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S. A. T. Prep Class Scam?

Last night I received a very strange phone call…it went like this:

Them: May I speak with Jason’s parents?

Me: This is his mother

Them: I am calling because Jason signed up for the S.A.T. Prep Class at Career Day in school.

Me: When was that?

Them: At Career Day

Me: When

Them: Umm I’m just following up

Me: What school

Click they hung up. I tried today to call that number (which is an 888) and it is temporarily unavailable.

Camden County Technical never had a Career Day

I wish I had gotten more info but I’m concerned this is a scam trying for SS# info or maybe trying to get Credit Card info to “pay for the class”.

Please be careful when giving out any info over the phone!!!!


2 Responses

  1. http://www.haddontwp.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/CM092110.pdf

    this is regarding the meeting of haddon township and the fire district of Bettlewood section – the municipal government can just pass this over to Westmont district fire company – what was on the fire district vote of Bettlewood in the last several years? Who were the board members for this fire district? What was the process of this change – would it not have been something on the fire district voting that took place in the past? I do not live in the Bettlewood section but this issue of change the way it happened seems like it may have involved “a few” individuals and not the residents.

    • well if you lived in bettlewood or any part of town you would know that the fire district 3 bettlewood has elected comminishers to do this business the out come of the newton diner fire would have been the same if the fire house was across the street go ask oaklny why they are the 3 or 4th truck to fires in there own town with fire co like collingswood audubon mt ephram and westmont getting there first it is ???????? it is life safety and as the mayor said contact chief medes he will talk to any one and explain there reason behind the responses they are the fire dept anf they know what is best for that stuff i done know what quilafies you to talk on the subject

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