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Subject, Info and Suggestions

If you have a topic you would like to see, send me an email jonjenja@verizon.net with a link or write up and I will post it. I’d like to try and keep close to the topic with the posts. Many have strayed in the past and it is hard for people to follow.


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  1. Just have some info.

    Here is the package from the last week’s commissioners’ meeting.


    There is a resolution to go into closed session regarding Cella vs. Haddon. I had heard that Tom Cella, the head of the streets part of public works had filed a lawsuit when the commissioners fired him, allegedly for cause, after not paying him for the vacation and sick time he had earned. This must be the lawsuit.

    It looks like they are lowering the fee for overnight parking. You know, this was free before they came into office. They created a $50 fee. And now, probably because of citizen feedback after the 1st year it is in effect, they are lowering it. I stood up the first time against this fee in the first place. It is just a hidden real estate tax. That is all.

    There is a major sign ordinance that will be discussed and voted on next month. We are still waiting for them to make it available. It will be posted on the website.

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