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Speak Out to Preserve Camden County Parks Riparian Zones

From the Haddon Twp Environmental Commission

We need your help to protect the riparian buffers in Camden County Parks, including Newton Lake Park in Haddon Township. Riparian buffers have been maintained by the Camden County Parks by establishing no-mow zones. This has many environmental benefits and the county’s efforts to maintain the no-mow zones is intended to comply with NJ state regulations.
Unfortunately, many area residents (some 300 and counting) are opposed to the riparian buffers because in the summer months it reduces their view of the watercourses and in their opinion is unsightly.
We need to let Camden County Parks know that there are many citizens that support the maintenance of riparian buffers. Please take a moment to send along a petition (or call) Caren Fishman, Director of Camden County Parks, and Freeholder Jeffrey Nash who oversees Parks issues. I have included petition verbiage and contact info which you can cut and paste into a new email below or feel free to write your own comments.
PLEASE spread the word and forward to any contacts you have.

Send To:
Camden County Parks Department
Caren Fishman, Director
1301 Park Blvd.
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002-3752
(856) 216-2117

Camden County Freeholder Jeffrey L. Nash
520 Market Street 8th Floor
Camden,NJ 08102
(856) 225-5466

Subject: Petition:Preserve Riparian Buffers

Camden County Must Preserve Riparian Buffers

I support Camden County’s efforts to maintain and protect essential riparian buffers next to watercourses within the Camden County Parks system in order to comply with NJ state regulations. Riparian buffers filter pollutants, control erosion, and protect water quality. Riparian buffers recharge aquifers, prevent flooding, and minimize the need for frequent dredging which provides a cost savings to taxpayers. Riparian buffers also provide habitat for our wildlife, which adds to the enjoyment of visitors who frequent the parks.

I urge the Freeholders and the Camden County Parks department to maintain the “no mow zones” around park watercourses. Camden County must uphold the laws of nature as well as the laws of the state and take every measure to ensure that critical riparian buffers are protected.

-Your Name/ Address


3 Responses

  1. Is there a compromise that preserves the view of the water? Many people purchased property in Haddon Township with a view of Newton Lake. The park/lake was to a large degree modified by people to start with, so the ‘riverbanks’ are not natural. There are a number of storm drains that empty into the lake basin, again ‘not natural.’ Is there any environmentally-reasonable way to care for the lake but not destroy the view?

  2. Here is a link to “What is a riparian buffer zone?”


    As someone who fishes, this is a good thing.

  3. Please remember as the buffers mature trees will out compete bushes and dramatically expend the view of the lake. This takes some time, and it will be worth the wait improving the waterways as well as property values. The effect will be an attractive, wooded, naturalized edge along the banks of the waterway with views of the water framed by mature trees and shrubs.

    It is also important to think of this as a work in progress. And, that over the years there will be new findings that will create new “best practice” guidelines and there will undoubtedly be efforts to fine tune this project in the future to best achieve our goals and accommodate the wide variety of needs that this project presents.

    This is an important effort to improve the quality of life in our community and we need to support this project to see its objectives accomplished.

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