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From an email I rec’d:

A Winter Storm Advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service for Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning. Some snow accumulations are expected.


The Township of Haddon’s Public Works Department works hard to maintain safe driving conditions during a winter snow storm.



This impedes the snow removal process and causes vehicles to be plowed in.

Once plowing of snow has begun, several passes will be made on each street to provide

curb to curb cleaning.  When snowfall stops, it takes Township plows approximately 4

hours to complete the snow removal process town-wide.  Please wait the additional 4

hours before beginning to shovel out driveways.  This will ensure that driveway aprons are

not be re-plowed in by the Township’s snow removal operation.


For more information, please visit our website at www.haddontwp.com



One Response

  1. Maybe someone can tell the people at 950 Merrick Ave to move the van that has been sitting in the street since the day they moved in!

    The plow could barely navigate around it and now there is a pile of snow in the street with barely enough room for one car to get through.

    Its extremely inconsiderate and I hope the township or the police will do something about it!

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