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HTAA Clubhouse Damaged by Deluge

From the Retrospect

A clubhouse intended to serve Haddon Township’s main athletic complex on Crystal Lake Ave. received extensive damage in last week’s deluge. But that’s not all.
The stalled project suffered another setback this week as township officials explained that a temporary certificate of occupancy (CO), which allowed use of first floor facilities, would not be renewed on August 1.

At Tuesday night’s caucus meeting of the commissioners, township construction official Ed Toussaint reported the lack of progress and communication from Haddon Township Athletic Association (HTAA) President Bob Davy. Though the clubhouse sits on school board property, HTAA ordered and paid for the work completed so far.
According to Toussaint, Davy has failed to respond to numerous phone and email messages. After last week’s storms, Toussaint reported that he entered the clubhouse and conducted a two-hour inspection of the damaged facility.
Toussaint said he observed bubbling of drywall under second-story windows indicating that rain penetrated there. That water created damage on the first floor, too, destroying drop ceilings. Water appeared to have entered light fixtures, he added.
While the building currently has no “life safety” issues, Toussaint reported he could not continue to extend temporary COs because no progress has been made to complete the building.
As of August 1, all users of the clubhouse will not be able to use the first floor restrooms or concession stand.
The most expensive sticking point remains an uninstalled elevator to the second floor. HTAA purchased a $20,000 lift, which did not meet building code requirements. The organization engaged in an appeals process through the courts but was unable to get a variance.
To remedy the lack of an elevator, HTAA agreed last year to purchase a type of elevator referred to as a LULA (limited use limited application.) Toussaint said that, to his knowledge, HTAA rejected bids for a LULA as too expensive.
Another unfortunate side effect of the rain damage, Toussaint added, will be the extensive repairs that will be needed before a permanent CO can be issued.
A use agreement between the Haddon Township school board and HTAA adds restrictions to the clubhouse. The school board approved the agreement last week, which mandating that the board approve any changes to the complex. The agreement also provides that HTAA purchase insurance that indemnifies the school district and school board.
Under the agreement HTAA agrees to be responsible for clubhouse maintenance, as well as nearby storage buildings and lighting for the fields. The board also gets the right to order HTAA to remove the clubhouse, storage buildings and lights.


10 Responses

  1. This should have never have been approved to start with!!! It is so huge compared to the actual need.

  2. I spoke about this at the meeting. Everyone wants to point fingers at everyone else, but everyone wants this issue to be handled. In the end, the school district needs to take responsibility for this facility. It is obvious that the HTAA is out of their league (pun intended). It is a necessary facility for the town on public land run by a group who based upon results has absolutely no idea how to do this. We will end up with a building that will need to be torn down in short order if action is not taken. In the end, the school board needs to take this building over, get it functioning, and get HTAA to help fund it. We are at the point where actions need to be taken so that the children are taken care of.

    • There should have been an investigation a long time ago of the HTAA. This once again is proof that they are incapable to run this organization.
      Wher does all of their money go?

  3. Ha, I said the old boys club of the HTAA should have been investigated loooooong ago. If those books got opened I bet lots of heads would roll

  4. someone ask randy about this next meeting. let me know if he says:
    “we’ll look into it”
    or if he says:
    “we aren’t involved in it”

    maybe someday Randy will wake up and say
    “I’m the mayor of this town and all of this town and will look into items of concern regardless of if it is my political turkey.” but that takes leadership.

    Maybe someone could run for office on a platform of LEADERSHIP.

  5. See you Tuesday sistergb

  6. http://www.manta.com/c/mmdk67b/robert-w-davy

    does anyone know if bob davy carries the insurance for the haddon township athletic association in any area?

    this clubhouse seems to have an interesting story and how does the htaa organization function?

  7. http://www.eteamz.com/HaddonTwpLL/

    this web site says there is a meeting at Recchino clubhouse in Haddon Township on Tue Sept 14 – under Jim Mulroy (also a school board member). Retrospect article says this building is not open- and Dennis St John is back in the discussions – has anyone every seen where all the money collected under this HTAA organization goes? HTAA president Davy is on vacation? Where in the world is Mr. Davy – who carries the insurance on this HTAA organization-school board member Charles Albino was also a past president of HTAA- there must be a very interesting history to this HTAA organization – and this building was built on school board property

    • Was Dennis St John involved along with Betty Band in the old “run for tony’ event?

      Whatever happened with that?

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