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Twp. Commissioners Adopt New Tax Sale Plan

From the Retrospect

Even during good times no town collects 100% of taxes due, but a resolution adopted by the Haddon Township commissioners recently enables the governing body to collect revenue as if it received all taxes owed during the year.

The mechanism to accomplish that goal is known as an accelerated tax sale, a process already in use in neighboring Collingswood. Delinquent property taxes and fees in New Jersey are collected through a sale of liens to investors on the amount owed. At least once annually every town conducts a tax sale of amounts owed from the previous year.
Haddon Township, with a tax collection rate of over 97%, makes up the difference when it sells liens on the uncollected remainder but the process lags behind the budget year. An accelerated tax sale, as the name implies, speeds up the process to enable a town to collect nearly all of the uncollected remainder within the current budget year.
According to Mayor Randy Teague, instituting the change this budget year will enable Haddon Township to collect an extra $300,000 in revenue which will cover an over 20% loss in state aid. When coupled with other budget cuts, he said the township anticipates no tax increase this year.
Resident Sue Discher lauded the no tax increase budget.
“Thank you for the no increase budget,” Mike Verde seconded during public comment.
In other business:
• The commissioners adopted a pair of ordinances acquiring parking lot space across from the DyDee redevelopment area. A reconfiguration of that space will accommodate extra parking from a lot being displaced by the future redevelopment project.
• A new sign ordinance was introduced for commercial zones. The planning board has worked for months with the township engineer to create a set of standards intended to bring order to signage along the township’s busy roadways.
• The commissioners introduced an ordinance that would add two Haddon Ave. properties- 334 and 342- to the business improvement district (BID) program. The BID, a program for business development and promotion, is largely funded by a special tax on commercial properties. The two properties had been residences but now serve as commercial office space


3 Responses

  1. So Mike Verde thanked his son in law, Commissioner Dougherty, for no tax increase this year. Wow, that is a huge surprise.

    The reality is that they have accelerated the tax collections for a one time cash event over the objection of the tax collector (see 2 week ago’s Retrospect). Next year, they will have to fill the same tax hole that they have failed to fill this year. The fact that we are being compared to Collingswood which has tremendous budget issues shows is nothing I would want to be proud of either. I sure hope our redevelopment projects don’t put us in the same predicament that they are in.

  2. Did Mike Verde stand up and thank his son-in-law when they passed a record or near-record tax increase?

    Is this what it has come to? The commissioners now need to have their family members stand up and give them shout-outs at the meetings because that’s all the support they have left?

    Wow. Maybe Dougherty can have his kids stand up next caucus meeting and thank him for his service to the town.

    These guys are shameless.

  3. These guys are great. Having Mike Verde stand up and thank his son in law is classic of these commissioners. The DyDee project will increase taxes so much in this town, their one time tax fix will do nothing to better our town. It will only make our situation worst and greatly increase taxes in the coming years. But why do they care? They do whats good for them and their friends, not what is good for HT.

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