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Haddon Twp featured on HGTV

“My First Place” on HGTV at 8:00 just had a couple moving from New York to Haddon Twp! It was geared to showing the homes but did show Haddon Ave and the Haddon Twp sign. They also said it seemed like a great small town to live in.

I think it will be on again April 1st at 8:00


3 Responses

  1. I think someone made reference to the school board elections in April and the school board members to be voted on. I believe that the only people for those positions this year are the same individuals on the board. No new people submitted to run for the school board. The only issue that will be voted on in Haddon Township for the school board elections will be the budget.

  2. And this has WHAT to do with the post? I apologize but it gets tiring when people don’t post to the subject. There is a post that has to do with the school and budget

  3. sorry to upset the apparently organized process of this site. I thought the mention of items for Haddon Township could be stated at the current time. I know there are many, many sites but I’m not sure how many people are going “back and forth” on the sites. There is one item that people may be interested in and not aware of regarding the school board elections. Anyone can vote by mail you do not have to have a reason to vote by mail. please see site:


    This is the end of my comments Have a nice day

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