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School Budget Meeting

HADDON TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS PUBLIC MEETING NOTICE A Special Meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Haddon will be convened on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 4:00 PM in the Meeting Room, 135 Haddon Avenue, Westmont, NJ 08108.

AGENDA – Discussion on Defeated Haddon Township School District Budget

This is only posted on the website at this time.


3 Responses

  1. With something so important I would think every effort would be made to have this meeting at a time when residents can attend.

    Why hasn’t an email blast been sent?

  2. Thanks for publishing this today Jen, since the town hasn’t. The Mayor and I traded emails about the time this is scheduled. At the last commission meeting, the issue was brought up and the mayor stated that they would TRY to have the meeting in the evening if schedules permitted. I got up and spoke a second time stating how important it was to have the public input and that they should have them in the evening, not during the day. Well, the proof is in the meeting time, of what their intention was. Here are the emails that went back and forth today. Interestingly, all the Mayor could do is try to discredit me on his commitment to have the meeting in the evening.

    Please feel free to email the Mayor at mayorteague@haddontwp.com with your questions or concerns.

    Interestingly, there is nothing in the public notice that precludes them from voting on Wednesday about the school budget. It should state “No formal action will be taken at the meeting” if none would be taken.

    Cassel to Commissioners – 4:08pm:

    “I would like to formally express my absolute opposition to having the meeting this Wednesday afternoon at 4:00PM about the school budget. It did not show up on the website until today. It isn’t on the school board website either. Also, you have not used the Haddon Township blast email list to publicize this, which you have at your disposal at the push of a button. Every other town in this situation has been having these meeting during the evenings when the public is more available to attend.

    “The fact that you promised at the commissioner meeting to have it in the evening with plenty of notice and now are having it during the day when most of the public are unable to attend shows your absolute lack of interest in obtaining public input in this process. It runs against all good government practices.

    “I highly suggest that you reschedule it to an evening time. I would even suggest having it next Tuesday night as part of the currently scheduled caucus meeting and publishing it accordingly.”


    Mayor Teague to Cassel 4:32 pm

    ‘Once again, Tom, you distort the truth. I did not promise to schedule the meeting in the evening–I said I would try based upon availability. I clearly stated that the meeting may be scheduled during the day. The transcripts of the meeting will confirm your version of events is, as usual, not accurate. As a matter of fact, I told Ms. Ditamasso to e-mail me her comments in the event the meeting was during the day and she could not attend.

    “As you know, we are under a time deadline to make a decision on the budget. Wednesday’s meeting is to discuss the budget. Our final decision will be made at our Tuesday evening meeting wherein public comment will also be heard.

    Randy Teague”


    Cassel response to Teague 5:37PM

    “You and your fellow commissioners have handled the publicity of this meeting abysmally. As you know, my main focus for the past 3 years has been open government. I hope you realize that this public notice, appearing as it has, with no open publicity about this, just doesn’t appear to be the open government our town deserves.

    “To have the public able to comment without the benefit of being able to hear the full discussion defeats the intent of the public meeting laws. By these actions, you are showing your absolute desire not to make this as convenient as possible for the public to attend.

    “I am not distorting any truth. You stated you would try, I agree. Obviously you didn’t try too hard. Actually, from the discussion at the last commissioners’ meeting, you appear now not to have had any intent to hold this during the evening. It was your lack of commitment.

    T”here is absolutely no reason not to hold these meeting in the evenings. The school board previously held all of its meeting in the evenings– never during the day. Why wouldn’t they be available?

    “Or, is it your schedule? In the past, it appeared to be your baseball coaching schedules getting in the way. Is that the reason this time? Perhaps you would like to share with us what is more important than having the meetings at night. Who specifically cannot otherwise be there? The meeting should be held when the public can attend.

    “Lastly, why hasn’t this meeting been publicized? I stumbled across it on the website, not in the paper. It is not up in the public notices online where I have been checking. There is nothing on NJPA.ORG. Why haven’t you blast emailed the town? How come you didn’t do this so that the Retrospect could put it in last Friday’s paper?

    “Lastly, where does it say in your public notice that you won’t be voting on it? It doesn’t. From your email, it sure appears that you are backtracking by making this statement here, but not in the public notice. And are you going to change next Tuesday’s meeting format to allow for public comment prior to any vote? ”


  3. meeting was canceled

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