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Haddon Twp. bakery loses part of storefront in storm

From the Courier Post

HADDON TOWNSHIP — The distinctive art deco facade of McMillan’s Bakery is facing destruction after an early-morning storm today caused parts of the overhang to collapse.

Fire crews responded to the bakery at around 6:15 a.m., after the front of the building and part of the roof came down, according to bakery manager Kristine Emmons.

“Luckily, it didn’t break out windows,” she said.

Business is progressing as close to normal as possible, with customers trooping in the side door off the parking lot to collect their cakes and cream doughnuts.

A hand-written sign in the window tells patrons “We’re still open, come to the side door!”

An inspector told Emmons the bakery may have to lose the neon sign that sits atop the overhang, but she said McMillan’s will fight keep it.

Two workers Thursday used tools to pry stucco off the side of the overhang, revealing soaked, dark brown wood underneath.

“We’re overwhelmed,” said Emmons, the third generation in the family-run bakery. “It’s a pain, we can’t even let people through the front door.”

Jeff McCormick of Somerdale said he just moved to the area but is already calling McMillan’s the best bakery around. He didn’t let the construction get in the way of his morning doughnut.

“I thought they were just remodeling,” McCormick said.

Emmons said customers at McMillan’s were expected to continue with the side door through Thursday, with the front door opening Friday.


20 Responses

  1. who makes the decision on keeping this bakery open? if it is decayed severely and the sign weighs a lot, and it will have to be removed, that means there is danger for people. who is the inspector of the site at this time?

  2. speaking of business:
    What’s going on with the Taproom?

  3. McMillans should have sold to WaWa when WaWa was looking to enlarge their parking. The bakery will be successful in any property on Haddon Avenue. Then McMillians can have a servicable parking lot.

  4. Best bakery around? How about one of the few that are around. They charge high prices for decent cakes.

  5. i know not on the topic of the bakery but thought would be interesting to read – haddon township is referenced (mayor randy teague). i wonder if this written test is available to the public under the OPRA requests? would be nice to see how haddon township responses to all the questions


  6. indeed

  7. i realize this is another topic, however, –
    catching up on my reading of the retrospect newspaper i find there is something interesting on page 23 of the sept 24th copy – legal notices. under township of haddon fire district #1 (westmont) notice to persons wanting mail-in ballots. did not the fire district elections take place earlier this year? why is this submitted by joseph ripa of the clerk’s office of camden county? this legal notice seems a little confusing to me – but i’m not a politician just a citizen

    • there was a an election or vote to replace an ambulance in September i inquired there 2nd ambulance is older and has and needs to be replaced you cant argue with life safey

  8. reading the retrospect article regarding the party case (sept 17th starting on page 1) i started to think about court cases in haddon township. are there many cases that involve minors drinking at parties or adults having drinking parties for minors that end up in the haddon township court room? i believe paul doughery is the prosecutor for haddon township?? i must be wrong because isn’t he a commissioner of the municipal government? haddon township municipal court took in over $316,000 in 2009. would be interesting to see the cases that go through the courts and how they are handled.

    Haddon township 2010 budget


  9. Paul Dougherty has worked as a prosecutor for neighboring townships, but I don’t think he is currently prosecutor for Haddon Township.

    The story involving minors and alcohol is tragic. It would be great if town leaders could take a stand and speak out against irresponsible drinking. As the commission in charge of public safety, maybe Paul could lead the campaign for responsible drinking in Haddon Township?

  10. Great idea! With all the sponsorship money the events get from bars a public service message is appropriate. Paul is great for the job since he is commissioner in charge of public safety. Paul do you think irresponsible alcohol use is a problem in the town?

  11. http://www.town-court.com/getTownCourt.php?courtID=1278

    don’t know when this was placed on the internet – i do not see a date – info about haddon township court

  12. So Paul is the Prosecutor and Commissioner? Is that legal?

  13. It’s not legal and he is not.

  14. Off the subject, but did anyone think their water bill was way out of wack?

  15. Just some interesting information –

    It’s interesting to go on the pension site for NJ for info on former individuals and see what they receive –

    Mark Ritter – former Haddon Township Business Administration (is he now working for the State of New Jersey?


    Joseph Gallagher – former Chief of Police of HaddonTownship and President of the Haddon Township school board (is he still working for the municipal government of Winslow – State of New Jersey?)


    John McGovern who was the Haddon Township school district Superintendent before the current Superintendent: (does he still hold a job under the State of NJ at the Camden County Educational facility/)


    I guess the reason that the current Haddon Township Chief of Police (who is also Haddon Township Board of Education President) is holding his position at this time? I wonder when he will retire?

    • Why don’t you ask him when he’s retiring? He’s very approachable. Didn’t know that the BOE has two Presidents…way to do your homework genius.

  16. state pensions plans all over the country are headed for disaster. The time will come when the money just is not there to pay out the benefits, and then it’s going to be a mess.
    Just look at the number of government (state and local) employees – it grows every year.

    The state pension mess down the road is going to be a big one.

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