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Panel reschedules meeting on Haddon Twp. school cuts

From the Courier Post

Haddon Township commissioners will decide how much to cut from the failed school budget next week.

Commissioners will discuss the school district’s spending plan during a meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The township’s school budget was among the 70 spending plans for the 2010-11 school year defeated by tri-county voters in the April 20 election.

These districts have turned over the paperwork to their municipal governing bodies, which have until May 19 to decide how much money to cut from failed budgets.

Township residents rejected a $30.5 million school budget that threatened a $130 tax increase for an average home. The district lost nearly $1.7 million in state aid, and school officials proposed the 4 percent tax increase to make up half that loss.

Even before voters defeated the budget, officials said the district would likely lose more than 40 full- and part-time positions. Further reductions could bring even more cuts to programs and staff.

Commissioners planned to discuss the school budget during a 4 p.m. meeting Wednesday, but canceled it when a resident pointed out notice of the meeting was not published in time. The New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act requires governing bodies to advertise special meetings 48 hours prior to the event.

“One thing that’s awesome is the fact that they’re following the law,” said Tom Cassel, the resident who pointed out the discrepancy.

“I brought something up to them and they took it seriously and I appreciate that.”

Mayor Randall Teague said the township clerk e-mailed the notice to the Courier-Post Friday, but the newspaper never received it.

Cassel, who had also criticized the township for holding a meeting in the afternoon, said he is happy the matter will be discussed at a more convenient time.

“In the end, it’s about the public being able to attend the meeting,” he added.


84 Responses

  1. This whole situation just reconfirms the attitude of the Commissioners.

    First we have to question the original scheduled time for this very important meeting. I know the Flyers were scheduled and wonder if there was a town baseball game scheduled also. (Before people jump on me baseball games have caused them to schedule earlier meetings in the past)

    Then Tom has to suggest and I blog about using the email blast…well they finally do that.

    Now it’s rescheduled because Tom again brings up it wasn’t in the newspaper (don’t they use return receipt on such important announcements???)

    I unfortunately will not be able to make it but hope we can, now, have many residents attend and participate.

  2. I believe return receipt only works if the person on the other end OK’s it.

  3. It amazes me that after losing a lawsuit that involved allegations about both the open public meetings act as well as open public records access, Randy Teague and Paul Dougherty continue to try to run the town under the cover of meetings arranged when the working public can not attend.

    Their actions demonstrate they continue to feel they can run the town like an after-school club with their buds and campaign donors. Hopefully the voters will show them otherwise soon.

    When Ragin Randy and Pouting Paul are voted out, lets hope the newly elected politicians will commision a forensic audit that goes back 8 years.

    Also, let’s hope that there is a full accounting for the private 501c “charity” that is allegedly run by Randy and Paul. This “charity” holds events that incur considerable expense in terms of police and EMS coverage – I wonder who truly pays for these expenses – do Randy and Paul pay the town from their charity funds for these expenses?

    “Turkey Trot” is an appropriate name for one of their events. We all know who the turkeys are.

  4. Mr. Cassel,

    Thank you for your efforts. As a taxpayer I am concerned about this budget and glad they have been forced to hold meeting at a time the public can be there.

  5. Interesting to see that Paul DOGerty is now on a leash. Heel Paul! Good boy!

  6. http://www.eteamz.com/HaddonTwpLL/

    I came across this site and I was interested to learn if all the issues of the clubhouse have been settled since I do not recall seeing any articles since before 2010 which stated there was going to be another meeting in January 2010 with the board of ed and the haddon township commissioners. Is the clubhouse completely open for everything now? I know there is a lot happening now with the school budget and the township and that meeting is scheduled 5/18. There must be money involved from both the school district and the township on this building.

  7. I just read something that I think is interesting for a NJ school district – Haddon Township municipal government will pay the Haddon Township school district 15,000 for custodial services?? The custodians of the school are working for the municipal government? Does anyone know in what area this will be? Do I understand this correctly from the changes that were made at the Township commissioners meeting??

    • Maybe they can appoint Betty B. as the ‘custodial services supervisor’ so that she can have yet another alleged no-work job

  8. Why was the meeting cancelled?
    Because these commissioners are……

    1. Incompetent
    2. Its ‘On-the-Job’ Training for them
    3. No Qualifications to hold office
    4. Have ‘Other’ interests
    5. Inapt
    6. Bungling Elected Officials
    7. They think all citizens in HT can’t read
    8. All of the Above

    (Hint: There is only 1 correct answer)

  9. http://www.haddontwp.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/minutes-4-1-10-PB.pdf

    I have not been able to follow all the things in HT but came across this on internet – has Fieldstone done any presentation at the HT planning board? The way these minutes say – could they show up sometime with no further legal advertisement?

  10. Haha – I know the answer is All of the Above… but you forgot another one:

    They have bloodshot eyes and could not read the law.

    They guys are such losers!!!

  11. So what is more sad that anon makes up his own question and (1) answers it wrong if you are reading the cowardly tone or (2) comes home and has nothing better to do than answer his own question at 11:43…..The laugh is always on the anons that are not man enough to stand up behind their bitter rants of nonsense without having the courage to step up from protected anon identities.

  12. Why did the commissioners try and hold an afternoon meeting when almost no one could attend on such an important issue. It shows a lack of respect for the citizens. I am very disappointed with the way these people are representing us. When is the next election? These guys have to go.

    • amen brother!
      These guys have got to go!!!!

      They are low-lifes.

      Remember back when Randy got all red-faced and screamed at the police to arrest Mr. Cassel when he dared to question Randy’s statements on the microphone?

      Randy sure tucked tail and whimpered away on that issue.

      Cassel had the guts to stand tall and stand strong in the face of Ragin Randy and Pouty Paul. Now Randy sits up there afraid to make eye contact and Paul sits up there in a red-nosed stupor.

      Can’t wait for randy and paul to be back to what they do best. just check out paul’s classy website : he’s a personal injury, divorce, and bankruptcy lawyer. At law school they call that a bottomfeeder.

  13. you are stepping behind—–that is what they want—-you are three steps behind these three guys—-have you seen the Courier or Retrospect? How do disagree with them?

    No tax increase——-you are talking nonsense——–thank goodness these three guys held the line on taxes unlike the County Machine—–What do you want?

    Thank goodness for Mayor Teague

    • Huh? No tax increase? Didn’t they just vote to increase our school taxes after the voters rejected it? Not that I disagree with what they did, but the fact is, they raised the school tax.

      And when you look at the municipal budget, they made up the gap by agreeing to an accelerated tax sale. This is an accounting cash acceleration from next year to this year. A true, apples to apples comparison, would show a huge gap in our town’s ability to pay for the costs of increased state mandates and reduced state contributions. The commissioners came up with a one time fix. It means next year, going in, there is a gap of at least $300,000. I will say, I am happy to see several cost reductions occuring in the town budget. Perhaps, the commissioners should consider donating all of the money that their campaign has received from the professionals that they have given contracts to back to the town’s coffers. These professionals do not give to them because the like them. They give to them because they were appointed to money paying positions. It doesn’t violate any laws, But quite frankly, these games just need to be brought to everyone’s attention. Remember that campaign donations are just a cost of doing business. So give these funds back to the taxpayers whose taxes have been used to hire and pay the professionals. Like in the Lion King, this is the political “Circle of Life”.

      By the way, I spoke to Jack Bailey, an employee of public works, who told me he didn’t write anything on the blog. So, who is polluting this blog with impersonations? My guess… the commissioners’ supporters (and campaign contributors). I did love how a “J Bailey” posted here, accused the anons of being cowards hiding behind the anon, and it wasn’t the J Bailey that everyone in town knows who actually posted. And then the same person posts as Ed Bowe. It is like a bad game of “To Tell the Truth”. Ironic? Haddon Twp hasn’t changed one bit… except I keep posting with my name truthfully. That hasn’t changed.

    • hahaha. ed bowe you should be a commedian. let me guess — did someone let paul’s in-laws or betty’s kids back on the internet?

      Randy Teague will go down in history as a total diaster. Here are the eggs randy has left us:
      continued no-work jobs for political buds and friends.
      total lack of any consistent code/ordinance enforcement.
      during the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression while we all have lost jobs and money randy and paul passed pay raises for their insider buds.
      randy teague and paul dougherty passed one of the largest tax hikes in township history during their FIRST budget.
      then they held steady (after the one of the LARGEST TAX HIKES IN TOWN HISTORY), but increased fees on all items across the board.

      thank goodness for Mayor Teague? Please. Thank goodness he and that bottom-feeder lawyer dougherty will be off our taxpayer dollars soon. Hope you guys can still work a real job.

  14. hey ed bowe
    don’t forget another randy teague treat

    there was this campaign donor named klineberger. klineburger had little to know experience in working as a township solicitor.
    well randy teague and paul dougherty somehow appointed their campaign-donor klineburger to be township solicitor.

    guess what. a citizen with no law experience spanked that solicitor (klineberger), teague, and dougherty like a naughty toddler all the way to court and had multiple judgments that showed those 3 lawyers did not follow the basic laws regarding clean government.

    so that’s another first for township history, brought to you by Ragin Randy Teague.

    Another great legacy of the Teague administration : the chief of police timing public speakers with a friggin eggtimer when they have the nerve to stand at the microphone they paid for with their tax dollars.

    These guys have got to go.

    I hope the new administration will have the police place a car outside Cork to pull over and administer breathalyzers to certain people that we all know spend way too much time there and then drive home.

  15. hey ed bowe
    yes I did see the courier post thanks.
    I read the editorial the Courier published that supported Cassel and criticized the frivolous lawsuit that was threatened against Cassel for the blog he posted that exposed the alleged pay-to-play shennanigans of teague and dougherty.

    Remember that Courier editorial? I sure do. Even the Courier couldn’t believe their behavior.

    Randy Teague and Paul Dougherty have divided this town. it is time for a change. Fresh leadership. No more lawyer tricksters. Honest citizens. honest government. For the people, by the people. Make Haddon Township a place where community thrives. Right now all that is thriving is the pocketbooks of some chubby-fingered politicians.

  16. Wow
    I guess we have seen the best campaign literature angry Dan, helpless Pat and Charlie D. will me able to drum up lies about.
    At least these self serving individuals who have lived off of taxpayer dollars (County or Municipal) will be gone for good once the next election is over.
    It would be so much fun if the foaming anon lunatic of the last three posts had a little more guts and made himself known.
    Tom you did post anon once, right?

    • perhaps you can name one of hte above facts that is a “lie” as you state?

      go ahead and call it a lie. list the fact above that is a lie.

      that’s what i thought. crickets. you know it’s all true buddy.

  17. Wow. Was that a commissioner posting with with a pseudonym? Sorry I missed you last night but my son’s baseball schedule conflicted.

    It is funny that you won’t even comment on the money you have taken in from your municipal appointees.

    And no I didn’t post anonymously any of the above posts. Which anonymous post are you accusing me of making? That is so funny. I have nothing to hide behind. Obviously, you do from the many different names you use on here.

    And if you want to know about commissioners who feed off the public trough, that would be Commissioner Foley who works for the Cherry Hill Fire Department and Commissioner Dougherty who has had many appointment as prosecutor in several neighboring towns. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • Dougherty “feeding” off the public trough. Never has a sentence evoked better imagery.
      Paul C. Dougherty waddling up to the trough of our taxpayer dollars with his beady eyes and dangling chin, leaning over, and saying “yum yum yum”.
      Paul Dougherty loves our taxpayer dollars.

  18. Tom Cassel, on April 26, 2010 at 12:06 pm Said:
    Oops, I posted the last post but forgot to put my name on it

  19. Higgins, Timothy J – Timothy J Higgins Law Offices
    1040 N Kings Hwy # 300, Cherry Hill, NJ
    (856) 858-9090

  20. the haddon township planning board is scheduled to hear from Kids Kampus for their application for 450 west crystal lake ave – is that the former Haddon Group real estate building? meeting scheduled June 3rd

    • I can not believe that all that is going to be done to this young-man is that he write an essay?

      At the age of 17 he thought it appropriate to pull down his pants and defecate into another students drink? And then watch while he drank it?

      What kind of a school are haddon township tax dollars running? Remember a few years ago when a teacher kissed a student and wasn’t fired?

      And these are the same administrators that did not want to take a pay cut during the largest financial crisis in our time?

      Maybe Randy Teague should stand up and show some leadership here.
      I guarantee if any of us took a dookie in ragin’ randy’s drink we would have to do more than write an essay.

      • I didn’t think this site could stoop any lower than it has in the past than to take a story about a disgusting, criminal act of coprophagia and use it as an opportunity to question someone’s leadership skills.

        You people really are pathetic.

        • are tax dollars are paying for these shenanigans
          Randy Teague and Paul Dogerty are in the midst of budget decisions for a school system that is refusing to cut any of their fat-cat bloated administrator positions.

          This same school system allows a 17 y.o. male to drop a dookie in someones drink in school and the only punishment is an essay? The fact that this man’s father is employed by the taxpayers in the school system likely factors into the lenient treatment.

          This same school district allowed a teacher that allegedly kissed a girl to stay employed.

          It’s time for the taxpayers to say enough, and start firing some of these clowns and put our money to better use.

          And yes it is an issue of leadership. Randy Teague and Paul Dogerty need to get control of this town’s school mess, and a good place to start is with the budget. Slash administrator salaries, consolidate administration, and start a climate where children can learn without having a 17 year old man drop his pants and leave presents in his victims drinks.

          Criminal charges should be pressed, and this 17 year-old should be spending some time with some lads in Camden lockup who can teach him all about how to get along.

          Remember the time a child of a township employee was allegedly involved in a near-fatal beating of a young man in the park, and the prosecutor didn’t press any real charges?

          Wake up people — this little group of fat-cats that are wasting our taxpayer money think the rules don’t apply to them and their families.

          I thought I’d seen it all when BB’s kid got off those assault charges, but now I’ve seen it all. What’s next in our taxypayer-funded schools?

        • Yeah, I’m trying to figure out the connection with Randy Teague myself. Have to shake my head on this one.

          • Teague is the mayor. If a grown man can drop his pants and leave a dookie in someones drink at public school, and the same school administrators are telling the commissioners they can’t take a pay cut, the mayor needs to do something.

            The school budget that the public voted down was sent before the commissioners. It is clear that when this stuff can happen in public school the system is a mess, and they commissioners need to address the leadership of the school system, by cutting salaries for those fat cats in the budget.

            We the taxpayers are paying for a school system in which a 17 year-old can pull down his pants and leave a dookie in someone’s drink. Hello???? Where are the teachers? He pulled down his pants, squatted, and grunted out a present in the middle of a classroom????

            When the victim sues the pants of the school system, guess who pays? THE TAXPAYERS.

            A real mayor shows leadership and gets control of things.

            Randy is too worried about keeping his fat cat campaign donor buddies happy.

          • Sean – remember that Commissioner Dougherty is the Director of Public Safety. Chief Cavallo and all the force report to him. That is how the leadership of our town connects with criminal high school incident. In the end, the buck stops with the Commissioners.

            By the way, this is not the first feces incident in the town . I know of a situation where feces were spread on another student’s locker and no action was taken. This occurred about 2 years ago. So this type of behavior was tolerated by the police in our town. Honestly, as I look at the punishment, the victim could have been seriously hurt by this behavior.

            • Sean,
              imagine you lift up a nice cold glass of coke with your friends. And find a turd at the bottom of it that gets all over your face. Then the class bully laughs at you, and because his dad is affiliated with the school, all he has to do is say “sorry” after that. Imagine it was your child this happened to.

              The young man who dropped a deuce in the soda pop needs to be expelled, and criminal charges filed.

              That type of criminal mischief should not be tolerated in a public school. It’s just disgusting. Where were the teachers while this young man was squatting over the victims drink?

              No wonder our schools’ test scores are so low. The pupils are too busy either dropping deuces or watching their drinks.

            • Sorry Tom, you and the others are plain wrong about this, if you’re trying to tie Randy Teague and the commissioners into this. The township has virtually no say in school matters, except when the budget is defeated. Criminal charges were filed, the kid plead guilty, the judge issued a sentence. This has nothing to do with the commissioners.

              I don’t agree with the judge’s sentence, I would have kept him from wrestling next year along with probation of some sort. If it were my kid, I certainly would be screaming for a lot more but the fact remains, you can’t pin this on Randy.

              • Nobody is pinning this soda-poop incident on Randy.
                The point is that if the school system is so out of control perhaps they should address administrator compensation when they consider the school budget.

                Defecating into someone’s soda is no different than pouring antifreeze or gasoline into it. Feces is toxic waste – raw sewage. The fact that a classroom is so poorly supervised that people have time for these shennanigans is frightening. Regardless of criminal charges, the question needs to be asked : who is supervising these kids?

                That question should be asked by the leadership of our town when they meet with the school administrators of the buget. When Raivetz says “hey we need more money for administratros” maybe this incident could be used to illustrate that some teachers appear to be snoozing on the job.

  21. Nice to see Haddon Township making the national news!
    I wonder if the other lawyers employed by the taxpayers are reading the story about big ol Tim Higgins? Are Paul and Randy involved in the pension plan? What about that campaign-donor Klineburger that they hired who then got spanked by Cassel in court?

    Vote them all out. Forensic audit that goes back 10 years, and pull real estate transactions and cross-reference with applications for senior housing. Just a suggestion.

    • From what I heard in Trenton is that Klineburger got offered a deal to act as an independent investigator for fraud involving towns and is currently suing Pine Hill, their mayor and solicitor for $1,000,000 for violations of Title 40 issues and corruption and Paul Dogerty barked at this causing Klineburger to follow the almighty dollar…Once again, who pays for these lawsuits?

  22. Has anyone contacted the victim’s family in the dookiegate scandal? Even if the insider prosecutor doesn’t press charges, the victim and his family have a very solid case for a civil suit against both the school and the offender.

    The victim was subjected to life-threatening biological attack, and the publication of the story in the national news has no doubt caused signficant pain and suffering. The victim has been traumatized, and he has to still attending school with this predator. At a minimum, a civil suit can be filed, and the predator should be removed from the school.

    If the victim needs referral to a solid legal representative that will take this civil suit to trial and win, please provide way to get in contact with him and family.

    They need to act now and initiate consultation. Make sure it is with an attorney that will not accept some bogus settlement offer : the true scope of the psychological pain and suffering may not yet be known, and the victim is still at risk of contracting chronic disease form exposure to a deadly infectious source. Assault with feces is a biological attack and attempted murder. This victim is at long-term risk now for a number of diseases, and the family should insist that the perpetrator be tested now for a number of diseases.

  23. On a happy note, I am proud to say that I was lucky enough to attend yesterday’s perfect game in Miami!!!!! Wow, what an experience of a lifetime!

  24. http://haddonpubfest.com/

    the above web site shows copyright of Township of Haddon – does this event involve the taxpayers money? there is also a large advertisement on page 2 of the retrospect this week for this event along with an advertisement on the front page of the retrospect for Friday June 4 and the Haddon Township elected officials having an event on Recchino Field with the HTAA concession stand being open. Who will operate the concession stand and is this HTAA club house completely open now? Who pays for these advertisements? How much do they cost? Seems Haddon Township has money to spend in this way! Who paid for the web site for the beer fest??

  25. Tom,

    The buck stops with the commissioners. You are a fraud. Charges were filed by the police department and the matter is referred to the Prosecutor. The Commissioners have nothing to do with that and the Camden County Pros office and Superior Court Judge had everything to do with it. For someone who holds himself above the rest you have clearly mislead anyone who may lister.

    • I doubt you are Ed Bowe

      The school system representative was quoted as saying the school’s punishment would be to make the defecator write an essay. The school has the option of expelling the student. Where were the teachers while this young man was defecating in people’s drinks in the middle of class?

      It is your position Ed Bowe that the Superior Court Judge has something to do with this? I highly doubt that. Furthermore, Haddon Township does have a prosecutor and this would fall under his area, and that prosecutor answers to Dougherty. If our township’s prosecutor decided not to pursue charges against the defecator, that is something Paul Dougherty should explain.

      This act was reprehensible, and will likely result in a civil suit against the school.

      Our children have the right to attend public school and be safe. The fact a 17 year old man can pull down his pants and defecate in the middle of school class into someone’s drink shows that despite their high salaries in the budget the administrators are not watching what is going on.

      And yes, the buck does stop with our Mayor. Any real leader would stand up and take responsibility and address the issue. He’s the Mayor and this stuff is happening under his watch.

      But I guess it is easier to hide from your responsibilities and just hang out with your fat-cat campaign donors.

      Randy Teague will be remembered as a total disaster as mayor.

      • Read the article, a Superior Court Judge ruled on this.

        • I read the article. Article I read said a 17 year-old male managed to take a p**p in someone’s drink in the middle of a clasroom. Where are the teachers? Why has the predator not been expelled? Why is this sort of bullying allowed in our schools?
          Regardless of whether or is classified as a “prosecutable offense”, I think we can all agree that for what we are paying this school system to educate our children the administrators and teachers should be providing sufficient supervision so that a man can not pull down his pants and defecate into someone’s drink in the middle of school.

          Is this really what it has come to? It’s too much to ask that 17 year-olds not defecate in the classroom? Hello??????

  26. Perhaps the family of the son should be investigated. Discipline starts at home, not the Mayor. The father of this kid has been a teacher in the school system for years, how do you continue the trust a teacher who let’s his kid get away with this crime. Why is the kid still still participating in sports? Each student athlete signs a paper at the beginning of the school year stating they will not participate in any stupid behavior. This kid continued to participate in track, has anyone asked the principal, the athletic director or the school board superintendent why he has not been thrown off the team? This smacks of nepotism and a slap in the face to the students who behave. Fire the principal for not doing his job!

  27. Exactly.

    Randy Teague and Paul Dogerty have a perfect opportunity to send a message to the school system by addressing their budget. Slash salaries across the board and consolidate positions.

    The voters recognized that the administrators are not doing a good job and voted down the budget. The budget is then sent to Teague and Dogerty.

    They need to stand up and lead. We need leaders, not lawyers.

  28. Tom
    I think you forgot to post with your name again
    And no the Haddon Twp Pros had nothing to do with this incident; You should know as much.

    • I only post with my name. Just logged in and saw the same old same old. Sorry fake Ed Bowe who doesn’t post with his real name. And yes our town has an excellent group of detectives on the payroll who report to Commissioner Dougherty through Chief Cavallo. And we have a town prosecutor. And yes they can refer crimes to the county prosecutor’s office. That is my understanding of how it works.

  29. Reminds me of that old commercial

    “Have a coke and a smile πŸ™‚ “

  30. Hey Sean – I am not wrong about the fact that the township police are the ones who are responsible for being the police in charge of the investigation. From that perspective, based upon our form of government, Commissioner Dougherty is in charge of the police. What is so hard to understand about that? What the kid did was criminal. We need to discuss this the good old political way…. over a beer this weekend at the beerfest.

  31. “Sean – remember that Commissioner Dougherty is the Director of Public Safety. Chief Cavallo and all the force report to him. That is how the leadership of our town connects with criminal high school incident. In the end, the buck stops with the Commissioners.”

    What is hard for me to understand is why the Commissioners are taking a shot on this one. I understand the form of government and I also understand that the police did an investigation. I also understand that a judge handed down a sentence that I would guess that most, along with myself, do not agree with. The buck stops with the Commissioners? How did they, or the police, mishandle the situation? The school is run by Raivetz, the buck should stop with him.

    Your placing blame on the Commissioners, for this incident, is very misguided. Yes, you have pointed out, in the past, some things that were not above board with the Commissioners but this one they get a pass. The Commissioners do not run the schools and are only called into play when a budget fails to pass. Looks like you’re out on a personal vendetta on this one.

    • Sean is wrong.

      Haddon Township is a community in which a 17 year-old male can pull down his pants and take a dookie in a students soda in a classroom, with no significant punishment. The student was not expelled, and has not been kicked off the sports team. The student’s parent is employee of the school system.

      This demonstrates a significant lack of supervision in the school system. Regardless of criminal charges, the school system should at a minimum provide an environment that is safe and free of such attacks.

      A true leader leads his or her town. Randy Teague and Paul Dougherty have an opportunity hear to stand up and say what they think of the situation, and to reflect those thoughts through the current budget process for the school administration.

      A real leader stands up and leads, regardless of it is ‘his problem’.

      Randy Teague has yet to stand up and voice a solid opinion on this issue. But what else is new? It happened in Haddon Township, and he is the mayor of Haddon Township.

      Sorry that you expect so little of your leaders Sean. What a sorry state of affairs.

      have a coke and a smile

      • The problem is you don’t have a clue as to how the schools and townships in this state are run. They have independent boards and have nothing to do with each other unless a budget fails or they enter into some type of contractural agreement.

        To quote you, “This demonstrates a significant lack of supervision in the school system. Regardless of criminal charges, the school system should at a minimum provide an environment that is safe and free of such attacks.” You are 100 percent correct but where you are wrong is when you tie the commissioners into this. This was not their business and for them to comment on it in public would be wrong. They can not do anything about the situation, it’s between the school, the parents and the court system. How hard is that to understand?

      • Tom, this is a school issue that was handled by the school and the court system where it should have been. The commissioners have NOTHING to do with this. Yes, they can make a comment but like I said, it’s a school issue. They should be completely unassociated with this as it is not their problem. They do not hire the Superintendent, the school board does. They do not set policy, the school board does. This is a school board issue. Blame should be placed on Raivetz for not addressing this issue but then again, because of privacy issues, his hands are tied.

  32. Sawchuk, your decency as owner of this site is measured by how quickly you remove yesterday’s 10:57 pm post by anonymous.

    It’s only my opinion, but you banned me from posting for far less severe comments.

    At this writing I am the 44,952nd viewer of this site. Shame on anyone who views that post and fails to condemn it.

  33. St Evelyn, you are correct and I have not been following as close as I should have. I will be deleting that comment.

    I hope to have a new topic soon but have many things going on right now so if anyone has a suggestion or a write up I can copy and paste please email me at jonjenja@verizon.net

  34. Sean – All I wrote is that the commissioners do have certain responsibilities relating to this as a result of the form of government where the commissioners actually hands on run the departments. Do you realize that if Dougherty wants to hire a police officer and it is in his budget, he doesn’t have to ask the others? That is just the way it is. They would like to stay unassociated with this completely, but that is impossible. I haven’t heard them make a single comment about this issue in the papers. This isn’t a personal vendetta issue. Its a take responsibility issue. The fact is, most people have no understanding that we have a form of government that allows for powers to be vested in individuals with little true accountability other than every fours years, an election.

    • I agree with Cassel.

      A leader LEADS. A leader stands up and takes a position on issues in the community.

      We need Leaders.

      Sadly, Randy Teague and Paul Dougherty have not exhibited strong leadership.

    • Tom, this is a school issue that was handled by the school and the court system where it should have been. The commissioners have NOTHING to do with this. Yes, they can make a comment but like I said, it’s a school issue. They should be completely unassociated with this as it is not their problem. They do not hire the Superintendent, the school board does. They do not set policy, the school board does. This is a school board issue. Blame should be placed on Raivetz for not addressing this issue but then again, because of privacy issues, his hands are tied.

      • Listen to you Sean:
        “it is not their problem”

        technically, you are right.
        but that comment is lacking.

        A good leader stands up and leads.
        Our President could say “not my problem” on many issues, but he takes a stand.

        Randy Teague and Paul Dougherty are clearly demonstrating that they are poor leaders.

        Yes, Randy can hide and keep his mouth shut and hope he gets elected again to pass out more jobs to his campaign-donor buds. But that doesn’t make it right.

        I am so sorry that you expect so little from your leaders Sean. You get the government you deserve.

        • Anon, you would be wrong. I expect a lot from my leaders but I expect a lot from the ones with the responsibility. The Superintendent runs the schools and it’s his responsibility for what goes on in the schools. Randy and crew are responsible for what goes on in town. If this was to happen at the township garage, then it’s their responsibility.

          Place blame on Raivetz, if you must blame someone. I don’t know what punishment was handed down but it was his to decide on the school level.

          • I expect elected leaders to stand up and take a position. Randy has yet to voice a position on this issue. It happened in Haddon Township. He is the Mayor. We have a right to know where he stands on things.

            Leaders stand up and lead. We need leaders in our community. Randy Teague and Paul Dougherty are not displaying any sort of leadership quality.

            Do you see our President saying “hey it’s not my fault the oil well blew!”

            We have a right to expect our leaders to stand up and take a position.

            I’m feel sorry for you Sean that you accept such poor leadership. You get the government you deserve.

  35. BTW, nice to see you back St. Eve. I missed the post that was deleted but I trust that you had good reason.

  36. Tom

    You are a personal vendetta machine and no one is buying it; You have no facts to discuss regarding this matter and are baseless in your accusations. I do not know Mr. McGrath (who can see this issue clearly without making it personal) but I know Comm Foley. He has advised me the police do not decide the charges to be filed but refer to the County Pros Office the scenario who recommend the charges. In fact the charges were filed and were resolved at the County, NOT the Haddon Twp Municipal Court. To suggest the Commissioners have anything to do with this student’s conduct or his ramifications is beyond yellow journalism. Shame on you. Look me up, I exist.

  37. anyone defending the punishment this kid got should ask themselves how they would feel if their kid was the victim. brutal leadership in the schools. That poor kid was bullied and the school action was far to little. I guess its who you are…who you know.

    • No one has defended the punishment the judge handed down. His punishment was an atrocity. It does not come close to fitting the crime.

    • Mark Ford : I hope someone takes a pOOp in your drink.

      Listen to you defend this. Nobody is saying that the commissioners are at fault for the charges.

      People are saying that as our elected leaders they should clean house in the school system, because it is clearly broken.

      Are you saying that Commissioner Foley is in support of minimal punishment for grown men who defecate in victims drinks at a public school? Is that really what John Foley stands for?

      Or is John Foley a leader who will say he is disappointed that the school system has such poor management that a grown man can pull down his pants and drop a dookie in someones drink in the middle of class?

      Is John Foley a leader, or is he taking a page from the TeagueDougherty playbook?

      The school system is clearly broken. Through the budget process our leaders need to fix it.

      The law says we have to send our children to school. The schools should be safe.

      The “pooper” should be expelled

      • “People are saying that as our elected leaders they should clean house in the school system, because it is clearly broken.” Anonymous, your comments show your ignorance. The Commissioners are NOT in charge of the schools. The only say they’ll ever have is when a budget fails. They can not go in and “clean house” any more than you can.

        The school board runs the schools. The elected officials there are in charge as is Superintendent Raivetz. Why not go to a school board meeting and demand better leadership from the board members, your beef should be with them.

        • The Commissioners are the elected leaders of Haddon Township. When such a horrible incident happens in our towns public schools, it is not too much to ask that they stand up and voice their opinion.

          What does the Mayor think of this sorry state of affairs? Yes, we can expect him to stand up and say such behavior should not be tolerated. Yes, we can expect Randy Teague to voice any displeasure he may have with the way the school system handled this. Yes, we can expect our leaders to lead. We can. Sorry that you can’t, or won’t.

          The Mayor is supposed to be a leader, not just someone that punches a ticket and hides from offering his opinion. It is hard to take a stance on things when you want to keep everyone happy. But being a real leader is not about keeping everyone happy – it is about taking a moral position in a time of moral crisis.

  38. interesting point

    can anyone name one time paul dogerty or randy teague have stood up and taken a position on an issue and said what they believe?

    what exactly do they stand for?


  39. Name a few issues that they did or did not take a stand on.

  40. On June 7, at 4:30 P.M. there was a meeting at the Board of Ed Office. The Board met in Executive Session to discuss personnel. Does anyone know what happened? Many in town are upset that only $250,000. was cut by the mayor and commissioners, especially since the budget was voted down this year. The people the town should be angry with is the board members. The only member to vote against the budget was Bill Mann. Does anyone know how many employees are losing their jobs? Raivetz makes over $174,000. in base pay, over $2,000. in allowances and over $42,000. in retirement pay. There is also Palmer, Scheinberg and five principals. The salaries for these eight people alone is over one million. Raivetz thinks Haddon Township School District needs more administrators.

  41. […] Panel reschedules meeting on Haddon Twp. school cuts May 2010 82 comments 3 […]

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    you can write otherwise it is complicated to write.

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