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Newton Diner Fire



The Retrospect



25 Responses

  1. the retrospect states the building was going to be demolished today – do they know the cause? it’s interesting how fires in haddon township occur and the buildings are demolished so quickly – I remember some homes in the past. could this possibly be a parking lot for the ritz theatre in the future? I hope no one was injured during this fire

  2. I hope that they rebuild. I hope the town does everything possible to make it happen quickly.

    The Ritz had an agreement to allow people to park in the back as does Salon Soha because of the lack of parking in the area. So if the close the parking lot for a while, it will cause problems to the neighborhoods where the patrons will have to park.

  3. its not just buildings in ht that get demolished after a fire the building was a loss and becomes a hazard and has to come down right away the paper also said that the pd called it passing by was there no alarm ? and it seems like it had a head start on the fd to save the building bad ecnomy?

  4. i think there probably has been many problems for awhile for the parking for the ritz since all the situation of the bettlewood section of haddon township. that’s where they parked in the past – the streets that have been so messed up with digging. patrons parked along johnson ave and all the side streets. salon soha also provides parking for the ritz. does christine hopkins receive payments in any way for the parking? interesting that you think the town should help them rebuild? why??

  5. Because is it important to support businesses which are important to our tax base. I didn’t say “help” by the way, I said “Do everything possible” such as expedite permitting, planning, approvals, etc. I ate there regularly and am going to miss going there.

  6. Our prayers are with the owners and the employees who have lost their livelihood. We have been frequent customers for many years.

  7. Atta girl Trish…….your thoughts and prayers reflect the compassion and faith of our community.

    God Bless you and family.

  8. I enjoyed eating at the Newton Diner. The owner seemed nice.
    What a shame.

  9. did oaklyn fire dept respond to this fire? did not see mentioned. bettlewood section of haddon township pays the fire tax which use to be paid to the oaklyn fire dept to cover that area. what is the agreement now with covering fires in the bettlewood section? this diner may be in haddon township but oaklyn is the other side of white horse pike. if oaklyn was not the first company there this does not make any sense. they are only a few blocks away.

  10. if oaklyn fire dept was not involved at this fire if there would be a situation at the ritz theatre that required the fire dept where would the fire company first come from? in fact, if anyone in that bettlewood section would need the fire dept, who is the first response?

  11. the section is covered by westmont fire co the haddon twp fire dist 1 fire dept that has a huge voulenteer base and a fast response time i heard that there first truck was on scene with in4 minutes of the call they also have an engine coppany from colls fire dept on the dispach a paid copany the rumor was that oaklyn boro was not using the tax $ paid to them for fire protection for the fire co and haddon twp asked for a accountability of the money used and it was refused so they went to the westmont fire co for fire protecton with the diner fire it souns like it was well advanced before any fire co was called since pd called it in with fire from roof area was there no alarm in this building ? that should be the question

    Also the tax payers of the bettlewood section know who there fire co is mailers were sent out withe the change it has been this was for 2 + years as a resident of bettlewood i know who my fire co is

  12. Bettlewood section of haddon township has Jennings elementary school, if there was a situation there for the fire department would the first response be from the Westmont area and not the Oaklyn fire department? Not long ago Oaklyn fire department was always the first company on site in that area and there have been times that has happened.

  13. did the courier post remove comments regarding this fire at newton diner? I thought I saw some before.

  14. Read this under the article in courier post from someone:

    “to answer your question: oaklyn fire dept no longer handles 1st calls to this area. from one side of clinton ave to cuthbert blvd on the side of the diner and then towards crystal lake diner. over a year ago westmont fire company took back this area.

    they had other towns at the fire but dont think oaklyn was even asked to respond”.

    If this is true if there was a situation for fire dept on Clinton Ave- Oaklyn fire company would respond if it was on the left side of the street and the Westmont fire dept all the way up on haddon ave would respond to the right side of the side of Clinton Ave? What is the story to why this process was changed? Bettlewood section of Haddon Township really has its situations, this along with all the digging that has been going on for so long. Bettlewood should become part of Oaklyn if this is the situation.

  15. collingswood is also responding to bettlewood if you live in bettlewood you would know why it was told to the residents a few years back when the change came about and if you think about it the cops respond from the pd station to west colls hights with a fire truck i assume it only takes another minute for them to get out go check out the offical story on this fire form the westmonfireco.org web site

    • Cops don’t respond from the station. They are already in the patrol car in the neighborhood. Unless the cop is at the station for some reason, the car for West Collingswood Heights is not driving all the way over from Westmont when someone dials 9-1-1, it’s already in the area patrolling. You can’t compare police and fire response. It’s completely different.

  16. what was told to the residents back when this change took place? would be interesting to know- was there any article written in the retrospect with the information? regarding fire depts-what is the distance to the oaklyn section of haddon township from the west collingswood heights fire dept compared to the distance from the westmont section fire dept on haddon ave in haddon township? it is just hard to believe that all the fire companies that showed up for this newton fire-the distance they came and oaklyn fire dept never moved? there just seems to be so much more to this story, but there always is and the people never know. have they determined what caused this fire?

    • 11/23/09 – House on fire in Oaklyn, 0.7 miles from their firehouse. Collingswood Fire (2.6 miles), Westmont Fire (2.5 miles) and Audubon Fire (0.7 miles) all arrive before the Oaklyn Fire Dept. Obviously, distance has little to do with it.

      • correct oaklyn has some staffing issues it seems there is more to the story than what the paper say as a just left sitting not called

        • There are no staffing issues. That’s a spin people are using

          • No spin friend. It’s a fact. Oaklyn seems to roll to jobs in the city without issue but cant seem to get out in their own town. That’s a fact! Check the numbers with Camden County Communications.

            Oaklyn’s issue appears to be not their veteran firefighters but the younger, angrier ones.

      • That happened at least three times in the last year

  17. is there any agreement between the west collingswood heights fire dept section of haddon township with collingswood to cover the west collingswood section of collingswood? i think there use to be a fire dept in the west collingswood section of collingswood but that no longer is there?

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