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Westmont Theatre named to N.J. Registry of Historic Places

Howard Haas forwards the good news (sent by author and preservationist Alan Hauss) that the long endangered Westmont Theatre of New Jersey has, after a long effort, been listed on July 8, 2010 on the New Jersey Registry of Historic Places.


9 Responses

  1. Great News!

  2. I agree. The renovation of this property would be excellent for this town if we can figure out an economically viable business to establish in it. It does no good to set up a situation where in 2 or 3 years it will not be successful and the property will again be vacant, especially in light of the cost of renovation.

    The question is what is the plan for it now? At the most recent commissioners’ meeting, they said that a couple of the developers are proposing a residential component to their potential development. I stated, if that were the case and that were being considered, they really should readvertise this and request additional proposals from interested developers. Quite frankly, it would be good for the town and the avenue to have a arts based reuse including theatre, if that is economically viable.

  3. This is great news. Now let’s do something cool and interesting with it. Residential is not it. Renvovation as a performing arts venue with a retail component is what needs to happen. Get Spielberg involved!

    • Thank goodness Randy and Paul were never able to tear it down.
      I remember back when Tom Cassel caught them red-handed when they ran an advertisement requesting RFPs to tear down the front of the theater.

      This is great news for Haddon Township.
      Sorry Randy, theater is here to stay and is a cultural landmark. Paul, there is more to culture than the sunday morning funnies.

  4. Yeah. I remember when they tried to remove the Marquis by placing a public notice for its removal. That was a waste of taxpayers money. But based upon public feedback, including mine, what appeared to be a secret determination among the commissioners to tear it down, became an embarrassment and lesson in open government. I just hope we can find a use that will enable financial success of a renovated building.

  5. 3 years from now you people will be saying the same old things. By making it a historical landmark they’ll somehow throw public money at the thing and it will be a drain. The best thing that could happen now is a sinkhole swallows the thing.

  6. It’s good to know that the Westmont Theatre is now on the same list with the Sears Roebuck & Co Retail Dept Store in Camden


  7. Along with many other well known
    Barclay Farm House
    Collingswood Theater
    Haddon Fortnightly
    Indian King Tavern
    Ritz Theater
    Just to name a couple

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