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Township Plans to keep Channel 19 Afloat

Link to the Retrospect article



65 Responses

  1. What, no Luau comments? This blog has Jumped the Shark.

  2. What does this thread have to do with the Luau?
    Seems like the blog is doing it’s aim : providing information and constructive comments.

    It’s interesting that once Cassel’s lawsuit against the township was decided (when the Judge awarded Cassel the victory) all of the anonymous mud-thrower disappeared.

    You could have offered your thoughts on the Luau, but instead you just wanted to stir the pot in an attempt to once again disrupt public discourse.

    Free speech, no 5 minute time limits – it’ a beautiful thing.

  3. I was actually making a point, by not making a point. Channel 19? Who really cares. I’m just waiting on the number of comments about the Luau, like the St. Paddys Day pub crawl.

    Yes, I was stirring the pot and you’re wrong about Cassel’s lawsuit making posts disappear, it’s been a month between posts, people got bored.

  4. Exactly. Election season coming so you characters will be back posting and stirring the pot to try to divert attention from real issues.

    The blog has been making some nice informative posts for the citizens. Why don’t you just leave it alone and let the people be? Go have a cry with Paul or something and get over it. The blog is serving its purpose and as one can tell from the web traffic people find it useful.

  5. I didn’t back Randy and crew the last time but I certainly will this time. He’s got it going in the right direction.

    • exactly. you’re just on the blog to drum up talk of the election. thanks for sharing. mind if we get back to the peaceful blog we had before you decided it was campaign season again?

      • BTW, when are the elections? They aren’t up for re-election in April 2011 are they? I’m actually serious about that.

        However, peaceful blog? Nothing was written for over a month! Peaceful because there wasn’t any action.

        • As I recall, their last campaign was titled victory 2007. As 2011 is only 3.5 months away, it is definitely time to gear up for campaign season.

          Nice to see you back on the blog. And yes, it was peaceful until you decided to start the campaign again.

      • The commissioners have quietly amassing a large $40,000 war chest. It is very interesting that they passed a “pay to play” ordinance with the intention of reducing/ eliminating campaign contributions from whom they award jobs/contracts. When you look at the contributors, the majority are from people feeding of the public trough of money. The contributions may not be illegal, but when you see Jim Stevenson contribute to them and then get appointed to be the head of public works, it is clear that there is something totally wrong with the law that they passed and our system of government. This is really an issue of ethics and how you want to run your government. Legally it is legal. Ethically, it is unethical.

        • I looked up the dates of the “proposal” of the “pay to play” and compared them to the dates of the actual “passing” of same and the fact that they had another fund raiser in the interim! In other words, they made it so that no one else could build up the money in the interim.

          • Don – you are 1000% correct. The ploy was very well described in the Retrospect a couple of years ago. Here is the link.


            Basically, they pulled a slimy political move which allows them to take $300/year / contributor for multiple years while any others who run, are limited to $300, if the contributor wants a job/contract with our town. So our town’s contracts are for sale for a mere pittance. The current Mayor and Commissioners are laughing all the way to the bank but at least the Retrospect has predicted what they would do and in fact they did it. And of course the “Bank” is First Colonial, whose president has made multiple contributions to them and where the town keeps its deposits. Surprised? (BTW, the issue isn’t that we keep the money there which I like because it is a local bank, but more why Jerry Banmiller needed to contribute money to them when he doesn’t even live in our town. It is the epitome of pay to play.)

            • Interesting. You would think that if they really wanted reform they would cap how much a person could give to a political ticket per election cycle.

              Gotta give it to Paul and Randy – they nailed this one. They got credit for passing pay-to-play reform and effecitvely blocked anyone else from raising as much money as they can over 4 years.

              that Retrospect article saw it coming!

  6. More like $80,000 plus Tom!

  7. Your report says $40,215.

  8. Tom,

    Don Draper?

    You can do better at least use Salvatore

    You are truly a Madmen

  9. Commissioner Dougherty – why don’t you just post with your name when you post. I post with mine and I didn’t write the post that I commented on. If you notice, I am providing the facts, as usual, as well as my opinion of the facts. I am not calling anyone any names, which is childish. Why are you?

    I do call your behavior relating to campaign contributions slimy, which is my opinion. I also said it wasn’t illegal. Brett did a great job in his article saying what the loopholes you would use are.

    At least I don’t call names, I just call out your behaviors and actions. No more name calling, dude. Noone wants to read that kind of childish stuff. They just want to read the facts about what is really going on.

  10. Mr. Cassel:

    Your self proclaiming put downs and false identifications on the anon bloggers should go to both sides of the fence. Most of this blog is childish. Your facts are simply your opinion. Surely the slates you may have supported raised money. I think the fact remains you are concerned because they have legally raised money to once again aid them in defeating you or anyone you may support. Good luck! You missed a great Luau!

    Jack Rogers

    • when are facts opinion? Cassel stated some fact and it appears The Retrospect also through their diligent reporting concluded same.
      That facts are the facts (unless theboys don’t like them and then they are ‘opinions’.)

      As predicted, the boys and their campaign-donors have emerged right on schedule. My prediction: any viable candidate that emerges to challenge them they will shout down as a Cassel-associate and similarly tar and feather.

      How about you chaps go back to letting the blog peacefully spread information? Don’t you guys have a clubhouse to finish building, streets to put back together, Dydee to clean up and rebuild, westmont theater to rebuild, and so on?
      Surely you guys have better things to do then throw mud at your own citizens on the internet?
      How bout getting back to what you promised us 4 years ago?

  11. Actually, Commissioner Dougherty, nice try. More like a Mr. Rogers try. Obviously you are politically motivated by your post. You would be better to go silent on me than to lie about your identification.

    The facts I have stated about campaign contributions are true. I am concerned that the money you raise is nothing more than payment back for the contracts that have been awarded. That is the root of corruption in New Jersey. My challenge is simple… return every cent to the people who you have awarded contracts or given jobs. Then you are clean.

    Regarding the Luau, it would have been nice if it was a family oriented event, not an adults only over 21 event. It seems that there are several events in town sponsored by the town and/or the BID which are over 21 events, which means alcohol. It would seem that a Community Luau would not be one of them. I would have been there if I could have taken my son. But you all decided, “Let’s drink!”

    • Tom, some people have a beer or two, others have their own vices. You know what I mean Tom? Of course you do.

      • Why are you guys so personal against Tom?
        I just read the posts – he never said you shouldn’t have a beer.
        He merely pointed out that as the event was over-21 it excluded families with children and that was why he didn’t attend.

        Every time someone makes reasonable posts about real issues you guys just bring out your smear campaign against your own constituents.

        It is the right and obligation of the public to ask questions of their elected leaders. It is a shame that you three feel above the need to answer them.

        The pay-to-play issues, the issues regarding missing money that plague the town, the issues regarding the ‘charity’ events, the recurring issues with the redevelopment projects, the issues with the Westmont Theater : these remain questions that our elected officials refuse to answer. They refuse to answer questions during the 5 minute free-speech period alloted to the public each week other than with the standard (we’ll get back to you) response.

        And woe to the citizen who dares to question. Mr. Cassel had the guts to take them to court after they refused to answer his questions and he won. I guess that’s why Paul and Randy are so angry. If they spent a portion of the time they waste trashing cassel on actually answering the public they could maybe get around to their campaign promises.

        Do we really need 4 more years of this? What we need is a breath of fresh air and getting away from the politics as usual.

        A suggestion: at least vote out Dougherty and get someone new in there to add some spice to the mix and hold the other two accountable.

        Let’s make 2011 the year the town goes on a diet and votes out Dougherty from the public feeding trough. Paul, best of luck going back to your law practice. We should hold a raffle for you replacement : anyone would be better and it would break the cycle of politcs as usual.

        Maybe the BID can sell raffle tickets and we can randomly select Dougherty’s replacement? It’s win-win : we get rid of him and make some money for the BID.

        It’s time to take the Dog for a walk out of office. Enough already.

          We should break-up the three amigos
          Vote out Dougherty!!!!!!!
          2011 Teague, Foley, and who ?? Great idea to shake things up!

  12. Cant wait to see Tom and his son at the Block Party

  13. Our block party… Another event where there is now a beer garden, Paul. How family can you get? You don’t need alcohol for it to be a good time. Sorry Paul, but my son has soccer that day in the middle of the afternoon and there is little way to juggle the schedules. Maybe we can get there for the beginning.

    Did anyone get the announcement about this Saturday’s Octoberfest sent out by the town? I actually think this is one of the dumber dates to have this event. First, I would think that Octoberfest would be in October. Second, I will be fasting that day as it is Yom Kippur, the most religious day of the year in Judaism. Don’t you think the town could have sponsored this on date that wasn’t a major religious holiday where you are required to fast? This is supposed to attract people from a number of towns including Center City where there is a large Jewish population.

    • Oktoberfest is a 16- to 18-day festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, running from late September to the first weekend in October. It is one of the most famous events in Germany and the world’s largest fair, with some six million people attending every year. The Oktoberfest is an important part of Bavarian culture. Other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations, modeled after the Munich event.

      • Indeed. It is a 16-18 day festival. Paul apprently decided to celebrate it on one day only.. Yom Kippur .. in New Jersey…

        That is, in my opinion, incredibly insenstive and demonstrates a lack of cultural awareness with respect to the local community.
        What’s next? Bar Crawl on Christmas Eve and maybe another Luau on Passover and then round it out with a Bar Crawl on Easter and then a boozefest on Memorial Day? Hello??????

        • How dare the Irish hold a festival in Wildwood during Yom Kippur. Insensitive to the Irish Jews wanting to participate.

          • It’s my understanding Yom Kippur was the 18th and Irish Weekend in Wildwood was the 24th, 25th and 26th.

            • That was the firemans weekend

            • BTW, Yom Kippur started sundown on the 17th.

            • I ended up going to the block party but purposely avoided even walking down to the beer garden area. My son had a good time too before soccer.

              Actually, Delaware Gay Pride was on Yom Kippur in Rehobeth.

              And when I saw Kate at the Caucus meeting I told her that it was totally unfair that the town had a big drinking day and I had to fast! She told me that because they had planned it so close to the event, the beer companies sponsoring only had this date available.

  14. Interesting point.
    I can’t believe they are hosting Octoberfest on Yom Kippur.

  15. I just looked at haddonpubfest.com and they are stating that this is being scheduled in connection with Philly Beer Week. I looked up Philly Beer Week and it occurs in June and they just reused the website from that time and didn’t change the wording. So for them to justify this because of Philly Beer Week on their website is a mistake and not a reason to be having this event on Yom Kippur. Maybe Kate can fix the pubfest website for the mistake.

  16. isn’t linda rohrer part of 1st colonial national bank and also a member of the haddon township zoning/planning board?

  17. she would be an employee of haddon township if she gets paid any amount for being on the board? is this a conflict in any way?

  18. How is that a conflict if she donates time to be on the planning board? My issue with conflicts arise when people donate money to campaigns in exchange for lucrative contracts. Her name does not show up on any campaign reports. I don’t think the planning board gets paid.

  19. Looks like DA BOYS are turning the machine on Linda Roher.
    She would be a perfect replacement from Paul Dougherty.
    People, the three amigos need to be broken up. We the people need to vote out at least one of them and get some fresh air in there.
    2011 : Teague, Foley, Roher ?
    The three amigos will run together, but we don’t need to vote for all together.

    Paul thanks for your service, but it is no longer needed.

    • Maybe the democrats club could endorse a candidate? With the right candidate we can vote out dougherty and break up the amigos

    • Beware, word is if Paul is not re-elected (they are talking about it already) then he will be made Solicitor! WOO HOO! Let the good time roll!!!!!!

      • I seriously doubt that.

        There is reasonable chance that Paul may not be re-elected.

        When the new candidate is mixed in with Randy and John it will change the dynamics. Despite what they may be telling Paul, they won’t appoint him solicitor unless they want to get voted out too.
        Paul, thanks for your service – nothing personal.

  20. http://www.haddontwp.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/1264salary2010.21.pdf

    these minutes of a haddon township meeting shows an amount that board members receive. i do believe planning board and zoning board members do received money from the township. just for your info

    • Interesting information. Did not realize the scope of the handouts. The head clerks have clerks that have clerks helping the clerks! Good thing we’re not in a recession.

  21. I didn’t know that you don’t have to vote for all three. Is that right? I’ve never voted in the town’s election, is it this November? Are the current three commissioners/mayor Democrats or Republicans or mixed? Who is running against them? I’m 30 and have voted before, just never for a local race. But now that I have kids, I am starting to think on a more local level. I like many things about our town, and I don’t like a whole lot too. I have met all of our politicians and thought Rob Foley seemed really nice and interested in what is best for our town. The other 2…not so much. To be fair I talked to them over 4th of July weekend, and I am sure they were distracted with everything that goes on that weekend.

  22. The “three amigos” Foley/Teague/Dougherty will run as a ticket. But when you vote, you vote on individual commissioners : you don’t have to vote for all 3.

    Foley is well-liked, and is always a gentleman. Teague calls himself an ‘independent’ and has gained a reputation of always trying to stand in the middle. It is my opinion that he stands for nothing other than trying to get himself elected. He has been accused of talking out of both sides of his mouth on several occaisions.

    Dougherty… Paul Dougherty is, in my opinion, a condescending nasty person. Just attend a meeting (third and fourth Tuesday of each month) and watch how he treats the people.

    The reality is that the three incumbents will be tough to vote out due to the size of the money they have raised and the Teague/Dougherty hardball politics.

    The problems is that left unchecked these three are driving the bus in the wrong direction.

    Best way to break up their little game is to vote out one of them and put someone fresh in the mix. Dougherty is the weakest link both in terms of popularity and what he offers the town.

    So, let’s get behind a person of character and integrity and vote Dougherty out. Foley should stay because he is decent and even sitting next to the other two he’s managed to stay so which says a lot. Teague is spineless and will do whatever keeps him elected – with a good replacement for Dougherty to help Foley lead, Teague will fall into line or we can vote him out the next cycle.

    Bring Haddon Township back to the people. Voting Dougherty out will send a clear message that the people aren’t going to put up with that type of behavior in our elected officials.

  23. Thanks for your input Tom I guess the holiday is over?

  24. What are you talking about? I have been busy working all day today. I didn’t make any of the posts, Paul. I have told you that I only post with my name. Too bad you don’t.

  25. Paul,
    I suspected you wouldn’t be able to resist another one of your snarly comments.

    It would appear that you didn’t disappoint.

    Thanks for showing the undecided voters why we need to vote you out. You are an elected official – how about more service and less smirking?

    Maybe if you ask nicely Randy and John and your replacement will let you use your Haddon Township website photo to spruce up your law practice’s webpage as you return to your booming practice.

  26. Guess again Tom, it’s not Paul.

  27. who cares

  28. You do, or you wouldn’t have commented.

  29. No, if Paul wants to post anonymously and then claim it wasn’t he that just proves the point. His smugness oozes from even the internet. Continue on, please – you are the best campaign commercial for your replacement.

  30. Thanks anon Tom

  31. This is now becoming childish!
    First Tom does not post anon and that I can verify (whether you chose to believe me or not) I know who is posting and it’s not him.

    I should have realized that with the elections just around the corner it would start getting nasty again. Let’s try and keep it civil ok?

  32. You don’t know squat. You have an IP address only. Besides, I’m in an office park getting service from other companies that are nearby.

    • perhaps you should educate yourself about the pc-identifying data that is embedded most browser clients – any post can be linked directly to the computer that made it. Knowing who you are, I doubt you know much about how to chain proxies and tunnel to obscure your identity. I also doubt you understand what can be embedded in a screen pixel that serves as a tracking cookie. Anonymous is just that – a name. welcome to the internet.

      • Oh, very well aware of that but the average citizen blogger would not have access to this. Welcome to the real world.

  33. You would be surprised as to what I know.

  34. Impress me

  35. […] Township Plans to keep Channel 19 Afloat August 2010 64 comments 5 […]

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