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A case of West Nile Virus has been confirmed in the Haddonleigh section of Haddon Township.  We are asking all residents to dispose of standing water in and around their homes.  West Nile Virus spikes in the late summer months through the first frost.  For more information, please click on the document below If it doesn’t come up as a link then copy & paste



18 Responses

  1. When I saw this in last week’s letters to the editor in the Retrospect, I thought it was something that should be publicized. I mentioned this to the Mayor at the block party and suggested putting this up as an awareness issue on the town website. I commend him for doing this.

    This being said, one of the large issues is the flooding in our town across many neighborhoods as a result of the town not enforcing its land planning laws relating to when people put in additions, patios, landscaping etc causing the original drainage designs from back in the 20’s and 30’s to fail. It is what got me interested in the first place. I noted that when this occurs, the mosquitoes go rampant. But generally these issues go across many homes and cannot be solved by one homeowner without the full cooperation of all of that block’s owners. The town says, it isn’t their responsibility because it is private property but when we have public health issues such as this, resulting for government neglect over many years, we need to rethink the government’s role as a facilitator and enabler of making positive changes. I will be bringing this up yet again. You would think that if our town has spent over $400,000 / yr with Key Engineers that we could afford for our engineer to work with homeowners and some local contractors or public works employees to reduce/eliminate these issues and work collaboratively with the homeowners, for the benefit of all township residents. The goal is There might even be some public health grant money for this. I will ask again as I have on several occasions in the past.

  2. Tom, Do you know what part of town is considered HaddonLeigh?

  3. Yes. I lived in Haddonfield before moving to Twp and looked at homes there. And what does that have to do with my post?

    I can’t wait to see the flood tomorrow!!!

  4. i think sistergb was just wondering what section this is – this would give you an idea where haddon leigh is


  5. What flood? Gloom monger

  6. Thanks for the false accusation for me being a gloom monger. My neighbor’s backyard was flooded again this morning from the storm last night. This is about the 6th flood this year resulting from lack of proper drainage. My neighbor has a sump pump in his backyard that will be running all day to drain the inside of our block. And the town just says “It’s private property. We have no responsibility”. And it isn’t isolated to my block.

    It results from the neglect of the town to enforce land use laws and construction laws over the past 50 years. The fact is that the town has some responsibility. You see, when you design and build neighborhoods, everything should drain properly, not create a giant retention pond by accident in peoples’ backyards. It is called “Land Planning” This happens all over town and without the town helping, it will continue to be a problem. For as much money as we pay in taxes and engineering fees, this problem should be actively worked on with simple affordable solutions to minimize this. It should be a collaboration between the town and property owners.

    Quite frankly, it is little different from the town hiring a bus to take inebriated individuals bar hopping on special dates using BID money. Accountants and lawyers in town pay BID real estate taxes, and they divert the money to help the bars. They are selecting private businesses (many of whom are campaign contributors by the way). So these expenditures help a select few, not the whole BID. At least, if we spend money correcting multi-property flooding issues, the entire neighborhoods will benefit due to less mosquito infestation. There is truly a common good, unlike the booze buses.

    And how does it relate to this post? Well, standing water creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and our town has a cited case of West Nile. I made the commissioners aware before that this was an issue. Go back and listen to the tapes. I guess they are waiting for more serious health effect before they do anything. Like I said before, I do believe it was a positive thing for the commissioners to put it up on the website to raise public awareness.

    • When you mentioned this to the Mayor at the block party, did he have to stand there listening to you for 2 minutes or was it a very quick passing conversation? If he had to spend more than 2 minutes with you, I’m voting him out of office for his own good.

      • I do love how you don’t even bother talking about the real issue and it’s always about me. Get over it. You make it sound like I have some agenda or something other than to improve our town. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        Obviously the mayor believed that what I said was valid enough to get him to publicize this issue. He did say they were considering this. He listened to my opinion and took it into account in publicizing this. That is the way it is supposed to work. Listen to learn. No public official has all the answers without listening to the citizens, and I beleive that they are doing this this better than when they first took office. Is it perfect? No. But none of us are. It is about working together productively.

        Lastly, I hope no one in your family gets this terrible disease which can result in death. [staying on topic]

  7. I did a quick news search on recent articles including a death in Camden County. Here are the links:



    Here are the testing stats from the State.


    The reality is that in most cases, this is a mild disease. But the other reality is that these stats are based upon little rain. With the rain activity this week, we can expect additional mosquito activity.

  8. Sounds like Tom wants his flooding fixed by the taxpayers

  9. Not really, Paul. Here are the words I used.

    ” For as much money as we pay in taxes and engineering fees, this problem should be actively worked on with simple affordable solutions to minimize this. It should be a collaboration between the town and property owners. ”

    Can you explain to me how I fix a problem that results from the fact that my neighbor’s land, which is the low point of the block, fails to drain properly because (1) his other neighbors built up their properties eliminating the original drainage (2) others brought in fill to raise their land and (3) our town failed to enforce land planning ordinance in our town, which causes my backyard to flood?

    I am not asking them to fix my flooding, I am asking them to work with the residents of our block to come up with concrete solutions to the problems which affect 20 homeowners, not one, because of the town’s negligence. The answer may be some kind of drain or other solution which requires easements, etc. You fail to understand that this problem has gotten worse over the past 30 years according to some of my long time neighbors.

    Again, I can’t fix the problem alone. It has to be a multiproperty solution. There is a clear public health issue involved which affects the entire neighborhood.

    And yes, I believe that the town should put some effort towards this. They maintain trees on private property in front of people’s homes (shade tree commission) for the public good. Why is this different?

    • There is no such thing as luck. Nothing ever happens by chance. Everything, good or bad, that comes into your life is there as a result of an unvarying, inescapable Law. And the only operator of that law is none other than yourself. No one else has ever done you any harm of any kind, or ever could do so, however much it may seem that he did. Consciously or unconsciously you have yourself at some time or other produced every condition desirable or undesirable that you find in either your bodily health or your circumstances today. You, and you alone, ordered these goods; and now they are being delivered. And as long as you go on thinking wrongly about yourself and about your life, the same sort of difficulties will continue to harass you. For every seed must inevitably bring forth after its own kind, and thought is the seed of destiny.
      Yet there is a simple way out of trouble. Learn how to think rightly instead of wrongly, and conditions at once begin to improve until, sooner or later, all ill health, poverty, and in harmony must disappear. Such is the Law. Life need not be a battle; it can, and should be a glorious mystical adventure; but living is a science.

      • That is a nice quote. I was inspired by your thoughts, and ‘googled’ the text — only to find that the writing is that of Emmett Fox. Curiously, the text was part of some material on an alcoholics anonymous type website. Thanks for sharing with us. In the future perhaps you should attribute the source. If you are indeed in recovery, I wish you luck and continued good health.

  10. Why must the anonymous poster alleged to be Paul Dougherty be so smug and nasty?

    Homeowners are having problems with flooding. The town has problems with flooding, as well as sewage issues from same.
    Maybe our elected officials should start being part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    Mr. Cassel – have your neighbor look into building a french drain “pit” — basically a pit lined with gravel then filled. you can google it for better description. That may help.
    If your neighbor’s standing water problem is happening very rain storm his foundation is going to crack sooner or later.

  11. There is a program that airs 3 times a day that showed many towns…..not homes under water. I’m not sure a French, German, or Swiss drain would be a solution for this.
    I remember this guy named Noah built a boat to handle his problem.
    Again, not sure any commissioner could solve 5 to 10 inches of rain.
    Prayer may help.

  12. I bet if you asked Randy if he could stop a flood he would pause, stop, swig from his water bottle, and then say “we will get back to you on that”

  13. This issue is when there are 1 or 2 inches of rain. I am a good 15 or 20 feet above Newton Creek. The issue is that the low points are in the middle of blocks not at the edges and it creates a giant basin in the middle of the blocks and short of putting in many pumps on many properties or putting in a properly draining system across several properties and keeping that drain cleared, nothing will stop the flooding.

    I found out today that another one of my neighbors installed a sump pump so that certain runoff was pushed out to the street. I noticed this rain that it wasn’t as bad. They did it because their garage was flooding and rotting some of the wood around it. They have lived in the house over 50 years. The flooding did not occur until their neighbor put in an addition and a ton of fill around it to divert their runoff about 10 years ago. So their runoff flooded my neighbor’s garage. This never should have been allowed by the town. It was caused by bad land planning. This last storm, their pump worked well and I noticed less flooding on my property as a result.

  14. Maybe your neighbors should speak with town compliance officer? Given safety issues I’m sure compliance officer will be all over it.

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