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Haddon Twp’s Halloween Trick or Treating will be on Sunday, October 31st from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Haddonfield’s Halloween “trick or treating” will be held on Sunday, October 31st between 2:00pm and 6:00pm

Collingswood ‘s Halloween Trick or Treating will be on Sunday, October 31st from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM


27 Responses

  1. Overall a nice parade tonight. I felt like my son had not seen any candy before. Thank you Westmont Lions for another great year. Lots of Legos guys and zombies. I liked the tank and civil war reenactments! Lot’s of creative stuff.

    It is interesting to observe how politicking was done in it. Our Congressman Rob Andrews walked and shook hands with no signage respecting that this was a day for the kids. The mayor and commissioners had a wagon of candy to give out. No signs, just fun. The kids (including mine) were happy to see them. Thanks Commissioner Dougherty for giving my son some. Dale Glading took the inappropriate route by using this as a campaign rally. This was a Halloween parade, not a political rally and his group of about 20 was an affront to spirit of the event in my opinion yelling in favor of him. This is about the kids, not about the politicians and they failed to respect that.

    Lastly, I do have one pet peeve. There were a number of people with open beers on the street with no police enforcement. First, I just consider that wrong for a Halloween parade. Second, there is a town ordinance prohibiting open containers in public (Section 75-12) The police saw it but would not do anything about it. I am not saying that we should arrest anyone, only stop the wrong behavior since most people probably don’t know the law.

  2. So you know personally that Andrews didn’t have signage because he was respecting that this day was for kids ot the fact that he didn’t have any signs because his campaign didn’t need any? If anything he should have had signs stating just what he has done for the past 20 years.

    I agree that the open beer was a little much but then again, I’m sure I could find a few laws that you are currently breaking. Know what I mean?

  3. Yeah I know what you mean. I do break the time limit ordinance regularly at commission meetings. At least they haven’t asked the Police Chief to sit me down in a long time.

    The reality is that this is a nonpolitical event, a Halloween parade. Politicians are always invited, but not to make it a political event. I stand by that. I will say many people standing near me didn’t know it was Congressman Andrews or the Commissioners.

  4. Glad to hear that the commissioners took the high road at the parade, and it’s nice to hear that Dougherty and you were on civil terms at the events.

    In the end politics is just that. When it comes to family events and the kids it is nice to remember that we’re all just people in a community. Sounds like overall a nice event.

    Agree with you about the alcohol – open containers of beer at a children’s event is inappropriate.

  5. I’m new in town and found that trick or treating from 12 to 6 was horrible! We hardly had any kids ring the bell. What kids want to go out when it’s still light out? Next year the town needs to stay out of it!

    • Haddon Twp was actually the longest amount of time for the kids. Many towns including Haddon Twp have changed the hours so Trick or Treating is during the daylight hours.

      This is for the safety of the children and for senior citizens who are afraid to open their doors at dark. It has been this way for years.

      I personally don’t like it either but that is how it is

      • How is it handled on a weeknight then?

        • If I remember correctly they start around 3-3:30 – 6 or 7 so yes before you ask if you want to take the little ones you need to take 1/2 a day off work.

          Like I said before I don’t like but that’s how this town and some surrounding towns handle Trick or Treating

  6. First, welcome to town. We were the only town to start so early, but that was because it fell on a Sunday. I expect that next year when Halloween is not on a weekend they will roll back the hours to a 3 hour window like neighboring towns. Every town sets their own hours for everyone’s benefits. We had a decent number at my house. The best part was my son went out at my house early and then went to Short Hills in Cherry Hill for a couple more hours to be with some of his classmates. I have never seen so much candy in my entire life as this year’s.

  7. it is interesting to read that alcohol is being consumed during a halloween parade in haddon township??? i guess that is what happens when the government is part of beer gardens (sometimes during the wednesday markets) bus transportation to take people “bar hoping” (tax dollars at work), i think there is now a place in haddon township to make beer?? etc. wonderful example for the young people in haddon township. what laws are actually enforced in haddon township???

  8. I think it is great that we have a store for the “brew at home” crowd. This is the type of retailer that if properly marketed will draw people to our town to shop since it is a destination retailer. I hope it is very successful since it will give people a reason to shop in our town.

  9. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….wake me when there’s a new topic.

  10. Hmmm, the Borgata is signifigantly more expensive than the rate offered by other hotels for the conference. I guess when times are tough it is important for the town to pay extra money so that the commissioners can sleep off their hangovers in luxury.


  11. So what was the rate at the Borgata? AC is not that expensive when a convention rolls into town during a weekday. I paid $59 a night at the Trop this past spring.

  12. So I was late on my water bill. I owed a little over $100 dollars. I got a letter that went like this -blah, blah, blah…tax sale..blah, blah, blah. TAX SALE? WHAT? I went up to pay it before my wife murdered me. I couldn’t pay with a check. I had to have cash and I had to pay 40.00 dollars in fines! What is going on up there? I told my brother’s wife she better get their bill paid. She rushed up the next day, no fine and she paid with her own check. Anyone know what is going on?

  13. Welcome to the new way of doing business in Haddon Twp. In the current year’s budget, as a cash flow gimmick to avoid having to raise taxes this calendar year, the commissioners voted to move the tax sale for the amounts still owed in 2010 from the 1st quarter 2011 up to this year. Effectively, they have been able to get additional revenues into this year, the year before their first reelection effort, so that they could eliminate raising taxes this year. What it really does, is create a half million dollar gap in next year’s structural budget before state mandated pension increases, etc which will require additional cuts in costs at the township level or tax increases next year. You, my friend, have felt the personal effect of accelerating the tax sale so that they didn’t have to make the hard choices in 2010 and could defer them until after the election. I did raise this particular issue that there is an additional cost to those who pay a little late that might surprise the people. By the way, I beleive they put a note on your water bill informing you of this early tax sale.

  14. I have my water bill and just went and checked it. No note at all. Just the regular looking bill. Thanks for the info man. It’s unbelievable though, “we don’t raise taxes” just have alot of hidden fees!

  15. Solution:

    Pay your bill on time

  16. Another factor is that they moved the billing date from November 1 to October 10th so that the bills would be late on November 10th instead of November 30th. This could present a hardship on people on fixed incomes by accelerating the payment effectively one month earlier. It is nice to think that everyone in town is flush with cash but we know better in these difficult economic times. The other side of the argument is whether we are better off paying a little earlier to avoid a real estate tax increase which was the position of the commissioners.

    Relating to the hidden fees comment, I completely disagree. They are not hidden at all. They have been increased in a concerted effort to increase the township’s income from its residents instead of raising real estate taxes. I would suggest that we look at sewer fees for example. Currently I pay $43.75/quarter. When I moved here less than 4 years ago, I paid $30.00. So this has been a 45% increase in this fee alone. Their explanation – it was too low and they are just bringing the amounts up to comparable towns. Whatever you want to call it, it is a tax increase. The commissioners have raised virtually every fee, added new ones, all in the name of not increasing taxes. But when you need a building permit to do some work, the fees increased. Go to sell you home, and there is a sidewalk inspection fee. Yes, fee and spend.

    The most interesting thing will be to see how the commissioners plan to fill next year’s hole in the budget. Will there be additional taxes, additional fees and/or huge spending cuts again?

  17. I agree. I guess I didn’t really mean hidden fee, as much as I meant another tax, disguised as a fee.

    As for the person telling me to pay my bill on time, in all honesty, I didn’t realize I was late. I usually pay around now. I think you are right, if I had just payed my bill on time this whole thing could have been avoided. My problem was that the due date changed or something. And judging from the line in the collection office, and the anger from those people, I am not the only suprised one. I’m forgetful alot, I’ve never been in this situation before though.

  18. I have a radical idea..
    Maybe instead of worrying about how to find more money they could spend less of our money??

    Remember all the new office furniture and carpets they got? I think their old chairs and desks worked fine. Is the turkey trot costing us money? The police, fire, ems service at the event must cost something…

    How much did the town pay to send all 3 to the borgota? Perhaps one of them could have gone?

    How many hours a week do they work on township business? Does that effort merit full benefits for them and family?

    And so forth..

  19. Who paid the bill for the time the township engineer spent dealing with the htaa building debacle? Hmmmmmmm?

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