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HTAA working on clubhouse problems

I can’t copy and paste articles from the Retrospect anymore so I will now have give links



11 Responses

  1. Bob Davy has remained unavailable and on vacation. Does he not appreciate the gravity of the debacle under his stewardship.

    Now Dennis St. John is now the spokesman for HTAA?

    Township rejection of the lift and then subsequent State Court rejection of failure to meet building codes?

    Why not just believe Ed Toussaint that the proposed lift did not pass code?

    Why isn’t this building in use for township kids that pay through their parents’ noses for the privilige of participating in the HTAA program?


  2. Was Dennis St. John and Betty Band involved in some sort of situation with Mr. Tony and the old bank account for the ‘run for tony’ money? what was the resolution of that?

    People can say that HTAA not involved with taxpayer money. BUT, when Fusco is investigating the structure is his bill paid by HTAA or the taxpayers/township? when Tousaint is dealing with this mess is his bill paid by HTAA or the taxpayer?

    When TeagueDoughertyFoley spend time on this, is HTAA paying that part of their salary/benefits?

    It involves the taxpayers folks.

  3. Do you know for a fact that Fusco investigated anything? Tousaint os the building inspector and it’s part of his job.

    Do the taxpayers have to pay when Teague/Dougherty/Foley answer your dumb questions?

    • retrospect article mentioned fusco’s name. if you think retrospect article is wrong take it up with them. I doubt fusco working for free and if he’s there someone is paying for it one way or the other.

      If you think the HTAA clubhouse debacle in now way touches the taxpayers I’ve got a bridge to sell to you and a hefty personal injury lawyer for you to re-elect.

    • Friday Sept 3rd Retrospect article said Fusco toured building and was preparing a report.
      Don’t let the facts stand in the way of your arguments.

      Simple question — who is paying for Fusco report? If schoolboard or township paying for it then it is taxpayer money.

      Why so angry?

  4. http://collingswood.injersey.com/2010/04/14/pedestrian-90-killed-in-haddon-township/

    was there ever any additional information regarding this accident – I do not remember seeing if there was any result from the investigation

  5. Interesting. Who was the driver?

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