’s hope that the commissioners consider linking our township website to this one (as it is free) and use it to gather information to better deal with the township issue such as potholes. The most beautiful thing about the website is its transparency to all the citizens so that we know how well the town is dealing with quality of life issues (and potentially dangerous ones too).

  2. Maybe we could get videotapes of the meeting too live most other towns!
    As I understand it we the taxpayers have already paid for the equipment and the website, but Randy and Paul refuse to allow the town to tape and post the meetings? Why are Randy and Paul trying to suppress the news from the people? This isn’t Cuba folks!

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